Cynthia Can Out Sting Opp Perry’s Proxy Stalkers In Her Sleep- But Proxy Stalkers Are Not Needed To Pass A Law In Texas

For Perry’s Proxy Stalkers who have not in five years been able to get a damn thing out of her while she’s at work, that has helped find these cops who have uncovered more of Perry’s criminal activity than ever before in his life and more than anyone else, you have made this so easy for them, it’s not even fair. So to help you out a little, let’s review the etiquette of how a Gentleman’s club works since you insist on coming in to harass and inquire:

1) You get more bees with honey. You be an asshole, you are shit out of luck.
2) It’s a Gentleman’s club not a brothel and contrary to popular belief most girls are there to dance, not be prostitutes. There might be that ONE girl but when management catches her that ONE girl is out of job. Any girl that has to stoop to doing extras in the VIP sucks at her job and needs to find something else to do, like massage parlor work.
3) It’s not a bar to come in to get a date. It’s adult entertainment and it’s a for profit business. It’s a service for which pay to enjoy. It’s not free. You are shop lifting when you think it’s free. If you don’t like to go to work and not be paid, don’t expect dancers to either. It’s an insult.
4) Dancers get asked out 100 times a week so what makes you different than all the rest? Buying a few drinks does not entitled you to a date. Buying one of the cheapest VIPs one time does not entitled you to a date with a stripper. Buying a higher end VIP one time does not entitled you to a date with stripper either, but at least that’s better than the other dudes did expecting to get a date. Getting a date with Cynthia takes a long time of coming in regularly to get to know her, not once or twice. The last person she went to dinner with, which actually was dinner with a customer who is a platonic buddy, it took six months for her to trust him and a whole lot of VIPs and lap dances to get her time to get to know her. Think about what Perry has put her through and know she is now not going to just trust anyone very easily. It’s going to take time to show maybe you aren’t involved in hurting her for Perry, and keep in mind she’s really just wants Fabian. You would have to over a long period of time show why you would be trusted as much as she trusts him because over a long period of time, he’s been harassed by Perry too, and he’s in the industry so he gets it, and from everything we have heard, he has not put up with Perry’s bad mouthing of her and has fought to see her and put up with Perry’s harassment too and he has refused to hurt Cynthia for Perry. Not just anyone can do that or say that. Why would she want a guy who hurts her? No girl is going to chose that for themselves if they are worth a shit at all or intelligent at all or have self confidence and self respect at all and if Cynthia has anything it’s that. She’s very very comfortable in her own skin. In fact someone recently commented “Cynthia acts like she is fully in control of her life and maybe yours a little bit too. She is not the subserviente type in any way at all. Perry was supposed to chose women who are subservient and she is far from that.”
5) When you want info, first you build rapport and after Cynthia has had people she does not even know coming at her non stop for six years wanting intimate details of her life that is later used to hurt her, she’s gonna open up any time soon. Trust is built over a long period of time with lots of honey. You don’t get information out if people being asshole, or jumping at her with questions about where she lives, what car she drives, who her family is, what her real name is and so forth right out of the gate. You know her, but she has no clue who you are. She is not going to tell some strange dude she does not know or barely knows personal intimate details about herself. Those questions alone raise suspicion on you. That’s a quick and great way to get her clammed right up and all of this should just be common sense. But if you are taking instructions from a mentally ill crazy who has the mind of a two year old that explains a lot. CIA he is not.
6) When you tip on stage, tipping $1 is seen as an insult and dancers usually had it right back to you or they just leave it on stage. If you can’t afford to tip more than $1 you don’t even need to be in there.
7) Dancers don’t like sending or receiving texts with your’s or her privates. That is disgusting and not classy. Also not a great way to information when you turn people off doing weirdo crap like that.
8) Again it’s not a brothel. It’s a gentleman’s Club. Don’t make it weird asking for things that are done in a brothel, not a Gentleman’s Club.
9) Be respectful and kind to everyone there and treat those girls, Cynthia and everyone else working there with the same dignity and respect you want to be treated with and if you can’t do that, don’t come in.

Cynthia has long heard of local police that have prayed for her, supported her, and sweated out Court deadlines with her and she very very much wants to meet those people. Not everyone is the sick piece of trash Perry is. Remember there is a lot of Intel that has been obtained over the years, and that being the time period of almost half a decade so at this point even if she has not met you all, she likely could recognize voices. In other words, if Perry thinks he can send his goons in pretending to be a local cop who has supported Cynthia, that is not going to happen. There is reason she is way ahead of him on gathering actionable Intel. He is caught in criminal activity more than ever before in his life. He has, after five years, not obtained one iota of information as to who these cops are investigating him and his co criminals, who his leaks are or how Intel is collected. She’s good at what she does and the cops even better. You be an ass to someone especially as long as Perry has, they are not gonna like you anymore and they not going to want to help you. They are going to want to help anyone working to put a stop to his criminal activity that has caused so much loss and so much grief to so many for so long. He is just a burden Cynthia, her family, and everyone she knows and people in Oklahoma do not want to deal with. That is the reason he has so many leaks. People want to help those working to put a stop to his uncivilized deranged demented sadistic sick attack on Cynthia and people in her life that Perry should not even know much less be contacting.

