Messages from October, 2011 show Senator Perry’s Stalking Victim Frustrated With His Failure To Handle His “Crush” Appropriately. Not One Thing Political Even Mentioned

Below are Facebook messages dated October, 2011 from Ms Ortiz to ex boyfriend of four years and friend, Saeed Aslam. Ms Ortiz appears to have mistakenly sent him facebook messages expressing frustration of Senator Perry’s pressuring her to have an affair, her rejection, her attempt to protect his political career, not harm it, by talking to Perry’s campaign staffer, Ben Campbell, about Charles needing to stop showing his feelings for her in a room full of people. This had happened consistently over a few months enough times that Ms Ortiz believed someone would see him, and begin a harmful rumor mill. She tells Saeed her attempts to protect the Senator’s political career were met with threats and hacking and heavy surveillance. She asks him about getting assistance from a mutual friend who owns a large security firm in Albuquerque, NM. Saeed didn’t respond so she didn’t push the issue. Ms Ortiz had initially told two child hood friends who live in other states outside of Texas with the hopes of protecting herself by documenting the threats without harming Perry’s political career. She went to great lengths to protect Perry’s political career and this speaks to her character and her intent not to harm Perry in any way, but wanting him very much to stop harassing and threatening her and invading her privacy. This was all in 2011 and similar messages to her friends, Robert and Mandy even earlier in 2011 state the same. Robert and Mandy do not live anywhere even close to Texas and have no influence over Perry’s voter base nor does Saeed. She kept her mouth shut for four years only telling a few close friends about Senator Perry’s stalking and unwanted solicitation for her to be his mistress. She would have no part in it. She stated, “I understand crushes happen and can’t be helped, however I thought if anyone would handle it properly it would be Charles. To my dismay, he has handled not one thing right from the onset of this problem. I’ve been, in fact, disgusted with the way Charles has behaved himself towards me and would like him to understand that I completely ended any kind of relationship with him years ago, I changed careers, I moved, I moved again, I’ve changed jobs, I’ve bought a zillion different phones and he keeps getting in and hacking whatever new phone I purchase in attempt to get as far away from him as I possibly can. For someone to continue to pursue me this way, when I’ve made it clear the relationship is over and its been over since 2013 seems to me to indicate that individual is not thinking normally at all. There was never a political vendetta against Charles and he knows that. His unsolicited attack on my life and my safety and well being is in retaliation for my rejection of him. I would like very much that he honor his wife, his committment to his wife and get out of my life and never contact me again ever. I cannot be more clear than I have all these years. I did attempt to get a Protective Order in May, 2015 which should have signaled my intent for the relationship to end once and for all, that I want no further contact with Charles now or ever and that I would like his pursuit of me to stop and stop now. That would be the reason for seeking a PO, to ensure my safety and well being under Senator Perry’s constant unsolicited threats to my safety, well being, my success and happiness, and that he understand there is no way I would want any kind of relationship with him at all ever again.”
Also in these messages, Saeed and Ms Ortiz discuss his calls to her son Triston’s, Guardian at Litem, Jeffrey Kauffman. Ms Ortiz had about five friends, contact Mr Kauffman on her behalf to discuss the fact that she was a great mother, that she loved Triston and that she had never harmed him and had been supportive of his education, his life, his safety and his well being which was the reason she sent him to her parent’s faith based program to begin with. She wanted the court to see there was no legal basis to take her son away from her. Former Lubbock County Undersheriff, Former Hockley County Sheriff and form CPS case worker, Paul Scarborough also sent an Affidavit stating the same, Paul and his wife Nancy drove all the way from Lubbock to Albuquerque to testify on Ms Ortiz’s behalf but were not allowed to. These calls and testimony fell on deaf ears or were just not allowed. While Ms Ortiz more than adequately proved her competency as a mother, her parents were investigated for abuse and neglect of children in their care at their faith based teen rehab facility and in fact the complaint was substantiated and as a result of the investigation, the facility was closed. There were two but the one that had a CPS complaint and investigation was closed as a result of the investigation. Nobody could understand why on earth a judge would take a child from a caring mother who had zero child abuse complaints and give custody of that child to people had a substantiated child abuse complaint and not only that , but deny all contact, all visitation between that child and his mother. None of that made sense. Ms Ortiz was later told Perry had something to do with it. Ms Ortiz does not know if that information is true, but what she does know is that her son’s custody case made absolutely no sense at all and that Perry had in fact seemed to begin attacking her life when she told him she would not have an affair and it seems that the false arrest he threatened then arranged would support the claims made about Ms Ortiz’s child custody case by the person who gave her that information and it seems it would support the fact that Perry simply refuses to take “no” for an answer.
