Racketeering and Charles Perry’s Pattern Of Conduct Which Is Criminal

Officers investigating Charles Perry for his peeper site in which he trolls around finding single women to set up cameras in their home while they are at work to sell watch time, and their kids, and murder obtained another recorded conversation from someone involved:

“Charles Perry keeps thinking he can use this information he gets from people he sends to her work. He went into a Court of law and said he had no pertinent contacts in Oklahoma and denied all her allegations while under oath and yet when he uses information he gets from people he sends to her work all he does is prove what she says is true. Her allegations are true and he lied before a Court again. The thing is, now my family and I are in jeopardy. Had I done the right thing long ago and helped that girl and put a stop to what Charles Perry is doing and followed the law my family and I would not now be under threat. He is a threat to everyone. Had I just done the right thing to begin with that would not be the case. This guy does nothing but make trouble for everyone else so he can get a hard on and he is putting lives and families in harm’s way. My family is now a target too because he needs to get off and I am not comfortable with that at this point any more than Cynthia is. This is pathetic we did nothing to stop this a long time ago. I let him get away with this and now he thinks he can just always get away with it and the more he poses a threat, the more people are starting to push for this guy to be stopped. People are talking to get to that end a d she has told everyone that for years.”

Ya think????

When Cynthia met Perry he had not been elected to a damn thing and had no history to attack. He did not even go to political events and was not involved in politics at all. He was a nobody boring accountant in a small town. To her that’s all he will ever be and a deeply disturbed sicko criminal no different in any way at all than Dennis Radar and John Hinkley Jr. Everyone sevens up eventually. You roll that dice enough times, you do prove you did roll dice and you seven’d up. Perry had no political involvement, no established relationships needed to be effective, no history to attack, and no reason to see him as a threat or a key player which would be required to warrant any kind of attack. People who do nothing pose no threat to anyone at all a d up to the time they met, Perry had done nothing.

Cynthia had ten years in Federal government reform, was, for a year, campaign activities director for Lubbock Republican Women’s group which, the job of that position is to organize campaign support for Republican candidates. She organized block walking events for Republican candidates, event support and other activities that would assist Republicans in their elections. Cynthia had been asked to run for Nevada State Assembly more than once when she lived in Nevada, had worked for the Texas State Board of Education in promoting a resolution that gained International media coverage, had developed strong relationships for ten years with a whole lot if people in power and people with much much more power and influence than Charles Perry will ever have. That’s key to being effective because no one person can do a thing legislatively or administratively in government reform. Charles Perry has such deep delusions and grandiose thinking he acts like he can pass a law all by himself that Cynthia would not like, leading to her targeting him, making up some crazy stalker story, but not even telling anyone but a few close friends who did not even live in Texas, for four years, changing careers, moving twice, then making the problem public. The truth is, he had no history to attack. She did and she had TEN years when they met, Sixteen total. She had a three bedroom two bath, two car garage home in SW Lubbock, as a single mom with only her income, she had just began establishing clients and income for her business as she had previously worked in medical and did government reform pro Bono to help her patients get better care. She drove a BMW. She had success on her own. Perry ripped all that up. He did it intentionally. Why would someone ruin another person intentionally that badly? Again she had a two story, two bed, two bath home just next to the high school tennis courts where her son was Captain of the Tennis team and she list that home too when Perry carried out his threats to arrange a false arrest for which he is now being sued. What’s worse is in his sick twisted mind he tells Cynthia she should like him because he gave. She should just “Be” and let him continue his sadistic cruel attack. He will give it back when she lies for him. Perry says crazy stuff no normal person would even think up much less say. What he gave is, he hires a proxy stalker to buy a VIP to see if he can get Cynthia to say or do something he can use to hurt her. That is not giving. As we said before, it’s like ripping up all her Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabana clothes that she worked for and bought on her own, long before she ever met him, he rips them off of her, burns them, then hands her some ugly yellow JC Penny sweater that he barfed all over and can’t understand why she does not like him. Who would? It’s sicko. It’s cruel and sadistic. She misses what he took, not him. Would Jews miss Hitler and he took all they worked all their lives building, starved them to death, separated them from their families, murder 6 million of them, threatened them, beat them, blew their brains out, husband’s in front of their wives and children and wives in front of their husbands and children, gassed them to death, and humiliated them? He did give them food and a place to live though. She misses Charles Perry the same as the Jews miss Hitler. He has the same hideous mind set. And she is not going to just “Be” and allow him to visually rape her and ruin her life and if you get to know Cynthia, you would know there is no chance of that ever. She will metaphorically kick the ever living fuck out of someone who is that mentally deranged and not stop until he stops hurting people or is stopped. For the first time in Perry’s life, his criminal conduct is a matter of public record. He keeps getting caught over and over and over trying to commit crimes against her in Oklahoma. Over and over and over he has been caught and never before in his life has that happened. And yet, he has no control over his urges and cannot stop himself even still. Like a rabid dog that cannot control itself. Charles Perry by the way, in nearly ten years of this, has lost nothing.

