Slaying Dragons Including The Ones After Her Car

Email To Attorneys regarding the ongoing threat to take Cynthia’s car:

“The officers who provided the information in the McNamara Email to Ernest in October 2015 said Charles, Matt Powell and David Roberson are desperate to get my car, not only to inhibit me, intentionally and maliciously, from talking to Officer Nealey or filing Motions to Vacate but because it’s associated with the murder of Chief Miller they allegedly committed. That is also part of their motivation to get my car. They are extremely desperate to get that car and they touch it, it’s more charges. Tampering with evidence is something that’s already a problem and if they had nothing to do with Chief Miller’s murder and framing Officer Nealey they would not give a crap about my car or wish to impede me intentionally and maliciously, from filing Motions to Vacate based on fraud upon a court. Also since they wrecked my car again after I’ve had so many threats for so long, that’s another reason they want it in their possession. These ongoing threats to my car have been documented on for a long time. You can search “car” and it pulls up countless blogs about that specific threat of injury and that is to document and establish malicious intent and premeditation. “

More info on link to Chief Miller’s murder and Officer Nealeys case here:

The bigger crime is the sex trafficking. Perry and his co defendants, but more Charles Perry, has allegedly long had a problem with Voyeurism. He travels without his wife, all alone, Undercovers have confirmed he has no alibi for some times in question, he chooses victims, hires a locksmith to get him in women’s homes, puts hidden cameras in their homes, and sells watch time. Their are minor children involved. He causes problems for them, listens to them in the privacy of their home, finds vulnerabilities, gets them fired, causes them to lose their home, gets the ex or family to take kids away, and gets sexual gratification from watching these women get hysterical over the problems he is causing, allegedly. His sadistic sex problems are what is the bigger crime and everything else is to cover that up, to retaliate, harass and coerce his victims and witnesses. Being he had no political involvement at all whatsoever before he ran for the State Assembly in 2010, in fact an opponent brought out that he had not even voted, it is believed he and Mr Powell decided he should run for office and that would make him immune from criminal prosecution and that is a straight up lie. Neither are immune from criminal prosecution. Powell has misused his office to deal with Cynthia’s civil suits, used tax payer funded resources to deal with his civil suits and abused power severely. Perry was starting to get caught so he ran for office thinking he could hide behind public service to sex traffick, allegedly and Powell has aided and abetted, allegedly, all the way. Their alleged acts are criminal, malicious, intentional, and premeditated and everything put out here or on the blog as to their threats BEFORE they carry them out is done to establish that premeditation, and malicious intent.

All they had to do is leave Cynthia, her family, her friends, her co workers, and Fabian the hell alone. And while she respects the fight Fabian has put up for her, he does not need to fight for what is already his. Arguing or trying to reason with Perry is the same as beating your head on a wall. The man is nuts. He is not able to think rationally or this site and the blog wouldn’t be necessary nor would he need a cover up. These guys are pathetic rejects who have to stoop to harassment and Voyeurism of women and their minor children to create some imaginary soap opera so they can fantacizes about what they can never actually have. There is no love for Perry for sure. He’s a reject and Cynthia has fought hard to get away from him and be rid of him because some sick twisted criminal loon is beneath her dignity. He’s an embarrassment and a freak who cannot control his weirdo problem not a hot guy, not Prince Charming and not a chick magnet. He’s powerless and weak to control his sexual Sadism and voyeur problems. This conduct is criminal because it’s offensive and watching children in the privacy of their home is child porn. Sick as it gets.

So, we slay the dragons, Cynthia says.

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Click Here To See July 26, 2020 Recordings Obtained By Police Of Perry’s Orders To Make Sure She Makes No Money This Week and To Have Someone Steal Her Purse From Work. Let’s See If He Carries These Malicious Plans Out Too

Click here to see more info on Perry’s “terrorism investigation”:

Click here to see Intel revealing Perry’s Intent to Have Judges Recuse Themselves and New Judges Rule The Same Way Ignore The Fact Prosecutors Are Watching Judicial Conduct and Rulings For Their Case On Perry’s Other Criminal Activity. Perry pushing and pushing and pushing Cynthia to hurry up and file Motions To Vacate, which police consider coercion.and harassment of their material witness. Click Here For More:

Click here to see info on Perry’s attempt again, to discredit Cynthia and his recent attacks on her money

