Perry Carries Out Threats To Attempt To Starve Cynthia Into A Lie

When Charles Perry carries out his threats that we have all talked about for months, what is it exactly he thinks she is supposed to lie about? He did exactly what she said he’d been threatening and this is not the first time he’s done that. He has taken her money, again. He has made her homeless as he threatened for over a year. He has had a family member refuse to help unless she goes back to Texas, supporting the recording of Perry in March, 2020 “We have one in Tulsa that we are gonna have to force back to Texas so we can do more to her. She can sleep under a bridge and starve or she is going to lie for us and say what we tell her to say. “. He has done all of that. She just hasn’t lied. For that though, police got more information today to use in Perry’s criminal case.

See documents in support of claims herein posted here:

And here:

Perry’s Guy “When Charles pesters Cynthia and takes her money, things don’t go well for us. We are seeing things happen we have never seen before. ” And Perry says “Do it more. She is gonna lie, or be under a bridge with no food until she does.”

When he continues to do exactly what we say, what is she supposed to lie about? Our guy said “At no time did she have to lie. She is not to be pressured in any way at all to lie. We do appreciate however Mr. Perry’s continued acts showing he knows he’s guilty of very serious crime or he wouldn’t bother. “

Did he want her to lie about knowing Mike Nealey was drugged before anyone said it or that it was confirmed months after she said it? Does he want her to lie about his attack on her finances and threats of starvation to force a lie? He’s doing exactly what he threatened so please don’t all us, Mr. Perry, what is it she should lie about?

To attorneys :

“Police recording: “It really concerns me that her ex husband never responded to her. Here she’s telling him, the mother of your son had a threat of false arrest from a stalker. I told you about it. Then he did carry out that threat. You want me to go back to a state that is clearly not a safe place for me to be in fact they will likely kill me.” There is plenty of reasons for me to be too afraid to go to Texas. We have seen what he will do. You can clearly see how low this guy will go. You get nothing back? She said she does not believe that he was speaking for himself and I can’t imagine that he would just say nothing to her when she’s said something that profound. He says nothing. I have a hard time believing that those were his words and he’s not been told to coax her as she puts it to her death. Now you got this woman who caught serious problems in the murder trial of a police officer and the attempted or what appears to be the attempted of this guy who actually her complaint and Cynthia’s money situation already bad became serious. She had nothing after she contacted Gene Mitchell. So you got a serious problem here. You got a guy asking her how she knew he had to be begged or she says coaxed to a place where his life blew up using her family to coax her where she knows already he will blow hers up and hers is pretty blown up already. It almost can’t get any worse than it is but for a murder. You watch this deal where she’s said for a long time this is what Perry does to women. He has family member berate these women when he is the one causing the problems because he’s getting a sexual thrill out of that and then here we are nearly a year or so later, she’s showing some unusual activity on her Dasher App and not just that no orders are coming for half an hour, mind you right at dinner time, but then the app is not working in the texts feature nor is the camera working in the feature that gives the Dasher the proof of delivery. All that happened within one hour or so. She has right here this recording from this Pinto guy and this Roberson guy, this James guy and this Wagoner guy all going to her work. We have all accounts a delusional man who has gone all over Oklahoma indicating his belief that there is a relationship here with a woman who has rejected him, moved twice to get away from him, sued him three times and made it very clear she is not interested. He’s still telling people here almost 10 years after she’s left town in the first move, she’s got this 2014 email telling this Quinn Sullivan get him off me. That’s almost 10 years and Perry always in Oklahoma. Carried out a threat of false arrest. Has done nothing but threaten a second and murder and economic loss and she’s got property loss, 5 accidents not her fault in a very short period of time. 3 years. Also of note is her absence in anything court wise. Never is she there. Why not? Why is he keeping her from telling her story in court? ” “Well I think that’s obvious. I think that’s obvious. ” “Yes it is. So there is so much here as to support of her claims and his decisions not being normal. He’s simply not a normal guy. So that brings me back to what has happened here in Florida with these two police officers as to what they intended to do with her complaint and who they told that resulted in 6 days later, the murder of one, the attempted murder of the other and a criminal conviction that doesn’t make any sense. Who did they talk to and what did they say that result in a death? Mr. Perry was in communications with those officers as was Mr. Burson and Mr. Powell. Did one of them talk with them and those officers expressed an interest in pursuing charges? My guess is that it may have been Mr. Powell. I think that Mr. Powell had been talking with them regularly about this second false arrest and came at them like he believed himself to have some authority over her when he clearly had none. He had something to cover up in his participation of this first arrest and it seems called them and let them know he intended to pursue these plans they made on the harassment deal and my guess is Chief Miller at that time made this statement that she read where he said they were tired of being asked to pull her over all the time and investigate complaints about her that turned up to be nothing. So we got a conversation here where I think Miller told Matt to hold off and let him investigate further and that due to prior neighbor reports that cars were pulling up to take photos of her, that said here by Ms. Collins and Ms. Bradley, and this photo here showing one of them, Miller expressed to Mr. Powell that he had some concerns about their claims of being harassed, he wanted him to back off, hold off on pursuing any charges against her for what would constitute a second fraud upon a Court and let him investigate more when he returned. Powell then expresses this to the other four Defendants. It might be that that is when they begin to pressure Nealey go attend as well. We don’t know if that trip was planned by Miller before he took her complaint or after. That is a key element in how this all played out and who he talked to but I believe it was Mr. Powell being asked to back off while he got more information. Now you got him doing the same thing to Cynthia and going so far as to hack her app and interfere with her family helping her to do exactly the same thing. That’s why her ex husbands failure to respond is very significant and if great concern to me. That is mother of his one and only son and he refuses to respond to her reasonable fear. Why would you not respond to something like that on the mother of your one child? I can’t see that being something that was not coerced by Mr. Perry. I believe they are directing communications to Coerce so it’s that they have set up a situation to where she’s broke. They caused it abd they caused it on purpose then have the ex come in here and tell her “I will not help you unless you come to a place where we all know good and well is not safe. ” You think to the mother of his one and only child he’s going to do that to her? I don’t think he would. She doesn’t think he would. There are several prior texts or emails about Perry using her ex husband to do his bidding. This plane ticket deal here where they all knew if they towed her car, she’d call him, and at that point a plane ticket had already been purchased by Mr. Perry. He’s already called a cab company. He’s not even towed the car yet and he’s already been in talks with an airline and bought a plane ticket. He’s already been in talks with her ex husband. He’s already told the ex husband to tell her he bought the plane ticket and now they are talking with a cab about taking her to the airport and there hasn’t even been the tow yet and she gets all that information beforehand. Can you believe that? So then this text after all of that, continues to support that Charles Perry is stalking her and had hacked her phone and is talking with her family. All of that supports the belief that he intended to basically steal her money so she can’t survive. He then intends to force her to a place that is clearly dangerous. This other guy will not participate in doing to her. They use her ex. So what else can you conclude? He is a stalker. He does intend to do something to her that would be deadly. He does wish to make her say something that isn’t true. How do you convince people she’s telling the truth when you got all that after she’s told people for well over a year that Perry wanted to starve her into a lie. Do you see how insane it is that he thinks that after she has told everyone for over after she has told everyone for over a year that he’s trying to starve me back to Texas where I’m not safe. He’s trying to starve me to make me say things I know are not true thinking after I have told people what he’s doing to me, they’d believe me and the thing is she doesn’t want them to. She would not tell people that Mr. Perry is trying to make her lie if she wanted people to believe the lie. She clearly does not want that. She wants instead to point out what he’s doing that is criminal. She wouldnt tell everyone “he’s trying to force me against my will to say what he wants. His words, not my words” if she truly wanted to pass off Perry’s lie as the truth. “

I rarely confirm or deny these types of recordings but I am confirming this one. I’m tired of being pressure to lie. I’m tired of being pressured to be in some romance with Charles Perry. I’m tired of him bothering me, threatening me, harassing me, invading my privacy, ignoring my rejection, ignoring the law, ignoring normal healthy boundaries and of being starved. I’m sick and tired of his imposing and causing problems and hacking and creeping on me and making trouble. We all are. He’s the source of a great amount of stress and anxiety and fear. We are all sick and tired of being forced to deal with it.

