Perry Goes Into Full Gear Retaliation After Cynthia’s Testimony in Deposition in Chief Miller’s Murder

Perry was recorded a week or so ago stating “There is not going to be a car payment or a new apartment.” These are things he should know nothing about. He’s making every effort to carry out these very specific threats and they are threats and they are criminal acts. He is a criminal. He is not to contact her in any way at all much less retaliate by creating intentional economic distress and he has and he is and it is a crime. Of course these are also acts that infer to any reasonable prudent person, his guilt. You don’t do this to someone who doesn’t know anything or who isn’t correct on fact. The good she has done appears to threaten the bad he does and he’s trying to teach her a lesson for doing that. And when he does what we say he was threatening then we can say “Well, but we told you so. ” And for Charles Perry we all wonder how he is going to explain all this.

Perry also, knowing he’d planned to ruin Cynthia’s income this weekend, in effort to carry out the other threat of “There is not going to be any car payment or new apartment” again this is illegal, and that is from a recording of him, also said yesterday in a recording or was asked “Are we going to let Ernest (Cynthia’s ex husband” help her if she comes up short?” So we see if he does what he was recorded saying he would. He has already in part. He did not like what she said in her testimony and again, that would infer his guilt.

Her email about it also posted here:

“Okay so first there was The McNamara email, or the email of October 29, 2015 to my ex husband telling him Charles wanted to arrange a false arrest and was threatening to do that. He then did that. Then there was 100 other things and David Roberson, before my false arrest, asked me “Who is telling you everything?” He told me he’d tell me who my real parents are, in exchange for that information to which I replied by leaning in right up to his ear and said “Go fuck yourself.” I don’t care who my real parents are. I’m not six years old. Then after my false arrest, he had Margo ask me if it was the FBI. My response was “My charges were not federal.” He got all happy like he got something from me, went prancing outside like a princess but clearly didn’t fully even understand what just happened. Then there was my March, 2020 email telling the entire world that Mike Nealey could not have killed Chief Miller, because he was drugged. Sure as shit, I pull up the docket looking for something I could file to put pertinent information before his judge, and found several depos from first responders stating he was treated for drug over dose with Narcan. Not a mark on him, drugged to the point he was treated for drug overdose, and he killed someone in that condition? He did not. The prosecutor, not Mr. Mitchell, asks me if I’m a cop. Would be different if it were Mr Mitchell. It wasn’t. It was Mr. Meyer. 
Then we have customers disappear, and an empty building when every other strip club in town is packed, during the busiest season of the year for strip clubs, while we are running ads. I went all around town tonight and took pictures of every other strip club in town and our’s. Its not delusion, its photographed. All my regulars disappeared and one, that you all know of, but for whoever else gets this, we will call “Sam”. That one was sent in when Chief Miller got upset that I was always broke. He came into my work to find out why. I know because I talked to him. Whoever asked me about it on Facebook, didn’t get my answer because my answers are designed to get information, not give it, unless its going to be used to link someone in front of me that shouldn’t be in front of me to Charles Perry, Roberson, Chadwick, Powell, or Burson. So, Lucky comes in trying to find out why I’m broke. He and I talk. They send Sam in to give me money to appease Lucky. Then appeals start and he stops texting, or coming in and won’t respond. I put his texts on the docket. Remember the McNamara cops have a prosecutor too, who said “We are gonna charge them with grand larceny with intent to coerce because they are taking your money intending to coerce you with Perry’s bribes. He wants to force you back to Texas so he can kill you and get away with it. We recorded them talking about it more than once. Meantime, you have a civil claim. I can’t give you legal advice but research that. I did. I found “conversion” and put that in my breach claim. Again Sam’s texts were put into evidence with that and the state claim. Once I give intent to file Motions to Vacate, in comes Sam, while his wife is dying of cancer no less. Who goes into a strip club while their wife is dying of cancer? This at this point is my only regular that I have left. They ran the rest off. They want to take my money so that I’m broke, am forced back to Texas where they all know I don’t want to go, Perry thinks we talk things out, which really means, he’s gonna tell me what hes’ gonna do and I can take his bribe and lie for him, or he will kill me and in Texas, he’ll get away with it. We all know this. He’s discussed it and discussed it and its been recorded and recorded over and over and over again. Its out there. Everyone knows that’s his intent. He wants me to lie. He’s gonna talk and I have to listen. He does that now against my will and he never shuts up. He ignores my wishes and my desire to be free of him and never contacted by him, and he does it anyways. He knows he makes my skin crawl. He doesn’t care. He’s gonna bother me anyways. That is why the shrink says he’s got out of control antisocial disorder and he’s not tried at all to disprove that. 
After I didn’t back off on my pointing out fact about Officer Nealey being not able to have killed Lucky, nor does the evidence on him indicate he was even in a fight much less a deadly one, nor does his reaction in his interview with police indicate he was in any kind of fight being he never says “Yes, I can see why you think I beat Lucky to death. I’m all beat up, but it wasn’t me.” nor does he say “I’m all beat up. Who did this to us? Where is Lucky? Is he okay? What happened?” He says “I can’t believe Lucky is dead. I can’t believe you. There is nothing on me to indicate we were in any fight at all much less a deadly one.” He was Mannford’s Detective. He knows what evidence shows and yet not one time indicates he was in any fight at all, is found incoherent and treated for drug over dose. Never tested, same as me, but treated for drug overdose. Maybe that is why the prosecutor asked me if I was a cop. I just sherlocked that bitch. Then when I said, “Mike opened the door for hotel staff all the way when they went up and talked to him the first time about the TV remote. Staff saw Lucky resting on the bed so it was wide enough for them to see that. At 8pm, Lucky answers when they go up about the noise but he won’t open it more than 6 inches. He had no reason to conceal Mike. Mike was a registered guest. They knew he was in there. So who else was in that room that wanted to be concealed keeping Lucky from opening the door all the way? Charles and Dave? Their hitman? Who was Lucky concealing??? Wasn’t Mike. An hour later, he was dead six days after they caught my car vandalism complaint in which no suspect is even named. They look guilty even if they aren’t. Lucky was mad about my money. They sent Sam in to appease him. When I said all that, these guys over here were like, “She just pinned the tail on the donkey. She just did it.” meaning the same thing as “She just Sherlocked that bitch like a pro.” 
