Update in Oklahoma State Court Case, County of Tulsa, Ortiz v Perry et al, CJ-2018-02775: Clerk’s Office Changes the Rules As They Go Along

The state court claim Ortiz filed included a Motion for a Protective Order pursuant to the Domestic Violence Act, and was filed last June, 2018. Within 14 days a hearing, according to Oklahoma State Law is to be held to determine the matter. Here we are over a year later and still no hearing. Ortiz has filed FOUR admittances of evidence containing around 600 documents or so. In the Judge’s dismissal, which Defendants obtained during an exparte Ortiz was not in to refute claims, point out any additional “perjured” statements, or present arguments, the judge states Ortiz failed to provide evidence. While media reviews the evidence available on the Court’s website, 600 documents or so and three audio, the Judge missed it, somehow. Ortiz pointed that out in her Motion to Amend, and suddenly today, after the County Clerks office has filed FOUR Admittances of evidence even showing Ortiz how to make copies of the CD’s she filed as audio evidence, that being the audio of Pinto soliciting Ortiz to sleep with Perry in exchange for $5,000 which she flatly rejected and if she was in love with Perry would not require money for sex, he seemed, according to the Pinto person, to be under the impression Perry and Ortiz were in a relationship, she argued with the guy for twenty minutes, some before she got her recorder on, that she’d never consented to any such thing, nor would she and Perry is simply off his nut as all stalkers are, the audio of Dr. Russell stating the false arrest for which she is suing was a “stalking escalation”, and audio of Detective Liz Eagan asking Ortiz to come in to give a more detailed statement and provide evidence, long after she’d already been charged in Lubbock and arrested for “filing a false police report”, that had not yet been even investigated. This would be evidence of Perry and Powell’s obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence. The clerk told Ortiz, “You have to make copies of the CD’s of your audio evidence, mark it with a number, and file it with the rest of your evidence, which Ortiz then did. However, after she pointed out to the Judge that she states in her Order there is no evidence, there is in fact over 600 documents which is also on the Federal Court dockets, and all over the internet viewed by all kinds of media, law enforcement and the public. It is a matter of public record. Now suddenly today, “We don’t accept discovery and you can’t file this unless you file it as an attachment with this Motion.” So she did. Why today is this a problem suddenly? It strikes us as very suspicious.

Ortiz has complained this office non stop, they are difficult to deal with, unprofessional, and instead of just filing pleadings, Motions and evidence as the Federal Court clerk’s office does, hassle free, no need to make a perfectly fantastic day nasty, they make a problem over every single thing one brings in. I think its enough. The Federal Clerk’s office takes your filings, files them, wishes you a nice day and lets the judge decide if something needs to be thrown out. It is not their job to do that. So, I think after today, we’ve had about enough of that, a message was left with a supervisor so we shall see if they make improvements or continue to cause one hassle after another. If the Federal Court Clerks can get it right, hassle free, what is the problem in the state court clerk’s office?

Below is the pleading and attached evidence filed today with the State Court:

To See Oklahoma State Court’s Docket Search: Enter Tulsa County, Case Number CJ-2018-02775, Ortiz v Perry

Click Below to See ATTACHED Evidence and Motion filed today:

Plaintiffs FourthAdmittance of Evidence




Much of the same evidence filed in State Court is also available on the Federal Court dockets. The evidence posted here, is regarding more recent incidents of stalking and harassment from Defendants toward Ortiz, occurring in the forum state of Oklahoma.

We are really getting a little tired of Defendants delusions that all the underhanded and at times illegal tactics are not noticed or that nobody suspects a thing. That is simply, as stated, bazaar delusion from someone who has ZERO grasp on reality. Never underestimate the American people’s ability to discern the truth from a lie. As to the Tulsa County Clerk, the change in the rules suddenly today was duly noted. We hope at some point the Federal Court Clerk’s professionalism and courtesy seeps over to your side of the street.

You Tube Channel containing audio evidence filed in all three Court cases.

Because in the conversation of March 24, 2018 between Perry’s proxy stalker, Pinto and Ortiz, the argument as to whether or not Perry and Ortiz had some sort of relationship which truly just does not even exist, it appears Perry is one of the stalker types who suffers from Erotomania. Keep in mind when Perry and Ortiz met, Perry was an unknown boring accountant with no background or experience at all in politics, having lived his entire life in a small town, Ortiz having just moved from the much more exciting and glamorous town of Las Vegas, Nevada. She’d had fifteen years working in government reform, campaigns and in and around Federally elected officials. Perry was a nobody and she made the very serious mistake of being nice to him. She wishes now she hadn’t.

Click Link Below to See photo of Ortiz from her now deactivated Facebook page with her and elected officials we believe Perry saw and became enamoured.



Click Here To See Article on Delusional Erotomania Stalkers



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