Court Clerk’s Attempt to Refuse Ortiz’s Evidence of New Incidents of Stalking and Harassment in Oklahoma

On June 14, 2019, Judge Morrisay, dismissed Ortiz’s claims against Powell and Perry citing lack of jurisdiction and stated Ortiz had not provided sufficient evidence the incidents which by law constitute “stalking and harassment”. Ortiz pointed out in her Motion to Reconsider, and her Motion to Amend her Motion to Reconsider, she’d filed over 600 documents and three CD’s of audio evidence, one being her bazaar conversation with “Pinto” at her workplace in Oklahoma in which Pinto offers her $5,000 to sleep with Perry, which of course she rejected, states he is concerned she’s wearing a wire, states she could ruin his political career, to which she responds she could not care less about anything but that Perry leave her alone, and he argues with her for some time about whether or not the two are in a consensual relationship, to which she adamantly states the they are not. All of her actions and words for almost a decade have shown she has no interest at all in having any kind of relationship or contact with Perry ever under any circumstances. She has made massive life altering change after massive life altering change to get away from him, spent time and money she could have spent on anything else at all fighting in Court, to get an Order keeping him from all contact. Buying a judge certainly has no affect on her wishes. She wants nothing at all to do with him. It is curious that the ONE judge who did order Perry to stay away from Ortiz was Judge Darnell, in his first requirement, after a verbal agreement was made by Perry, evidenced in her bond conditions. Defendant Perry has never at any time in three years of litigation denied agreeing to Judge Darnell’s Order. Defendant Perry was not in duress at the time the Order was agreed upon and signed by Judge Darnell. Ortiz was. She was sitting in jail illegally detained and told she could not tell media details of her arrest and in exchange for that, Perry agreed never ever to contact her at all in any form, direct or indirect, in person or through proxy. She’s made her wishes very very clear for a very long period of time. Defendant Perry has caused catastrophic and profound loss after loss after loss to her and her children, financial loss, relationship loss, ruined her business, had her fired, contacted her regular customers and threatened them if they come back to do business with her, had her followed, harassed her, threatened her, threatened to kill her, appears to have tried to, threatened to arrange a false arrest, which he did and is now being sued for, smeared her mug shot everywhere, has her followed, hacked everything she’s got, and appears to have, more than once, had illegal peeper cameras on her. There are things he did in either act or words that he could not have known anything about unless there are peeper cameras on her and in May, 2015, a reporter stated to Ortiz “His camp says you are crazy. They say you are so crazy, you claim he’s got cameras in your air vents.” Ortiz replied, “Wow! That’s good to know. I said I thought maybe he had cameras in my house in Lubbock, but I had no idea where they were. If I knew they were in the air vents I would have taken them out to show to you. Good to know that is where they were.”

