Charles Perry’s Coercion Duly Noted For Criminal Court

Notice the frequency of Perry and his weirdo buddies significantly increases when he continues to contact Cynthia and interfere in her relationships and take her money and/or do things to cost her money and make problems?

Perry continues to ask Cynthia who is telling on him and I’m all these years she has never and will never answer that question in fact she is not told that. According to him.though, there is nothing to tell so the question he asks indicates there actually is something to tell or he would not ask or offer her money if she gives him that information. She wants to be rid of him. That’s her motive. It’s always been her motive and his failure to grasp reality and understand her mindset speaks to how delusional he is that he would even ask. She’s going to help whoever in law enforcement puts the bad man who hurts her all the time behind bars so he can’t hurt her anymore in fact a lot of people are with her on that. When all is cause harm and loss and make trouble, nobody wants you around. Perry has imposed long enough. He is an unwanted intrusion.

Perry told everyone who.would listen that if he took her car she would call him. Now what kind of mentally unstable nutbag thinks that? He will take everything she has hoping she takes a bribe is what that is all about and he says he would give her whatever she wants but what that means is he controls it. Then he kills her when he thinks nobody is paying attention and after the dust settles. He’s had that planned for a good long time in fact police investigating him that provided the information in the McNamara email, which that email says pretty much this same thing, did not want anyone knowing there even was an investigation but after recording Perry talking about killing Cynthia so much decided he should at least know there was an investigation hoping that would be a deterent. He still attempt to figure out a way to kill her. He never stops. She knows too much. She’s a material witness and a victim and all his bribe offers have been duly noted by police. He’s not fooling them at all. These guys have been the first to catch him in his secret life of alleged crime ever in his life. They have some bragging rights on that.

Everyone has noticed the Tortious Interference with business at her workplace. You start going after people’s money you are gonna piss everyone off then you got leaks because nobody wants you around.

Cynthia said “No” to Perry for seven years. Every contact is disgusting and gags her and everyone else. She’s not in love with a pervert killer creeper. The best he can do is sit around being a reject with no life who has to watch people who have a life a d make problems and trouble for everyone else and he’s pissing everyone off. Notice the frequency of recorded conversations obtained by police then we all get it, increases the more he bothers everyone in Oklahoma. First time in Perry’s world of bazaaro he’s been caught this much. The more they cause problems for Cynthia, the worse it gets and she said that would happen years ago.

Dr Russell nailed it when she said he can’t get attention any other way but by making problems people have to pay attention to to fix and he can’t figure out why nobody wants him around? Mentally unstable and mentally slow. Has to be to still do this after being rejected and caught over and over and over and over for a decade. He is an embarrassment with this crap.

Cynthia told a few people who questioned why her place of work was so slow as compared to other clubs “If we have regular customers we are okay and if not, it’s much harder.” And all the sudden all her regular customers dropped off the planet again same as they did when appeals were due. He is digging into her wallet and this is part of his future coercion and grand larceny charges and his little weirdo buddies are aiding and abetting. And the frequency of their recorded conversations increases significant and then they will have problems in criminal court arguing against premeditated malicious intent and that it was them on the recordings.

If Perry really wanted to give Cynthia whatever she wants he would give back what he has taken and get out of her life and never ever contact her or anyone she knows again. The truth is he doesn’t. He wants to give her what he wants, not what she wants because she will never want him. He knows this. He wants to give her what he can control until the dust settles and he can kill her thinking he can go back to business as usual because what she and these police have done is completely ruin his criminal life. Perry is allegedly a serial stalker, peeper, and killer. He his that all these years. Because of what these guys have done, he will Always have that cloud of suspicion. There is typically a build up to some sort of sexual release when serial killers kill. He can never again kill and nobody suspect him. He thinks if he can kill Cynthia, that suspicion will go away when the opposite is true and she said that long ago in her text of January 4, 2016 right before he carried out the specific threats she talks about. The officers said in all their years in law enforcement they have never had an offender as weirdo as Charles Perry or as stupid as Charles Perry. He is weak and powerless against his delusions and offensive compulsions. He’s unable to control himself. He’s unable to grasp reality or look back at how things have evolved since he met Cynthia and attacked her and see how caught he really is. It’s very very.embarrassing that he’s not even smart enough to do that. Also coming from the perspective of law enforcement Perry is an arrogant prick like they all are with grandiose ideas of themselves. They feel entitled to take. The world owes them. Reality is, nobody owes them a damn thing. That is just delusion. Perry is particularly sub par to not only social norms but in the history of serial killers he’s the only one so stupid he has to buy cops away. No other serial killer has been that stupid. He can’t think past tying his shoe. These cops and Cynthia don’t take bribes. They kick your balls up into your brain, metaphorically speaking and that is the reason they have been the first to catch Perry and his weirdo buddies in crime for the first time ever. He’s just too stupid to get that. If Cynthia were not able to handle it, Perry would have been arrested already. She is so that allows police to get everyone else involved in his peeper pervert clan.