From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
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“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” — Anthony Robbins”

Last night she filmed her door dash App at prime time dinner with not one order she could do for half an hour. After that half hour, she gets one order she could however it was Perry’s person. He’s trying to get her fired by having people ask that their order be handed to them, then even after they get the order, complain that it was not delivered. He’s fine now twice already and after a certain amount of those, you get fired. This supports our witness statement. It is severe psychological and economic abuse. It is also “Interference with commerce and contracts and grand larcey with intent to coerce”.

The one order she gets after half an hour if nothing, 2 she couldn’t do because it would cost more in gas and time than she’s make, she takes the delivery, the request is that it be handed to the customer or in this case left with the receptionist. She tried to take a photo. The camera app crashed. She tried to text the customer as per her request to be notified when the delivery was left with the receptionist. The in app text crashed as well. She’d have to use her personal texting apps which she won’t do and Perry knows that. Thankfully, she had another camera with her and was able to get the photo anyways so she could prove delivery. When a delivery doesn’t pay at least $1.50 per mile, you pay more in gas and time than you make. It is not unusual to get a few of these but not 7 hours worth. That is Perry, not Door Dash and our guys know that. He’s stealing her money which he did the same when she was dancing. Perry would rent out the club, run off paying customers and send his 5 guys in with peanuts. Our guys hired a consultant who is now working on the Door Dash issues and freelance writing. He said “The clubs where she works are very different clubs on nights she works and when she doesn’t. By her third year, she should have been making 6 figures. He ran everyone off. This is blatant economic abuse and interference with commerce and whatever cjntracts she’s not able to fulfill because he’s taking her money. He will be charged every time he does that. He’s wanting to change her testimony. She’s not interested. She’s made that clear. He’s causing intentional financial strain and duress to make her change her court testimony. That is as coercive as it gets. “

Back to Door Dash
Since Perry has had his people call in and claim they didn’t get deliveries they did indeed get, she now takes photos for all deliveries no matter the instructions to prove delivery because Perry is proving out our witnesses’ statements that he gets women fired intentionally, keeps them from finding another job, they lose the house. Then he has the ex take the kids away and blows up the lives of otherwise happy stable homes. He has family berate his victims. He texted Cynthia and asked about his other victims seeking information from her as to who they were or who is talking to police. It was in the same text he sent sending her subpoena to testify in the murder of a police officer, and how she knew Officer Nealey had to be begged to go to Pensacola. He was coaxed and his life blew up. The information we have is that Powell was pressuring Chief Miller to get Cynthia on a false claim of harassment, as per emails about Perry’s intent to provoke and harass and entrap and claim he’s being harrassed when Cynthia talked. He threatened her car. She then had 5 wrecks where she was hit in the 3 years that followed and one incident of vandalism reported to Miller and Nealey just 6 days before the murder. Powell pressured. Miller backed him off. Nealey said “I think you need to hold off arresting her for harassment. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that that same powder was all over the room a few doors down from her and we need to look into it further. ” Burson then, we believe is the individual who coaxed Nealey to go on that dearly trip. It was planned. All of that was planned. At the same hotel where Cynthia was staying, there was a death that appeared to be of natural causes however, there was an ex girlfriend with a history so Miller wanted to rule out foul play. He attended the conference in Pensacola to learn more on making determinations on deaths in differentiating natural causes versus murder or suicide because of that death. That was why they went to Pensacola. Nealey had to be begged or coaxed, Perry says in a spoofed Facebook account message. He first spoofed Lisa Nealey’s account and when caught, he changed the name on the account. Now Perry is working an angle to coax Cynthia to Texas. He will kill her. He’s already tried more than once. (see Emails Here)

The people around Miller and Nealey every day said the fight didn’t make sense. That is because there was no fight. Nealey was drugged. She said that months before it was confirmed in depositions. He passed out. Miller began fighting with the killer after asking “What did you give him? He’s passed out. What did you put in his drink?” And remember the arsenic in Cynthia’s. This is the MO as is obstructing police investigations and degrading evidence, coercing and tampering with witnesses and perjury. They do it all the time. When plane 1 hit the world trade, no one knew exactly what was happening. But it didn’t take the one in Pennsylvania or the Pentagon to know after the 2nd hit we were under attack. This was intentional. It was intended to kill. This is no different. Mike wasn’t tested while unconscious and in respiratory distress. He was tested at the hospital after having been given Narcan and he’d “come to”. The chemical composition at that point had been changed by the Narcan. We don’t know what his blood looked like that caused him to be unscious and in respiratory distress because with treatment unfortunately he suffers evidence degradation. That’s 2 now. That’s 2 within a week if a police report being filed, one against Perry and the other “It might be stalking related. No one saw. We can’t know for sure without police investigating to make that determination.” However because of the murder so close after the report was filed and the Vandalism just after threats specifically to her car, it seems much more likely than before that Perry did the vandalism or had it done. We see Jodi Arrington vandalize Travis Alexander’s car, then the next escalation is murder in the first. Stalkers are dangerous, the officers tell us on Connecting The Dots.

That video is here:

The brick that totaled her car, we have reason to believe was intended to bust her skull in 2 the way it did her engine. She went out a different way having seen Perry’s guy at the end of the drive when she left that night. She was avoiding that guy, it delayed her about 2 minutes and probably saved her life. The brick hit the asphalt because she was further behind than they thought. He’d also had her pousined at work and hoped to explain it away as an unfortunate work hazard. “Bad people go in a strip club. We just say it’s that. She was drugged and died. She shouldn’t have been working in a strip club. She put herself at risk. We just say that. No one will know we did it. “. They admitted it in a text though, to arsenic poisoning, and then Perry obstructed all blood tests and proper collection of the evidence by local police. He held her illegally against her will while the arsenic worked it’s way out if her system. Had he not done that, he would have demanded a test to show there was no arsenic in her blood and she just lied. Instead he made sure there was no test because he knew results would show he was indeed trying to kill her by having arsenic put in her drinks at work. He goes at his victims at their work. You have to go to work. He’s terrorizing families in doing so. He will kill her first chance he gets. His guy, Mickey James, texted Cynthia that he watched her behind the scenes, signed an Non Disclosure, and that “It might be worth the risk of the speculating on Perry we saw in the Condit/Levy case. Those texts can be seen at links here

Video of the Perry’s hack of Cynthia’s Dasher App

Part 2

Cynthia signed up for Door Dash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats and one other delivery service. Door Dash tells us he cannot chose the driver to have his people get Cynthia to do with this girl did to get her fired or get a photo on a doorbell camera or other surveillance without hacking. Driver’s are chosen by algorithm. Without peeping to watch her get ready for work and leave, without hacking her apps, for all he knows she’s at home watching TV or at the spa. He cannot possibly know these details of her life in order to make problems by legal means. He’s a delusional whackjob. He’s embarrassing himself but he’s also severely mentally impaired, our Shrink says, and unable to know he’s delusional or that he should be as embarrassed as he makes everyone else. He’s a rejected failure too stupid to go be normal and move on as all normal people can do. He cannot keep up with even normal folks. He’s told on because he’s pissing everyone off with this and cannot seem to understand that. It’s not clicking for him. He’s a certified fruitcake. He’s making everyone barf.
Now he is still doing exactly what our witness said he does. See texts and emails posted here.

