Perry’s Ties To Nealey Case Chapter And Versed

EVERY contact in all forms from Perry to Cynthia and other people in her life, most of whom he shouldn’t even know and only does due to stalking and criminal activity, is very bazaaro, shows he has no life, nothing interesting about a guy who sits around perverting and watching other people live, it gives the shrink more to tell the Judge why he needs to be in a psych ward and the shrink is doing that, it’s another criminal charge, it shows great disrespect for what Cynthia wants because she does NOT like Perry or his contact and Perry knows that, it’s not hot sexy or attractive, it is WEIRDO. He can’t control his weirdo or delusions. But the result of his unwanted contact is that he shows his antisocial disorder and delusional problems like an orange flag nobody can miss. It’s always been the result and will always be the result. He’s in the jam up of his life and that is why right there. He does not get it. It’s not attractive. It’s WEIRDO and it’s a crime.

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Cynthia’s Deposition in Miller/Nealey Case

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Perry’s friends have complained all over the place that when they try to reason with him, he clinches his fists, turns red and acts like a two year old. One said “I have never in my life seen a grown man act like he acts. He’s an elected official over here acting like a two year old. The guy does not have any dignity. He wants to be treated like a dignitary but acts like a two year old. I’ve not seen a grown man act that way ever in my life much less an elected official.” Cynthia went through the same thing for four years before she told more than just a few close friends there was a problem in trying to reason with a grown man who acts like a two year old only he put her in jail for that. For nearly a decade she’s had that heaped upon her constantly. Having to deal with it for a year or two is difficult. Imagine having to deal with it for nearly a decade. Could you if it was forced on you like it’s forced on her? Would you want to have to live with that every day? Where is his wife when he acts like that over another woman and one that cannot stand him? Most people have filters that make them too embarrassed and ashamed to behave like that. Where are his filters?

When Cynthia tries to reason with Perry he causes catastrophic loss like a home or a job or significant friendship or relationship or a big chunk of her money. Could you go through that everyday and live under that kind of constant threat and maintain sanity and function? She functions under great duress all the time. She couldn’t if she didn’t pray a lot and have these cops pep talking her. One has his granny praying for them all the time. You have to live with a monster like that, it does something to you. You get bitter and weak, or better and stronger. That is the only thing we get to control. Not what weird freak criminals like Perry do to us, but how we react and respond to it. You learn, love, laugh and grow through it and you don’t wake up to be mediocre and use it to give people hope who are going through tough times and kick some criminal ass or you whine complain and lower yourself to their level. We all have choices and sometimes what we do with all the shit someone else just piled on us is the only choice we get. Perry was abused as a kid, he says, so the rest of us have to pay for it. He could have done something good with it but instead he’s strapped others with his problems. That was his choice. As a result he needs a $25 million cover up that has not been successful. His problems more uncovered than ever in his life.

Perry was offered some mercy before the law suits. They knew long ago there was some type of investigation because Roberson offered Cynthia a bribe of sorts for information about the who, what, when and where of that and was turned down flatly. Perry was told give back what you took and you get out of my life and never contact me again. He refused. When they are finished the police will give it back and Perry won’t get mercy. The offer was withdrawn long ago. He was never offered a pass, just mercy in his showing remorse. He does not have any remorse. He has no empathy for those he hurts. We do. He does not care who he hurts or how badly he hurts them and that is not normal.

As to the officers investigating Perry that continue to catch his criminal activity the way they see it in their words “You don’t torture women and children and take their stuff and their money and their homes and food out a kids mouth then not only refuse to pay it back, but buy a judge so a court doesn’t make you make it right and call yourself a man. That is as skum as it gets. You treat women and children like a gift from God, with respect and love and you don’t attack them or violate them like these people have done then instead of making it right but a judge so you don’t have to. The money they paid the judge to get out of making it right is outrageous to us that would do that. You wrong someone, you make it right. You don’t ruin them then buy a judge to get out if giving back what you took. That is the least manly thing I’ve seen someone do and I’ve seen some pretty hideous stuff men do to women and children. What makes it worse for us is these guys parade around like some super Christian and I hope people don’t think that’s what God is really about because He’s not. This is not the God we know or how real men behave ”

