Perjury, Fraud, Obstruction, and Murder In The First Justice Scalia, Chief Lucky Miller, Cynthia Ortiz and Michael Nealey

Podcast showing evidence of fraud perjury obstruction, destruction of evidence, retaliation, tampering, coercion, assault, attempted murder, and murder in the first concerning Cynthia, Justice Scalia, Chief Miller and Michael Nealey

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This started in 2011 when Charles Perry began stalking Cynthia.

Criminologists explain the cause of criminal behavior including stalking, harassment, voyeurism, Racketeering and fraud and murder as being the result of low self control and a low IQ. Click here for more info.

Perry et al asked “Point out for me where the marks are on Officer Nealey, the officer who was trying to help her, that looks like he was in a fight. ” Officer Nealey’s hands would look like Chief Miller’s face and yet there is not a mark on them. The IV in the right hand caused it to be red and swollen. It wasn’t bruised. You can see that in photos and the videoMore on that at the link below:

Click here to see the overview of Mannford Police Chief Lucky Miller’s murder and the link to Charles Perry. Chief Miller asked Cynthia if she signed a marriage license believing the one he had to be a forgery. She’s not even seen it much less signed it. Perry has since attempted to kidnap her to force wedding photos 3 years after the fact to cover up the forgery. He’s this far been unsuccessful but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to try. He seems not to understand he’s already caught on that.

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Charles Perry has spent years trying to erode Cynthia’s life to nothing so he can traffick her. He sold her to a Realtor in Houston. She’s the only victim to catch him before he could deliver. No one one else can say that. We can. Click here for more information.

Click here to see More Info On Nealey Case and Perry’s pattern of poison, obstructing justice, perjury, destruction of evidence and tampering with witnesses, and illegal detention of witnesses and victims.

It’s like these guys don’t understand normal words said to them. “Leave me alone”, for a decade should be a little clue that she’s not into you. One time should have been enough.

Click here to see Podcast On “Charles Perry’s Rape Culture And Catrillionth Time He’s Been Asked To Leave Cynthia Ortiz and her family abd friends ALONE.” He can’t control himself. She moved twice to get away from him and his drama.

Perry’s claims of being harassed began while Justice Scalia was in West Texas hunting. He died in West Texas right during Perry’s plans to harass stalking victim then claim she was harrassing him when she talked. Email dated April, 2019 relayed what she knew of Perry’s intent. Perry then did in fact perpetrate such a fraud exactly like she described in Federal Court, ND Texas, in Lubbock, 5:18-cv-137-C. Justice Scalia typically ruled against censorship. See evidence detailed in Video posted here.

Justice Scalia didn’t die in DC or some other time. He died in West Texas while Perry was planning to perpetrate a fraud on the highest Court in the land. He didn’t expect a favorable ruling from the beloved Judge.

In Cynthia’s false arrest, Matt Powell preserved no evidence at all. That indicates he never intended to go trial. He obstructed justice in that he acted in conspiracy with Perry to arrange the arrest that had been threatened for months. They knew she had to file a police report. It’s the law in Oklahoma and her first Protective Order was denied in part because she didn’t have the report with her. If someone is threatening death and false arrest, you need a Protective Order and Perry was. Cynthia emailed and texted about the threats. She tweeted and ranted about being threatened even to Tulsa Police. They tweeted her back instructing her to come in and file a report. The report of 1/21/16 listed surveillance video from her work on the night Roberson, who texted death threats and admitted arsenic poisoning, had harrassed to the extent customers complained. One asked the waitress “Are you going to wait until he blows her head off to do something? He’s even making us uncomfortable. You need to make him leave.” Powell and Perry had her charged in Lubbock. All this happened in Oklahoma. “Filing a false police report in retaliation for public servant doing his job as Senator. ” Nothing about that is what you need to do to pass a law in Texas nor are there any conversations about politics. Going back to 2011 all communications are about stalking. Perry was the new guy. Cynthia grew up in the home of an elected official. She didn’t need Perry for anything. One guy can’t do a thing and she didn’t work on state politics in Texas. She did Federal government reform. The new guy has no rapport yet. She had a hundred people to call had she needed something. There was no political vendetta. That was more delusion on Perry’s part and he’s not produced any evidence in support of that claim. On 1/29/16 he had her arrested as threatened to by physical force prevent and delay the reporting of his crime and because TPD was not able to get her evidence, and Powell failed to preserve any of it, the evidence was destroyed. One RICO Act Violations after another. TPD detectives didn’t call her back for an interview or to take custody of her evidence until February 15, 2016. During all that, Justice Scalia died in West Texas, right where they all were planning the next false arrest of Cynthia. The links below show the evidence Justice Scalia may have been murdered. Former DC Police Homicide Commander William O. Richie questioned why post mortem procedures were not followed in West Texas as they would have been had Justice Scalia died in DC. Justice Scalia was a champion of the First Amendment. This would have contradicted Perry’s efforts to silence his victims by claim he was the victim of harassment when a victim spoke out against his crimes or attempted to get police protection. They planned to harass Cynthia, then claim they were harassed when she spoke out. They did do exactly that in her civil suit filed in Tulsa and transfered to Texas in Judge Cummings Court. Case 5:18-cv-137-C. They were going to perpetrate a fraud on the highest Court in the land to shut victims up. They got caught and that gave rise to the suspicions expressed by Commander Richie. See video podcast linked below for documents supporting claims asserted herein.