Officers recorded another conversation of Perry and his co defendants talking about texts of Dec 2011 when Cynthia texted Perry upset o er rumors of an affair that wasn’t. Usually it’s the girl that runs her mouth. Perry ran his mouth about an affair that wasn’t as if to mark his territory. He is the married one and the politician and in Bill Clinton’s case it was Monica who told, not Bill. In this case wannabe Perry was the one running his mouth. The conversation today was “Chris Winn said he didn’t say anything about an affair bit that’s been a long time ago and he may not remember. She appears to be asking Charles if it was him not really making that statement. The bottom line is Perry never asks what she’s upset about indicating he already knew so he was spreading rumors they were having an affair. This was never political and he knew it. That’s perjury. He just denies having employees. He had employees. He lied in Court. ”

As to Fabian, Perry has had people come to her club to bad mouth him to her and he bad mouths her to Fabian and none of that has been successful but to show Perry is simply butting into something he has no business butting into. Cynthia does not want Perry. She has no feelings for Perry but disgust and he does not know that she was not just bait all along. Cynthia wants Jacquelyn to get her husband busy doing with stuff with her and off Cynthia’s back and out of her life. And if anyone deserves Cynthia it’s Fabian. He has refused to hurt Cynthia for Perry and he’s one of the few that has. Fabian is one of the few who has not pretended to care about Cynthia only to take private intimate details of her life to give to Perry so he can find some way to use it to cause her more loss. Fabian is one of the few who has not pretended to care about Cynthia only to take private intimate details of her life to give to Perry to cause more loss. Fabian has had six years to tell Cynthia what Perry wanted him to: “I don’t want you ” and in five years he has done no such thing. They’ve talked on the phone briefly about Dave’s comments on the matter and he could have said it then but didnt. He could have given any number of blow off lines but didn’t. That’s the kind of man Cynthia wants. In fact we understand that when Perry bad mouths Cynthia to Fabian his response was “Stop calling me to bad mouth her. If she’s that bad, then get off of us and let me have her.” Perry shouldn’t even know or care who Fabian is. He testified under oath this is a made up story to attack his political job. So what does Fabian and Cynthia have to do with his political job? Is keeping them apart what he needs to do to pass a law in Texas?

To other people involved in his corruption, Perry is the achilles heel in this because he is one stupid, delusional sick son of a nut. He cannot control his weird even to prove the criminal psychologist wrong. We had no idea it was possible for anyone to be that stupid. He is living breathing truth it is. Anyone that takes seven years to get what “I don’t like you, Weirdo. You and your peeper creeper problems are not my type of thing” means is not all there. It does not take anyone with even average intelligence more than thirty seconds to get what that means a few months to move on. When one thing does not work out, there are plenty of women that might be a better fit. Perry after seven years of perpetual rejection still can’t get that Cynthia does not like him and never will and figure out how to move on. Perry has no control over his weirdo problems and they have burdened others far too long. He has no control over these cops or them getting him on wire nor does he have control over what they do with that, which Court all that comes into, the when, how, and where of that nor will he ever. He can’t even find a guy to sting op right much less get to that but one thing is sure: real men, tough guys protect women and children and pick on people their own size and those kinda guys are what Petunia Perry is up against. A college student does not beat up a kindergartener nor should men attack women, children and cops. That is not a dignified manly way to be. It’s not impressive for that college age kid to beat up a five year old. It does not make him look strong in fact it makes him mean and weak and this is that. It’s not hot or sexy for men to attack women, little kids and cops. It’s disgusting and repulsive.

The clubs where Cynthia works have been oddly slow. There is no excuse for that. There is a successful law suit for another club in Oklahoma that sued and won for tortiuous interference with business so if this continues more law suits will be forth coming especially after Perry is finally stopped by these cops who keep uncovering sadistic criminal activity he hid for decades. He is stealing. You don’t steal from women and not expect real men to come after you. Perry has begged Cynthia to get law enforcement off him and that request alone speaks to his delusion.

Of course the whole purpose of sending proxy stalkers to Cynthia’s work trying to get a date is to find out where she lives, what she drives and get her away from that whole Fabian idea. Cynthia is fully aware of Perry’s ass backwards plans. If he has his hired proxy stalkers picking her up for a date then he finds out where she lives and what she drives and he can go to Fabian and tell him again to give up. His hope was also to get someone close enough to her that she would tell him which law enforcement agencies are investigating him. One of the cheapest VIPs one or two times in her workplace for sure is never going to get that one done and if he were smart he would know that. Also whatever he has done to slow business down to about nothing, is another great way to piss off the cops investigating him that keep getting his criminal activity on wire. You don’t take money from girls and their kids.

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