It’s one thing had Cynthia had any kind of fair trial where she lost on the merits. She has no opportunity to present evidence with testimony and most hearings where claims are dismissed Perry has ex parte and she’s not even there. No such thing ever happened. She will get that fair trial at some point but so far there has never been anything like that due to Perry’s fraud. There will come a day where this is made right and Perry has no control over the when and where that happens. All he had to do is leave her alone. He had his cover up two or three times and blew it. Perry has had his incriminating conversations obtained by law enforcement and if they can get that, they can get what he took back to her as well. He has had no control over any of that or anything they do to help Cynthia. Perry has long told pretty much everyone that he wants to make sure Cynthia is broke, has tried to force her back to Texas, either by making her go broke thinking she will go back to her ex husband, call Perry and get him to help her or he has threatened her with a second false arrest almost daily since she got home from the first telling her “It’s prison or Paris”. He’s told people he will provide for her and give her whatever she wants. We know that’s more of the same bullshit that comes out of his mouth on everything. He promised to be faithful to his wife and that is a lie. He promised when Cynthia left Lubbock never to contact her again and that was a lie. The goal is for him to get close enough to kill her himself being his hitmen fail and everything else is just a lure to get that. We all know that and he’s more than once gone to people asking how he can hurt Cynthia. One person stated “Charles comes in here asking if he can do something to hurt her and why he constantly wants to hurt her, I cannot understand, and we explain why he can’t do that. He acts like he understands but then a day or two later, he comes back asking the exact same thing and we have to explain it all over again. It’s like he has Alzheimer’s or something ” He’s made no secret of his nefarious intent. The same cops that have gotten recordings of him planning a crime and pass that on to Cynthia fully intend to get what Perry took from Cynthia back to her and his conduct during civil proceedings will be a part of how they do that. If they him talking and he can’t prevent it, they can get back what he took.

As to the Miller and Nealey case, those two families also suffered profound catastrophic losses they will never get over. What we know on all that is this

1) Cynthia was threatened with death and false arrest if she refused to recant claims Perry is a stalker. She emailed and texted of these threats from August 2015 until a few days before Perry carried out his threat to false arrest her. Roberson texted “yes” when she texted if he was having her poisoned with arsenic. He had no motive to kill her or hurt her outside of Perry. They just met and he introduced himself as Perry’s hit man. He told her in texts to let her life fade away and that he couldn’t promise the stalking would end without death and destruction. The two pretty much talked about nothing but her frustration with Perry’s stalking. There were no conversation of Perry’s political positions or any frustration with any of that. She filed a police report on 1/21/16 in compliance with state law and Perry knew it was required by law because her first attempt to get a protective order was denied due to her failure to comply. She was arrested then on charges in Lubbock not Oklahoma for filing a false Police report to retaliate against Perry over his Senate job. No where in ten years is there evidence of any political beef in fact she helped him get elected and from 2011 to this day her rants are about frustration over his stalking. 2011 is way back before she could have anticipated Perry making the bazaar claim over her police report being retaliation over his Senate job and stalking is not what you need to do to pass a law in Texas. He went to court and lied under oath after swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help him God. She was arrested on 1/29/2016, 8 days after filing her report and not long enough for an investigation, and as a result not able to get to TPD to give evidence or be tested and justice was obstructed and her evidence lost. A forensic pathologist with TPD, being she was poisoned in Tulsa where she lives, not Lubbock, should have collected a blood sample and tested her then if positive, detectives then investigate how that got into her blood, whatever came up in tests, like arsenic. Two men’s careers were on the line due to that blood test. They claimed in Court in sworn affidavits she lied about being poisoned and her report to TPD was false and yet they never tested her either. Were they not poisoning her, they would have tested her and taken negative results to media to show Cynthia lied. Instead they let her sit illegally detained in jail for two months, tried to find a shrink to say she was crazy, asked her to lie for them, and let it work its way out if her system. The TPD Detective that caught her case did not even call her to take meet up to take evidence until 2/15/16. She was already in jail and had not even talked to a Detective yet.

On the political attack Perry alleged under oath, he lacked understanding of how laws are passed in that one guy can’t do a thing. Cynthia kept her mouth shut about his personal moral failure for four years, changed careers, moved twice, them went public. It is FOUR years between her complains of his stalking and pulling up behind her home in Facebook messages to close friends who didn’t live in Texas in Sept and Oct 2011 and the police report of 2015. He had just gotten elected and had no history in politics, no established relationships with people in power and therefore no reason to attack him. Cynthia had ten years in Federal government reform and three in Texas although she never worked on legislation in Texas on a state level. Her work was Federal. She didn’t need Perry for anything at all in order for him to have pissed her off and create a vendetta that would result in the need for a false Police report to retaliate. She had established relationships with people in power already and ten years worth. He had none. She had already been gone from Lubbock for two years so Perry’s politics had nothing to do with her at all. He simply lied in Court under oath and it would be one of many times he has done this. Most people try harder to tell the truth when they are under penalty of perjury. If you lie in Court, you will lie just about anywhere to anyone. He’s done it repeatedly and never when Cynthia is in attendance, can hear him and present witnesses and evidence to refute or cross examine him like you get in a fair hearing or trial that she’s been this far denied due to his fraud.