This is Part One. Part Two To Come This Week

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Link Below Is Podcast On The Veoh Channel With Additional Evidentiary Recordings. All Are On The Veoh Channel. Perry had the You Tube Channel Taken Down. The above You Tube Is From That of a Contributor. Perry has a thing for destruction and degrading evidence. It has been noted for the record that these videos were attempted by more than one person more than one time to be loaded onto Facebook. Perry turned off VPNs and jammed up everyone’s computers. Our guys are the guys getting the actionable Intel. Our guys obtained all the evidence of Perry’s crimes. Our guys are who he needs to worry about. Our guys intend to charge him with tampering with evidence every time he blocks information from going where we want it. There will be that, obstruction, hacking, voyeurism because without Voyeurism, he shouldn’t know what anyone else is doing and harassment of a witness and some other things we wont get into now. He can expect to get that, from the people actually gathering evidence against Perry, and the only ones he needs to worry about at least at this time.

Click here to see suspicions raised long ago by DC Homicide Commander William O. Richie. Documents Ortiz presented give his suspicions substantiation.

Click here to see facts on Mannford Police Officer Michael Nealeys Case That Appear To Have Been Intentionally Concealed From The Jury

Perry went into more than one court, making sure Cynthia was not there to participate and show evidence in dispute of his claims. That’s his other thing. Perjury. He claimed he wasn’t stalking, not causing malicious intentional injury and doing so in the forum state of Oklahoma. Here is evidence, in addition to David Roberson, of three men who went where she is, in Oklahoma, made unwanted with her on behalf of Perry, attempted to either threaten or coerce her into dropping lawsuits or lying for Perry. Currently, Perry’s residency is in question. He’s in Tulsa more than he is in Lubbock. He will have to prove in Court where he has been and how he’s spent his time. He very well may have abandoned his family in Lubbock and given Oklahoma Courts jurisdiction by living in Oklahoma.

Perry Proxy Stalker #2. Roberson is Proxy Stalker #1. His texts are on the video podcast and at link below:

Click here to see threatening texts and an admission to sexual battery and poisoning here. Roberson had no motive to kill or harm Cynthia but for Charles Perry. They didn’t know each other but for that connection. Perry hired a hit man. This is also proxy stalker Number 1.

This is a substantial contact in the forum state of Oklahoma. No political issues are discussed but rather the man solicits sex for $5,000 on behalf of Perry.

Click here to hear recording of Pinto soliciting prostitution on behalf of Charles Perry. This is a contact in the forum state of Oklahoma

Proxy Stalker and unwanted contact within the State of Oklahoma #3. This man tells Cynthia it might be worth the risk of the suspicion we saw in the Condit Levy case to kill her, states he’s been watching her from behind the scenes he says, says he signed an NDA, and states that Perry will never be charged with his crimes in Oklahoma. Won’t matter. He’s already had other law enforcement investigating his dark web peep show and his acts to starve, torture and torment women and children. He should know this. He’s never had more of his alleged crime uncovered as it is now since he targeted the granddaughter of a Lawman.