From earlier

41,000 emails representing 41,000 recordings of Perry et Al discussing what shitty illegal thing they were gonna do to cause injury to Cynthia in the forum state of Oklahoma next. Perry put it out that he was looking to buy the recordings. He has no takers. Those who have them and have heard them are so angry at him for putting her through all this, as he has carried out and followed through with many of the plans he discussed and caused profound, substantial, Catastrophic, tangible loss for her that there is no amount of money they would take so he could get them and destroy them. The injuries are devastating. 41,000 is the number of only that which pertains to her, and not all by far. She is not the only victim and she doesn’t type up everything they play for her. No time. Many times he knows of the emails and he does it anyways as we saw with The McNamara Email and The Harassment Emails posted here. He planned a false arrest and carried it out and while Cynthia was illegally incarcerated for the first he planned the second. He intended to harass her and when she talked about it, claim he was being harassed. In both cases he committed perjury and fraud and did so knowing she had already had emails talking about his intent to do so. He knew she had them before he did what the emails say he intended to do. Who the hell does that? These things are discussed by Perry, recorded by a leak or police. Played for Cynthia. she types it up in emails to Phillip and Mallory. That establishes mens rea and malicious aforethoght. Perry might could argue the insanity defense being it is not in any way sane to know you are caught premediating crime and you do it anyways, but for the acts showing consciousness of guilt. Because of that, he shows he understands fully that his acts are criminal acts. You can only assert the insanity defense if you don’t know your act is a crime. He knows or he wouldn’t try to cover it up. We get the information beforehand, not after. It’s not an after thought to explain something away. It’s obtained before. He’s had no such injuries or losses.

Like Neal in the Tik Tok videos below, Perry threatens the same. He is gonna “get” Cynthia. He threatens. That might explain why he can’t get a date and he’s told on. No one wants the creepy peeper or the cruel abusive one. Everyone is very very sick and tired of Perry’s invasion of her privacy and cruelty. He’s told on. He’s told on. Leaked on. Ratted out. Has deep throats because he’s mean. Our Shrink and a witness state that Perry is a sadist. We aren’t seeing him do a thing to prove that wrong. He’s done everything he can to prove that right, actually. He seems to enjoy ruing lives. Doesn’t set well with normal folks. He’s forcing himself on a woman who can’t stand him like Neal. He’s no different just more cruel. He’s alone for a reason. He’s told on for a reason. He can’t seem to put that together in his head that nobody likes what he’s doing.

Also, Cynthia goes by Cynthia. She’s not introduced herself as “Cyndi” in a decade. She doesn’t go by “Cyndi”. She goes by Cynthia. She can tell when Perry has been stalking and creeping around people in her life when they don’t call her by the right name. She introduced herself as Cynthia, not Cyndi.

So much more evidence in support of claims herein at links below.

Perry is the same as TikTok Stalker Neil and causes the same anger and fear as he did to TikTok Stalking Victim Loreboree. Stalking is a domestic violence crime in all 50 states. Violent subjugation of a woman who doesn’t like some weird dude is a crime in all 50 states.

6 times she asked to be left alone. He comments on her clothes which he was not asked his opinion. He was asked to leave her alone.

When a woman asks to be left alone, leave her the fuck alone:

This is what it’s like to have to live with a maniac forcing himself on you and Perry is much worse that this guy:

It’s like being raped everyday

Perry threatens to “get” Cynthia and goes at her family just as Neal does here. He also claims to have photos of her as does Neal. Stalkers are the same.

Victims are re-traumatuzed every single day.

The National Stalker Resource Center provides training for law enforcement, judges, prosecutors and victims. This video trains on older stalkers and the use of technology to stalk being used more often than not particularly when the older stalker has the means to afford technology as Mr. Perry does:

Proper Police Protocol in Taking Stalking Reports Or Reports Of Crimes Believed To Be Stalking Related At Link Below:

See NRSC The Use Of Technology To Stalk Here:

Evidence of Charles Perry’s use of technology to stalk here:

Included herein is an attempt to collect a debt for Perry’s peeping Tom problem without having to pursue Court Remedy either through restitution in his criminal case or civil court if needed. He doesn’t have consent and he’s obtaining a stolen service and an illegal one without Cynthia’s permission. He is to cease and desist immediately and he’s being charged for being entertained and making a profit off of her body, her property, her utilities, with no consent and no compensation. She said No! Her fees are $1,000.00 per day for peeping plus $2,000.00 per day for peeping without her consent or a contract. She does not consent. This is a serious violation of her right to privacy. It’s crime, not a date.

Perry is a public figure and the public entitled to know of criminal activity. He’s not exempt any more than Bill Clinton, Gary Condit, Anthony Weiner, or any of these other public figures who had a secret life. Cynthia is no different than the Tik Tok girl, Susan Wilson, Pauly Perretti, David Letterman, Jodi Foster, Drew Carey or any other victim of stalking and coercion. He acts like his crime is different and we’d like to know how is it different?

Perry hired guys too to go to her work where she is. This one solicited prostitution on Perry’s behalf offering her $5,000 “to be creeped out by him for a few hours”. She recorded him. She had to go to work. Having people go to her work scares her, bothers her, creeps her out and costs her a shit ton of money when she has to avoid the danger and menacing. Click link below to hear the recording:

This Pinto person went to Cynthia’s work and offered Cynthia $5,000 for a night of sex with Perry. She recorded him and of course refused. The recording and transcripts are available at the link above. What’s the difference between Perry and Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Roger Ailes and the man other politicians who couldn’t keep their pants zipped up?

Dr. Russell discusses his stalking escalations being so catastrophic Cynthia is not able to just ignore him. If you are trying to get work done on a computer or cell phone and he’s jamming it up or typing over your typing that would be difficult to ignore. He pokes at her all day and provokes our guys so they do get more of what goes on in his secret little meetings where he plans a catastrophic loss. As many times as she’s said “I’m not told who informants are. I don’t even know which of the 40 to inform to, or how. Wouldn’t help you if I did because I want for you to be gone. ” He still asks every day. That does mean there is something to leak and when he does what we say we got information on after we say it, he proves out the recording and we have another “I told you so.”

Special Page For Videos and Podcasts Perry Blocked From Posting Forcing Alternative Methods At Link Below:

The evidence has built up over time and is chapter and versed at links below. Perry wasn’t getting caught until he went at Cynthia. When he bothers Cynthia, he gets caught and he’s been caught more than ever in his life. If you are watching all this as it unfolds, you will notice we have to repeat ourselves a lot. Count how many times Lo had to tell her stalker to leave her alone. It’s like things don’t click for these stalker types like they do everyone else. Perry gets caught, gets mad about it and wants to know who told but goes right back at it.

And here:

Case overview with inclusion of NRSC training videos

We assert all Constitutional Rights including but not limited to the First Amendment, held in NYT Co. V Sullivan and Garrison v Louisiana. We assert the 14th Amendment Right to Equal Protection under the laws including but not limited to laws protecting women against voyeurism, hacking, stalking violence, economic abuse, murder, coercion, and rape. We assert the right to equal protection provided in Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513, domestic violence laws, anti stalking laws and all laws intended to protect victims of crime. Misogyny and gender discrimination are as bad as racism.

CJ-2018-02775 Tulsa County Ok State Court Malicious Prosecution And Seeking Domestic Violence Stalking Protective Order. Perry never allowed a fair hearing or trial where Cynthia was in Court to show evidence, put witnesses on the stand or cross Perry’s or examine him and his co-defendants on the stand. He intentionally impeded appeals. She was intentionally kept from Court, in line with Perry’s habit of concealment, and the burden of proof is on her, the Plaintiff. Same is the case in

US Federal
4:17-00489-JHP-JFJ. NDOK
5:18-CV-00137-C NDTX

Both the case in ND TX and the state case Perry did exactly what is described in the harassment emails dating back to 11/2017. “Send her home, harass the hell out of her then claim she’s harassing us when she tells on us. ” He did do exactly that twice. He did it long after those emails were sent. Emails can be seen here:

These are texts to Fabian the night Mr. Roberson went to Cynthia’s workplace and told her she must recant her court testimony or he’d put her in the lake. She talked to Roberson about her aggravation that Perry butt in to things that are none of his business and that same night texted Fabian about that discussion. As you can see there is nothing on these texts even remotely related to what a person needs to do to pass laws in Texas.

