Evidence and Court Documents of Perry’s Lengthy Stalking Activity

Click link below to hear recording of Perry Proy Stalk solitcit $5000 for sex with Charles Perry. Transcripts posted on the same.


There are three law suits Cynthia has filed against Charles Perry, this one being the most detailed in events and most comprehensive in evidence filed with the Courts. The case was filed in the Federal Courts, Northern District of Oklahoma, Case No. 4: 2019-159-CVE-FHM . The case can be pulled up on the Court Docket by clicking Here: 

PACER Login Federal Courts Docket



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One common gaslighting technique Defendants use when you hit the nail on the head with the truth is to interrupt and say “Stop! Stop! Back up! Back up!” Then try to change the subject to get you off track. You can hear Pinto do this to Cynthia in the audio conversation she recorded. She clearly was not saying what he wanted her to so he rudely interrupted her more than one and states “Stop! Stop!” Why would you do that in any normal polite conversation. It is very very rude and clearly intended to get you off of what you are saying that is not beneficial to their narrative. They use mirroring as well where they basically just repeat what you say to them only when they say it, it sounds ridiculous.

Oddly, the judge dismissed this case within a week, stating there was no evidence filed, when about 500 pages and three audio CD’s had been filed. That would be the second judge making such a claim. The odd decision has now opened the investigation previously just on Perry related to another crime to include a few judges as well. The orders were so far off from similar cases, fact, and law, prosecutors stated it gave rise to probable cause to review judicial impropriety or even bribery. There is no other reasonable explanation for the decisions made.

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Detective Eagan’s Voicemail of February 15, 2016