Click here to see texts from Mickey James Proxy Stalker #3

Terry Wagoner works in road construction. Roberson builds bridges. We all thought it odd when the guy denied having ever heard of Roberson. Cynthia said “Sure, and I believe him. Having worked in the same industry together for 40 years in the same state, he’s never heard of him. ” she’s being sarcastic but you get the point. This man first came to her work as a customer after Chief Miller complained they were inconveniencing people in his town taking her money. Perry would run off her paying customers, pre CoVid although he did a little of the same after CoVid but since CoVid caused income loss he didn’t have to work quite so hard, then he’d send his guys in trying to threaten or get information and make sure they gave her canned food basically for payment. Taking her steak and giving her canned food is also his thing. He tries to control her work environment, where she works, schedule, and income amounts. He’s been caught repeatedly. This guy was pulled out once Cynthia was working on appeals due to Perry’s ex parte hearings and perjury getting her claims dismissed. Perry didn’t want her having money for that. All the sudden the guy stopped all communications and coming to her club. About a year later, he pops up again after she sends Defendants notice of intent to file Motions to Vacate. He texts her that he was distraught over his wife dying of cancer but then texts Cynthia on the very night his wife died wanting to come in and get a VIP. He’s pulled out again when she filed Motions to Intervene for Officer Nealey. These are acts attempting coercion. That was enticement and then he’s pulled out when she won’t do what they want. It’s also money laundering. Dave would meet him at the Hardrock to give Wagoner cash to give to Cynthia. We understand he currently has no proof in dispute of this as to where he got that money if not from Roberson. See texts and such at link below. Terry Wagoner is Proxy Stalker #4.

See Terry Wagoner’s texts here

Click here to see Proxy Stalker #5 and other workplace harassment Cynthia has been subjected to for now a decade.

Perry has admitted to stalking a d agreed to stop although he has not kept that promise and it has really really pissed everyone off.

In US v Strohm and US v Vreeland, the Courts held that perjury includes concealment of material facts from the deciding body. These cases establish perjury can be established when the party had a duty to disclose a material fact, the material fact was substantial and would changed the out come of the decision had the deciding body known the fact, the fact was intentionally concealed. Cynthia was in the first hearing in her first lawsuit. Magistrate Jodi Jayne ruled to deny Perry’s Motion to Dismiss on Jurisdiction. After that, she’s not been in even one hearing to argue against Perry’s attorney, state her side or show her evidence that we can all see here. The Judges never heard her say what everyone else can see here and therefore are ignorant on fact. Judge Payne, oddly also from Lubbock but serving at the time as the Federal Court Judge presiding over her first law suit, ignores the 10th Circuit Courts decision in Employers Mutual Casualty v Bartile Roofs on jurisdiction and transfers the case to Lubbock where Perry perpetrated yet another fraud on the court months after she said he would, and exactly the way she said he would months before. Claims were dismissed with no reason given and not one case law cited to support what Judge Cummings did and of course, again it was done in ex parte hearings where she was not present to argue her side or show evidence. Perry has a thing for, not just destruction or degradation of evidence perjury and fraud, but secret ex parte hearings and perjured statements in Court. Sound like he’s an innocent man? Actually Rule 404 allows his acts to be admitted as evidence to establish Mens Rea. These are acts showing consciousness of guilt. He knew it was wrong. He knew it was bad wrong and went into Court and lied about what he had done knowing there was evidence to prove that abd then kept the opposing party with that evidence out of the hearings. The Judges however had an obligation to not be ignorant of facts so how many are on the payroll and how many are pretending to be on the payroll but are really helping guys helping Cynthia? That will come out over time. The more Perry attacks Cynthia, the more all his hidden alleged criminal activity begins to be discovered for the first time in his life.

