Long History Documented By Senator Perry’s Stalking Victim of Repeated Threats & Unwanted Contact Beginning In 2011

Going back to September 20, 2011 all Ms Ortiz’s correspondence talks about her confrontation with Perry and his staffer, Ben Campbell regarding Senator Perry’s behavior towards her in public being of concern. He was getting too visible about his feelings for her, she was concerned someone would see him and start rumors that would ruin his career. She is then threatened. She documents occasions dating all the way back to September, 2011 in which Senator Perry or people close to him show up where she is and that she just wants the Senator to leave her alone. She says she was never trying to harm him and in fact was looking out for his political career. Her kindness is then met with threats to ruin her business and stalking and harassment which continues on to this day. Ms Ortiz never went or sent anyone she knows to go where the Senator was eating dinner with his friends and family and yet she documented multiple occasions where he or someone close to him shows up continuously where she is with friends. She only went where he was to political events but she was a political consultant. That was her job which she abruptly stops in 2012 in order to distance herself from the Senator. She’s documented multiple occasions where she’d texted someone where she was going to be or making plans to be then canceled, where either Senator Perry himself of someone close to him showed up. There was no possible way for him to know where she was going to be had he not hacked her phone and saw her texts and for this to have occurred so many times, it seems impossible that these were just coincidences. She noted photos of Perry’s daughter on the internet at a place she’d texted someone about going to this place but ended up not going and there is no documentation his daughter was there at other times that Ms Ortiz was able to find. Its a lot of coincidences to say the least. There does seem to be a pattern and not just all these happenstances. For sure its well documented Ms Ortiz has no political vendetta against the Senator. It takes literally the work of thousands of people to pass a law. Senator Perry by himself can do nothing at all politically, that would cause her to just engage in some crazy attack after keeping her mouth shut about the problem but to a few close friends. All but Cheryl live no where even close to Texas. She told Cheryl because Cheryl saw things Ms Ortiz had to then explain. Ms Ortiz was seeing someone who died of cancer and after moving was attempting to see another man but it appears Perry interfered. There have been ample texts and emails to document Perry’s interference in every part of her life. She lives no where near Perry’s district. She told only a few close friends of the stalking problem from 2011 until she made the matter public during the Protective Order hearing in May, 2015.
She abruptly ended her political consulting career in 2012 and hasn’t even voted since. None of her actions are indicative of a person who had some political vendetta against the Senator in fact she clearly states she was trying to keep him from harming his own political career and her’s as well and that he concern for his well being was met with threats and heavy surveillance. She continues to repeatedly state “I just want the Senator to leave me alone.” She tells Michael Quinn Sullivan in July, 2014, “I don’t want a biggo scandal. I just want Charles to leave me alone.”
Just for argument’s sake, lets say Ms Ortiz did not like Perry’s position on gay marriage. This issue is national. The US Supreme Court has ruled gay marriage is legal. So, how would a state Senator in Texas, where Ms Ortiz hasn’t even lived since September, 2014, with a small constituency do anything about that at all even if he wanted to? He can’t. Its not possible. There is no way one person could make any changes on that issue at all. And there is no reason for Ms Ortiz to target Perry, out of the thousands of elected officials she’s met with over the years and disagreed with, some vehemently, for her to target Perry. He can do nothing at all by himself on any issue and for him to think he can or allege he can, speaks to his arrogance. All her correspondence over the past seven years speaks to another matter entirely. The issue was stalking and harassment and nothing else. The issue began when he showed his feelings for her too much too many times in public and she says that in these messages and emails way back then in which she was concerned for his career and spoke up so that he would stop and not ruin his career and her’s too. She refused to have an affair with him and he didn’t like being rejected.
There is a reason his name is in her bond conditions stating he will not contact her again. The bond conditions were approved by the DA and the Judge after a conversation occurred in which Senator Perry agreed to cease and desist all contact with Ms Ortiz. Why even put his name in her bond conditions if there was no such conversation or agreement? Its probably the first time in the history of the state of Texas a State Senator’s name is in bond conditions agreeing to cease all contact with the bondee. She was arrested after filing a police report in Tulsa where she lives, where it appears Perry hired a hitman to kill her, he admitted to assault and poisoning her in texts and Perry had her arrested before she could even talk to local police or have her blood and hair tested by a forensic pathologist. Why have her arrested before she could be tested and provide evidence to local police if you are trying to prove the complaint was false? Would you not want to prove the complaint was false and demand testing and that she provide evidence in her possession and overcome it or prove it false?
Why interfere that way in a police investigation in another state by having her arrested before she even got a call back from a detective or before she ever talked to a policeman? Why do that if you aren’t guilty of stalking, harassment and maybe attempted murder? Unfortunately he has not kept his agreement to cease all contact. He still constantly threatens to kidnap her, kill her, or find some way to throw her back in jail and Ms Ortiz and her family have had about enough of it.

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