Then when I don’t back off my story, they pull Sam way back on spending. They would have pulled him out again altogether, but I threw a fit and pointed out how guilty that makes them look. Now, that we got his full name and address to subpoena, the prosecutor (McNamara not Meyers), tells me what a great job he thinks I did and says, “You did a fantastic job on that. They keep wanting to know who we are, and they’ve had six years to get that information out of you. If they just watched what you all do, and did the same thing, they’d get the same results. You flat said we were watching Sam. They knew we were watching him specifically. Had they had a couple guys going in weekly, as your regulars, not talking about anything significant at all, spend the same amount every time, then it would probably not flag you off and clam you up like it does when they send in these guys one at a time, one time, spend a little, say something weirdo or be an ass to you, and you won’t tell them anything and if you do, we use it to link it to them. They did testify in Court under oath they weren’t doing this to you. They did testify they weren’t harassing you, weren’t taking your money or causing injury at all to you in the forum state of Oklahoma and got all your claims dismissed and yet here we are, and they have some guy want information on your car or you insurance or where you live or something that is none of their business and if you give them something its to prove they are doing exactly what we say they are. They lied in Court. Now what you did is you just chilled with the guy. You gained his trust and didn’t ask in a weird way or just random what his address and last name were. You built a relationship over a long period of time with this guy and the opportunity presented itself over time for you to get that without him suspecting anything at all, then you cut him loose. I’m proud of you. Great job. But now the problem they have is, he doesn’t know why he’s been cut off. He’s not supposed to know them or be associated with them because they testified in court, and here is the important part, TO GET YOUR CLAIMS DISMISSED that they were not doing what you asserted. You put his texts on the docket. Had he gone in regularly, once a week and spend the exact same amount every time, I’d have no case, and you’d have to pull his texts from your’s. He’s no longer a claim of conversion for you. But that’s not what they did. They pulled him out. They send these guys in once they get weirdo or asshole with you and get no information out of you. They have had six years. You were consistent and patient and you got what you needed out of him. But he’s not supposed to be a claim or a crime and he is. He’s not supposed to know his texts are on the docket because you redacted his name. He’s not supposed to know you sent the more recent texts to the Florida attorneys. He would only know that if Perry and Roberson hacked you and told him. So he has no idea why you cut him loose and this guy just trusted you enough to give you his last name and address. He’s not going in there and saying “I know you are upset but I don’t know why and I’d like to fix it and get a VIP” and go right back to his normal spending and keep it there so he’s not a cause of action. Remember he has no relation to Perry and Roberson supposedly according to them. He’s not a party to that crime according to them. He’s just some random guy, right? So why has he not popped in to smooth things over with you? If he’s not a party to the retaliation and coercion, why the variations in his  activity and spending that corresponds exactly with whatever Perry and Roberson’s agenda was? Why is your club empty all the sudden after your testimony if they didn’t kill Lucky? That’s my position on this and this is not our crime, but we can work it in as being part of our’s. You are my witness too. You are the victim of Perry’s voyeurism too. We can work it in and we intend to. They gave us the case. You flat told them we were watching Sam specifically and your money and they did this anyway, then they get all upset when we catch them, but we flat told them that’s what we were keeping an eye on, so why are they surprised. They knew. Why get surprised when you are caught in crime when you were just told law enforcement is watching this person in particular to see if they commit this crime in particular? I don’t even get that. They have made this easy.” 
So now, this week the focus is on David Roberson. They think he’s going to commit a crime, he knows he’s being watched, so he can’t get all shocked and dismayed if they catch him when he knows all eyes are on him. They are on all of them, but him in particular more than the others and part of that is pertaining to my money and him creating loss on that. 
So, they continue to do exactly what they planned out in the conversations recorded and put out BEFORE they actually did it and that has happened over and over and over and over again over the past six years. I don’t like Charles Perry. If I had a dime for everytime someone said to me, “He didn’t even have the balls to face you fair and square in Court and if I did what they did to you, I’d be in jail, so why aren’t they?” They have more leaks because they are pissing everyone off. Perry is caught in crime, no matter what delusional planet the man lives on that he can’t get that is not relevant. What is relevant is one minute they are all shocked and dismayed that I knew before and want to know who these “mystery” guys are, but the next they do what we all said they would anyways then whine and complain that they got caught again. We don’t even have words for that. 
And on the shrink issues, they were recorded also more than once saying “We can’t get Dr. Russell to change now what she said back then, so we need to get Cynthia back into therapy with a different Doctor so we can get one to diagnose her with something.” and then telling people “She was treated by a psychologist for a year and a half, not realizing people already know what she said and that I was never diagnosed with any mental illness or treated for any mental illness and her recording states her belief very clearly that she sees Charles exactly as I do: a mentally disabled man who just wants attention and causes problems because he can’t get it any other way. My false arrest was a stalking escalation. Her letter states very clearly that I want no contact with Charles Perry, have tried hard to get away from him and am afraid of him. Nothing in it about being diagnosed or treated with a mental illness. They know that or they wouldn’t being trying to force me back into therapy to some doctor that will say what they want them to. 
All of this is well established for the record in more than one Court. When the shrink testifies in probable cause hearings, thus far, their requests are granted and that judge is very irritated with Perry, Powell, Roberson, Burson, and Chadwick, as is everyone in Oklahoma who has been burdened by the imposition and drama queens that they are. This is crime, not a relationship. In fact, my cop friends tell me over here, they talked to someone who told them, “We tell people all the time, ‘Don’t let Perry convince you he’s Cynthia’s boyfriend. He’s not. She can’t stand him. She has done everything on earth to get away from him. He’s one of those loony toons who has some day dream and from what we understand, they never even kissed much less had sex. He’s impotent. He can’t perform anyways, but they never even kissed and he’s been in some imaginary relationship she knows nothing about and wants nothing to do with for six years. Its some day dream, that’s all I can say but if he tells you he’s her boyfriend, thats bullshit. He’s not. He’s full of shit. She wants nothing to do with him.” 
When they lie, not only does it offend people in insulting their intelligence, but it makes them look guilty. You don’t lie about something that isn’t a crime or that is normal. You also don’t retaliate against someone who knows nothing or someone who is wrong. My club is empty. My regulars are all gone so why the hell do they think doing that would convince people of their innocence??? It just pisses everyone off bad and that is why they have leaks. We have said this for years. We can flat straight up tell them stuff like this and it goes right over their heads. They flat don’t get it. Its unbelievable. “

Also tonight in response to Defendants slander, Cynthia address that with yet another “cease and desist” demand. Perry continues to smear her. There are things one only does if they are guilty. They wouldn’t need to retaliate or smear her or murder her or make problems for her, or cause intentional economic and social distress, but for the fact, they are. Here is that email to Perry, Roberson, Chadwick, Powell and Burson’s attorneys