Judge Morrisay alleges Ortiz did not provide sufficient evidence to support jurisdiction and states Defendant Perry uses proxy stalkers. That statement on its face, is insane. In order to hire a “proxy stalker” to stalk and harass Ortiz in Oklahoma, Perry would have to make contact with someone in Oklahoma to proxy stalk on his behalf. There would have to a phone call, text, email or personal face to face conversation between Perry and Roberson, Perry and Pinto, Perry and Mickey James, Perry and Joel, or Perry and someone in Oklahoma in order to facilitate “proxy stalking”. The harassment and unwanted contact is wherever she goes, which that is by definition, what stalkers do. That is a contact. Furthermore Courts have consistently ruled that the state where the injuries occur has jurisdiction. The injuries, including the false arrest, for which the entire law suit is about, was in Oklahoma. Threats were made first in Oklahoma which means the act causing the injury was on purpose. They meant to do that. That is sufficient to fulfill requirements of “purposeful availment”. Ortiz filed with this Court, Roberson’s texts, Mickey James’ texts, Joel’s Texts and audio and transcripts of “Pinto”, verbal conversation. She’s filed emails and texts and her letter to the US Attorney sent months before her false arrest addressing Perry’s threats to arrange a false arrest. She filed Roberson’s texts that are at best bazaar, but his texts appear to include death threats when he states she is to “let your life fade away”, he attempts to lure her out of her home, he answers in the affirmative when she asks specifically if he and Perry were spiking her drinks with arsenic. She’s filed now witness statements, same as Cheryl Underwood, by people around her who have witnessed unusual traffic, vehicles parking in the adjacent parking lot to just sit and watch her,  around her including a Black Lexus with Texas Plates following her around. We have obtained information that what Perry has done is made contact with a local Bail Bondsman to retain his service to assist in the stalking and harassment. A Bail Bondsman will know which cops, judges, district attorneys, defense attorneys  and judges will take a bribe and which ones will not. A bail bondsman would also be able to arrange for his clients he bailed out of jail who might need a deal, a situation in which they get a deal, if they go sit in the parking lot where Ortiz is at any given time, watch her, take photos of her, go to her workplace to ask “stalker” questions, such as “Where do you live? How tall are you? What kind of gum do you chew? What kind of car do you drive? What kind of cigarettes do you smoke? What is your date of birth? How old are you? How much money do you make? and no I am not allowed to buy a lap dance from you..after all that nosey body questioning.” These “contacts” are occurring in the forum state of Oklahoma at Ortiz’s workplace or where she is at any given time, they are harassing, they continuously result in tangible financial loss, and it is a crime and a Federal one. She is entitled to protection and relief. Perry is not entitled to buy a judge, get a dismissal and continue indulging in a head affair with a woman who is not his wife, does not want to be even his friend much less any kind of intimate partner, and with a woman who is just completely icked out by him and has done everything within her power to get away from him. Ortiz’s shrink, Dr. Russell, did call her arrest a “stalking escalation” stating she believed it was intended to harm her, INTENDED to harm, to cause loss, for which this entire litigation is about seeking remedy for that specific loss and to get a protective order for additional loss that may occur in the future. A contact would have to occur from Perry to someone in Oklahoma to facilitate unwanted contact and harassment through proxy. That is a substantial ongoing constant pattern of conduct defined by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, in Curry v Streater 213 P.3d 550 (Okla 2009) of harassment. The Courts have consistently ruled that a state has jurisdiction when the greatest part of the injuries occur against its citizens in its state. Courts have consistent used the “most significant relationship” to the injury analysis and the use of state law in applying the “interest analysis” in application of state law of the state that has interest in protecting its citizens. (See Erie Doctrine on application of the choice of State Law; Employers Mutual Casualty v .Bartile Roofs 618 F.3d 1153 (10th Cir. 2010); International Shoe v Washington, 326 US 310 (1945); McGee v International Ins. Co. 355 US 220 (1957); Asahi Metal Industry Co. v Superior Court, 480 US 102 (1987). Texas Courts have no interest at all in protecting a citizen in Oklahoma nor do they have any interest at all in providing a place for redress and remedy for a citizen in another state where the injuries continue to occur. Oklahoma Courts do. The injuries continue to occur where Ortiz is.

Perry is continuously making contact to people in Oklahoma to arrange for a proxy stalker otherwise how would the proxy stalker know where Ortiz is, who she is, or what Perry wants said to her on his behalf, such as Pinto, Mickey James’ comments that she will never get justice, that consideration was still being given to whether or not it was worth the risk of suspicion on Perry to murder her and so forth. That is the contact. Duh…. is all we have to say to all of that. If the Judge corrupt or just stupid that she is not able to get that, or both?

After the first Order of Protection was denied, some due to Ortiz’s failure to comply with state law in that she failed to give the judge her police report, which Perry had her arrested for compliance with the third time she attempted to get a Protective Order, not for any crime at all, he attempted to murder her. Everyone would know he did that unless his intent was to explain it away as workplace hazard. The problem is, she didn’t die. She reported his crime instead to Tulsa Police and Perry impeded intentionally, their investigation by having her physically prevented from providing evidence which was destroyed as a result. There should have been an immediate blood test to confirm or rule out poisoning. Then there should have been an investigation as to how the poison came to be in her system. All three, Perry, Powell, and Burson stated before a Court of law, Ortiz lied about being poisoned. To not take a blood test or allow Tulsa Police, who had jurisdiction over the crime as it occurred in Tulsa, to take to the media to show she lied, if negative, but instead caused the loss of what they knew they put there, shows consciousness of guilt. Attempting to murder someone who just months before tried to get a Protective Order, is bold. This was not his first time. He’s done this before many times and gotten away with and simply was doing the same thing he’s done many times before. In order to have that kind of boldness, in attempting to murder someone who just went to Court to get an order of protection, the matter covered all over the news, thinking you can do that and nobody would think you did it, is bold. It would have immediately brought the speculation we saw with Congressman Gary Condit and Chandra Levy and Perry attempted anyways.

