Cynthia’s Car Under Threat of Injury, Motion To Vacate Filed on First Suit and Cease and Desist Letter Sent Again

In the first case dismissed, filed in the Federal Court, Northern District of Oklahoma, 4:17-CV-489-JHP-JFJ, transferred to the Northern District of Texas and give case number 5:18-CV-137-C the Motion to Vacate below was filed on November 17, 2019 via Certified Mail:


In State Court, County of Tulsa, The Supplemental Petition In Error was filed with the Cease and Desist Letter as Exhibit #3.


Perry still threatening injury to Cynthia’s vehicle with intent to Impede appeals and civil proceedings. He continues to hit on her and make unwanted romantic advances which she has rejected for years and made it clear she wants no part of contact with him at all in any form ever under any circumstances. He then begins to threaten to hurt her when she rejects him. Rather than just doing what the entire rest of the world does he begins forcing himself on her even more, threatens some sort of loss, tells her he does it to protect whatever imaginary relationship it is he thinks they have that does not exist to her at all, then tells his people “Tell her all she has to do is call me.” Weirdo and type very very abusive stuff on all. This has gone on for nearly a decade. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from Perry and has sued three times to attempt to get the man to go away. She wants to be free of him.

As to threats made to cause Cynthia injury in Oklahoma where she lives by causing loss of her vehicle, those threats began in the spring of this year and the threats were made in Oklahoma. Then there was the radiator thing,then the brick thing that totaled her car, the brick being thrown from a truck in front of her, cracking her engine and that brick could have just as easily cracked her skull the same had she been running just a few seconds earlier. What actually happened that night is as she was pulling out to leave for work, she spotted one of Perry’s proxy stalkers sitting in the road and went out a different way that takes just a few seconds longer, to avoid him. That may have saved her neck. She got a new car then there was the vandalism thing and the attempt to get the lein holder to say he had not received payment to repo it and police investigating Perry on something else had not tipped Cynthia off, they could have pulled that off and made it look like Perry had nothing to do with it. It was during that time they uncovered information regarding a forged Power of Attorney or similar document. Perry should have no interest in the status of Cynthia’s car payment, should not know who the lein holder is and so for him to gain access to that personal private financial information he could only get it through illegal means. After a 20 minute conversation with the lien holder in how he preferred to be paid offering every means of electronic payment under the sun in which he would receive payment in 15 minutes, he instead chose mail. Perry knowing this illegally, told the guy, from what out Intel uncovered “Tell her you didn’t get it and go pick up that car.” How we know this, we cannot and will divulge but we do know and evidence exists that that is the conversation they had that they had no business having. Charles Perry or anyone for that matter has no legal authority at all to Cynthia’s finances or to get around privacy laws. Forgery is not a legal method of gaining access to that information. She NEVER consented to any such thing. A family member has a Limited Power of Attorney should Cynthia become incapacitated but it is limited to that circumstance, like if she is in a coma or something and Perry has or should not have access to the family member or the document.

We know for a fact all Perry has done since the minute he met Cynthia is develope some sick fixation with causing her harm then pretending to be some hero if he fixes what he ruined. That is not how that works. Hero’s don’t ruin anything at all. Hero’s fix what other people ruin. It’s about control for him. Abusive men typically want to control the income so they can say they “take care” of their victim but only give enough to just barely get by and never enough so she can leave. That is his intent, to create that scenario and everyone knows it and everyone knows it is as twisted and demented as it gets. It is a forced relationship and not one both people want to be in. We understand Perry was already told “Even if you force her back here and into some relationship she will always be looking for a way out. If she’s not in it because she wants to be in it, you force her into something all she will do is always be looking for a way out. She’s not going to be in it because she loves you and wants to be with you. It would only be by force until she finds a way out.” And this is true. She has made that very very clear. Cynthia does not want to be in ANY kind of relationship with Charles Perry. Stalkers won’t move on and let go like normal dudes when rejected. That is all he is to her, just some weirdo who is a stalker and can’t let go and move in when rejected, and rejected, and rejected, and rejected, over and over and over and over for nearly a decade.

Below is the “Cease and Desist” letter Defendants were sent and filed with State Court. This is one of many she has had to send of the years.

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