Do not say again, at any time, that I was treated for a year and a half by a therapist and have some problem. 
You know good and well Dr Russell diagnosed me and treated me for nothing because there was nothing to treat. She said Charles Perry can’t get my attention or the time of day from me so he does the very same thing her mentally disabled patients do and pokes like a five year old or as she said, mentally disabled person and makes problems and escalates to get attention he can’t get any other way. She said I have tried to get away from it and am afraid because you all cannot get a life and get out of mine and continue to prove her assessment correct. It’s attached in case you forgot. Everyone in the planet has seen this. Dr Russell basically says the same thing the cops shrink says “If she doesn’t like it, he does more of it. ” And this right here is that. Perry is trying to force Cynthia to lie. He’s trying to force her to do and say things he wants but that are opposite of what she wants. He’s doing this against her will. That would be the reason the shrink believes he is severely delusional, has antisocial disorder and is a sexual sadist. She wants nothing to do with him and no intelligent mentally stable person would not be clear on that after seven years of her rejection in both what she says and what she does. This is criminal activity. She said No. That’s what she means. Forcing her against her will is the crime no matter the title put on it. He’s not wanted. Everyone else moves on so what’s his problem that instead he’s forcing? She’s not going to lie. She’s not going to apologize for his inability to function like all normal people function. That’s his problem and it is a very very big problem. You can have empathy for those with mental illness, but you don’t allow them to engorge in criminal activity and do nothing to stop it. He is doing what the shrinks say and making no effort to prove them wrong.

Click here to hear Dr Russell

Secondly that arose from an agreement after you all had me arrested, not for committing a crime, but for doing something Oklahoma law requires to get a Protective Order and was first threatened which is exactly the reason a Protective Order is needed. You obstructed justice and you can lie all you want. Nobody believes you didn’t because nobody is as dumb as you all are. If I had a dime for every time someone said “If I did what they did to you I’d be in jail, so why aren’t they?” I’d be rich. 
Your client agreed never to contact me again and that is in the same document that required therapy, not because I needed it, but because you needed a lie. 
What you are doing is pissing people off. You insult their intelligence and not only that but not just before but especially after my depo for Mike, your intrusions and threats and slander and taking my money hoping to make me lie, makes you look guilty as accused. You didn’t know that? Did that really never occur to you? I’m dead on the money or why retaliate and witness tamper? 
This is my testimony and everyone infers guilt from your tampering and threatening and attempts to coerce me. You hadn’t figured that out yet??? Same with slander. No need if the information is wrong and you all didn’t kill Chief Miller and frame Mike. Your attack on me tells everyone else you did. 

Click here to hear her depo

Cease and Desist slanderous and defamatory comments. Cease and Desist interfering with my income. Cease and Desist all contact with me and everyone I know. This is a legal demand. 

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” — Albert Einstein”

McNamara Email

Not much different now than what Cynthia said in The McNamara email. Perry is still doing the same stalking, the same harassing, the same economic and social distress trying to force Cynthia to lie and carrying on same soap opera drama in his head and destroying whatever he can to cover it up. He’s very very much an unwanted imposition a d burden in her life and to everyone in Oklahoma. He’s not wanted in her life. He does nothing but make trouble. His kind of trouble is the kind you don’t just get over. He’s got leaks because everyone is sicking of watching what he does to Cynthia and sick of his threats, and sick of him.

Someone pretending to be Lisa Nealey reached out to Cynthia on Facebook and knew Chief Miller went to her work to find out what was going on with her money. Once confronted they changed the name on the account. Only a few people knew Chief Miller did that.
This shows the name changed on the account but the person continues to pretend to be Lisa Nealey.
This person asks Cynthia about Chief Miller’s visit to her work. Again the problem then and is now again worse than ever Perry’s theft of her income.
Email and text to Sgt Harper with Major Crimes at TPD shows she in March 2020 Officer Nealey was drugged, never tested, and could not have committed the murder he’s accused of committing. Perry has investigators uncovering a whole lot of criminal activity that got this to in March. He is retaliating against Cynthia in attempt to coerce a lie. She said NO repeatedly for years on all of it. She is not going to be starved to death in effort to force or coerce her to lie. Perry has made every effort to do just that and Chief Miller had had enough of it, from.what we understand. Perry and Roberson didn’t like that. They have gone at her worse than ever. At the time this was sent to Sgt Harper, there wasn’t a whole lot he could do being his jurisdiction is Tulsa, not Florida.

Sure as shit he was drugged and first responder testimony shows they treated him for overdose with Narcan.
One of many Cynthia ran off when she caught them at the entrance running off customers or telling them not to buy from her. They come back when she goes inside sometimes. This guy never said he was a cop but held up a badge that he said was from Tulsa and said “You can’t make me leave. I have a badge. ” She replied “I see that. I’d like a picture if it. Hold it up so I can get one, then I’m gonna call the Sheriff and you can show it to him. ” He took off.
Another Perry guy sitting at club entrance running customers off, running Cynthia’s money off to influence her testimony. His guys also will tell customers as they enter to buy from everyone but Cynthia and they do it. His intent is to coerce her to lie, against her will, which means she’s telling the truth about his crimes otherwise he wouldn’t do this. He wouldn’t need to. He needs a lie because he’s a criminal. He’s got a Weirdo problem she’s uncovered with police investigating him on another matter, for the first time in his life.
Not a normal Friday night during the busiest time of year with radio ads running but is normal for Perry’s retaliatory acts after Cynthia’s testimony which was already a problem and what Chief Miller was upset about as anyone would be who is normal. Perry has leaks because people are sick and tired of watching him rob Cynthia blind. He’s a burden. It’s gotten much worse since her subpoena and even worse after her testimony. He’s pissing everyone off same as he did Lucky. This is what the prosecutor said he’d be using “grand larceny with intent to coerce ” He hired an expert to study things who.told him Cynthia should have been pulling in six figures by her third year of dancing. Does that look like she will make six figures when Perry does that to her workplace because he’s mad about her testimony? Everyone is upset. When he contacts her after she’s asked him to stop, invades her privacy, steals her money, interferes in her relationships, lies about her, these guys get more info.than ever. Perry does not seem to mind being caught in crime or he’d stop. He just goes at her and goes at her and goes at her and seems to be unable to control his weirdo urges or understand that his weirdo urges are offensive to the rest of us.
After she was subpoena’d again this person contacted her still asking questions that should have been asked by attorneys in her depo. She does speak to this in her deposition. What’s the desperation here to know who coaxed Officer Nealey to Florida? That’s something the killer might want to flush out. Lisa Nealey most likely would not jeopardize Mike’s case asking questions on Facebook to a subpoena’d witness. And there are other victims of Perry’s crimes. That is need to know right now.