Ortiz v Perry et al Court Case Numbers Are As Follows:

4:17-00489-JHP-JFJ ND OK Tulsa Civil Rights Violations

Transferred to NDTX Lubbock

Breach of Contract

4:18-CV-00159-CVE-FHM NDOK Tulsa

CJ-2018-02775 Tulsa County Ok State Court Malicious Prosecution And Seeking Domestic Violence Stalking Protective Order

Click here to see Employers Mutual v Bartile Roofs

Click here to see US v Strohm

Click here to see US v Vreeland

Click here to see Marler v Kloehr

Click here to see Curry v Streater

Click here to see Sunderland v Zimmerman

Click here to see Justice Departments Information on Suborning Perjury, which is what Perry did by keeping Cynthia from testifying for Mike Nealey. Her Motions to Intervene should have had pretrial hearing determinations made. Instead no hearing at all was held. They sit on the docket like a meatball on the table with no ruling at all. Again we see Perry’s “fingerprints” which wouldn’t be if he had nothing to do with that murder.

Had Perry et al not murdered Chief Miller, attempted to murder Officer Nealey and then framed him and suborned perjury in his trial, they would have said “We back the blue. She’s right. Clearly anyone can see he could not have committed this murder. We want all suspicion off of us on both the car vandalism and the murder, so let’s find out who really did this. Instead, they keep Cynthia from testifying and when she filed Motions to Intervene, made sure there was not a hearing on that Motion and there should have been at least a hearing on whether or not she had standing to file the Motions. They then proceeded to starve her, interfere with commerce and contracts, threatened death and a second false arrest all day everyday demanding a lie. They demanded she change her court statements. You lie or you be homeless. Perry wanted an apology. Her response was “Did you want me to apologize for cops telling me in March 2020 that Mike was drugged or for stating that the information was confirmed by First Responders 2 months later in May Depositions where they testified he was not treated for being knocked out in a fight. There was no head trauma. He was found unconscious and in respiratory distress and treated for drug overdose with Narcan. Which one should I apologize for? “

Click here to hear Cynthia’s deposition for Officer Nealey

Justice Department On Suborning Perjury

Click here to see Federal Laws Against Stalking. If a guy has any real power he doesn’t need to do all this. He’s busy serving others. He can get a woman that wants him without having to hold someone that doesn’t hostage at gunpoint.

Best summary of Perry’s list of perjured statements and what he’s put Cynthia and her family through for so long that we have heard yet.

Police recording paraphrased 

“First you alleged she filed a false police report and that it was done for political reasons. Perry impeded the investigation so to this day we dont know. Because he made false allegations to impede it’s more likely true than not. He has no evidence of anything political at all. In fact, she’s got all over the place going way back that all she wanted was for Perry to leave her alone.
He then contradicted all that,  went into a court and admitted he was bothering her, and agreed to stop. That’s in the Bond Conditions. So he contradict his first two court statements with the third.
He then went into Court alleging she’s harassing him but she has this email months before telling her attorney that he premeditated that fraud and intended to deceive both her and the court in his agreement to cease all contact with her. She has evidence that he planned to make her think he would stop all this and intended instead to harass her and do all this damage to her car, send all these guys into her work to say creepy or threatening things to her even solicit prostitution then claim he was the one being harassed. So that’s four knowingly false statements in Court under oath right there they got him on. ” 
He also knew Oklahoma law requires police reports are filed when seeking protective orders and when someone is threatening death and false arrest, you most definitely need a protective order against such an individual. 

“You have three very compelling emails that she sent beforehand that gave her a lot of credibility in my mind:

1) The McNamara Email of 2015

2) The Harassment Email of April 2019

3) The “Mike was drugged” email of March 2020

“All three of those emails give her a whole lot of credibility in my mind being he did both what is described in the McNamara email and the Harassment Email months after they were sent or some slight variation. It was confirmed months later that Mike Nealey was in fact drugged in May, 2020 depositions. So those three show Perry did act with malicious intent and premeditated these acts. Otherwise, how would she have that? ” — Anonymous for the protection of the speaker

“You have two people whose lives intersected over the filing of a police report for automobile vandalism in which Perry, Powell, Roberson, Burson and Chadwick are named as possible suspects being they were in a lawsuit for committing just such acts as this. Both experience a drugging event. Neither is tested before the evidence is destroyed or altered in some way. Cynthia’s was timed out and Mr. Nealey treated with Narcan prior to being tested. You have two police reports being filed in which justice was obstructed and these men are always at the crux of it all. They are the nexus of these crimes. Then you have the same possibility with Justice Scalia. Perry, Powell, Burson, Roberson, and Chadwick also at the center of that one. There are no other possible suspects in any of this. ” — Anonymous For The Protection Of The Speaker