Her communications to friends were about stalking, not politics therefore our Shrink believes he, Mr. Powell and Mr. Burson are not able to identify Perry’s Legislative Duties, which state he legislates in or metaphors, analogies and sarcasm. Their actions indicate they are simply unable to identify those simple facts. These communications were 5 years before she could have anticipated they’d be unable to perform an easy function while under oath and penalty of perjury.

Other people saw Perry’s stalking too, not email at link above from Cheryl Underwood in fact she saw Perry stalking even when Cynthia was not there. Cynthia told his campaign guy that she didn’t hurt Perry by going to the media with it, she went to him and the response was threats to ruin her business. These conversations took place in 2011 and the dates are on the Facebook messages. What is the difference between Charles Perry and any other podunk small town nobody elected official in a state where Cynthia does not live? She already rapport with other people who were in politics long before Perry jumped in had she worked on any legislative reform in Texas. She worked Federal non partisan government reform all her life, not state. After these texts about stalking, by about a year, she did one issue in NM only on a matter that affected her family and it was not paid work. It was pro bono. Again Perry needs be able to identify which state he legislates in and what his legislative duties are. Those guys in Mannford said “You know how many times I’ve pulled up behind the home of a woman who isn’t my wife and watched her in her back yard? Never because it’s weirdo. You know how many times I’ve gone to a restaurant to spy on a woman who is not my wife or sent my secretary to spy on a woman who isn’t my wife or even my wife? Never because it’s weirdo and not what you do to pass a law in Texas. Perry is not able to identify what his legislative duties are. It’s not stalking. Stalking is a crime in all 50 states and her texts and emails going back to 2011 were about stalking. She said she was scared of him because he threatened her and that she may have to move. That was long before she could have anticipated he’d go into court in 2015 and state under oath that there was a political vendetta having no evidence to support that claim at all. There are no tweets or social media posts directed at Charles Perry about anything political. There are no email arguments and in fact she helped him get elected. Did he lie, imagine something that wasn’t real or he’s just not able to identify what his Legislative Duties are or what state he legislates in. We have asked him to explain that and he’s not responded.

This claim was dismissed with a phone call. She sued for Breach of contract and violations of her first amendment rights to free speech.

US Court Breach
4:18-CV-00159-CVE-FHM NDOK

Again we see no hearing where she is present to present her evidence, witnesses or case, no fair trial, or question Defendants on the stand or cross examine his witnesses. The burden of proof is on her being she is the Plaintiff.

Employers Mutual v Bartile Roofs
Holding the Court Where The Injury Occurred Has Jurisduction
US v Strohm
US v Vreeland
Holding Perjury Is When
1) There is a duty to disclose a material fact.
2) The Material Fact Is Intentionally Concealed From The Decision Making Body
3) The Material Fact Could Change The OutCome Had The Material Fact Not Been Intentionally Concealed From The Decision Making Body
Marler v Kloehr
Holding you must file a police report when seeking a Protective Order Against A Stalker
Curry v Streater
Establishing Stalking Is A Pattern Of Harassment and Off Duty Out Of Jurisdiction Law Enforcement Does Not Get Qualified Immunity
Sunderland v Zimmerman
Holding A Hearing Must Be Held in 14 Days And Discovery Must Be Granted Under The Oklahoma Discovery Act

1999 OK 33 (Okla. 1999) • 987 P.2d 1185
Holding a party has 2 years to seek the Vacating of orders when the order was obtained by fraud. There must be a hearing.

By law you must file a police report to get a stalking protective order, see Marler v Kloehr, and there must be a hearing within 14 days of the initial petition. The request was made in the CJ-2018-02775 case and no hearing was held. Also in a 12-1031, Motion To Vacate on Fraud, a hearing is required, see Patel v OMH, and again no hearing. A hearing should have been held in Officer Nealey’s trial to determine standing on the Motions to Intervene and again, no hearing. This is Perry’s habit and it is being used to build the criminal case against him. This man is so delusional that he asks who told on him but denies there being a case against him. There is a disconnect in his head because if you have to ask who told and deny there is someone to tell, you have no grasp on reality and the disconnect occurs when you ask ‘who told?’ and never connect why that is, who are they telling, and what all that means. Since the McNamara Email of 2015, Cynthia has documented Perry’s threats of death, false arrest and economic loss. If you are being threatened like that, you need a Protective Order. Since the McNamara Email of 2015, Cynthia has documented Perry’s threats of death, false arrest and economic loss. If you are being threatened like that, you need a Protective Order. In Oklahoma, if you petition the court for a Protective Order, the law requires you file a police report held in Marler v Kloehr.

Perry did the same in Officer Mike Nealey’s murder trial. She was deposed but not allowed to testify. She then filed 2 Motions to Intervene. There should have been a hearing to determine standing. Oddly again we have another court proceeding where is a legally required hearing and no hearing happened. That again is concealment of Material facts, intentionally, that would likely change the outcome of the deciding body had the fact not been concealed. Perry thinks that’s a “win”. We will use it in his criminal case. It’s simply more crime.

Again this is a repeat, the more Charles Perry invades Cynthia’s privacy, contacts her or her family, causes hardship and loss, the easier it is to get information ahead of time when he’s planning a harm, injury, loss or crime against her. He’s upsetting all the wrong people when he does that. He seems to not be able to put it together in his head that there is a cause and effect here. You touch a hot stove, you burn your hand. Cause and effect. You harm and pose a threat to Cynthia or bother her or victimize her, you piss off all the wrong people and you get caught because you are upsetting everyone. Nobody likes to watch one person hurt another. All he was asked to do is leave her alone. Our guys would have nothing to do if he’d get out of her life and leave her alone. His hand is practically falling off his arm and he goes right back at the stove when he gets burned. We don’t know what it is he thinks he’s proving doing that. Doesn’t even make sense. He does it every day. His own guy said, “The more he pesters her, and takes her money, things don’t go well for us. We are seeing things happen we have not seen before. We dont know who these guys are. ” He gets caught because he’s upsetting everyone.

Hacking is a crime, not a date and it’s a turn off for women:

Stalking is a crime, not a date. It’s a turn off for women. Terrorization is not in any romantic. It’s hideous.

Peeping is a turn off to women and a sex crime, not a date.

Not a day goes by that Charles Perry does not threaten Cynthia Ortiz with death, false arrest, income or property loss. He’s carried out quite a few of those threats. His threats are specific, malicious, intended to harass and Coerce and intimidate. All these threats are documented by police investigating Mr. Perry on a “need to know” case for sexual exploitation of women and children. The allegations are sexual exploitation but not limited to that. The allegations are that he is stalking, peeping, hacking, coercing, he has a history of destroying evidence, witness tampering, bribery, and causing substantial economic loss to his victims. This Facebook and this blog

Document much of what police have collected as to evidence, some of which is intended to protect Cynthia and to establish malicious aforethought and means rea. He will get caught planning a crime and go at it from a different angle. He threatens and harasses and violates Cynthia every day. Cynthia and these officers are the first to get as much inside information on Perry’s criminal businesses as they have. No one else has collected this much. They have done more to stop his crime than anyone else ever has before. For that reason he’s obsessed with her ruin. He vigorously pursues ruining her every day.


































The Harrassment Email of April 11, 2018 Put Into Action

The Harrassment Email of April 11, 2018 Has Been Done Twice Now In Court

This guy is neither a church deacon or an elected official. Get some dignity. Get a life. Get the hell out of Cynthia’s. Charles Perry GET OUT OF HER LIFE NOW!