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A reporter commented to police “That facebook for her is the only Facebook on the planet with no discussion or arguments. There should be people on her side, and his arguing and some for or against Mike Nealey going back and forth and there is just nothing at all for four years. That tells me two things 1) He hacked her and is deleting all that. 2) You all are right and he doesn’t want people talking about what he’s doing. The other thing I’m watching is her twitter. Her followers should be growing and they aren’t. So what’s he doing to keep that from happening. There is normal growth on these things and normal conversations you see on every other Facebook and Twitter on the planet but not here. He just does not want people talking about what he’s up to when his wife isn’t around. ” He’s gonna have to explain all this at some point and we all cannot wait to hear all that. There is a reason he wouldn’t face Cynthia fair and square in Court. She will make him explain it and he can’t.

And they still don’t get it. These people get so upset about their leaks but they continue to do things to cause it. Everyone wants them stopped. Crazy Saul at it still. Nothing like saying “Well but we told you so. We told you that’s what they were doing. It’s a crime but they do it anyways then throw a temper tantrum that we knew they were going to before they did it.

Click here to see more documentation of Charles Perry’s decade long tyraid of hell he’s directed at Cynthia Ortiz for rejecting his unwanted romantic advances, reporting his crimes, and trying as hard as she can try to get away from him.

Click here to see updates on Perry carrying out another thing he planned that was recorded.

Cynthia is not going to be forced against her will to go back to Texas or to be in some sick twisted weirdo thing with nut bag Perry. She did tell his attorney “If he wants a lie, have him type one up, I’ll hold a press conference and read it to them for him then get him off my back. If I were not telling the truth, or right, he wouldn’t need a lie now would he. ” She’s willing to hold a press conference to read their lie for them if that gets them off her back. It is their words and their lie, not her’s.

As of November 10, 2020, one year ago today Chief Miller lost his life, Cynthia is still being very badly harrassed by Perry and his Creepy Club. Another cease and desist demand required, not that that compels them to comply with the law, but does give fair notice. See below:

More witness tampering addressed to Defendants and they seem not to understand that if she was wrong they wouldn’t need to coerce a lie or retaliate against her. They still seem not to understand their conduct is deeply offensive and criminal. Another legal demand required:

“I said the more Charles Perry contacts me, the more loss he causes, the more he invades my privacy, the more this happens. People don’t like what you all are doing. Charles Perry has told anyone who will listen of his intent to steal from me, make me go broke, he says so I will call and apologize and he can force me to to take his bribe and lie and back to Texas, none of which I want to do. That is completely and totally all against my will. He wouldn’t need to do all that were he not guilty of serious crime, and were I just making crap up, wrong on my assertions or crazy. He tells everyone that is what his intent is and when you do what you planned that is criminal activity you cannot then deny doing it. Planning is one thing, the act is another. I dont like Charles Perry and want nothing to do with him and everyone on earth knows that but him. It’s been seven years. They more Intel the more you attack and it has been that way since the McNamara email and I realize he gets mad when he’s caught and people tell on him but clearly not mad enough. He’s not taking the hint. He’s not wanted. Normally, when all you do is make trouble, nobody wants you around so why he thinks this is any different, nobody can understand that kind of logic. The shrink working for these “mystery” guys is pretty certain if she gave him a test on logic and reason, he couldn’t pass the one they give to second graders based on what she has seem on evidence they have collected. I can’t say I disagree.

Cease and Desist. We take it as consent when your client knows he’s got leaks, knows he’s often recorded planning crime and does it anyways. Most people have the good sense to stop. This is a legal notice and demand.

Again the more loss he causes and he cause a lot every day, the more he butts in where he’s not wanted, the more he contacts me when he knows I can’t stand it and don’t want to hear from him, the more he invades my privacy the more information they get just like this and that started with the McNamara email and you have been told this repeatedly. It is pissing everyone off and so people do what normal people do and talk to the authorities that are putting a stop to it. Those cops also wanted you reminded of the fact that they have been with me everywhere I go. They got the puzzle to me in jail that has not Charles name on it, but Fabian’s name is on it. McNamara email was in Sapulpa. This was in Tulsa. Everywhere I go, they are too because that’s what I want and because I need the protection from you people. The more you all do, the more you show I need it so the harder they go at you. Sending customers to my work to buy from everyone but me is part of the problem not the answer. Everyone else I work with are not working with these police you keep pissing off, I am. Charles Perry wants to imagine he’s some man of power but I know men of power and they have no time at all to sit around creeping on women and their children. I’m pretty sure Senator Reid and Senator Tubberville spent zero minutes creeping around making trouble like Charles Perry has. That’s not what men of power do with their day.

I want no contact with or from Charles Perry and the more injury he causes, the more these guys go at you all because they can see clearly as anyone with the intelligence above first grade can see that I clearly need it.

This is witness tampering. I’m a witness in a murder trial and there is more you dint even know about yet. Your client’s contact is extremely inappropriate and illegal and for sure maliciously causing any kind of intentional loss with intent to cause me to be so desperate I would lie or be forced to move against my will or do anything against my will is a crime and the more you do that expect more leaks, expect to get caught and expect consequences. Expect it. I want no contact from or with Charles Perry and never will. His delusional imaginary soap opera only exists to him. It’s certainly not real to me at all. He’s weirdo. He’s cruel and I don’t like him. I’ve been rejected and I just moved on. It’s not that hard to do. If your clients had nothing to do with Chief Miller’s murder, then why in THE hell would they need to take my money, hoping to force a phone call, then a bribe out of making me financially desperate, and need a lie? That’s the question everyone wants you to explain, so explain it.”

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” — Albert Einstein”

Disclaimer: we all have the right to free speech and this is based on fact proven by documents herein and all over the net and Court dockets. Apply the word “allegedly” wherever the hell you want to.

Perry Stalking Scandal Expands – Perry Recorded Discussing Having About A Week To “Put Her Down”

