Perry Now Claims To Have Lien on Ortiz’s Car, Notifying Her Via Hack

Charles Perry has threatened to take Ortiz’s car for some time, first attempting to vandalize it so she could not continue to pursie civil law suits against him seeking remedy for loss he has already caused and an order of protection to prevent future loss. He then was recorded stating “Its not legit but I will have her car towed and sold before she figures that out.” Now, being he hacked her phone, sees every text, every email, can send, block, and delete eveything that comes and goes to and from her phone, typed in it that he has a lein on her car. Not the proper notification if that is true. She has no loan on it. If Perry did put a lein on it, Ortiz has received no legal notice, she has repeatedly requested Perrys attorney email her legal documents, no payment options or anything at all proving he has any legal rights to her car at all. Typing it in her hacked phone, which is a crime, is not the proper notification method.He has also obtained her customer info from hacking her phone, told them to stop doing business with her to ensure she is broke financially. If he does have a lein on her car, he has also interferred with her income to make sure she cant pay anything. One more loss Perry is causing to attempt to force Ortiz into some bazaar relationship she never wants to be in. He has told her he will take everythi g and everyone she loves and will only give it back if she agrees to be his mistress. She wants nothing at all to do with him under any circumstances because he does stuff like this. This is not love. This is very very sick. Stalking is not about love. Its about control. Perry has been assessed as a sadistic, antisocial sociopathic, psychotic delusional mentally slow man unable to grasp reality, unable to tell fact from fiction, and a man who refuses to respect the law, the rights and wishes of other people. Ortiz has chamged careers and moved twice to get away from him and to avoid conflict. This is indicative of all of that. Ortoz just does not like Charles Perry because he never stops with the underhanded, corrupt, unlawful, criminal attack on her life. She deserves to be able to go to work without becoming a victim of crime everytime she does. Invading her privacy, seeing private texts and emails some to police, some protected by attorney client privelege is also subjecting her to daily criminal attack resulting in substantial tangible financial loss and a serious invasion of her privacy. His attention and contact is always unwanted and illegal. It crosses state lines and therefor is a Federal crime. Typing in her phone that he can take her car because he has a lein on it, when she has no legal documentation to prove that is not the appropriate notification. There has also been no payment options discussed, via normal communication or hack.One more day in the life of a stalking victim.

Public Notice of Emailed Cease and Desist Letter to Defendants. This is one of many over the years addressing Defendants constant out of court harassment of Ortiz

“I apologize, Mr Dennis and Mr McGough, but the attached is rather urgent and will be sent both email and mail. Were it not for the urgency, it would not be emailed.

Again, to reiterate, any and all written notices in any form are not done with intent to harass, but done upon instruction of law enforcement for my protection. It is to protect me, same as the emails and texts were sent out regarding Mr Perry’s threats to arrange a false arrest and/or kill me, this is EXACTLY the same thing and not different in any way. Any threat carried out, we then have evidence of intent and premeditation to cause ME injury in the forum state of Oklahoma.
Cynthia Ortiz
(918) 401-0724
“Treat others like you want to be treated. God never promised to fix it for us if we don’t. He did promise we will reap what we sow. ” — Anonymous”


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