There have been enough people suffer. It’s simply no longer being tolerated. It’s just not going to be tolerated and never should have been. Perry’s sicko twisted mind is not going to be shoved down everyone else’s throat any more. First time in his his life, things have changed and life as he knew it is over. It is over. If you think Cynthia is his only victim, someone somewhere should slap the stupid out of you. You need it. Frankly if you are that dumb you are an embarrassment.

The Hitler philosophy was : “I decided I am better than you and you don’t deserve to have the nice things you worked all your life to have, I do. I will take it because I feel entitled to take it even though I didn’t work for it, didn’t build it, didn’t earn it and did not lift a finger to get what you have. God gave you talents and intelligence to build what you built but I want it so I will take it because I feel entitled. I will give you the shittiest place ever to live, rip you from your family, feed you just enough to keep you alive but never enough to make you strong enough to get away and get out of this very sadistic cruel situation I imposed on you against your will. I have no power or control over me so I am going to do this to you so I can control you with my power. I will make you suffer, and suffer and suffer so I can get off. After I have had my fun with that, and barely kept you alive, I’ll blow your brains out or gas you just because I can. ” And these were considered “atrocities”. Perry has done much the same to his victims though on a smaller scale but the mind set is the same. And his victims are always going to have a normal reaction to a very very abnormal situation. This has been imposed on them. It’s imposed. No one chooses to be the victim if a crime. Stalking alone is a crime in all fifty states but part of Perry’s stalking has created other criminal activities as well, including but not limited to, obstruction of justice, attempted murder, destruction of evidence, retaliation for reporting the crime, perjury, harassment of a material witness, tampering with victims and witnesses, peeping, coercion, hacking, bribery and attempting to suborn perjury. And the truth is God is in control and He said “If you do this to the least of these you do this to ME.”

Reporting a crime is not a crime. Covering up a crime only gives evidence to the crime itself plus adds an additional crime of all the things that go into covering up the crime. Telling on someone who committed a crime is not a crime in any state anywhere. Criminals have patters of conduct and some of that includes attempting to silence victims and witnesses and Perry has done that non stop all day every day for years.

Here is the thing: Perry continues to claim he is the victim when he has suffered no loss at all and no crime has ever been committed against him. Telling on him committing a crime or planning to is not a crime in any state at all. Elements of a crime have to include means, motive and opportunity. He already went into Court under oath claiming to be the victim of a political attack knowing all the facts reviewed in this post and knowing he had threatened Cynthia with specifically arranging a false arrest since her attempt to get a Protective Order was denied. The fact that he made a threat and carried it out, in Oklahoma, is THE reason she needs a Protective Order. Rejecting romance advances is not a crime, nor does that have anything at all to do with what one does or needs to do to pass a law in Texas. Whistleblowers law is a law to Protect Whistleblowers as is the Rico Act in sections 1512 and 1513 which he blatantly violated and continues to daily.
Crime by Definition is : “Definition of crime
1: an illegal act for which someone can be punished by the government
especially : a gross violation of law
2: a grave offense especially against morality
3: criminal activity
efforts to fight crime
4: something reprehensible, foolish, or disgraceful”

Perry has a habit and pattern of conduct which is criminal and offensive and has occurred in Oklahoma against a citizen of the state of Oklahoma. Suffering and loss, that being profound and catastrophic loss and suffering have been sustained over and over and over again by Cynthia, a citizen of the state of Oklahoma. In fact Perry was told “Cynthia deserves to be able to go to work and not become the victim of crime every time she does and you need to stop all this. Control yourself and stop this.” By someone trying to reason with him same as she did for nearly a decade. These men claim to be Christians. They did not read that part in that Bible they all pound everyone else over the head with that says “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God ” or If you do this to the least of these, you did it to ME.” ??? They didn’t just not go visit someone in prison, or someone in prison or not feed the hungry. They caused the hunger, the sickness and the prison and they did it intentionally and they never stop going at her and other victims and some of those victims are children of women they attack, two being Cynthia’s children. These are kids. They don’t get to do that. We don’t care who they think they are, they don’t get to do that. They are not entitled to a lie, a cover up, or to take what was never theirs to take. And you don’t fuck with cop people and expect that to end well . Perry has been caught more right now than ever before in his life because he did. His pattern or criminal conduct is public record and he hid this all his life. Not this time.

By the way, Cynthia’s granny’s maiden name was Shindler. She told Cynthia there was a family dispute that led to a change in the spelling where the “C” was dropped but that her family is related to the Oskar Schindler family who risked his life to save Jewish people. Her family believes you relieve suffering. It’s just what you do. What the hell is wrong with everyone else?? People that know what Perry does when he thinks nobody is looking that don’t???













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