Perry Recorded Ordering His Guys To Take Ortiz’s Car Expressing Intent To Impede Appeal of Adverse State Court Claim

Perry’s guy recorded yesterday by law enforcement investigating Perry on another matter:

Recorded again “You want me to get a wrecker out there to take her car away to put this bitch out of business or what? What is it you want me to do to shut her down?”

They were also recorded stating “There just cannot be an appeal to the State Supreme Court. Take her car away so there is no possibility she can get that filed. There just cant be an appeal. We cannot allow her to do that.”

Perry first attempted to disable her vehicle by vandalizing and causing mechanical problems. When he got caught, he is now attempting to just flat have it towed, the man stating his intend to prevent her from appealing adverse judicial decisions and to “put this bitch out of business”.

Law enforcement investigating Perry on another matter has protected Ortiz from many things Perry intended to do IN Oklahoma to harm her. They told Ortiz they two rooms full of evidence against him, some of which has been given to their contacts in media for Ortizs protection amd theirs.

The officers spoke to an attorney who told them “If he did that here, his attorney would be sanctioned and there would be an immediate default judgement against Perry. They dont put up with that stuff here. I dont know what the hell is going on over in Tulsa but there has to be some corruption or a very lazy judge. Would never be allowed here for sure. Not sure why they are letting them get by with it there.

When Perry makes a direct threat or someone rats him out to the officers investigating him, they give the info to Ortiz, she emails and texts her attorney in Texas, it goes out to thirty plus people across the country, she then files it in her email file titled “LetsSeeIfHeDoesIt” then when he carries out the threat, she can establish he again made a very specific threat to cause her harm and loss, being he is deeply sadistic he has done that every day since they met in 2010, she can establish premeditation and intent versus an act of negligence. Despite the fact Perry has actively sought out info as to who these guys are, he continues to break the law knowing they catch him every time. Who knew that it was even possible to be that stupid. Perry has prided himself on being a sophisticated criminal who has fool cops for decades. He is not sophisticated for these guys. In fact they have commented they have not seen anyone this stupid or weirdo in awhile stating “He has made this so easy its not even fair.” We will see what threats Ortiz has been warned about and documented Perry causes this week. He has burdened and imposed his problems and drama on others just about long enough.


Perry was also recorded stating, “I’m having her car towed. She won’t be able to prove its not legit until we already have her car. Once she does what I tell her, I’ll get her a new one. I’ll give her whatever she wants, college, a new house in Lubbock, as long as she will do what I tell her.” Ortiz owes no money at all on that car and wants NO contact with Charles Perry at any time ever and he is committing coercion and witness/victim tampering in his ongoing daily conduct. It is a crime and a Federal one. She has made her wishes clear in every possible way, in all her words and actions for nearly a decade. He truly is very very mentally slow to not be able to tell by now she does not like him, he is all alone in that imaginary affair in his head, and figure out how to just move on like normal people do when rejected. It is flat embarrassing. She will not take his bribes, so he continues to attempt to starve her out to force her to. She will not lie for him, be coerced, threatened or bribed into a lie, and will NEVER consent to be in some bazaar relationships with someone so demented.




Texts and emails to her Lubbock Attorney, Mallory Miller, and thirty people across the country. When the officers tell Ortiz she’s about to have a problem caused intentionally, planned and premeditated, phone calls made to people in Oklahoma to carry them out, that means they already obtained evidence and actionable intelligence, and are simply passing the information on to her to protect her. Perry continues to prove daily, he is like a rabid dog with no control over himself to stop and requires being stopped and he is. For the first time in his life, his demented insane criminal attack on women and children are exposed despite a $15 million dollar attempt at a cover up. Never before in his life has this side of him been exposed so much as it is right now. And we know….but he seemed like such a nice guy, which they all do, until they don’t. He is not sophisticated to these cops by any stretch. He may be able to fool other cops, but not these guys. Perry has continued to step on the wrong toes. There are those in law enforcement who protect and defend justice, the truth, and the safety and well being of women and children against constant criminal attacks such as Perry’s constant criminal attack on Ortiz and her kids. What has occurred as a direct result of his actions is that he gets caught, is being sued, and there are now two rooms full of incriminating evidence against him, some of which has been passed on to carefully chosen media for the officers protection and Cynthia’s, should something bad happen to them, and three court dockets full of material facts and evidence that anyone from anywhere in law enforcement can see now and forever. That is the outcome produced one day at a time for now over six years.

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