Another recording obtained by police regarding Perry’s constant harassment of Cynthia at her work. No matter what club she is at, he’s got someone in there trying to cause her intentional injury, whether it be to send a few guys in to buy from everyone but her, tip everyone but her, try to find a way to frame her up for something, coax her into something illegal, mess with her car, kill her, and he’s done that a time or two, he’s had his people take her gum or cigarettes, he’s had his people get information he uses to cause her harm and whatever bazaar twisted thing no normal person could even think up Perry has done to her. The officers shrink has talked to the Judge in probable cause hearings and determined Perry to be an antisocial, sadistic, sociopath who could not care less about other people or harming other people and who cannot “get off” unless he’s causing harm but that he knows it’s bad and wrong because he lies about what he’s doing and tries to cover it up. It’s never been more uncovered than it is right now. Cynthia has police protection from Charles Perry and she has it because she needs it. She’s a victim of his peeper corp and a material witness on that case. He’s tampering with witnesses. The following was obtained over the past few days:Text to her attorney about it:”Another one “They have a systematic and have had one from day one. What is it she’s trying to prove or they all are? Stalking harassment murder attempted murder RICO violations, organized crime, Racketeering perjury and so forth. She’s going back to work, she’s gonna do her thing and make money, and you go at her again, they got another thing. She said plain as day they told her to file as many motions as she could and get all the illegal denials she could get so they can go after you for that too and you guys went in and did it anyway and all this exparte stuff don’t even look right to anyone. Looks like you got something to hide and you didn’t want her to hear what you told the judge or the judge to hear from her. It looks bad. You gave them a case. You go out to that club and concoct some new plan they got another thing to prove you are doing exactly what she said you are and that means they got you on perjury too because you said you weren’t doing that. You said it. You told the judge there was no case and no jurisdiction and you lied and the more you go at her the more they got to build a RICO case. She’s the bait and you knew that long ago. You go out there and do all that, you give them everything they need to put you away for the rest of your lives. Up to you but I’m recommending you get the hell out of that club and let her be. Let her be.”She has flat told what they are looking for, what they want to put you away for, the how and you ignored all that, you did it anyway and you have a problem. You have a very big problem. It’s not a problem that is going away. It’s here to stay. You did whatever the hell you wanted to thinking she’d change her mind and that’s not gonna happen. She wants Charles off her back she wants this other guy she wants her privacy and her family back and her money back and all y’all gone and until she gets that she’s not gonna change her mind. She told you straight up what they were going after you for and you kept at it and I told y’all watch out. You didn’t listen. Now you got this. This is a mess and you made it because you didn’t listen. People don’t like mean people. She’s right about that and all you all have done is be mean and areas everyone out and she don’t like Charles. She don’t. She’s made that clear and I don’t give a crap what weird he says she don’t like him. I don’t either. You think about what I’m saying before you back out there and concoct some criminal scheme again. “This us as organized crime as anything I’ve ever seen and if that’s what they are after, you gave it right to them. I think she was involved in this deal from day one and they had a slow systematic approach to baiting you out and getting your ass. I think they know you guys don’t think and they told her to tell you knowing you don’t think and you’d do it anyways and now they got you cold and hard. You knew and you still did it. “In Perry’s bazaar twisted mind he thinks he can completely ruin Cynthia, defame her, discredit her, then force her into something that she never wants to be in and has told her and other people he will give her whatever she wants if she will lie for him and be in some weirdo romance with him. He calls it concubine. This is coercion and it is a crime. She has run from him, kicked him off, run, kicked him off, rejected him every day for a decade. She wants nothing to do with some sick son of a bitch like Charles Perry. Why would she? In fact his insane tyraid has done nothing but spring leaks making it easy for police to get what they need to use against him in Court. We have said for a very long time people are outraged and angry at what he puts her through. The same outrage at what we see with Chauvin’s cold blooded murder of George Floyd is the same normal human reaction to Perry’s attack in Cynthia and abuse of power is not tolerated and that is what normal people do. The difference is Cynthia and her protection act more professionally about their outrage at Perry and his weirdo buddies attack on her. He did try to kill her more than once.The thing is, if he wanted to give her whatever she wants, he get away from her as she’s asked for years and not impose his weirdo problems all over her, same as Chauvin imposed his will over the law, over human decency, over normal human empathy, and over life on all kinds of other people and caused intentional suffering by crime. This is no different. Cynthia just didn’t die is the only difference. God had a different plan.Stalking is about control and power and serial killers have a grandiose idea of themselves and Perry for sure does but his failure is that he’s the only serial killer in the history of serial killers that had to buy cops away. Bundy didn’t, BTK didn’t, Dahlmer didn’t, none but Perry because so mentally inept as bad as it is he cannot even keep up with his peers. He’s weak and powerless or he’d have a woman who wants him the same as he wants her, who will let him touch her, laugh with him , see how his day went and not spend a decade chasing perpetual rejection, living in delusion land, forcing himself on a woman who is disgusted by him. Powerful guys have no time for doing any such thing. He’s weak. He has no control over his weirdo. He’s powerless to be loved or wanted. He has to force and bribe and push and threaten and retaliate and intimidate. The cops investigating him don’t have to behave that way. He can’t keep up with normal dudes.Where is Jacquelyn Perry while her husband creeps around all day bothering people in Oklahoma? Why is she not watching what her own husband is doing?Defendants right now are desperate. They are very scared of Cynthia filing Motions to Vacate and that she will reach out to Michael Nealey to tell him what she knows and we all know he did not kill his best friend Chief Miller. They had just taken Cynthia’s vandalism report on her car six days before and unless they killed Miller and framed Mike, they wouldn’t care and unless they did something illegal they wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep Cynthia from filing a Motion to Vacate. People’s reactions is evidence in Court. Tampering with witnesses is evidence of a crime. You don’t need to intimidate witnesses and victims if you did do anything. You don’t need to stalk and harass and threaten and react like a crazy mother fucker with a lot to hide unless you have a lot to hide. You don’t need to frame up someone who knows to discredit so their reactions alone are evidence of their crimes and a need to cover them up. You don’t need to coerce a lie if you don’t have the need for a cover up and Perry engaged in active intimidation and coercion pretty much daily. That’s more evidence. Cover ups create evidence of a cover up and a cover up is an act showing consciousness of guilt. Perry has been weirdo all his life and gotten away with it and covered it up and it is now more uncovered than ever before and yes, we know the dude is serial. He’s a serial peeper, he’s a serial stalker and he’s a serial killer. The same cops who got Cynthia the information in The McNamara email talking about the threat Perry made a d his premeditated arranging a false arrest, which he carried out months after this email was sent, charges later dismissed, law suits filed and illegally dismissed, know exactly what Perry does with his time all day while the rest of us are normal law abiding citizens. He’s weak and powerless and has no control over his ability to tell the difference between fact and fiction or over his urge to be bazaar and strange and cruel. He’s got many outraged at him. That’s why he keeps getting caught. It’s normal human behaviour same as we see in the Chauvin case. One person causes harm to another, keeps them from happiness, ruins there life, kills them, normal folks get a little pissed off.What will he do next to cause premeditated intentional injury to Cynthia because he does indeed need a cover up? It’s always something.Perry and his weirdo buddies were also recorded yesterday and that got to police investigating him, to Cynthia and us here, asking about an autopsy report and discussing they only have about a week left to do something to her that he thinks will “put her down” once and for all. She does not know anyone dead. Perry and his buddies did have a girl Cynthia worked with at Lady Godivas go where she was working last week, follow her, wait while she went inside a convenience store, walk up to her car while she was backing up, hit it, then claim Cynthia hit her. She stopped and asked the girl what she needed. She said “You hit my car? What do you need?” The girl said “You hit me.” Cynthia said “No I don’t think so. You hit my car. You had this whole parking lot to walk through and you walked right up to my car. You okay or you need something?” The girl said she didn’t, she was fine, and walked into the store. Cynthia went to a convenience store that is not the one most frequented because the busiest one is so often out of her brand of cigarettes she quit even going in there unless she just needs gas. She didn’t get gas. She had a full tank. This girl had three other has stations she could have stopped at before the one Cynthia went to and the girl didn’t go to the most frequented one where everyone goes. She followed Cynthia, and targeted her for a scam and in fact we understand she does this fairly frequently in that she hits a car, tells them they hit her, and gets money so no insurance claim is filed. It is fraud. She walked right into the store just fine and all these stores have video surveillance. So unless Perry did something to that chick, there was no crime committed by Cynthia. Lady Godivas has more than once farmed girls out to help Perry cause some sort of harm to Cynthia where ever she is and that is the claim, stalking, harassment and if he were not a stalker he wouldn’t know or care where she is. She left Lubbock in 2013 to get away from him, had only told a few people what he was doing to her there, and didn’t go public until she was long gone. The thing is, Perry may have been prompted to run for office and assisted by Cynthia to put him in the public eye because there are ways around probable cause when investigations initially begin, when someone is a public figure and the public entitled to scrutinize their private lives to see if it’s someone they can support so without giving anything away for sure, one way or the other, consideration has been given to that possibility. Godivas has been addressed. Legal Notice/ Cease and Desist Email posted here.So what autopsy were they discussing and why one week? Time will tell as will their actions and reactions. Officers know but they don’t tell Cynthia or us everything.Click Here To See Why Defendants Want To Put Cynthia Down Regarding Her Knowledge Of Officer Mike Nealey Case