Updates on July 29, 2020 Defendants again discussing taking Cynthia’s car. They continue to go at her car. She can’t get around which is what they want and it is just more harassment. Perry tells Cynthia “Just be. Don’t worry.” In some whacked out attempt to convince her to just sit back and let him make trouble and take her stuff. She never responds yet he continues to try to coerce and convince her to just let him ruin her. Nothing could be more perverted, sadistic, psychotic and whackjob than that. He’s way past worn out his welcome in Oklahoma. He has leaks because everyone is sick and tired of him coming up to Oklahoma and causing hardships, loss and drama all the time. See emails to her attorneys documenting either criminal acts or premeditation and intent to commit cres against Cynthia in Oklahoma of threats, coercion, intimation, witness tampering and harassment, grand larceny, theft, etc

Notice the more harm and loss Perry causes, the more of a threat he makes of himself, the more he keeps her from those she loves and the more he attempts to discredit her and take her money, the more he contacts her, the more he invades her privacy, the more the increase in frequency of recorded conversations are obtained by law enforcement and some passed on to Cynthia for her protection. They pull resources from other cases to go after him and his weirdo group. These establish premeditation and malicious intent to commit a crime.

Click here to see information on Perry’s delusional belief he has a relationship with Cynthia. No such thing exists. It’s all in his head. She changed careers, moved twice and sued three times to get away from him and be rid of him. He sent a guy to offer her $5000 to spend a few hours with him and even that she refused. He’s all alone in that imaginary soap opera he maintains in his wild delusion. Seven years she has rejected him, tried to get away from him and his conduct is about to land him in prison. Most stalkers do end up either in jail or a mental hospital. Click link for more

Perry has told people in Oklahoma the reason she left Lubbock and rejects him is she secretly cares about him but is too afraid to say, which is just his delusion. He’s told people she just got mixed up with the wrong crowd although no one knows what crowd that would be. He’s told people she’s just confused and if he can take her car or put her in jail and force her to talk to him he will convince her she does care, also some sick delusion. There is a reason she avoids him and won’t talk to him. He’s sadistic, cruel, abusive, deceptive, a low life skum, a peeling Tom, perverted, and by the way married to his high school sweetheart. He embarrasses Cynthia and creeps her out. He’s not the kind of person she’d be seen with and if she won’t be seen with a guy, she’s not going to be in any kind of relationship with a person she’s embarrassed to be seen with. She wants someone else, Fabian, and Perry threatened him a few years ago and was recorded telling him: “I will find a way to put her back in jail and she won’t get out this time unless she is with me. You need to give up.” Even if Fabian did not exist or if she never sees him again, she would never want Charles Perry. She has done everything on Earth short of faking her own death one can do to get away from Charles Perry and for whatever reason his delusion prevents him from taking the blow off hint. It’s very embarrassing that he is not better able to grasp reality and move on as normal healthy minded people can do. He’s told people “She makes my heart sing” and was told back “But you don’t make hers sing. You make her gag. She does not feel what you do and I’m not even really buying what you are selling because if you want a woman to fall in love with you, you don’t try to kill her, you don’t put her in jail, you don’t take her car, you don’t ruin her business, you don’t ruin her relationships with her family and friends, you don’t invade her privacy, you don’t butt in where you are not wanted, you don’t force yourself on her, you don’t smear her in the news, you don’t take her home and you don’t damage her property. You call and have a normal conversation and if she won’t talk to you, she’s not interested and it’s time to move on. What you are doing is a crime not love. So even though you say that, based on what I have seen you do to her I’m not buying what you are selling. She asked you to leave her alone, not hack her, not peep on her, not take her money, not mess with her car, not contact her friends and family and you keep doing all that and it’s a crime. Respect her and move on. I dint think you care anything at all about her. I think you got your head all mixed up and you need to get some counseling and what you are doing to Jackie chasing Cynthia around is as cruel as what you are doing to Cynthia. ” That is all good advice. Cynthia is repulsed by Perry and she’s made her wishes clear for a long long time. He’s simply a criminal. He’s not a person she’d hang out with. He’s delusional. Being she’s rejected him for seven years, that delusion goes very deep. It’s a big concern that by now he’s not able to tell the difference between fact and fiction.

