Senator Perry’s Unwanted Contact, Threats and Harassment Against Ms Ortiz Continue Daily


In October, 2015, six months after Ms Ortiz attempted to get a Protective Order, which was denied on jurisdiction after Senator Perry filed a motion to dismiss on jurisidiction, and failure to comply with Oklahoma laws REQUIRING the filing of a police report which she had done but did not have the report with her and the judge would not accept a case number with the officer’s name, not due to lack of merit as Perry claims, Dave Robertson came to her work. She said, “I talk to all customers but Dave creeped me out so badly, I wouldn’t talk to him. I would not approach him which was unusual because I talk to everyone. If I don’t its because they’ve wasted my time and don’t buy anything and even then I usually at least am polite unless they’ve been ugly to me otherwise I speak to everyone. But I wouldn’t talk to Dave. There was something up with him that made me very uncomfortable.”

Ms Ortiz said he came up to her on stage, asked her real name. She told him she doesn’t give customers her real name. He then told her he knew it, he said it, and said Charles Perry sent me to talk to you.” After she was done on stage she walked off stage where he was sitting right in front of the stage waiting for her. He said, “You want me to put you in the lake? Do you like boats? Recant your story or I will put you in the lake. Charles is consumed with the fact that you ruined his facade. He’s sitting outside. I will take you where your heart and mind really want to go. You don’t like it here. I can tell by the look on your face. You don’t like working here. You need to stop. You’ve made your point.”

Ms Ortiz replied, “I like it here. I don’t like you here and I don’t do boats. I can’t recant my story because it would require I lie and purger myself and I’m not going to do that. I don’t like Charles. I want you all to leave me alone and stop all this.”

Dave then asked Ms Ortiz why she didn’t like Charles. She said, “He’s ruined my life.” He replied, “Oh he has not.” She said, “Yes he has and then there is that whole Fabian thing.
Dave and Ms Ortiz then had a lengthy conversation about Fabian and he was fully aware of details of that situation and of intimate details of her life. Ms Ortiz texted Fabian about the conversation that night.

Dave Robertson approached Cynthia. She did not in any way reach out to Senator Perry or anyone he knows and outside of Charles Perry, Dave had no reason at all and no motive at all to want to harm Ms Ortiz. They had just met. Towards the end of the conversation Dave went outside for about half an hour, came back inside and told her the stalking would end and she relayed that in her texts to Fabian. He gave her his phone number and told her to contact him if she had any more problems. The stalking became worse which was the reason for three months of texts where Ms Ortiz is attempting to reason with Dave to get them to stop. He continued to assault her, threaten and harass her at work, appears to have attempted to kill her and then of course, Perry had her arrested to cover that up. Dave had no motive to want to harm Ms Ortiz outside of working for the Senator. They approached her at her job. The manner of which they appear to have tried to kill her was spiking her drinks with arsenic. Ms Ortiz became ill, she googled symptoms and arsenic came up. She confronts Dave on the matter more than once. He answers “Yes” when she specifically asks about arsenic. Perry had Ms Ortiz arrested before she could ever even talk to local police in Tulsa who had jurisdiction as Tulsa is where these incidents occurred. As such, this caused the permanent loss of video evidence and the forensic pathologists inspection of her blood and hair to confirm or rule out arsenic. In the indictment against her, Perry accuses Ms Ortiz of making false claims of being poisoned and yet it appears he intentionally interfered with her ability to be tested so that he could prove her claims were false. We believe that is because he ordered the poisoning, he knew the results would be positive and he wanted that evidence destroyed. All involved are seasoned and knew that evidence was key to getting a conviction against Ms Ortiz and yet not only was no effort made to get blood and hair evidence to disprove Ms Ortiz was poisoned, her effort to get that testing was obstructed. You would think Perry would demand the testing to prove she was full of crap but instead he obstructed her attempts to be tested by Tulsa PD forensic lab. The charges against her have since been dropped however, the threats continue daily to arrange a second false arrest, kill her or kidnap her and she is terrified as anyone would be. She has asked the Senator to cease and desist all contact, threats, harassment, intimidation, attempts to coerce a lie, and to get out of her life and leave her alone repeatedly for four years. He refuses. All articles that we’ve been able to find in dealing with this state that the longer the stalking continues, the more mentally ill the stalker is.

In the texts between Ms Ortiz and Dave beginning in October, 2015 when he first came to threaten her, until January, 2016 there is never at any time any mention at all of politics. Ms Ortiz not one time states she is upset with Perry over any political issue at all. The entire conversation is regarding her frustration with his stalking, harassment, interference in her life and the assault and attempts to poison her. Not once is politics ever even mentioned. She simply attempts to reason with Dave to get the stalking and harassment and unwanted contact to stop. Pretty much all of her texts and emails over the years are begging people to get Perry off of her and to make him leave her alone and never ever contact her again. Four years, of texts and emails from Ms Ortiz state that very request over and over year after year.

Cynthia’s psychologist states that her arrest was a stalking escalation, was intended to harm her, was malicious, and that Charles’ threats in particular or more intrusive and concerning than most stalkers because the harm he causes are so very catastrophic due to his power and wealth that it makes ignoring him impossible. He is forcing himself into the life of a woman that wants nothing at all to do with him and when she rejects him, as she does daily, he causes her catastrophic harm and loss intentionally. He would not matter to her nor would she even give him a second thought any other way.

Dr. Russell discusses Senator Perry’s malicious intent with Ms Ortiz. Click here to listen


She’s provided a written statement to her family and attorney regarding the continued unwanted contact, threats and harassment and attempts to intimidate her into a lie and has relayed her fears and the manner of which Senator Perry’s unwanted contact has affected her life in the Extemporaneous Memo below. Also as you can see by the text below to Ms Ortiz’s ex husband, Senator Perry’s unwanted contact has caused the entire family unwanted hassles and problems and they would like him to cease and desist all contact, to stop harassing and threatening Ms Ortiz and leave them all alone. Ms Ortiz wants NO contact from the Senator directly or indirectly in any form ever again. She wants him to stop.



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