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The updates on Perry’s latest attempt to false arrest Cynthia, defame, slander and besmirch her, intimidate and coerce, RICO Violations, all. Perry, Roberson, and Chadwick allegedly farmed out one of Chadwick’s girls to follow Cynthia, as outlined herein, run a scam and other than that, Perry allegedly was going work that into some sorta faked up murder charge. He was recorded as always in the planning stages.Photos of Cynthia’s car that bear no evidence she hit a person. Her car is older than five years and had dinks and dents before she got it and she was hit by a semi on the left backside which was reported to OHP and shows rust die to the age of the damage.For more see justice4cyn.comPerry was recorded stating he had about a week to “put her down” regarding Cynthia. These guys keep.getting caught in crime and are terrified at what she knows about the Nealey/Miller case and everything else he’s done to hurt people. The truth is Cynthia’s knowledge is very limited compared to the officers investigating him on other matters. She’s actually the least of his worries.Any man who cannot take a blow off hint after seven years and figure out how to move on and just stalks and harasses then tries to cover it up is as weak and powerless as it gets. Normal dudes just go fund another girl. Where is his wife Jackie while he lives his secret weirdo life anyways?Perry’s people also recorded stating “She was supposed to be arrested tonight while she’s dancing to Bad Company and told her only way out is to call Charles Perry and if she lies he’d get her out and pay bail. He said “I’m the only one that can pay her bail. She has to do what I say. ” She heard it, 35 investigators heard it and the shrink heard it and the judge will hear it later this afternoon.Conspiracy to arrange a false arrest with intent to coerce, and intimidation and harassment of a material witness is what officers went to the Judge with on this. Again to the best of Cynthia’s knowledge nobody is dead. Perry was recorded talking about an autopsy but whose autopsy that would be is not known to her and investigating officers didn’t divulge that. Cynthia was followed by a girl from Lady Godivas Thursday night who walked up behind her, hit her car and when Cynthia asked “You hit my car? You need something?” Thinking the girl was trying to get her attention the girl claimed Cynthia hit her. We found out later this a regular scam she runs trying to scare people into giving her a couple hundred so there is no insurance claim. There was no injury and the girl walked right into the store just fine. Other than Perry trying to use that incident Cynthia does not know any dead people. Photos of the car are posted here. There is nothing on it that indicates she ever hit a person nor do guilty people put photos like this out for all to see. She did have an accident and that report is here too and on see Facebook Page as well linked below.Click Here To Follow Us On FacebookDISCLAIMER: We have been told Perry is claiming he is a victim of harassment due to his actions being confronted here. We understand it’s “content specific” . He is going to have to take that up with the police and psychologist directly when they are ready to confront Mr Perry face to face. They know the catastrophic losses he’s caused other people and hardly see him as the victim of anything. This is in part confronting him for his conduct that is criminal and if he does not like being confronted, then he should stop. That is the only solution. Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner were all subjected to decades of harsh ridicule on show Saturday Night Live and this is hardly that. For him to act like he is different and a cover up is a civil right is outrageous but typical of someone with a very messed up mind.#MeTooMovement

