Dr Jeanne Russell’s Comments on Perry’s Acts That Are Causing Harm

Audio with transcripts below


Dr. Jeannie Russell, Ed D, Psychologist

And Cynthia Ortiz, Plaintiff

October 6, 2016

Cynthia: “Yes!” “Yes, I’ve have asked, I have asked a zillion people in the mental health care, friends that are in the mental health care profession saying ‘What combination of words do I need to use to get him to stop stalking me? To get him to understand I don’t love you. I’m never going to love you. Whatever was there is over. Its been over. I’m sorry that you are stuck there. And that you’re imagining things now that aren’t, aren’t, just  aren’t there. My feelings for you aren’t what your’s are for me and I need you to stop, because you are hurting me and your are hurting my family.’ What combinations of words can I use to get that across to him so he will stop, and nobody has the answer to that question.”

Dr. Russell: “And I think its the opposite. I mean the hurting you may be what he wants to do and when he knows it hurts you then, 

Cynthia: “He does it more?”

Dr. Russell: “He does more and that is why with stalking you have to ignore.  Doing that, of just no contact, no response, no ‘please stop doing this to me’ because the more you do that, the more they pursue. 

Cynthia: “What’s happening is that if I ignored him, he would do something”

Dr. Russell: “He would escalate.” 

Cynthia: “Yes” 

Dr. Russell: “Yes”

Cynthia: “Until , I’m going to do this until you react, like like a child that’s poking you. 

Dr. Russell: “Right”

Cynthia: “and you’re ignoring, you know? When your kids were young and you might be talking to another grown up and they come up, you know, and you’re kinda like, you know like  ‘I’m talking’  and finally they do it so much that you’re go ‘What?’ 


Dr. Russell: “Exactly”

Cynthia: “Its like that.”

Dr. Russell: “Exactly and that, that is the behaviorally what we know and what we see is that you do something, you get a response, so you do it again and you get a response, so then you do it and get no response, so you do it again, and then you up it until you get that response. And, and that’s what this behavioral analysis and so what you see is you go along, response, go along, response, things are going well, the person decides not to give you a response, so you just do more of it and they respond because its so terrible. And so you go back down, you ignore it again, no response, and it just gets higher and higher, and and the only way, eventually there is extinction and that means eventually it goes away but you have to be able to handle that escalation and unfortunately his escalation, and this is, this is what I tell, I work with some people with developmental disabilities and they’re big and they’re big and tall and they, they know how to escalate, you know,  ‘Hey’ or something, you know, ignore,but  the problem is they can escalate more than you can ignore, and that’s what you’ve got with Charles”

Cynthia: “He put me in jail so now I have a criminal case I HAVE to pay attention to.” 

A person of Charles Perry’s age should be able to listen to the words spoken, comprehend them, and respond properly. When a woman who does not wish to be contacted by you, stop contacting her the first time she asks. Any normal man of average intelligence can hear in her voice Cynthia Ortiz wants nothing to do with Charles Perry, says he is hurting her and her family, she does not have romantic feelings for him and wants for you to STOP!!! He’s forcing himself on her against her will. She changed careers, moved twice to get away from him and sued three times to make him leave her alone. She wants NO contact with him of any kind now or ever and she’s made that very clear for 8 years. A gentleman respects the right and wishes of a lady and it takes ONE time not 8 years to act properly and in accordance with the law. Boundaries are being crossed. People are hurt and sick and tired of him imposing drama and problems on them over an imaginary relationship that does not go both ways, is not mutual and only exists to him. So what is his problem that he can’t?