Perry Threatens Cynthia With Second False Arrest And Kidnapping

Perry has flat told people over the years he wants to arrange that second false arrest of Cynthia for various reasons, one being “to calm her down” when she fights him off of her, or to get her to “do what he tells her” or other nonsensical reasons no normal person could think up if they tried. He has told people if he takes everything she has, her car, her belongings she will have no choice but to do as she is told but then there is no relationship. His contact is unwanted and a crime. He’s been under investigation for what started out on a murder which then expanded to his peeper site (Perry for years has trolled to find single women, watches their schedule, finds out when will be out if the home, has a lock smith break in to install hidden cameras, hosts a peeper site where he sells “watch time” of these women and their children in the privacy of their home where they are supposed to be safe, without their knowledge, consent and against their will and gives them no compensation in fact he will take everything they have. He has told many people over the years that if he can take everything Cynthia has then she will call him and he will “take care of her”. He’s told people of his intent to keep her locked up in a home with beveled glass where she cannot see out and no one can see her. He will torment her then kill her. His hitmen have failed to kill her more than once, so he wants to do it himself. He likes poison. That makes it difficult to tell there even is a murder much less that he did it.Those with Erotomania come up with fantasies that are not realistic, one article says. Remember when Cynthia met him, he had not been in politics at all but she had for ten years. She grew up in it, her granddad being Chief of Police and an elected official where she grew up. She was used to going places with him and her Granny and people knowing who she was but she had no idea who they were even as a little child. Perry had no such life. He was a boring small town accountant nobody knew. She helped him get elected because she had not only Federal connections due to her work in government reform but three years of local connections in working with the local Republican women’s group in a demographic that is 80 percent Republican. She moved to Lubbock from glamorous Las Vegas where you see famous people on a regular basis and she knew some. Perry had no such exposure.In addition the officers investigating him have reviewed their evidence, by far more than Cynthia’s, and Cynthia’s with a criminal psychologist who could come to no other conclusion that Charles Perry suffers from not only Erotomania, but antisocial Disorder, is sociopathic and sexually sadistic. He cannot get off unless he is hurting people and shows no empathy at all. She has already begun preparing her testimony for court and commented “Due to the public nature of this, I thought he may change his behaviour to prove me wrong. He has not even tried, which means he can’t. He is not able to and that indicates his disease is severe and he is dangerous. He has no love for Cynthia because if he did, he would do things she likes and stop doing what she hates. He would want her to be happy even if it’s not with him. Most men shower a woman with gifts but instead seeks to take everything she cares about in attempt to isolate her and because he frankly gets off watching her be upset at the losses he causes. He has no love for people. He loves hurting people and people are just objects he uses to get his high. Over time he will increase the brutality of his crimes because the he needs more to get the same high. ” Most would be too embarrassed to behave so offensively but Perry is not. He hurts people to get off and can’t get off without it and has no empathy at all. He simply could not care less. That is one cold son of a bitch.To actually tell people that his intent is to take everything Cynthia has or false arrest her again “to calm her down and force her to do what he says” because he can’t handle rejection the way any normal human being does by simply moving on to find a better match, and his intent to kidnap her thinking that would lead to kind of romantic reunion speaks to some very disturbed thinking and delusion. That is not what normal men so to get a date. That is what deeply depraved criminals do. The comments around Oklahoma, due to Perry’s admission of being molested by a cousin as a child are “Apparently this Perry guy was a victim of incest and it turned him into a whackjob ” we’ve not confirmed whether or not he is indeed the victim of incest but he had made such a claim to some folks in Oklahoma thinking that would make Cynthia want him just out if sympathy, not love. She showed empathy to some young girls who got in some trouble with drugs to self medicate hurts from being sexually abused as kids however why on Earth would an old married man with resources to pay a medical professional, has a wife and a pastor to assist him compare himself to an 18 year old little girl with no such resources? It is not even close to the same. That thinking also speaks to his problem with delusions and setting up some unrealistic fantasy that will never happen as is common for those who suffers from Erotimania and stated in the article on Erotomania below. It is not normal to wish to take everything someone cares about and everyone thinking that would make them want you. Cynthia’s co workers asked her four years ago “That Texas Senator came in here and told us we need to make you like him and not Fabian or he is gonna put you in jail until you come to your senses. Why is he doing that? What happened to dinner and movie or something? Why does he think putting you in jail would make you fall in