Public Legal Demand – Forseeability Hereby Addressed

What the legal notification states very clearly is

1) Cynthia Ortiz wants no contact, There is no relationship, and to be no communications of any kind from or with Charles Perry or any member of her family or anyone she conducts business with. If there is a forged marriage license filed, that is to be immediately dissolved and payment according to the law in any legal dissolution of marriage is expected immediately. Cynthia never signed any such document, has never actually seen the document but has been told about it and asked about it by Perry’s Representatives or law enforcement. Anyone presented with any document containing Cynthia’s signature is required by law to confirm the authenticity of said document or documents with her directly. No personal information may be divulged to anyone but her.

2) Voyeurism, hacking, stalking, harassment, all violations of the RICO Act, Title 18 of the United States Code are strictly prohibited as are associated Oklahoma Statues.

3) All unlawful conduct by Charles Perry, David Roberson, Matthew Powell, Joshua Burson, and Joe Chadwick or anyone acting on their behalf or as a representative thereof, paid or unpaid, must cease and desist immediately or there will be legal consequences. This hereby addresses foreseeability.

4) This is not the first legal notice. Previous legal notices have been ignored and that act has been duly noted for the record.

5) For the entertainment obtained illegally without Cynthia’s consent and profit obtained from Voyeurism and any sale of “watch time” Charles Perry has been billed a daily rate of $1,000.00 per day plus $2,000.00 per day for doing so without her consent. This is an attempt to collect a debt. All such equipment facilitating such is to be immediately disabled and removed from her home.

Additionally, we hereby request actors cease and desist immediately all acts that meet the legal definition of torturous interference, conversion, grand larceny, or any other act that would result in income loss to Cynthia, her family, and all victims and witnesses. Cease and desist all invading of privacy, Voyeurism, hacking, stalking, and human rights violations or any act considered “torment, torture, starvation or anything intended to cause any other person duress. The “reasonable person” standard applies here and is expected to be followed in compliance with the law.

In closing, we would like a detailed list of who, how, when, and what Defendants listed herein were caught in these alleged crimes before you targeted Cynthia Ortiz and the same after.

When you went at Cynthia, looking back, are you not able yet to out it together in your heads that at that moment, crimes you got away with all your lives were now discovered and began to become more discovered the more you directed your assault and acts of aggression at Cynthia Ortiz and her family? What is the reason for that, do you think?

Please cease and desist any and all unlawful conduct immediately.

Mr Warman, please again advise your client that Cynthia does not care what Charles Perry thinks, how he feels, what he wants, or what he needs. He was not asked. He was asked to cease and desist all forms of all contact with her, direct or indirect, in person, through hacking, or proxy. All forms of all contact are prohibited. Also cease trespassing and menacing conduct directed at her immediately.

In addition, due to Mr Perry’s taunting of what he believes are “civil wins”, and his apparent misconception that improper communications with Judges was done to impress Cynthia, please note there are to be no further such communications and all prior actions as described herein were done without her consent or permission. There are enough communications between her and attorneys at LPDO and Mallory Miller divulging the content of said communications to give proof without compromising any ongoing investigations, to the fact that these are closely monitored. All improper judicial communications are to cease and desist immediately as is any out of court harassment and contact outside of attorneys. Defendants are to go through their attorneys to communicate with Cynthia Ortiz. They are not to communicate with her family at all. Should her family wish to communicate with you, they will advise you themselves and most will most likely prefer to do so through their attorneys and not directly with Defendants. They are not again to be advised of any intent to harm her, to be contacted requesting information about Cynthia or to be harassed when Defendants are caught. They are not again to be asked if they told on Defendants or threatened in any way. This notice shall serve as a public notice and all contact in all forms is to cease immediately. All forms of all contact Mr. Perry is unwanted. You have been advised of this daily for years. There should be no reason for any confusion or doubt on this matter. No contracts of any kind, no commerce of any kind shall be interfered with.

We trust attorneys will restrain their clients and be notified hereto that failure to do so can implicate you as a co-conspirator to any ongoing alleged criminal activity.

Additionally, Jacquelyn, Matthew, and Jordan Perry are hereby notified that any health issues that should have been addressed within the Perry family but we’re ignored and resulted in injury to Cynthia or any member of her family could also result in legal action for negligence.