“Powell went all over the place for years claiming her Bond Conditions did not include a Quid Pro Quo. That Quid Pro Quo was the agreement that in exchange for Cynthia’s silence, Perry agrees to cease all contact with her. None of that was legal. It’s legal for her to tell people, anyone of her choosing, what he put her through. It is not legal for him to make contact with a woman whose asked him to stop. That agreement in and of itself isn’t legal. She’s got 2 emails filed that indicate Perry acted outside that agreement, continued to threaten her and she spoke up. He then gives those emails to her attorneys which there is no reason to do that without a Quid Pro Quo. What that Quid Pro Quo does is support the details in The Harassment email. They deceived the Court unless the Judge was involved in the scheme to deceive Cynthia and perpetrate a fraud on the US Supreme Court. He agreed to leave her alone. He then continued to harass her. He then perpetrated a fraud on the civil case by doing what that email describes and they had that email too if what she said to his attorney in that his client was harassing Cynthia, she told him. She asked him to restrain him and he knew they had this plan and part of that harassment included hacking. I’ve seen enough that indicates he is. He knew she had it. They go into Court and said exactly what this email all these months before describe and his attorney deceived that Court. There are three Courts deceived at this point. All of that is to lead up to fraud on the Supreme Court and Matt’s claims that there was no Quid Pro Quo support that. Had he not done that, there would be a different argument here. Since he did, there isn’t. He’s also stated that document wasn’t binding on Perry. Why put him in that then? She takes that and files a breach of contract suit and they get that dismissed with a phone call. There was no hearing on it and no decision made on that matter. There was not a hearing at all and there should have been. That takes me back to the Quid Pro Quo. Let’s say he just agreed not to contact her no matter what she says. He did in that admit fault. But the part that gives this deal teeth is that the agreement was she can’t talk. The harassment claims she talked and they didn’t like that. In other words what this says to me is they went in and told her she can but they asked her not to. She demands something in return. Perry goes away. They agree to that. But, they can’t include the fact that she can’t talk in exchange actually in this document because they wanted her to. So there is no Quid Pro Quo. Had Matt not said that, that argument maybe then he could get around it, but they did say it and they said it a lot so now what do they do? They backed themselves against a wall denying a Quid Pro Quo. Taking the emails to her attorney support that there was but once everything was dismissed there are no further grounds for that part and age can say what she wants but there is nothing in writing about that. Taking those to her attorney was inappropriate. Why do that? There was no Quid Pro Quo anyways. They intended to do exactly what that email said. Get her upset and talking. Mess with her. Then claim it’s the other way around. So what does that build up to on this death of the Supreme Court Justice who decides that flag burning is protect speech? He dies in West Texas while they were doing all that. The possibility of his death being murder just went way up. Now it’s not just speculation of a cop in what this DC Homicide Commander questioned. Now you got reason to believe he may be right. Post Mortem procedures in DC are not that different from Texas. So why weren’t they followed? They would have been better off saying there was a Quid pro Quo because stating there wasn’t supports the Harassment Email and increases the possibility Justice Scalia was murdered. ” — Anonymous for the protection of the speaker

Click here to see documents discussed herein

Click here to see even more intended fraud as Perry continues to harass and claim he’s being harassed when he’s caught. He’s harassing Cynthia where she is in the forum state of Oklahoma.

“The monsters among us aren’t aberrations. They are a reflection of who we are. What we do with them and how we decide to root them out is also a reflection of who we are. I just hope we don’t become a society that sits idly by. Sympathy and empathy for Americans under our protection seems to be in short supply of late.” — Ruth Martin
Clarice CBS Season 1 Episode 3

Click here for more on the quote above.

Court Case Numbers, Ortiz v Perry et al

Click Here To Hear Podcast About Machine Against Exploitation Of Women And Kids And Roberson and Perry’s Latest Dip Into Cynthia’s Wallet Intended To Retaliate And Steal, Something Chief Miller Told Them To Cease and Desist

Voyeurism, Hacking, starvation, torture, torment, theft, Butting in, causing drama and problems, invading privacy, playing with dolls and unicorns, murder, attempted murder, stalking, going weirdo, imposing, being a burden, has not gotten Perry a date. It has gotten him more caught in his crime than ever before and the more he gets caught, the more he does. He cannot figure out how to get women to want him. Pathetic but typical stalker. Ten years of rejection and more caught than ever. That the results he was hoping for? It was exactly what we were hoping for.