love with him? That’s mean. We have never seen a guy do that. Why does he keep wanting to do that?” Again 18 to 20 year old little girls figured out very quickly how disturbed that thinking is. So what’s wrong with him that he can’t get that?The bottom line is, if he had $25 million to spend on his uncovered up cover up, he had that to spend in a head doctor’s office. And small town accountants could not come up with $25 million, but a guy hosting a peeper site selling watch time probably could fairly easily.At one time he blurted out to Cynthia “I help about ten to fifteen divorcees. Jacquelyn let’s me help them ” and at the time she could not figure out the purpose of his random off the wall statement. He had not helped her at all nor had she asked nor did she have a need to do why say something like that? To this day she has no idea why he did. Was that his peeper victim group? Ten to fifteen women he watched all day, harrassing, ruining then pops up acting like some hero to help when he knew had he not caused loss they wouldn’t need his help? Was that that? The US Marshals advised Cynthia they couldn’t serve summons because Perry travels so much, without his wife and he has no alibi. Where is his wife while he sits around all day perverting behind her back? Why is she not keeping him busy with her so he has no time to peeper rape Cynthia and engorge in some constant sadistic attack all the time? Why is she not with him more? We all want to know the answer to that question. He wouldn’t have time to troll around and force himself on women who want nothing to do with someone that twisted, demented and depraved.Investigators now have expanded their investigation into Judges in Cynthia’s civil cases where too many abnormalities caught the attention of their prosecutors. They began recording and Cynthia now has three times where they discussed dismissing her claims she told her attorneys about before the prepaid dismissals hit the docket by a day or two. They have now included Racketeering in their case and Racketeering includes obstruction of justice, perjury, destruction of evidence, victim tampering, harassment of witnesses, subornation of perjury or attempting to, coercion, and bribing judges. Cover ups are evidence of a crime because of there is no crime, you need no cover up. That in and of itself is evidence of a crime so what was Perry so worried about he spent so much money bribing judges and after he was told some judges may be informants over a year ago? He did it anyways and got caught and recorded again after being told this information. There is not only clear depravity but just stupid. He is just flat out stupid. How does he tie his shoe everyday without help if he cannot even understand what “Stop calling judges to get an illegal prepaid order because some may be informants. ” means and he does it anyways then gets all shocked when he gets recorded and caught yet again. Cynthia is not impressed with someone who has nothing better to do all day than cause harm and devastation. Why would she be? No one is. Her fight to be free of Perry is appropriate so his statements that she needs to be illegally incarcerated again to “calm her down” speaks to his need to shut her up. He doesn’t like getting caught. All he was asked to do is leave her alone, be a man and move on. Her feelings for him are just disgust. Why wouldn’t they be? He’s been nothing but disgusting. There is no relationship. There is just a crime. She has no romantic feelings for someone so cruel and weirdo. Why would she? It does not go both ways. She does not want Perry. She wants another man and one who does not act like a drama queen, is not weirdo, does not peep, does not hack, and one who has fought against Perry to see Cynthia for a long time. A good man does not dishonor a girl he cares about bad mouthing her and we understand the man Cynthia wants in fact addressed that and told Perry “Stop calling me to bad mouth her. If she’s that bad, why do you want her? Let me have her and you stay away from us. “And Perry betrays his wife and two children in his offensive nutty behaviour. What kind of legacy is that for your kids? They are strapped with that forever. Victims can heal and move forward but his children are forever strapped with their dads behavior. What kind of man does that to his own kids? Not one worth a shit. Not one Cynthia would even give the time of day to and causing serious problems thinking she’s call him to save the day is as delusional as it gets. Heroes fix problems other people cause. They don’t cause problems hoping to be called to fix what they broke with any expectation of being seen as doing anything other than what they should. You break it, you are expected to fix it it’s expected socially and morally. You cannot be a villain and a hero. It does not work that way. Heroes fix what they did not break. That is what makes them heroes.All the mental health info is similar to what Dr Russell told Cynthia and the shrink is prepared to take Cynthia’s info plus evidence obtained by investigators to make the case that Perry is a danger to society and should have been treated long ago and while he’s not able to tell the difference between fact and fiction, by way of a $25 million uncovered up cover up, and a shit ton of perjured statements, he clearly understands the difference between right and wrong or he would make no effort to cover up and hide his criminal activity.Click Here To Hear Cynthia And Dr RussellLink to info on antisocial disorderClick Here For Info On Antisocial DisorderClick Here To See Info On Sexual SadismClick Here For Info On ErotomaniaClick Here To See Evidence Perry Suffers From Delusional ErotomaniaClick Here To Follow Us On Facebook


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