Also, Ms Ortiz had close relationships with people in the Tea Party. She saw the Tea Party as one more group of voters to put her candidates in front of. She never saw them as any kind of threat to the Republican party at all and was able to pull support for her candidates from both the Tea Party Republicans and the Establishment Republicans. She had good relationships with people in both. There was however a fringe group of Tea Party individuals that she felt were “off” having nothing to do at all with their politics but as individuals no matter what the issue was in their vocalization of their views, they were hostile, mean, combative, and she used the word “crazy”. She was at a point back in 2011 that she was seeing Charles respond to her attempts to protect his political career with some pretty mean responses. He did not handle the matter appropriately like you would expect him to. He was very hateful in responding with threats and harassment the way he has. That, obviously upset Ms Ortiz and is the reason she refers to him the way she does. She doesn’t care for anyone who misrepresents who they really are. She has between her parents, who are deeply religious, and Charles Perry, been betrayed and lied to and lied about so much that she really has become sour on anyone who pretends to be Christian, which you would think would equal kindness, truth, justice, all the things you hear God is, and not the things dished out at her. Ms Ortiz sent her son to go to the faith based rehab facility in NM because she was concerned that if she didn’t, he would end up in jail. She was scared for him. Instead of her parents, who are ministers, supporting her endeavors, loving her and her family, wanting what was best for her and her family, they tricked her, they misrepresented their intentions, they lied to her and they took her son. That’s not like taking someone’s television or automobile. they took her child. If you can imagine how soured she would be after being betrayed by her parents and Perry for a long time, having suffered one catastrophic loss after another, her frustration with religion and Christianity and betrayal come through pretty strongly. If you had been through what she has, you’d feel the same way.
Ms Ortiz supported Senator Perry’s campaign until she ended their relationship completely at the end of 2012 and early 2013. At that point, due to the character he showed her, she stopped. Again, this was the way he handled personal matters with her and had nothing to do with politics at all whatsoever. Even Perry has yet to bring forward in particular issue that she would be upset with him over and particularly one that he himself would have the ability to do anything about at all. There are thousands of people involved in making laws and setting policy. Perry alone can do nothing. Ms Ortiz lives no where near his district therefore it doesn’t matter to her what he does. He has no bearing on her life at all whatsoever. She knows thousands of elected officials and has been much more frustrated with some of them politically than she ever was of Senator Perry. She stated, “I worked with elected officials in three states for fifteen years long before I ever met Charles Perry and long before he was involved in politics. I’ve met literally thousands of elected officials and there is not one that I didn’t agree with on some things and disagree with on others. If an elected official has done something so egregious that you want them out of office, the best approach is to support the other guy. It would have been better for my business and more effective had I stayed in Lubbock and campaigned for the guy running against him. It makes no sense at all to concoct a bazaar story about him being a stalker, move, change careers, move again,o change jobs, and so on. I benefit none form that at all. I would have benefited greatly by running someone against him IF I were upset with him over political issues. That had nothing at all to do with anything, he named nothing like that in his indictment, he’s never stated any political issue that I was supposedly so pissed off at him about that I made up a story that he’s stalking me and none of my actions indicate that. You don’t keep your mouth shut for four years and only tell close friends you’ve been threatened, if you are trying to mud sling. You don’t make one massive life change after the other over a political vendetta. You do that if you are being stalked, threatened, harassed and attacked by a man with power and wealth who has developed some odd fixation and refuses to believe you really just want the man out of your life.”
There is just nothing political going here at all. None of her texts to Dave Roberson, who admitted to poisoning her, discusses anything political at all either. In these facebook messages from October, 2011 Ms Ortiz states she only talked to Ben Campbell initially about Perry’s actions showing his feelings for her that caused her concern for his political career which was then met with stalking, harassment, threats to ruin her business, and heavy surveillance. I think her intent was pretty clear as was her frustration with Perry’s failure to handle the situation professionally, with dignity and respect, with honor towards his wife and children and appropriately for Ms Ortiz and her family as well.

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