CJ-2018-02775. Tulsa County.


US Federal
4:17-00489-JHP-JFJ. NDOK
5:18-CV-00137-C . NDTX


US Court Breach
4:18-CV-00159-CVE-FHM. NDOK
Tenth 19-5034

“This case is Drama Queen meets Trailer Park Trash meets Jerry Springer Show meets BTK if ever I’ve seen it. ” — Anonymous

What is in the criminal mind of a grown man who is drama queen, plays with toys that 2 year old little girls play with, is as sick twisted deviant as they get, thought fraud, perjury and killing someone would win a woman’s heart, is as weirdo as they come and seems to have not a clue all of that should embarrass the ever living hell out of him enough to begin to deter the crime? What is in the mind of a man who does everything on the planet to turn all women off and “the more she hates it, the more he does it” and can’t figure out why he’s rejected? What is the criminology theory here in play? Biological and interactionism. This individual was sexually abused as a child, has mommy issues, and is mentally ill. He’s not mentally ill enough to establish that due to the sickness he was unaware his actions were criminal. He’s lied, he’s destroyed evidence, he’s committed perjury after perjury after perjury and indulged in witness intimidation and tampering and in fact has had NDA’s signed which is a document the has become evidence in and of itself of tampering and establishes intent to commit a crime and the intimidation of the person signing it. “I’m about to confess crime to you, and you are going to sign this contract agreeing not to tell on me. ” Is basically what that document is. It’s otherwise not worth the paper it’s written on. So the “knowledge” that the act is criminal has been established with that document alone not including the many acts showing consciousness of guilt so “crazy enough” he will not get if attempted as a defense.

Click here to see more on Criminology theories.

Establishing Mens Rea With Recordings of Perry et al

Click Here To Hear Podcast “Harrassment Email Supports Perjury Allegations

Click here to see Perry’s ultimatum. Lie or be homeless or in jail until you do. That is a crime to even ask much less make threats and entice to Coerce. Remember we said this. We don’t hit the reset button. We keep these and use them even now in his criminal case.

Perry cloned her phone, hacked everything she has and police tell her she has over 200 emails and texts she has never seen. He’s also intercepted US Mail from and to her. Her communications prior to meeting Charles Perry versus after are vastly different. She has many kind loving communications from friends and family all over Facebook, in private Facebook messages and in emails and letters and since meeting him it’s dwindled down to nothing. She looks forward to his arrest so she can see the texts and emails sent to her that she’s not seen. Many times her phone would alert her of a Facebook message or a text. When she checked it there would be nothing there. One time that happened, her cousin called worried about her. He said “I texted you about coming over for dinner abd didn’t hear back. You coming or are you mad?” She never saw the text. She wasn’t mad until she found out the text was deleted. Another time that happened with a waitress regarding work. The waitress was pissed off that Cynthia never responded. She showed Cynthia what she sent. Cynthia never saw it. She looks forward to Perry’s arrest so she can read the 200 plus emails and texts Perry intercepted. This supports our witness.

The witness statement is :

“As long as I’ve known Charles Perry, he trolls women, he won’t take his wife and tells her he’s out on business, he funds divorced women with kids. He watches their schedule. When they are home he pays the landlord or maintenance a little something to get him in or uses a lock smith. He has hidden cameras installed. He sells watch time on the dark web and makes a profit off their bodies. He’s sex pervert. He likes watching little kids take a bath. He has them fired. He hacks them so when they try to get another job he interferes and makes sure they can’t find work. They lose the house abd now they are unfit. Then he has the ex take the kids away. They call family he gets their family against them. The family berates them like it’s their fault. All that traumatizes the little kids. They lose their mom. They essentially lose the momma. He’s a sadist. He likes getting women hysterical so he can rub one out. I’m glad somebody is finally putting a stop to it. I’m tired of sleeping with one eye opened. ”

Perry has done nothing but price this guy out.