Ortiz filed FOUR Admissions of evidence with this Court, Oklahoma State Court, County of Tulsa and much of the same evidence was filed in both Federal Court cases as well. Its out there for anyone in law enforcement to see from anywhere now and forever to say Ortiz has not provided sufficient evidence, we have no idea what planet one must be living on to make such a bazaar comment. It appears to be very “Bagdad Bob” to make such a statement and if we all recall Bagdad Bob, he was the minister of information in Iraq who claimed Americans were not bombing his country and there was no war, when you could see our planes doing exactly that just behind him. You can only insult the intelligence of the public for so long before you start turning people against you. Nobody likes being bold faced lied to.

Once Ortiz pointed out to the Court, she has provided ample evidence showing continuous injury for which remedy is being sought, the most catastrophic being the false arrest which gave rise to the litigation, along with the other violations of the law she seeks remedy for, occurring in Oklahoma, when she went to file additional evidence of NEW incidents that have occurred over the past few months, suddenly the Clerk’s office would not allow her to file it separately, and made every attempt not to allow her to file it at all, but finally did after Ortiz pointed out, “The judge stated in her order I’ve not provided adequate evidence for her to make the proper conclusions. Clearly she wants more so you will file this as an attachment to this Motion to Reconsider.” Only then would they allow her to file it. Its not up to the Clerk. These decisions are Judicial decisions not clerk decisions. She has consistently had that argument with this office. “File it and allow the Judge to determine whether or not its proper. That is not your job.” Its almost as if they simply enjoy making everything one big difficult hassle, whereas Federal Court clerks, simply filed documents, wish Ortiz a nice day, and she’s in and out within two minutes, not the long drawn out headache experience in the Tulsa County office. Its a difference of night and day between the two. But who told them to reject the evidence? After Ortiz points out to the judge the massive amounts of evidence she’s provided who told them not to take anymore suddenly?

Ortiz has advised Defendants that Perry has been for some time, under criminal investigation on another matter and law enforcement involved in that have intervened to protect her over and over and over again through the years. He himself has sought to find out who exactly that would be and then do what? Offer a bribe? Threaten them away? That would be the reason the investigation is on a “need to know” status at this time. One individual speculated “I think they are going to let these guys be as corrupt as they want to be, then they’ll put all of them in the slammer for all of it.” We cannot confirm or deny that, but it will be something along those lines. Ortiz was told by local law enforcement, going way back, those who want to assist her that they could not because it was “above them.” That is the wrong answer and not acceptable. Whoever thinks he is “above them” had better step out of the way and get themselves in compliance with law. If there is a bad guy committing crimes, obstructing justice is not an option for anyone at all. That person is clearly misinformed. Perry continues to taunt Ortiz stating “You won’t get justice”, same as Mickey James stated in his texts. The next time he wants to know who it is investigating him, and after Ortiz repeats his incriminating statements verbatim, and he sweeps his office for bugs and can’t find anything, we hope he remembers he said “You won’t get justice.” They’ve known so long that Defendant Roberson had a waitress at Lady Godiva’s ask her specifically if it was the FBI. Ortiz replied, “My illegal charges were not Federal.” and refuses to provide any information at all to anyone that might compromise the ongoing investigation. She cannot legally obstruct justice either by divulging any information at all without permission, that would obstruct justice or compromise their investigation, however they’ve known for some time, there was something like that in progress, and yet, still have no control to stop. Its like speeding up when you see an officer on the side of the road with a radar gun about to pull you over for speeding, versus doing what normal intelligent people do, which is slow the hell down. It is that dumb. So, Perry can claim that all the live long day that Ortiz won’t get justice, while searching his office for the “how” his incriminating statements got back to Ortiz, in Oklahoma. One example of that would be a recent incident where Ortiz was told by the officers that her tail light had been put out, “he wants you pulled over, so fix it before you go to work.” prompting her to check, in the middle of the afternoon, not her normal practice to do that, and fix it before leaving for work, as it was indeed out. And the officers advising her her social security card had been taken by Perry’s people, which was in her purse in an usual place, not where you would normally keep that, in the forum state of Oklahoma where she is, the card in such an unusual place, one would have to have cameras in her property in order to see where she put it. She checked and in fact it was missing. This again is not something one normally just checks and the social security card is not something you pull out and use on any regular basis in order to discover it missing. These would be examples of information passed on to Ortiz to warn her of Perry’s danger, intent to harm her, and criminal activity occurring within the state of Oklahoma.  The fact that he is making inquiries as to who is investigating him, and sweeping his office for bugs, but finding nothing at all, show he does not actually believe there won’t be justice.