There is no Constitutional right to kill, peep, stalk, harass, hack, commit perjury, coerce, bribe, threaten, destroy evidence, commit mental soap opera adultery, or to intimidate victims and witnesses of crime. Perry and his weirdo buddies are not entitled to a lie or a cover up or to steal or kidnap or peeper rape or hack or kill or harass, bribe or coerce and have any expectation at all that people will lie and cover it up for them. They lie. Do they really think everyone they talk to is honest? When they ask questions about leaks a d investigations, nobody is going to tell them a thing. People do get it. Did they think that they lie and nobody lies right back? The officers said they have not had a target or group of targets this damn stupid. Cynthia does have the Constitutional right to protections under the law, that being RICO, Victims Protection Acts, anti stalking laws, privacy, Peeping Tom laws, anti hacking laws, and laws against theft and property damage. Perry has no right to a lie or to bribe or coerce or harass. Cynthia does have the right to go to work a d not be the victim of crime Everytime she does. He’s made her the victim of crime Everytime she goes to work and even in the privacy of her home and interfering in relationships with people he should not know even exist. She wants nothing to do with him and his delusion has exacerbated to the point of bazaaro. He’s an embarrassment and Cynthia wouldn’t be seen with a weirdo like Charles Perry. She’s helping police and she always has. He’s shows his stupid in his failure to get that. He is really really really mentally slow. Seven years she rejects him and he has no ability at all to move on and grasp how serious his problems are. His conduct is outrageous and way way outside social norms in a civilized society. If he were not so slow he would get that and control himself. The officers have a shrink who said “Charles Perry suffers from delusional Erotomania, Sadism, antisocial disorder, psychosis, and he’s a sociopath. He has no empathy for those he harms and only cares about his cover up so he does know what he is doing is wrong. He does lie and he does try to cover up his crime so he knows what he is doing is very wrong. He just does not care about the people he hurts. He shows no empathy for others. I wanted to see if due to his public status he would at least try to prove me wrong and he has not even tried, which tells me he can’t. He is powerless and weak against his bazaar compulsions. He is a danger to society and we need search warrants to get evidence to arrest him and those who are acting in conspiracy or aiding and abetting” and she said that to a Judge who granted that very request. Perry is not entitled to a cover up or crime with no consequence. Cynthia is entitled to protections under the law. He’s all mixed up about that and frankly his attorneys seem to be as well. The officers are embarrassed for them.

Charles Perry displays all these traits. He has no empathy for those he harms but does know he’s bad because he lies and tries to cover up what he’s doing and bribe away or murder people who know. He is trying to take Cynthia’s money and her car hoping she will be desperate enough to take a bribe. He’s caught. He’s caught on that. It’s done. They know. It is a crime. It’s done. They got him on that.

Perry has demanded Cynthia call him and all these years she refuses. He wants to explain. He will say what all criminals say “It’s complicated. You just don’t understand ” We do understand. He’s unstable mentally and can’t control his weirdo and can’t control his unlawful compulsions and he’s caught. We all comply with the law without trying, so why can’t he? That we’d all live to hear him explain downtown to Tulsa Police. He can explain it there all the live long day to his hearts content.

Where the hell is Jacquelyn, his wife, while he does all this to people in a state where he has no relevance? He had Undercovers chat with him at an event or two and they got one thing squared away on his travels: no alibi. No alibi at all.

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Crazy as this sounds, the witness to Cynthia’s accident left town suddenly. What are the odds of that? The business does have a camera so let’s assume Perry will make sure that disappears too. It’s pretty much confirming the shrink. “He knows it’s wrong because he lies a.d tries to cover it up.” And if he had nothing at all to do with that accident of July 3 2020 he would not care about witnesses or video. These are simply acts showing consciousness of guilt. The Judge Granted investigatory warrants in part because of that reason right there. The frequency of recordings has significantly increases, in case everyone missed that. If it’s here, police have this plus more. Not everything is disclosed. Just what they chose to disclose to keep Cynthia safe.

Click here to see evidence Charles Perry is delusional and mentally unstable. Cynthia was raised by the Police Chief and an elected official, her family was the big fish in the small pond of Roswell. She was used to being around leaders and power people because she was around it all her life. She lived in Las Vegas which is substantially more glamorous than small town Texas. She worked in government reform for 16 years, 10 before even meeting Charles Perry. He had no such life. He had not even voted much less been in politics prior to running for office in 2010. He was a small town bore. He still is.