Perry Threatens Cynthia With Second False Arrest And Kidnapping

Perry has flat told people over the years he wants to arrange that second false arrest of Cynthia for various reasons, one being “to calm her down” when she fights him off of her, or to get her to “do what he tells her” or other nonsensical reasons no normal person could think up if they tried. He has told people if he takes everything she has, her car, her belongings she will have no choice but to do as she is told but then there is no relationship. His contact is unwanted and a crime. He’s been under investigation for what started out on a murder which then expanded to his peeper site (Perry for years has trolled to find single women, watches their schedule, finds out when will be out if the home, has a lock smith break in to install hidden cameras, hosts a peeper site where he sells “watch time” of these women and their children in the privacy of their home where they are supposed to be safe, without their knowledge, consent and against their will and gives them no compensation in fact he will take everything they have. He has told many people over the years that if he can take everything Cynthia has then she will call him and he will “take care of her”. He’s told people of his intent to keep her locked up in a home with beveled glass where she cannot see out and no one can see her. He will torment her then kill her. His hitmen have failed to kill her more than once, so he wants to do it himself. He likes poison. That makes it difficult to tell there even is a murder much less that he did it.Those with Erotomania come up with fantasies that are not realistic, one article says. Remember when Cynthia met him, he had not been in politics at all but she had for ten years. She grew up in it, her granddad being Chief of Police and an elected official where she grew up. She was used to going places with him and her Granny and people knowing who she was but she had no idea who they were even as a little child. Perry had no such life. He was a boring small town accountant nobody knew. She helped him get elected because she had not only Federal connections due to her work in government reform but three years of local connections in working with the local Republican women’s group in a demographic that is 80 percent Republican. She moved to Lubbock from glamorous Las Vegas where you see famous people on a regular basis and she knew some. Perry had no such exposure.In addition the officers investigating him have reviewed their evidence, by far more than Cynthia’s, and Cynthia’s with a criminal psychologist who could come to no other conclusion that Charles Perry suffers from not only Erotomania, but antisocial Disorder, is sociopathic and sexually sadistic. He cannot get off unless he is hurting people and shows no empathy at all. She has already begun preparing her testimony for court and commented “Due to the public nature of this, I thought he may change his behaviour to prove me wrong. He has not even tried, which means he can’t. He is not able to and that indicates his disease is severe and he is dangerous. He has no love for Cynthia because if he did, he would do things she likes and stop doing what she hates. He would want her to be happy even if it’s not with him. Most men shower a woman with gifts but instead seeks to take everything she cares about in attempt to isolate her and because he frankly gets off watching her be upset at the losses he causes. He has no love for people. He loves hurting people and people are just objects he uses to get his high. Over time he will increase the brutality of his crimes because the he needs more to get the same high. ” Most would be too embarrassed to behave so offensively but Perry is not. He hurts people to get off and can’t get off without it and has no empathy at all. He simply could not care less. That is one cold son of a bitch.To actually tell people that his intent is to take everything Cynthia has or false arrest her again “to calm her down and force her to do what he says” because he can’t handle rejection the way any normal human being does by simply moving on to find a better match, and his intent to kidnap her thinking that would lead to kind of romantic reunion speaks to some very disturbed thinking and delusion. That is not what normal men so to get a date. That is what deeply depraved criminals do. The comments around Oklahoma, due to Perry’s admission of being molested by a cousin as a child are “Apparently this Perry guy was a victim of incest and it turned him into a whackjob ” we’ve not confirmed whether or not he is indeed the victim of incest but he had made such a claim to some folks in Oklahoma thinking that would make Cynthia want him just out if sympathy, not love. She showed empathy to some young girls who got in some trouble with drugs to self medicate hurts from being sexually abused as kids however why on Earth would an old married man with resources to pay a medical professional, has a wife and a pastor to assist him compare himself to an 18 year old little girl with no such resources? It is not even close to the same. That thinking also speaks to his problem with delusions and setting up some unrealistic fantasy that will never happen as is common for those who suffers from Erotimania and stated in the article on Erotomania below. It is not normal to wish to take everything someone cares about and everyone thinking that would make them want you. Cynthia’s co workers asked her four years ago “That Texas Senator came in here and told us we need to make you like him and not Fabian or he is gonna put you in jail until you come to your senses. Why is he doing that? What happened to dinner and movie or something? Why does he think putting you in jail would make you fall in love with him? That’s mean. We have never seen a guy do that. Why does he keep wanting to do that?” Again 18 to 20 year old little girls figured out very quickly how disturbed that thinking is. So what’s wrong with him that he can’t get that?The bottom line is, if he had $25 million to spend on his uncovered up cover up, he had that to spend in a head doctor’s office. And small town accountants could not come up with $25 million, but a guy hosting a peeper site selling watch time probably could fairly easily.At one time he blurted out to Cynthia “I help about ten to fifteen divorcees. Jacquelyn let’s me help them ” and at the time she could not figure out the purpose of his random off the wall statement. He had not helped her at all nor had she asked nor did she have a need to do why say something like that? To this day she has no idea why he did. Was that his peeper victim group? Ten to fifteen women he watched all day, harrassing, ruining then pops up acting like some hero to help when he knew had he not caused loss they wouldn’t need his help? Was that that? The US Marshals advised Cynthia they couldn’t serve summons because Perry travels so much, without his wife and he has no alibi. Where is his wife while he sits around all day perverting behind her back? Why is she not keeping him busy with her so he has no time to peeper rape Cynthia and engorge in some constant sadistic attack all the time? Why is she not with him more? We all want to know the answer to that question. He wouldn’t have time to troll around and force himself on women who want nothing to do with someone that twisted, demented and depraved.Investigators now have expanded their investigation into Judges in Cynthia’s civil cases where too many abnormalities caught the attention of their prosecutors. They began recording and Cynthia now has three times where they discussed dismissing her claims she told her attorneys about before the prepaid dismissals hit the docket by a day or two. They have now included Racketeering in their case and Racketeering includes obstruction of justice, perjury, destruction of evidence, victim tampering, harassment of witnesses, subornation of perjury or attempting to, coercion, and bribing judges. Cover ups are evidence of a crime because of there is no crime, you need no cover up. That in and of itself is evidence of a crime so what was Perry so worried about he spent so much money bribing judges and after he was told some judges may be informants over a year ago? He did it anyways and got caught and recorded again after being told this information. There is not only clear depravity but just stupid. He is just flat out stupid. How does he tie his shoe everyday without help if he cannot even understand what “Stop calling judges to get an illegal prepaid order because some may be informants. ” means and he does it anyways then gets all shocked when he gets recorded and caught yet again. Cynthia is not impressed with someone who has nothing better to do all day than cause harm and devastation. Why would she be? No one is. Her fight to be free of Perry is appropriate so his statements that she needs to be illegally incarcerated again to “calm her down” speaks to his need to shut her up. He doesn’t like getting caught. All he was asked to do is leave her alone, be a man and move on. Her feelings for him are just disgust. Why wouldn’t they be? He’s been nothing but disgusting. There is no relationship. There is just a crime. She has no romantic feelings for someone so cruel and weirdo. Why would she? It does not go both ways. She does not want Perry. She wants another man and one who does not act like a drama queen, is not weirdo, does not peep, does not hack, and one who has fought against Perry to see Cynthia for a long time. A good man does not dishonor a girl he cares about bad mouthing her and we understand the man Cynthia wants in fact addressed that and told Perry “Stop calling me to bad mouth her. If she’s that bad, why do you want her? Let me have her and you stay away from us. “And Perry betrays his wife and two children in his offensive nutty behaviour. What kind of legacy is that for your kids? They are strapped with that forever. Victims can heal and move forward but his children are forever strapped with their dads behavior. What kind of man does that to his own kids? Not one worth a shit. Not one Cynthia would even give the time of day to and causing serious problems thinking she’s call him to save the day is as delusional as it gets. Heroes fix problems other people cause. They don’t cause problems hoping to be called to fix what they broke with any expectation of being seen as doing anything other than what they should. You break it, you are expected to fix it it’s expected socially and morally. You cannot be a villain and a hero. It does not work that way. Heroes fix what they did not break. That is what makes them heroes.All the mental health info is similar to what Dr Russell told Cynthia and the shrink is prepared to take Cynthia’s info plus evidence obtained by investigators to make the case that Perry is a danger to society and should have been treated long ago and while he’s not able to tell the difference between fact and fiction, by way of a $25 million uncovered up cover up, and a shit ton of perjured statements, he clearly understands the difference between right and wrong or he would make no effort to cover up and hide his criminal activity.Click Here To Hear Cynthia And Dr RussellLink to info on antisocial disorderClick Here For Info On Antisocial DisorderClick Here To See Info On Sexual SadismClick Here For Info On ErotomaniaClick Here To See Evidence Perry Suffers From Delusional ErotomaniaClick Here To Follow Us On Facebook