Perry planned to stalk and harass Cynthia and then when she complained about it, claim he was being harassed. He does harass and stalk. He gets caught. His attorney is notified, he says 3700 times, then he has now taken those “cease and desist” emails to Court claiming he is being harassed. Pinto, Mickey James, David Roberson, Terry Wagoner and Joel have given evidence to the contrary. Cynthia moved twice and has since 2014 begged, screamed, yelled, sued and pleaded with Perry to LEAVE HER ALONE.  It’s the law. He is breaking the law. He cares nothing about the victims of his crime. The imposition and burden of his delusion is disturbing people. 3700 times Perry was told on. His attorney was notified and sent a cease and desist email. 3700 times his attorney was given forseeability. 3700 times he ignored the legal demands and then took them into Court and did exactly what the Harassment Email said Perry planned in February 2016. Perry is still going at it. These men weighing in on Loreborre’s Tik Tok relay how our 40 police see Perry. He’s not getting it. Everyone is sick and tired of him. He’s not getting that. 3700 times he’s told on and he still can’t get why. It’s very frustrating to have to deal with him. For years he’s contacted Cynthia everyday asking who told on him. He’s never gotten an answer nor will he. She wants for him to be gone. She’s not told that. Shes repeatedly said that and wouldn’t help him if she was and yet everyday he continues to ask like in his delusion he thinks she would answer. She said No. No means No. It is illegal to contact her. He’s breaking the law.

Use Allegedly. Apply the “but for” and “reasonable person” standard. We assert all Constitutional Rights.

#metoo #domesticviolence #stalking #violentsubjugation #humanrights #racketeering #sociopath #entrapment #genderbias #discrimination #misogyny #dragonslayer

Pinto recording  is here

Texts from the other proxy stalkers are at links below.

Perry is the same as TikTok Stalker Neil and causes the same anger and fear as he did to TikTok Stalking Victim Loreboree. Stalking is a domestic violence crime in all 50 states. Violent subjugation of a woman who doesn’t like some weird dude. LEAVE HER ALONE! NO MEANS NO!!!

The evidence has built up over time and is chapter and versed at links below. Perry wasn’t getting caught until he went at Cynthia. The second he went at her, we get all this, chapter and versed at links below.

And here:

Click here for More On The Harrassment Email of April 11, 2018. We establish Mens Rea again, in Perry’s intent to commit fraud upon a Court of law.

Click here to go to the Podcast of December 14, 2020 Reviewing Material Facts of Perry history of Fraud upon a court, now about 6 times. The Harrassment email is a part of establishing Perry’s intent to commit fraud.


So Many Crimes And So Much To Cover Up

Over the past 10 years there have been more times than we can count that BEFORE not after, Cynthia was told by the officers who gave her information intended to protect her, warn her, and to establish pre-meditation on the part of Charles Perry and his goons or Weirdo Club, whatever you want to call the guys he’s got on his payroll, to commit a crime against her. There is a recording of him or someone on his payroll planning harm to her. She emails her attorneys or someone she knows about it. At this point there is only a conversation. The plan hasn’t been executed yet. When it is, then it is a crime and it is malicious and intended and the penalties for premeditated crime both in criminal court and civil are much higher than in negligence. When Perry dies exactly what Cynthia says he was recorded planning, he cannot then deny that it was him. He planned it, he executed the crime, he caused an injury and it hurt people. There is tangible loss and in most cases, the kind you don’t get over ever.

These officers have a witness that stated “As long as I’ve known Charles Perry he watches women in their home. He trolls them. He sits and watches their schedule. He then has his guy put hidden cameras in their house. He watches for workplace vulnerabilities. He gets them fired. He watches where they go to make sure they can’t get a new job. They go apply at X place he will call X place to make sure they never get hired. They lose the house. The kids are all upset. She is hysterical. Then because she has no job he has the ex take the kids away. Is that what he did to this Cynthia person?” “Yep. He had her parents take her older son and tried with the little one but we would not allow that. He didn’t get to the little one. ” He enjoys watching women get hysterical so he can go rub one out. He’s a sex pervert. I’m glad someone is finally putting a stop to it. I’m sick of sleeping with one eye open. “

This has gone in for decades. Perry sells watch time on the dark web and that includes women who have kids in the home and that is child porn. That is the reason this is a need to know and it is big, it is sex trafficking and they have power and money under threat by these officer putting a stop to it.

Perry has asked a whole lot if folks in effort to determine exactly what Cynthia a role is whether she was sent to Lubbock by these guys to get his ass locked up or she called them in Dallas and brought them in. “Who moves from Vegas to Lubbock unless you have to?” One of his guys said, “It was her job. They were investigating him. They knew her from somewhere, they bring her because she’s got the mental and emotional capacity to take a beating and not let it get to her and for a prolonged investigation. She’s got the law enforcement background and the political background and there was a time in her life no one really knows what she was up to. Right after she breaks up with Saeed there are a few years or some time there before she gets pregnant with Triston we don’t really know what she was up to. Was she in training at that point? Who trained her? No one knows really what she was doing.” And another of his guys “We have been told there only 5 people in the country that can do what she does, that he knows. He said as far as he knows he only knows 5 in this country that can do what Cynthia does and he wanted to know who taught her how to do that and not only that but to handle this mentally she had to have been trained for that to. For her to be put through what Charles has put her through for this long and not have a mental breakdowns she had to have had specialized training to stay steady like she does for this long. We know she can out sting op any one we send. She will fuck with you and you may not even realize that’s what she’s doing. Who taught her how to do that?”  We don’t ever confirm or deny what someone else says, but we will say they don’t know which one occurred, that or did she call people in law enforcement she knew when she was in Dallas and Perry escalated his stalking?  Either way, more than ever in his life, he’s caught in crime he hid all his life. That began when he met Cynthia Ortiz.

So based on that, and keep in mind Charles Perry prior to 2010 was unknown and has no record to point to politically, nobody knows what he was up to in those years prior to running for state assembly. He has money but cannot explain having much more than a small town accountant would have. He’s getting that money sex trafficking. He’s alone much of the time. He’s not seen out with his wife and family much. He’s not got an alibi. He’s traveling and he’s traveling alone which means he’s got all kinds of opportunity to do all kinds of criminal acts to all kinds of people. What they wanted was to be better able to get in front Perry to ask him some questions. You go in pretending to be a potential accounting client, you get one shot. He may figure out what you are up to if you start asking about his travels. In that setting that might raise a flag or two. You get the guy running for office it’s a different ball game. You interact with all kinds of people all the time. You get to where you can’t remember who you met and where it what you said or what they said. Perfect. That’s perfect. His life is under public scrutiny. He’s running for office and asking tax payer a to hire him so as his bosses he is fully aware he’s accountable to them for every move he makes. Any cop can approach him at an event and ask questions about where he’s been, who he was with, how long he was in town in a way that Perry wouldn’t have a clue he’s talking to a cop and just revealed he was in town during the time in question and he has no alibi.

When he does exactly what we say he was just recorded talking about doing, he proves us out. We said he was trying to arrange not one but two false arrests of Cynthia to retaliate and intimidate. We said he was going at her car. We said he’s trying to get her kicked out if her home. We said he calls her clients or would be clients and runs them off hoping she will go broke, take his bribe and lie for him. We said he was trying to force her back to dancing so he could get to her easier. We said he wants to kill her and do it in such a way that makes it difficult to even prove it was murder much less that he did it and this would not be his first rodeo. We have said these things and said them and said them for years and some he did do, some he tried and failed and some he nixed because he got caught.

Those are detailed chapter and versed here on this blog going back.many years:

Every time Perry has a leak, that means he’s pissed people off with his cruelty and he’s being stopped. He won’t get that. He’s stupid. But that’s what’s happening. He thinks being a peeping tom makes him Cynthia boyfriend. If he’s not loved back there is nothing there. She moved twice and sued him 3 times. She rejected his offer if $5000 for a night of sex. There is no possibility if a date with her ever. She left. It’s been nearly a decade. Rape isn’t live it is assault and it is a crime and Voyeurism is a form of rape. You watch a woman in the privacy of her home and you know that is a crime to do that, that is assault not love and it’s sick and not only that to sell her, now you are a disgusting little pimp. Go get your fucking purple robe and bling and parade your sick sorry ass around like a pimp because your Bible ain’t big enough to cover up what you did.  The link to that recording is at the bottom of this page.