Below are screenshots of the Judge’s order stating Ortiz had not provided adequate evidence of in state unlawful activity. Again, Defendant Perry’s proxy stalkers would still require in state communications in order to hire a proxy stalker, to stalk Ortiz for him. This all happens in Oklahoma. Stalkers go where the victim is. Since very very often, stalking preceeds murder, Perry already tried once, has been recorded discussing other attempts to murder Ortiz or arrange another false arrest, without it being linked to him, should this Judge fail to carefully review all facts and evidence and apply the law appropriately, in accordance with statute and prior case decisions, she would knowingly get Ortiz killed. Ortiz brought that to her attention in her pleading. Her life is not to be used as some sick little game or treated as if its just some object everyone uses to get a pay off. Depraved indifference to human life, resulting in death when due care is not exercised is a murder charge in the state of Oklahoma. Ortiz has simply asked for fairness and equality in the application of the laws intended to save her life. Buying a judge is no longer an option for Perry without severe consequences and do remember, the one Court Ortiz did argue in, as Perry continues to sneak around having ex parte hearings in which he perpetrates a known fraud upon a Court over and over and over again in which he gets these dismissals, the Court Ortiz was in to argue facts and law denied Perry’s Motion to Dismiss due to lack of personal jurisdiction. That decision was made in Federal Court by Magistrate Judge Jodi Jayne, in the Northern District of Oklahoma, Case No. 4:17-cv-00489-JHP-JFJ, in her report and recommendation. We do know Perry has paid out around $15 million dollars on his stalking and harassment of Ortiz, and a cover up. That is not an amount of money you can hide where you spent it. See below:



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Link Below is the Fifth Admittance of Evidence the Tulsa County Clerk would not allow to be filed separately but is filed as an attachment to the Motion to Reconsider Defendant Burson’s dismissal of claims.


Here is the thing, we are either citizens or subjects. If we are citizens we don’t have to tolerate corruption. We simply have no need to do that and Ortiz and these officers assisting her simply will do no such thing. People died so we could be a free country. Let’s not degrade their sacrifice, by covering up for a man who clearly was intent on murder and Ortiz would not be here today, had she not had Divine Intervention and guys who are really really good at their job in law enforcement acting to protect her. We cannot allow things like this to go unchecked.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Plaintiffs FifthAdmittance of Evidence


Click Here to See actual filed documents with the Court. Search Tulsa County, Case No. CJ-2018-02775

Click Here to See What Acts Constitute “Stalking”, Federal Stalking Laws, Stats on Murder Rates Among Stalking Victims and More

Update in Oklahoma State Court Case, County of Tulsa, Ortiz v Perry et al, CJ-2018-02775: Clerk’s Office Changes the Rules As They Go Along

Click Here to See Jury Instructions for Oklahoma Courts applying “depraved indifference to human life” criteria to murder charges

In addition, Each time Perry makes a threat to harm Ortiz, sometimes directly or sometimes the officers investigating him obtain a recorded conversation of him discussing whatever it is he is putting together next to cause her harm or loss, Ortiz documents it in an email, a text and files it in an email file titled “Lets See If He Does It”. She does this as it occurs, not as some afterthought. When he carries out the threat, she has documented that the act was first threatened, planned, phone calls were made, meetings took place to execute the injury. Being that she has been domiciled in Oklahoma since September, 2014, the injury would then have to be carried out in Oklahoma. He’s threatened to frame her for a murder she had nothing to do with and in fact she has done no such thing. We believe that was the reason he was having her clothing, cigarette butts and discarded gum taken from her workplace. He’s threatened to kidnap her, kill her, and was recorded telling Fabian, the man wanted to date, “I will find a way to arrest her and she won’t get out this time, unless she is with me. You need to give up.” Since that time, he has attempted repeatedly to do just that. He’s threatened to get her fired, get her evicted, take her vehicle, has vandalized her vehicle, and many other things that would continue to cause her injury and loss.