Click here to see Richmond Law Journal Article On Defining Domestic Violence, Electronic Monitoring of Offenders and Astronomical Cost To Victims Just Like Cynthia

Click here to see more on Perry’s imaginary political vendetta

Click here to hear Dr Russell’s comments and see letter written regarding the year and a half Cynthia was in court ordered therapy.

Cynthia contacted a psychologist in Oklahoma to consult for his testimony when she first returned home. She stated “They want to say I’m delusional. I need you to test me. I’m not. He threatened false arrest. I told everyone he threatened me with that and death specifically then he did it. He tried to kill me it seems but no evidence was preserved so I was never tested and I lost my evidence. Can you test me?” The psychologist replied “In order to diagnose delusion I have to have your evidence to see what you were looking at and if you see something I don’t, then there might be delusion. Being they did what you said was being threatened and your evidence was not preserved for me to look at, there is no way I can make that determination in fact that tells me you are not delusional. The two doctors in Texas were careless with their license and I will not do that with mine. I have to see your evidence abd see that your are imagining things and since they destroyed it or failed to preserve it or both, it seems to me you aren’t. They should have requested all the evidence before making any determination at all. I won’t put my license in jeopardy like they did. ”

Click here for more information about human rights violations

Click here to see information on domestic abuse

Click here for more information on Sexual Exploitation of women and children.

Evidence of hacking, entrapment, and the “I told you so” factor.

“What he did is relocate to Oklahoma, forged her name on a marriage certificate, goes around telling everyone they are married, has been seen hanging out with her friends and family but people began to question his mental status because in 6 years, he’s never been anywhere with her. She’s suing to get a protective order. He’s inserted himself in her life pretending that’s his life only they are never together and she won’t have anything to do with him. ” “If that’s all you have to do to be married these days, I’m married to Jennifer Aniston. If you don’t have to get consent from the other person, me er be with them just sit around watching them on TV and sign their name on a piece of paper, Aniston is my wife. “

Click here to see more information regarding Mr. Powell’s alleged undue influence in the murder trial of Mannford Police Officer Michael Nealey

Click here to see blog “Community Leadership Finds Perry’s Fraud “Troubling”

Click here to see Criminology Theory Assessment By The Shrinks

Charles Perry Stalker Podcast 11/12/21 linked below reviews as follows:

She did not go to the Dealership and why would they have any such expectation?

Ringtone comes up again. Privacy laws broken. Voyeurism, stalking and hacking laws broken and Perry’s harassment over the CJ case addressed. CJ case is CJ-2018-02775 filed in Tulsa County.

Also addressed is Perry’s habit of concealing material facts from deciding making bodies which is perjury according to the law, held in US v Strohm and US v Vreeland. That includes his failure to allow a fair and impartial trial on any civil case and even Officer Mike Nealey’s murder trial. She reviews 3 possible reactions Perry et al could have given which indicates guilt or innocence in the murder of Chief Miller.

Cynthia also addresses a reaction to a question TPD asked upon her return regarding Mr. Roberson’s battery. There were texts about that prior to her false arrest where texts him a request that he cease. He states refusal. These are texts. All are on all the dockets in all 3 Civil Suits.

Perry continues to make unwanted contact with Cynthia and acts just exactly like the Tik Tock Stalker showing ZERO decorum an elected official or even just a normal person should show.

Click here to hear the Podcast

Click link below to see Tik Tock Stalker

See more information with evidence in support of claims asserted herein here:

And here:

We say the same things over and over and over and he still does not get it. He wants to know who told. She’s answered that. That is highly confidential information that she’s not even told and she’s said that over and over and over and over and yet he still asks 6 years later every single day. Why not just leave her alone? Would that not make more sense? Who told? Who has the power to get what you just said from you to her? Bothering her changed that anytime over the past 10 years? No one else has to have the same thing said over and over and over like Perry.

Perry is no different and no less of a pest than the Tik Tock Stalker.

Stalkers Terrorize Victims Like Neal Here Is Doing

Stalker conduct is garbage. When a woman asks to be left alone, leave her the fuck alone.

Men who force themselves on women against their will are part of the rape Culture we condemn

One time is all it should be said and no one asked what you think. Leave her alone.

And here:

And here:

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