All of this is motive for murder. You got guys putting a stop to this. That’s a threat to the money and power this crime brings with it.

Now in addressing Officer Nealey’s case. Officer Nealey is in the interview with police that aired all over the news and we all saw it, link below, you can clearly see an IV in his right hand. First responders testify they don’t put an IV in an injured hand. He’s got not a mark on him. He has an IV in his right hand, so is he right handed or left handed? We know from testimony that at 7PM, Officer Nealey calls down to the front desk looking for the remote. He’s happy and in a good mood, and opens the door wide enough for hotel staff to see Chief Miller resting on the bed furthest from the door by the window. At 8pm, staff is called back to the room over a noise complaint. Chief Miller opens the door but not wide enough for hotel staff to see any other occupant in that room but Chief Miller. He had no motive or reason to conceal Officer Nealey, the other registered guest in the room. Who else was in that room that wanted to be concealed? There are no cameras in that hotel, but for the lobby. There are other exits and entrances. Was there another individual behind him with a gun to his head demanding he conceal them? Was Officer Nealey at this point already knocked out? We don’t know. We do know he wasn’t seen and did not make a peep.  All we know is that at 8PM, Officer Nealey is not visualized and nobody knows the status at this point of his condition. All we know is at this point, he didn’t make a peep, and wasn’t seen or heard so we don’t know that he wasn’t already knocked out cold. We don’t know if someone was behind Chief Miller threatening him, with a gun to the back of his head, if he concealed their presence in the room at this point. Hotel staff probably would have heard Officer Nealey say something. Chief Miller, the staffer said in testimony, said he was trying to calm his buddy down. You don’t hear “the buddy” argue with that, correct that, or say anything at all. He didn’t say, “I’m fine. I don’t need to be calmed down.” There was no sound at all. Just Chief Miller stating he was sorry for the noise and was trying to calm his buddy down and the Chief concealed the occupants including the other registered guest, Officer Nealey.

An hour later, at about 9pm, hotel guest do not call back down to the front desk. They actually down and state they are wanting to repack all their suitcases, haul them to another room and make a room change. The noise is that bad that they are willing to go through all that trouble to get away from it. Staff goes back up to the room and finds Chief Miller’s eye swollen and bruised, extensive damage over his head neck and face, and he is deceased. Officer Nealey is found thrown on top of him, but every witnesses version of his position is different. What is consistent is that he was knocked out cold, in respiratory distress, and incoherent. He cannot talk. He cannot breath. He cannot move. He’s out cold. First responders do not treat him for being knocked out with a hit to the head, neck or face. He has no injuries as Chief Miller has. There is a loud commotion so much so the front desk is called twice. A commotion indicates a fight in that both parties were fighting and Chief Miller hit back. He didn’t just stand there and let himself get beat to death. He hit back. So where are those injuries on Officer Nealey, were he the guy Chief Miller hit back? How do you beat someone at all much less to death when you are knocked out cold? The first responders treat Officer Nealey with Narcan, not for being hit, Narcan is to counteract the effects of opioid overdose. How did opioid get inside Officer Nealey’s body? Who put it there? How much was he given? No testing was done prior to the administration of Narcan. Like Cynthia who Mr. Roberson admitted to having arsenic given to her, both she and Officer Nealey are not given blood tests for forensic pathologists to inspect to determine what exactly they were given. Just because Mr. Roberson admitted to arsenic in a text, mind you, was it really arsenic or something else? We will never know and same for Officer Nealey. Charles Perry and Dave Roberson are linked to both apparent attempted murders. Both have very incriminating information and evidence against Perry and Roberson. That’s motive to murder both.

Officer Nealey is then taking to the hospital and then to an interview room by Escambia SO. In his interview here:

He is told there its homicide he’s talking to. He doesn’t say, “I’ve been beat badly, in fact so badly, I was knocked out cold and have no memory of what occurred. Who did this to us? Where is Lucky? Is he okay? He acts like he thinks he drank a little much and Lucky is probably outside waiting for him. He says, “Who is dead? Lucky is dead? I can’t believe you. Look at my hands. Doesn’t look to me like I was in a fight. I don’t believe what you are telling me.” Were he in a fight, he’d have bruises. He’d have injuries that were painful. He makes no indication that he is in pain, has any injuries, and in fact points out that he doesn’t. You cannot be in a deadly beat down and not have a mark on you. You’ll have something somewhere on your body. He had nothing. He wasn’t in that fight. He was already knocked out cold from opioid overdose and in fact the offender may have thought Officer Nealey was already dead. Either that or they fled the room after killing Chief Miller, because the guest called complaining about the noise and just didn’t get to finish Officer Nealey off.

What Escambia SO was not aware of is just 6 days before, Officer Nealey took a police report on Cynthia Ortiz’s vehicle vandalism which named no suspect at all. She said, “Nobody saw who did this, but Laura Collins showed me that room over there was covered top to bottom with this same powder. I took pictures of it so whoever was in that room needs an interview and I never saw the guy so he has no motive to get in my car. It is likely related to a civil law suit that is ongoing currently against Charles Perry, David Roberson, Matthew Powell, Joe Chadwick, and Joshua Burson. Its a stalker deal and I just don’t know anyone else who would do something like this. I can’t know for sure they did this, but that’s one place to look. This is one of many incidents I’ve had happen with my car and I’ve received threats to damage or destroy it for months now. ” She’d already dropped off paperwork and court documents on their attempts to poison her and the false arrest stunt they pulled to destroy what she was given, arsenic or whatever, to try to kill her. Mannford PD already had those documents. They knew the background before they came to look at her car. They also knew Perry had people pulling up taking pictures of her and had received multiple complaints from her neighbors. That had been ongoing for months prior to Officer Nealey sitting in that interview room, not a mark on him, being told his boss and best friend was now deceased. Escambia SO had no idea that all had happened months before and a complaint filed less than a week before the murder.

Now, you’d think if Perry and Powell and those guys were innocent of these charges, when Cynthia was poisoned and threatened even via text, he’d hold a press conference and say, “I”m not doing this to her. I’m sorry someone is and not only that, but they are using my name to do it and she helped me get elected so I owe her a solid. I’m asking for a complete and thorough investigation to find out who is doing this to her and using my name to do it. She’s got these texts that would concern anyone and she rightly went to police for help, its just that I wasn’t a part of it. If he weren’t poisoning her, and he wanted to accuse her of just making crap up, he’d then demand a blood test so he could take it to the public and say, “We had her tested. Nothing showed up. She lied. I told you so.” Instead he made sure she wasn’t tested ever. He destroyed that evidence and he did it knowingly. He claims she made crap up over a political beef and yet there are no rants or tweets or emails or texts about his politics from her or by her anywhere at all in a very long period of ten years from a woman who is as vocal as they get. She grew up in politics. She knows it takes thousands of people being vocal to make a change in a law. You don’t do that by saying nothing political if there is a political issue of frustration. Her frustration in all communications is over Perry’s stalker activity which you don’t need to do to pass a  law in Texas.

Cynthia worked Federal government reform, not state. She did one issue in New Mexico and Perry is not in the New Mexico legislature. He’s in Texas. The way this works is if you want change, you must talk about the issue and give reasons why there should be a change. One guy can’t do a thing and you’d call everyone in the state legislature, solicit them as a sponsor or supporter, the more sponsors the better, and it takes thousands of people, thousands of phone calls, and a lot of publicity to gain public support to pass a law. There is nothing like that regarding anything Charles Perry did legislatively. He was the new guy. If she wanted changes, she goes to people she’d been working with for three years in Texas before Perry crawled out from weirdo land to become a legislator. She’s not going to waste her time going to the new guy but out of courtesy to help him, not get his help. As the new guy, she’d be instrumental in introducing him to her contacts already established years before, not the other way around. She may bring something to him as a means to introduce him and to bring him into her circle of influence to help him, but she’d been at this all her life. She didn’t need his help. He needed her’s. There was no political beef at all and he flat out lied in court more than once.  There is no evidence at all of there being any political disagreement and yet Perry under oath made that claim in court and Matt Powell provided the assist so that he could as did Joshua Burson. If they lie about that, in court, under oath, what else are they lying about?

