Perry Does Nothing All Day But Watch Cynthia Work Then Complains She’s Lazy

Cynthia talks directly to her hacker, by texting her attorney. It’s protected by attorney client privilege and nobody should know a thing about it legally unless it’s posted here. This is posted here. Many other things are only between her and her attorney. Perry’s Achilles heel, she discovered many years ago is he has a hard time keeping up with what he is supposed to know and not supposed to know. This is to her hacker whether that be Perry, someone else or someone hacking for Perry.

Here’s the thing, Cynthia likes everyone unless they give her a reason not to. She’s been extremely mean to Perry to blow him off. He cannot seem to take the hint. It appears the guy just has no life and no ability to tell the difference between fact and fiction. She is very very displeased with court rulings dismissing her causes of action. The intent was to remedy Perry’s rip apart of her life and TO BE RID OF HIM. His unwanted contact to her indicating his delusional belief that law enforcement investigating his Peeper site and murder, forced her to file those claims, he buys a dismissal then tells her she can come back now. Nothing could be more bazaar. She filed those TO BE RID OF HIM. She does not want Charles Perry. He butts into her life, forces himself on her against her will. She has made her wishes very clear and only delusional people with antisocial Disorder ignore the rights and wishes of others based sometimes based on imaginary stuff. Cynthia does not like Charles Perry and wants NO contact with him ever at all in any form. Normal dudes move on to find someone who wants them back. Cynthia does not want anything at all to do with Charles Perry, now or ever, under any circumstances. She does not think he is hot or sexy. She finds him grotesque. She wants someone else. Normal dudes move on when rejected. Success is in finding someone who wants you back not forcing yourself on a woman who doesn’t. It’s enough already with this imaginary soap opera imposed all over other people.

Every person everywhere Cynthia goes is notified there is no consent form or power of attorney signed by her giving Perry or anyone else authorization to get info or to do anything at all. Any such document is forged. She has signed no such thing ever. A family member has a Limited Power of Attorney that can only be used if she’s like in a coma or incapacitated and this document is not something anyone but that family member would have access to.

This is enough already with this stuff. Lotta people have suffered huge losses and the kind you never get over due to Perry’s delusions and mental problems. Cynthia follows her granddad’s beliefs that you relieve suffering. You relieve it, you don’t cause it. It is our calling no matter our career choice. All her work all her life has been about that ranging from medical, to lobbying for better coverage for treatment so people have access to get well, to ending child abuse, and this just disgusts her. Perry and his loony attack and corruption only disgusts her. It would any normal decent human being.

Cynthia told Perry six years ago and again three years ago if he didn’t respect her wishes, grow up, act like a man, get over it and move on and stop contacting her law enforcement would make sure he was stopped if he refused to stop himself. Early on she was not specific with what she meant by that because of the legal limitations in what she can divulge. $15 million later and six years later, he could not control himself. It’s not better for him. His criminal activity is more apparent than ever before in his life. He hid this all his life. You don’t fuck with cop people and expect it to end well. All he had to do is comply with the law and leave everyone else alone and get a life.

Not long ago, the officers investigating Perry told Cynthia an individual close to her complained “I’m sick and tired of Charles Perry and his Entourage butting in to my personal life and my business. This guy has no place in my life or her’s.” Perry has no life and nothing at all about that impressed Cynthia. He bores her. She respects intelligence and someone smart enough to go to Court to win legit not cheat his way out. In fact it was recently said of him, with regards to his peeping problem and inappropriate comments to other people about things he should know nothing about “Cynthia has a job, she studies the law, she prepares legal documents for Court and fends off Perry’s domestic violence attacks all the time. That’s like four full time jobs. He does nothing but sit around all day watching her work then complains she’s lazy when she takes down time to decompress and regroup and if anyone deserves that, it’s her. He does nothing all day but sit around and watch Cynthia work then complain she’s lazy. He is just pissed off that she delays her appeals to the very last minute because he wants the appeals filed, he’s gonna buy his dismissal, throw her in jail again and force her to lie to get out and everyone knows it. He is trying to get people pressuring her to move faster so he can do that. That’s his only goal and everyone knows it. He wants that lie. That’s all that matters to him. ”

He is under investigation. That’s how she finds out his intent to hurt her over and over again during his planning stages. Duh….

She is not going to be pushed and shoved and harassed to change anything she has said in Court. He is attemption to coerce and suborning perjury and that is just one more crime.


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