2) Defendants threatened to damage her car, take her car in order to impede civil proceedings and keep her from going to work and court. This went on for months. She had problem after problem with her car all the sudden. She blew up a TPD Detectives phone over all the threats and problems going on with her car. The poor guy was very patient. She had someone throw a brick at her car cracking the engine in two and someone who we believe works for Robersons company Dynamic Shot. We believe the intent was to crack her skull not her engine. The car was totaled. Again a specific threat was made and carried out and one that cause loss. Perry had just gotten Cynthia’s civil claims dismissed in an ex parte hearing we’re he claimed to have no connection to the state of OK. This would be one of many he actually does have. His threats have been specific not vague. He threatened to kill her and he tried. He threatened false arrest and he carried it out. He threatened to take her car and he did. She bought a new car.

3) On Monday Nov 4 She finds some sort of bazaar powder all over the inside of her trunk while staying in Mannford and asks another individual if they’d seem anything. The person “No but come look in this room. It’s covered top to bottom with the same stuff. ” She calls Mannford PD and Mike Nealey and Bret Gibson respond. She tells them “Nobody saw anything but I have a civil suit and it’s likely related. This has one of many things that have happened to my car. It’s like they just want me to know they can get to this one too. ” Nealey says “This is weirdo.” Cynthia said “Ya think?” He shook his head like “Good God. What in THE hell.” They tell her they will prepare a report, they took photos, and said Chief Lucky Miller would look it all over and sign off.

4) 6 days later, on Nov 10, 2019, Nealey and Miller go to a conference in Pensacola where Miller is murdered in his hotel room. He was beat to death and Nealey is found incoherent and mumbling. He has no memory of events that occurred and no idea Miller was dead when questioned by Escambia County Sheriff’s Detectives. He points out there is no sign of a fight on his hands. The interrogation showing him telling detectives “I can’t believe you. There is nothing on my hands.” Was on the news.

5) Miller is found in a corner between the bed and the wall in a small confined space. Nealey is reportedly so impaired he has no memory of what occurred and was found mumbling and incoherent which indicates he had no ability to punch, kick, or hit someone at all much less until they die and in a confined space. We have seen drunk people try to hit and they typically swing, miss and fall down. Lucky supposedly is heard yelling “Stop it, Mike!” He is a trained seasoned police officer and he can’t run or over power a man that drunk? Come on!!!! We all didn’t just fall of the turnip truck. Not only that, but he most likely was never given a full panel tox screen to see if he had something stronger than alcohol. Had they given that test when he was taken to the hospital, it may have shown he’d ingested something and enough to kill a horse, as Cynthia put it, and proven he could not have beat anyone at all much less fatally. If he had, was it slipped in his drink the way arsenic was slipped in Cynthia’s and she not tested, in fact they impeded TPD from testing her and never tested her in Texas? Did they do the same to Nealey? Now that Exculpatory evidence gone too? That’s a Brady Violation as Brady requires the preservation of Exculpatory evidence, it requires due diligence, it requires a prosecutor not show a reckless disregard for the truth. They just caught, six days before Cynthia’s corruption case that might prove a third perjured court statement by Defendants and a second attempted murder with this brick that totaled her car. Nealey and Miller were best friends. No one saw this coming. They were not fighting. Was Lucky the person that actually said “Stop it, Mike!” Or the murderer. We know Cynthia’s report was on Lucky’s desk. We also know Nealey was not found punching or hitting Miller. He was found pulling at him trying to get him up.

6) The Defendants have a history and habit of trying to kill people who find out what they are doing and when that does not work they arrange a false arrest. Nealey didn’t die maybe as intended from whatever made him so impaired he can’t recall anything and was found incoherent and mumbling. What put him in that state? Was it enough to immobilize him to where he could not have committed that murder because it appears on its face for him to have been physically unable to beat someone at all much less fatally. A full tox panel most likely would have rendered the answer to that question. Nealey and Miller were close in size and weight. Both are trained police in physical attacks. One is so impaired he can’t communicate and has no memory and supposedly the other can’t run to save his life and they expect us to believe that? Especially when you consider the close friendship these two had versus motive of Perry and his co Defendants? The MO being very close to the same thing they did to Cynthia in that they tried to kill her to shut her up and then when that failed, they arranged a false arrest. Slipping a Mickie is just what they do. Failure to obtain blood tests to prove or disprove resulting in Spoilation the other. Obstructing police investigations and perjured court testimony the other because these events have stacked up. There are more than one blatant event. There might be a judge or two and a cop or two that was born yesterday, and not intelligent enough to see past the bullshit, but we would not be that. We didn’t wake up to be mediocre.

Perry got in over his head on this one and he has yet to figure that out. He sure gets upset when he gets caught but is not able to put it together in his head that he’s caught. He gets upset when he has a leak to police but has yet to take this seriously that he did have yet another leak to police. He’s in some serious trouble. He does not seem to get that. We didn’t know it was possible for anyone to be that dumb. He’s living proof, it is We don’t even have words for that kind of stupid.

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