Now all of this we know, and its been documented and documented and documented and documented for years, if we know all that and its been proven out and proven out and proven out, then we can say pretty certainly, we know Officer Nealey did not kill Chief Miller, they did. They implicate themselves every chance they get and it is unbelievable.

One thing you’d expect to hear from someone who is innocent would be Perry going out to ask for a full investigation as to who harmed Cynthia and using his name to do it, were it not him. Why would he try to ruin Cynthia, starve Cynthia, coerce a lie, force her to leave Oklahoma and on and on and on instead of asking for a thorough investigation and in fact he intentionally has impeded two now. Why not do the same for Officer Nealey? Why not say, “We need to take a second look because again I’m being accused of something I had no part of, and I want to be cleared. Investigate me inside outside backwards and forwards and lets help this police officer get his name cleared too because I’m not seeing that he could have done this and we need to find out who did because the real killer will kill again if we don’t get the right guy. Someone else will be hurt if you don’t get the actual killer.” Instead of having Cynthia tested, for example and Perry and Powell staying for media, “She’s got some texts that concern even me as they would anyone so let’s have her tested. Let’s see if she was in fact poisoned and see what she was poisoned with and who gave it to her.” Then if nothing is in her blood they might then be able to say “She was lying and we told you so.” Instead they make sure there was no blood test. Mike Nealey also is treated with Narcan and not tested prior to the administration of Narcan.

Perry and Powell are not saying “let’s dig and find out exactly what occurred.” Instead, Perry is lying in Court and threatening and harassing Cynthia, a witness for Officer Nealey’s defense. He’s telling her he wants to know who told on him. He’s telling her he will give her “the yellow brick road” a new home, a new car, an expense account IF SHE LIES. If not, he’ll starve her and make her destitute until she comes to her senses. He’s not paying attention to all the recordings in that he has no idea who got them, who in law enforcement has them, what are they going to do with them, and continues to just make threat after threat after threat because we all know its logical to make one crime into five crimes in covering up the one. How stupid are these people???? Cynthia wants no contact with Charles Perry ever. He contacts her, daily against her will, and that pisses her off and those cops and they go at him harder and get more incriminating evidence against him than ever. He’s never had his crimes this exposed. He clearly doesn’t mind or he’d get off Cynthia. He doesn’t. He goes at her again the next day and the next day until this deal has piled up so high, he won’t get up from this one. He wants to know who told. He wants to know who told on him. That’s his position. His position is not that he stops violating the law, but he wants to know who told, and violates the law even more. Each day its a little more today than he did yesterday. The drama queen has no logic. None. He gets caught and told on because he asked for it. The acts aren’t of a person innocent but of someone in need of a cover up and a cover up in and of itself is evidence of the crime in which it attempts to cover up and not only that it shows consciousness of guilt. You don’t tamper with a witness who doesn’t know anything or isn’t correct on fact or isn’t telling the truth. If the witness is lying, you don’t need to buy a lie. You only offer to buy a lie if you need a lie because that individual is telling the truth so what is this with his “yellow brick road” deal and his threats to make her destitute until she “comes to her senses”? That is evidence of guilt.

Click here to hear Perry’s proxy tell Cynthia he thinks she and Perry have a romance then solicit prostitution on Perry’s behalf which you don’t need to do if there is really a romance.

Click here to hear Cynthia’s Court Ordered Therapist state her belief Perry causes problems to get attention. He’s not relevant. He causes harm and drama to make himself relevant.

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Charles Perry was recorded last night stating “We got to get her, but that’s not going to happen in Oklahoma. We have to force her back to Texas. ” Which he would not do or need were she not a key witness in Officer Nealeys trial a d will be in criminal charges against him. He is coercing and tampering because he needs a lie. One crime becomes five when you try to cover everything up. He has harassed her, threatened her, invaded her privacy, harrassed and threatened her friends and family to try to make them pressure her to lie, he can’t keep his grubby hands out of her wallet and out of her money and income with intent to force her to lie. He thinks that peeping is a romance. In order for there to be a relationship, both parties have to want to be in it. She’s moved twice to get away from him. She sued three times and eleven asked a Judge to prohibit all his contact. Him buying a Judge to deny her requests does not change her will or her intent that he never contact her. It just is one more crime. She has made her disgust for Perry very clear so he’s imposing his delusion on others against their will, not just Cynthia but everyone around her. He’s icking his slime all over other people and then can’t figure out why people tell on him. He’s being stopped every time he’s told on. That is what is happening. He’s just too stupid to figure that out. He thinks Voyeurism is a romance when what it is is a crime. As to forcing her back to Texas so he can “get her” it’s one of many threats we’ve addressed already many times for a long time. She won’t lie. He’s not sure what to do with that. She won’t lie. He’s trying to make her against her will and she won’t do it so at this point it’s duly noted for the record that he’s attempting to coerce. Voyeurism is a crime not a romance. It’s sex deviancy. It’s a major turn off. If he carries out these threats to cover all that up, we told you so. Otherwise use allegedly where it applies. Perry also asked Cynthia what her problem is and tells her they have things to work out. These statements speak to his delusion. She doesn’t like him. She asked him to stay away from her. She’s gone to great lengths to get away from him and when that didn’t work she has beat him off her with a legal stick. The law says when a woman asks not to be contacted them you stop or you go to jail. He’s not smart enough to get a simple law like that? She doesn’t like him. There is nothing to work out. He is to cease and desist all contact with her. That’s the law and it’s an easy one to understand and follow. This was posted early this morning on facebook but Perry hacked her and deleted it. It’s being reposted here a d again on facebook. He’s threatening to “get her” which he wouldn’t need to do were she not telling the truth on everything including who killed Chief Miller. It was not Officer Mike Nealey. It was Perry and his creepy corporation. They had motive and the fact that they did what they did infers guilt in the car vandalism and that implicates them in perjury because they testified under oath that they were not making substantial harmful contact with Cynthia in Oklahoma. This is witness tampering and coercion. Her testimony is now on five different Court dockets. Trying to intimate or pressure her to lie is victim and witness tampering and cover up of a crime is just more crime. Cynthia doesn’t like Charles Perry period. There is no romance period. His attempts to force himself on her against her will makes her feel raped and is crime period. He’s told on everytime he breaks the law or plans to break the law because he’s being stopped period. Perry says he wants Cynthia bit Buddy you ain’t getting it. She doesn’t want you. And so said every creepy stalker everywhere. He imposes on everyone else. He’s a unwanted burden to everyone else. It’s a crime a d a sick one, not even a cool Oceans 11 type crime but one Dr Wecht says in Epstein’s documentary repulses even other guys in prison so how much more would his creeping around repulse Cynthia and anyone else with any class or dignity at all. He’s a deep disgust. He’s got leaks and the more he creeps around the more he’s told on. He’s not getting it. Something is wrong with him. For a guy who has had people out think him for a decade and be the ones to catch him in crime more than ever in his life to believe he should add input to anything they think or do at all is absurd but Perry does it everyday. Talk about eye rolling and face palms. That will do it. If it’s not that at times it’s falling on the floor laughing at how stupid what he says is to people who have out thought him for a decade. He actually thinks they care what he thinks. It doesn’t get any more absurd than that. We get embarrassed for him. It’s that bad. “Is that the chick those weird guys from Lubbock are always after?” Is said of Perry, Powell and Burson more often than they know.

Delusional Erotomania is disease that causes one person to believe another is in love with them.whem there is clear evidence to the contrary such as that person moving twice and suing three times and asking eleven times for a Judge to Order no contact

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Click here to see info in a whole bunch of threats Perry was caught planning. He’s bothering other people with his mental disease. He was told on again.

