Audio and Video Evidence

Cynthia Ortiz Depo For Mike Nealey

The significance of this deposition is that Mitchel and Meyers never asked Cynthia questions pertinent to Officer Nealeys trial. They never looked into the witness tampering and didn’t get more information on the texts asking how Cynthia knew Officer Nealey had to be begged to go to Pensacola. Someone coaxed him there to do what they did to him and Chief Miller indicating premeditation. The person also asked who the other victims of Perry’s are. They never asked her how she knew Officer Nealey had been drugged before that information was public on the Court docket in depositions of first responders.

Mitchell said he got a lot of emails. He got 5 with evidence attached. She then told him that she didn’t want to bog him down with emails so she would put the rest of the evidence in a Dropbox file for him. She did. He never even looked.

Meyers wanted information in her email as well which was not relevant to Officers murder trial. It might would have been pertinent in the specific line of questioning had Meyers asked “How did you know in March 2020, in order to email me about that because we had not yet deposed first responders who confirmed you were correct. How did you know?” But he never asked.

The line of questioning wasn’t about their case. It was about Perry’s planned harassment fraud outlined in the Harassment Email of 4/2018. They weren’t on that case. They were on Michael Nealeys. The line of questioning supports our theory of their participation in Perry’s corruption. Fraud upon a Court, perjury and Suborning perjury are all RICO Violations.

Click link below to see Drop Box set up for Mitchell so that he wouldn’t get a bunch of emails. He never bothered to look.

Click here to see The Harassment Email and the email and deposition about Officer Nealey being drugged.

Click here to see Podcast of Cynthia walking you through evidence in her false arrest and Officer Nealeys.

Jason Moore Interview with Cynthia Ortiz
on Parental Rights

Click Here To See KOAT News Story On Teen Challenge Abuse Investigation Referred To In Cynthia’s Interview With Jason Moore

Jason Moore Interview Here

In Cynthia’s videos walking you through evidence you’ll notice at times she’s cut off or there are skips. That again would be due to the fact that Mr Perry hacked her and is uncomfortable with the subject matter she’s explaining and he’s causing those skips and cut offs to attempt to prevent you from hearing what she is trying to say. Right now we are leaving it alone to use it as proof of what is asserted.

Texts To Fabian 10/12/2015
Fabian Puzzle

Links are currently available in lieu of actual video as Mr Perry hacked Cynthia and everyone helping her and prevented uploads. Clearly the evidence is not favorable to him and he’s jammed up everyone’s computer for the past 24 hours preventing the actual video from being uploaded. They are available via links on this page.

More video/audio evidence here

Click here to see Cynthia walk you through evidence in her false arrest and Officer Michael Nealeys case

Click here to see evidence of 5 men Perry hired to proxy stalk, threaten and harass her at work on his behalf.

So if they do it, we told ya so. Perry has been recorded over and over again discussing his intent to take Cynthia’s home, car, money, to force her to “cooperate” with his lie. He would offer her a house and a better car and supposedly anything she wants except for what she really wants. What he would do though is torment her the same as he has now for a decade, then kill her. He’s tried more than once to kill her already. That veil is pierced. If he does it, we did say he had planned to do specifically and exactly that. What she really wants is life without him in it. He won’t give her that. He won’t ever really give her what she wants. He will give her what he wants. His little bag of shit. Don’t offer to give her whatever she wants unless you are really going to give her, not what you want, what she wants and tat is Charles Perry completely gone and out if her life. Any other thought is delusion. She wants NO contact from him or with him ever. He forces himself on her. What age wants is no more Charles Perry and his drama in her life and she’s made that very very very clear.
The McNamara Email
The second false arrest has been threatened constantly for years as has death. He threatens her with death constantly just as much as a second false arrest and that was planned and talked about all over the place when he carried out his threats on the first. It’s common knowledge. If he does it, we told ya so long ago.
One of Oklahoma’s finest complained Charles Perry, Josh Burson and Matt Powell called so much wanting them to find some way to arrange that second false arrest that became clear to him fairly quickly that they were the ones doing the harassing, not her. He wanted to call her in a Protective Order but his supervisor would not allow it. Why the hell not?

Click here to hear Pinto, Charles Perry’s solicitor of prostitution

Click here to hear Cynthia’s Court Appointed Psychologist discuss Perry’s behavior matching that of her mentally disabled patients and his intent to cause her harm.

Threats of a second false arrest go back to actually during the first. Countless emails to her attorneys. Cynthia was threatened again today with the same. These are all in line with what she tells her ex husband in October, 2015 in what’s now called The McNamara email. See above.

This was from 2/7/21 and is a screenshot of her text to her attorney sent to another friend.

Click here to see info in police recording regarding Perry’s guy talking about going around Tulsa looking for her. It’s what stalkers do. Perry has been at it for now a decade. He’s creeping everyone out.

Click here to see Cynthia’s response to Charles Perry’s latest allegations that she threatened Mr Meyers and Mr Mitchell. His allegations do support the theory that he suffers from severe delusion.