Perry and Powell’s Failed Cover Up

Best quotes ever regarding or related to this situation:

“Treat other people like you want to be treated. God never promised to fix it if you don’t. He did promise you will reap what you sow.” — Anonymous

“Cyndi does not understand why people do not just tell Perry “no” when he asks them to do something illegal and something to hurt her. She has told him “no” for almost a decade every day no matter what he does to her so she has no patience for those who cannot stand up to him and tell him “no” “stop this”.”

” If its illegal, immoral, harmful to another, “Nope!!” Should be your only option in response. Charles Perry is headed to prison faster than he seems to be able to comprehend due to his mental incapacity to discern fact from fiction. Why on earth would you take orders from a man who cannot tell the difference between a romance and just doing weirdo harmful things to another? Would you go down to a mental hospital and ask for life advice? If not, why on earth would you take orders from a man clearly delusional, clearly slow intellectually, and a man who has no control over himself and expect that to go right and produce good outcomes? The outcomes are such that he is in over his head and has spent millions on a cover up that has done nothing but expose his criminal activity more than ever in his life.” –Anonymous

“They will not even let her in the court room, three times now. They don’t want Cyndi to see the bagman come in with money for the judge is why they are doing that. If you cant see corruption in this you need your head examined. There is no way there isn’t corruption in this.” — Reporter

“If he has a police investigation ongoing, did they not consider the fact there would be, not just reporters with law degrees but prosecutors reviewing all legal documents including judicial orders that don’t add up and planning to use it against them? They that dumb, that never occurred to them before they did all this?” — Anonymous

“If you spend all your God given resources, time, money, talent finding people to bless, to help, to uplift, you don’t then have to sit around covering up what you do, hoping your lies work, paying off and intimidating people who know what you did, hoping they don’t tell anyone. You are proud of your life, how you spent your day, not ashamed and in need of a lie. You leave a legacy of good, not one that requires your family to hang their heads in embarrassment. $15 million could have been spent to feed the hungry, bless the poor, help the oppressed and bring smiles and joy. Instead its been used to bring pain, intimidate, bribe, and buy a cover up which did not work. Perry has no life. He is miserable and wants everyone else to be as miserable as he is. He has no business having any presence in Oklahoma at all much less over there doing nothing but stirring up trouble and making problems all the time. For guys who claim they are Christians, “godly men of integrity”, they have spent a whole lot of time and money being conduits of destruction, loss, pain, conflict, trouble and problems when they are to be conduits of peace. They have no right to do any such thing. We have him and Powell on tape more than I can even say wondering who in Oklahoma told on them. If they would get busy in Lubbock helping people, they would not have to make calls up to Oklahoma wondering who told, who to intimidate, who to threaten, who to harass to shut up, now would they. ” –One officer involved in investigation of Charles Perry on another matter

Enough said. Perry’s criminal activity is more exposed now than ever before in his life despite more money spent on a cover up than ever before in his life. He did not wake up in middle age and just start being a creeper peeper weirdo corrupt person. He has done this all his life and gotten away with it, however him getting away with it is not the case now.

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