Click here to see Perry’s threats of second false arrest go back to 2017. He gets off on making women get hysterical and bothering people witnesses tell us. He never stops bothering Cynthia. He disgusts her. He cannot stop. Everytime he’s told on he is being stopped. He’s just not smart enough to get that. to see Cynthia Filed Motion To Intervene In Defense Of Officer Mike Nealey

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Response to Michael Nealeys Verdict Here

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Charles Perry Continues To Pose A Threat To Citizens In Oklahoma

Another cease and desist email to Charles Perry et al attorneys. This email reviews all the Intel received over the past week from inside Perry’s camp of his intent to harass Cynthia, witness tamper, intimidate, retaliate, and coerce. All of these acts are as illegal and criminal and corrupt as it gets. He cannot get a grip on reality or control himself even after being caught in crime or planning crime more than ever for the first time in his pathetic bore of a life. Perry has been rejected by Cynthia for a decade now. She’s gone to great pains to get away from him a.d beat him off her with a legal stick and he has not the kind of power these guys getting this information from right up under his nose despite a whole lot of money he’s paid for a cover up he did not get have. They are on her side against him.

Her email below:

“This is your written notice that your client, Charles Perry, was again recorded discussing the following: 1) with potential clients in a new business venture I’ve been working on not to do business with me, which he could only know who those people are from hacking. 
2) Making sure I have no money to pursue appeals
3) Wanting me to be so broke I cannot even afford coffee so that I sleep enough for him to damage or harm my car. 
4) Discussing contacting OK State Police and Rogers County to have them pull me over and use the excuse that my headlight is out. My car was checked today by a mechanic to ensure all lights are working just fine and they are. We understand OK law enforcement is getting a little tired of being asked to stalk or harass me for you. That’s been an ongoing complaint for some time. Do remember one called my guys, who have been getting comments like this and recordings since the McNamara email of 2015 which was regarding the threat your client made to arrange a false arrest, which he then did. Oklahoma law enforcement works for Oklahoma tax payers, not creepy stalkers. The complaint specifically was, and this is now like the fifth time you’ve been notified in writing, “He called us and told us he wanted her arrested on harassment. They called us with all these accusations that we checked into and found to be baseless. There was nothing to it. No truth to it at all. What we did find is that Cyndi keeps to herself, doesn’t bother anyone and has tried very hard to get away from Perry and to get him to leave her alone. That’s all she does. It became then clear to us fairly quickly that the harassment was the other way around. We got so many calls from Mr. Perry, Mr. Powell, and Mr. Burson that it took time away from our work and investigating real crimes and it became very irritating. Cynthia had some things happen that we knew about because other people told us and she never called us. She never bothered us. She never reported any of it and she could have. What burned our phones up were those guys from Lubbock. It was very clear pretty fast the harassment was being done by them, not her. ” 
5) Your client was recorded discussing forcing me back to dancing, by calling potential customers on my new business venture to tell them not to do business with me, and then have the club raided. 
6) Your client was recorded many times talking to a gentleman that we know has a history with David Roberson in business, and telling him when he could give me money and when he could not. He gave me alone and after my Motion to Intervene for Officer Nealey was filed, he abruptly stopped. Just after and again there are recordings of conversations with him as well that I’ve heard. 
7) Your client has been recorded talking to my landlord. 
8) Your client has been recorded discussing other financial transactions that he only knows about who those were with through illegal means. 
9) My friends and family who have discussed frustration regarding your clients telling them when they can talk to me and what they can say have also begun to produce more evidence of illegal contact within the state of Oklahoma. I have been told my grandmother left me some money, my mom kept it but decided she wanted to go ahead and give it to me now, but your clients told her she could not. Not any of your business at all. 
These contacts are illegal and criminal and far outside social norms. Charles Perry has contacted me directly against my will, outside of counsel, and asked if Mike Nealey is one of his rats, if “Ron” is one of his rats, and some other people I dont’ know who they even are. Again, I’m not told who informants are. I have no idea who Ron is, who Ty is, and what even Mike Nealey would know to rat. I have no clue. That information is confidential and between the Officers taking the information and the person giving it. I have no idea. I’m not told and why he keeps asking me is bazaar. I don’t know. I wouldn’t tell him if I did. These officers have protected me for nearly a decade so I’m not going to walk into a death trap by blowing information as to who they are that would compromise their investigation. That doesn’t even make sense. 
I’m not going to lie for your client. If he were to try to force me to do some type of  press conference the first words out of my mouth would be, “I’m being forced against my will to lie. Charles Perry wants me to read a statement, none of which is true. I’m under duress. I’m being bullied and these are not my words.” I would not in a million years lie for him. He doesn’t mean anything to me at all, but for he’s the bad guy who will not just go away and leave everyone in Oklahoma alone. 
Cease and desist. You’ve been told and told and told and told and told that this information comes in by the droves daily. You do what you do, but please know, your conduct is very offensive, illegal, disgusting, and upsetting to everyone else. We realize you all think its cute, but everyone else is pretty sick and tired of it. 
This is a legal notice and demand. “

Who has the kind of power to get her this information establishing pre-meditation or The McNamara email or the Fabian puzzle or to know how many times Charles Perry has gone hunting with Judge Cummings? That power has done more to fight Charles Perrys crime than anyone he knows and that power is for her. They are on her side against what he’s putting her through. He’s not been able to stop them or get any information at all as to who it is or who they are working with to get this information.

The McNamara Email Established Pre-meditation On Perry’s Intent To Commit Fraud In Court To Arrange Cynthia’s False Arrest
The Fabian Puzzle This puzzle was a word search Cynthia ordered in jail when Perry had her false arrested as he threatened, months after the McNamara email was sent. She followed the law and he had her charged in Lubbock for doing what he knew was required by law in Oklahoma where she lives. He made her sit illegally detained for two months, the dismissed charges a year and a half later. He’s been sued 3 times but never allows discovery or any trial on the merits. He instead has ex parte hearings, won’t allow her in the Court to testify or review evidence she submitted like The McNamara email to the Court of cross examine him. He goes in making sure she’s not there and makes backroom deals to get her claims dismissed. Like we said, the cops getting all this to her know exactly how many times Charles Perry has gone hunting with Judge Sam Cummings. This puzzle perfectly depicts Perry as the temporary selfish butt in that he is. Fabian is the man she wants in her life. That’s not just some random e name intersecting with the word HOPE. It’s his name. “Boo” depicts a private joke Cynthia has had with these officers since long before she met Perry and the fear Perry causes everyone else. “Sad” depicts how sad his actions make everyone at what he puts her through. He’s a criminal. He’s cruel. He’s a sexual sadist. He gets enjoyment causing drama and problems and loss. He’s been caught though now more than ever in his life by the officers that got this puzzle to Cynthia in jail. It was not just some random time her life. It was then. These words are very specific to her. They aren’t just in the same book, this was a word search book of puzzles, or on the same page but they are arranged very specific to her. Who has that kind of power? Not Charles Perry.
Perry has been interfering with Cynthia income and threatening her car for now a decade. He again has been recorded asking someone to make sure she is so broke that she can’t even buy coffee to get her sleeping a lot so he can get to her car. He’s vandalized it, caused accidents and does what stalkers who have no life do. They impose. They make a burden of themselves. They are rejects who fail to just be normal and move on. No doubt Perry’s kids have been rejected a time or two. Police are rejected a time or two in fact divorce rate among police is very high so they don’t act like drama queens. They move on. There is no patience for what Charles Perry is doing to Cynthia and her family in his pathetic attempts to force himself on a woman who has gone to great lengths to get away from him. This is pissing people off and people with more power in their little pinky toe than Perry will ever have. He’s rejected. Everyone else just moves on then no need for a corrupt cover up. He fails every day at just doing the normal we all do without even trying.

Use allegedly where it applies.

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We cannot stress enough that all this crap Perry does to Cynthia is intended to intimidate force and coerce a lie. Click this link for more info

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