Click here to see Perry’s constant attack on Cynthia’s car going back to April 2019

Click here to see information on Charles Perry’s link to Chief Miller’s murder

Click here to see public notice to Charles Perry regarding alleged forged marriage license and power of attorney. He is to get any such thing annulled. Cynthia has never seen these documents or signed them but she’s been told they exist. See link

Perry has always and continues to threaten a second false arrest of Cynthia Ortiz. He started that while she was still in jail for the first and has not stopped since. It’s common knowledge he has worked on this effort for a long time. Click here for more info

August 2, 2020 in a meeting with those involved helping him in his stalking and harassment. In part they discussed her intent to file Motions to Vacate and said they wish she would hurry up and get them filed so they would know what she is actually going to assert in Court. She can wait until they are arrested if she chooses. The obtaining of recordings increases significantly the more harm and loss Perry causes. Perry’s apologies are ridiculous. He is not sorry for what he’s done because he continues and has for a decade to go right back at her. He sorry he got caught, not for what he’s done.

Defendants were recorded discussing having someone take Cynthia’s purse, wallet, Driver’s License and keys from her workplace just as they did her social security card. This would be part of provocation they were previously told “You cannot claim her emails, texts or whatever she tweets or anything on the internet is harassing to you when you are the one provoking. That’s entrapment. You cannot claim she is the one harrassing you when all she does is tell on you. She’s entitled to free speech, other women talk about abusive men just like she is and you cannot prevent her from talking about what you are doing to her or prevent her from expressing anger about it. The public has the right to know what you do in your personal life. She has the right to protect herself and you don’t have the right to keep her from protecting herself or from expressing anger about what you do to her. ” Defendants also, in not liking Dr Russell’s assessment were recorded stating “Dr Russell can’t change now what she said back then so we can’t say she’s just crazy. We have to get her back in therapy and get a doctor to say that ” All has been recorded and given to police on another case that have protected Cynthia for years. People don’t like what he’s doing to her. No normal person would tolerate that crap.

Article Notes lack of empathy of psychopaths, social and economic toll on society, and Officers on the other case have a criminal shrink that has noted Perry’s lack of empathy but obsession with a cover up. He knows his actions are wrong, he just doesn’t care. What he cares about is getting caught and a cover up. The problem is Perry can afford psychiatric care. His problems are an imposition for others.

DISCLAIMER: We have been told Perry is claiming he is a victim of harassment due to his actions being confronted here. We understand it’s “content specific” and Perry has been advised anything posted here, or in texts or emails intended to establish premeditation and to provide public notice of impending danger or harm cannot be as he claims being he provokes.  This is in part confronting him for his conduct that is criminal and if he does not like being confronted, then he should stop. That is the only solution. Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner were all subjected to decades of harsh ridicule on show Saturday Night Live and this is hardly that. For him to act like he is different and a cover up is a civil right is outrageous but typical of someone with a very messed up mind. All contained herein are intended to establish malicious intent and premeditation. Cynthia has the right to express her opinions about what these men do to her everyday and pass that on where she wants. They don’t have the right to a lie or a cover up of what they do to her that constitutes criminal activity. It doesn’t matter what they think it matters what the police and prosecutor and judge thinks on his criminal case because that’s the organization who has by far more evidence against Perry and his weirdo friends and who are protecting citizens from their crime. Anything else could be found guilty of obstructing justice, collusion, and harassment of a material witness or even depraved indifference. The word “allegedly” shall be considered regarding all allegations stated herein. Perry provokes by hacking, peeping, contacting Cynthia after she asked that he cease and desist all contact, not just for a week, a month, but for seven years. He threatens to arrange to false arrest her again, force her to lie for him, death, to get her fired, to take her car, daily. It’s been confirmed he gets her customers contact information from hacking, calls her customers, lies about being Cynthia’s boyfriend and tells them not to contact her again or do business with her to starve her hoping she becomes desperate enough to take his bribes. It’s been confirmed he interferes with social relationships and makes a problem to get attention he can’t get any other way. (See Pinto and Dr Russell evidence admitted into Courts) Cynthia is no different than every woman in the #MeToo movement or any other victim of stalking and harassment. Perry and his weirdo buddies do not have the right to a cover up. The public has the legal and moral right to know what he does to her. Perry has leaks because people in Oklahoma, the public, does not like what he is doing to her. Normal people have empathy and don’t like one person causing malicious intentional harm to another. We understand Perry has a forged marriage license and/or Power of Attorney Cynthia has heard about but never seen much less signed. These documents are not legal. No consent was ever obtained and anyone who gives out protected private information of Cynthia is subject to litigation particularly when they failed to due diligence and authenticate these forged documents. Cynthia wants no contact with Charles Perry of any kind ever. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from him and avoid a conflict. His contact of any kind in all forms is offensive and criminal. Being Perry claimed in a Court of law, under oath, that he does not relevant business in the forum state of Oklahoma, when he sends his guys into work pretending to be customers, and we know they don’t do that for free, Cynthia, talking to strangers in a strip club that could potentially be deadly to her, tells some truth and some bullshit, intentionally and methodically and then laughs as they go running out thinking they got something, similar to what Defendant Roberson did in having Lady Godivas waitress ask her if the FBI was investigating. If Perry is not paying people to proxy stalk that will come out in Court as it will if he is.

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