Nealeys Body Language Not Indicative Of Guilt

They say home is where your heart is and if all a guy does all day is invade privacy, lie, cheat, bribe and threaten a cover up, steal, kill and destroy that pretty much indicates their home is hell. You hurt people intentionally all damn day that’s not really indicative of someone whose heart is from a good safe place where God might be. This sense of entitlement where everyone owes them a lie or a cover up, nobody is entitled to anything at all but thinking that, how about go get on Welfare is you really think you are entitled . That’s not to criticize legitimate needs for Welfare and there are occasions for that, but odd as it might seem those people with a legit need have a hard time using the benefit and have no sense of entitlement at all. It’s always the ones who simply take because they feel owed something. Nobody owes defendants a damn thing. You chose to act in accordance with where your heart is. You heart is full of nasty and it’s repulsing EVERYONE. On a different note, on the Michael Nealey police interrogation in Pensacola, observe his body language and how his hands are palm up indicating openness and honesty. We are not very impressed with the Sherlock skills of Escambia SO.

Click Here To See Officer Nealeys Interview With Escambia County SO

click Here To See Info On Body Language

So far we are not impressed with Southcrest Baptist in Lubbock either. They teach their people how to lie cheat and steal and get away with it, obviously.

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Feel free to view previous posts for more background on the stalking case against Texas Senator Charles Perry and why Mannford Chief Lucky Miller and Officer Mike Nealey are believed to be more Perry victims. To repeat a quick summary, Miller and Nealey had just six days before caught another complaint that implicated Perry for another stalking incident. Not in Oklahoma where Oklahoma law enforcement would be all over this, but in another state Miller is murdered, less than a week after his officer, and best friend, Mike Nealey took the complaint. The Chief was beat to death and yet there is nothing on Nealeys hands indicating he was the culprit. He even comments on that in the interview. We believe he was also an intended target, but the murderer, another Perry hitman, was interrupted by complaining hotel guests. We believe Nealey can’t recall what happened because he was knocked out cold and that would also explain why he was found mumbling and disoriented. We are not sure he was actually found on top of Miller but if he was it was to check on him, not hurt him. He cannot beat someone to death if he’s knocked out and would have messed up hands if he did. This appears to be just a second attempt to cover up Perry’s criminal activity and impede yet another related police investigation in Oklahoma. Both times he does this stuff in another state making sure Nealey and Miller were in Florida and Cynthia was dragged back to Texas for committing am act required by law in Oklahoma. She was charged in Texas and charges were later dismissed. There was never a crime and they knew that. They simply obstructed justice, retaliated against her, attempted to coerce a lie, attempts to suborn of perjury, and destroyed her forensic evidence. Now oddly again they obstruct justice by getting the victims out of Oklahoma. Roberson oddly and bazaarly called Nealeys attorney to, what we aren’t sure, but to give some sort of passive aggressive warning that he not talk. Why else would a Defendant in Cynthia’s law suit, also accused of being a hit man call Officer Nealeys attorney? Strange to say the least. Photos below show no damage to Officer Nealeys hands which there would be had he beat Chief Miller to death. Cynthia never met Chief Miller and only met Officers Nealey and Gibson the one time when they her complaint.

Chief Miller was supposedly heard yelling “Stop it Mike!” If that is even true,which we don’t know that it is, it’s possible Miller was trying to diffuse the situation and Nealey escalated it. The two were best friends and we understand there was no sign of any contention between them. No one saw that coming. Perry has a history of approaching witnesses and telling them “Say what we want you to say and we will make it worth your while and of you don’t we will ruin your life like we did Cynthia’s. ” Cynthia was initially approached by Roberson in October 2015 and told immediately after he introduced himself as Perry’s hit man “Recant your claims that Charles is a stalker or I will put you in the lake.” He subsequently admitted in texts to poisoning her with arsenic. She filed a police report to get a protection order, which is required by law in Oklahoma and her prior attempt denied because she did not follow that procedure which was on the order Perry had so he knew this, he had her charged in Texas, not Oklahoma, with filing a false report due to his political job, less than a week later and before TPD had even assigned a detective costing her a blood test to prove or rule out arsenic poisoning. He jerked her out of state and obstructed justice and caused the loss of her blood evidence. She sat in Lubbock jail while he and Powell came up with every delay they could do whatever they gave her worked it’s way out of her system. Had they not poisoned her, they would have moved Heaven and Earth to test her to prove with forensic science that she lied. Instead they made sure she was never tested.

You have to look at habits and patterns of people over time. One time might be a fluke, twice is not. This is his MO and she was asked while in jail to “just fly under the radar and let them save face”. She refused but said she would go to the media with details of her arrest if Perry continued to make contact with her. He did and she contacted media. The emails went from Perry to Powell and Powell to her attorney with orders he shut her up. But that was the agreement evidenced in her Bond conditions that Perry admitted to making unwanted contact and agreed to stop. There is no other reason for a provision in Bond conditions that a Texas State Senator never again contact the Bondee but for his admission of guilt and agreement to stop. Cynthia told people in writing months before Perry threatened to kill her and arrange a false arrest. Being he carried out these threats, is proof and the reason she needs a Protective Order. But Perry never stops and that would be what prompted Mannford PD’s investigation into what Perry did to Cynthia in their jurisdiction. Again less than a week later, justice is obstruction and the Chief is murdered. In light of the history, it is so much more plausible and probable Perry and his co Defendants killed Chief Miller than Officer Nealey, his best friend, who had no evidence on his hands consistent with beating his boss until he died. Whether or not anyone yelled “Stop It Mike” which also could have been the murderer yelling that, not Miller, we aren’t sure even occurred. We also aren’t sure Nealey was anywhere near Miller when hotel staff walked in. What we are sure of is Escambia County SO has the wrong man and as previously stated, we are not at all impressed with their Sherlock skills. Officer Nealey is a police officer. Perry is a criminal currently already under investigation for many crimes and the that initiated that was murder. Be had the patterns and motive, not Police Officer Mike Nealey who caught this very very corrupt case. In other words the probability is much greater that Chief Miller’s death is the result of a criminal re-offending than a police officer who caught that specific criminal’s case snapped suddenly for no reason at all and killed his best friend and boss.

The public is not so stupid they cannot discern the truth from a lie. It is appalling this has happened and had the officers investigating Perry known they would have acted to protect these two men. The informant they have talked to said he didn’t think they would stupid enough to actually do it. As we have seen over and over, they were. Perry’s secret criminal activity is more exposed than ever before in his life.

We trust nothing bad happens to Gibson and if it does, Perry will be the first one everyone suspects of course. You pick on cop, you get all on you and Perry still cannot put that together in his head.#CharlesPerry
#Texas #corruption