On the murder frame up, if the officers investigating Perry told Ortiz Perry was attempting to frame her for murder, in line with his threats to Fabian of “I will find a way to lock her up and she won’t get out this time unless she is with me. You need to give up.” then clearly they have evidence that what Perry is doing is just another attempt to hurt Ortiz and a frame up, not something she had anything at all to do with. They know she has done no such thing, but instead Perry is simply trying to frame her. That is what the evidence they have supports. The call to Fabian occurred in the summer of 2016. During that time, Perry was telling Ortiz, “I will have you arrested again and this time you won’t get out unless you plead guilty to all. ” At the time, he was attempting to frame her for a murder that occurred over 30 years ago, using items she has now. Her clothing purchased within the past five years, she didn’t even smoke at the time at all, didn’t start until her 21st birthday, didn’t smoke the same brand when she did first start smoking that she smokes now, in fact back then she smoked Menthol. Now she hates menthol and we won’t disclose the brand. She did not chew the brand of  gum then that she chews now, in fact it was not even manufactured then. He does not think these things through. The victim was shot, she not someone Ortiz knew or hung out with, Ortiz met her family years after the murder and Ortiz has never even held a gun, much less discharged one. After we posted in 2016, Perry’s attempt to frame her for murder in 2016 and made it public she’s never even held a firearm, wouldn’t know how to even take the safety off to save her life, there would be trajectory issues, his guys began inquiring as to her height, and tried to get her out to a shooting range. Perry sat on the Forensic Nurses Association Board, and should know how forensic’s work, for sure that you need a blood test as soon as possible, after a claim of being poisoned, to prove or disprove the claim, should know you can’t take new items belonging to someone to plant as evidence at an over 30 year old murder scene, and that you’d wanna make sure collecting cigarette butts and discarded gum to plant at a crime scene then were even used by the person you are trying to falsely accuse. Again, duh…and currently Ortiz does not know anyone who has been murdered. She didn’t even know that girl, but she did meet the girls’ family years later after her murder. The officers will not tell Ortiz, whose murder Perry intended to attempt to frame her for, if not that girl who was murdered over 30 years ago, before she smoked at all and did not chew the same brand of gum she chews now. There was the recorded conversation of Perry’s guy calling him and telling him a few weeks ago, “We didn’t have a good night. We couldn’t get her to say what brand of gum she chews…..” Ortiz began switching up what cigarettes she smokes long ago because Perry began having his guys come to her workplace and collect the discarded butts. She texted the waitress about it and those texts have been filed with the State Court as part of the evidence the Judge states does not support Ok jurisdiction.

The officers met with a criminal psychologist who advised Ortiz Perry appears to her to be very sadistic, and “gets off” on hurting other people, has no empathy for the problems and loss he causes, and he is unable to control himself to stop. There was a great deal more information given by the psychologist which we won’t get into now, but the indications were that Perry does get off on hurting people, and escalates the loss each time to be able to achieve the same euphoria obtained with the last, just the same as a drug addict needs more drugs than the last to achieve the same high. In fact she stated years ago, “Perry got such a high from her illegal incarceration, he is desperate to recreate it only this time, it will be much worse for her. He must escalate the pain he causes to get the same high he got from previous attacks. He is deeply sadistic and a grave danger to Cynthia.” His consistent actions over the past near decade show nothing but that is sadistic and he is a grave danger to Ortiz, and all the material facts and evidence support her assessment and Dr. Russell’s assessment. It would seem any reasonable logical person would try very hard to prove the psychologist’s assessments wrong, when they are so negative, however Perry seems intent on proving them right. We’ve never seen anything like it. Its pretty baffling. See screenshots below of Ortiz documenting Perry’s threats as they come in.


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