As far as Fabian goes, Perry’s guy, Dave Roberson told Cynthia the first night they met “Fabian does not want you ” she replied “You don’t speak for Fabian. He can tell me that himself. He’s had all this time to tell me that and he’s not said anything such thing in fact he’s not even given your typical blow off line we’ve all used many times like I’m seeing someone or whatever bullshit one comes up with to blow off someone. ” Dave then said “He just wants to fuck you. ” She said “Fine. Then let us fuck and be done with it. Stop interfering and dragging it out. ” He then said “Actually he and Charles fought over you for months. ” Cynthia replied “Fabian does not need to fight for what is already his. I want no contact from or with Charles Perry so that’s not even a fight. That’s Charles stalking and interfering where he’s not wanted. ” She texted Fabian about it that night. She also called Fabian. He never said I don’t want to talk to you., don’t call me, I’m seeing someone” or anything like that. He said he was working and wanted to talk when he got off work. Unfortunately Perry interfered. That was in October 2015. Texts have been filed with Court. When she was in jail, her police friends made arrangements for her to get the puzzle posted above. If they know all the stuff they know, then they know how Fabian feels and how Cynthia feels no matter what bullshit Perry says or what threats he makes to keep them apart. The threats above that he made to find a way to throw her back in jail and not let her out unless she is coerced and forced into a relationship with him and telling Fabian to give up was in 2016. Perry also told one of his guy “Tell her if she will do what I tell her, she can have a house, a new car, and she can see her kids and Fabian whenever she wants as long as she sees me too. ” He thought he could use people in Cynthia’s life, not his, not people he should even know, as pawns to bribe her. Perry was rightly told “Even if she agrees to that because she has no choice, she will always be trying to find a way out just like she is now. You will call to make arrangements to see her and she will make every excuse in the book why she is not available. She will say she’s too busy or has a stomach ache or whatever she can come up with to avoid you just like she is now. She’s spent seven years spending every spare minute and penny on getting away from that won’t change if you force her into something. Her hearts not in it. It won’t be sincere. ” And that is all true as well.

The delusion has been an imposition on other people’s lives far too long. In the puzzle she got in jail, the word “me” comes between the words Fabian and Hope but only for a time. That denotes Perry’s selfishness and the imposition and intrusion he is. That puzzle came in a book.she bought in jail during the worst moment of her life Perry intentionally caused to hurt her. It was not just at some random time in her life. It was at that specific moment and not just any words, those words. And not just in the same book or on the same page but Fabian intersects with the word Hope. “Boo” and “sad” on the sides denote the fear and sadness Perry causes. But at the end of the day, Fabian and Hope still intersect despiste all that.

It’s posted again here. Not just anybody could get something that specific to her at that specific moment in jail. These guys are very good at what they do and they do always catch their bad guy. Perry and his weirdo buddies have been their target for some time. If he didn’t like that, he would stop with the criminal activity. The rest of us can live just fine with out committing crimes all damn day and hurting people maliciously so his inability what we all do without any effort at all supports the belief that he’s not mentally stable. We all comply with the law and don’t peep.and hack and steal and vandalize and be weirdo so why can’t he? He’s mentally unstable. He suffers from delusional Erotomania. He was a nobody boring accountant from a small town and Cynthia’s life was much different. Click the link for more information

Perry says he wants to talk to Cynthia to explain his cruelty. We are certain that conversation would start out as all start out with criminals: “It’s complicated. You just don’t understand. ” It’s actually not. You can’t control yourself to comply with the moral and legal laws that the rest of us have no problem with. They all say the same thing though. We would expect no different from Charles Perry.

DISCLAIMER: We have been told Perry is claiming he is a victim of harassment due to his actions being confronted here. We understand it’s “content specific” . He is going to have to take that up with the police and psychologist directly when they are ready to confront Mr Perry face to face. They know the catastrophic losses he’s caused other people and hardly see him as the victim of anything. This is in part confronting him for his conduct that is criminal and if he does not like being confronted, then he should stop. That is the only solution. Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner were all subjected to decades of harsh ridicule on show Saturday Night Live and this is hardly that. For him to act like he is different and a cover up is a civil right is outrageous but typical of someone with a very messed up mind. All contained herein are intended to establish malicious intent and premeditation. Cynthia has the right to express her opinions about what these men do to her everyday and pass that on where she wants. They don’t have the right to a lie or a cover up of what they do to her that constitutes criminal activity. It doesn’t matter what they think it matters what the police and prosecutor and judge thinks on his criminal case because that’s the organization who has by far more evidence against Perry and his weirdo friends and who are protecting citizens from their crime. Anything else could be found guilty of obstructing justice, collusion, and harassment of a material witness or even depraved indifference. The word “allegedly” shall be considered regarding all allegations stated herein.

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