Perry Threatens to Take Ortiz’s Car

Several months ago, Ortiz began having one problem after another with her car. First a tire blew, which she believes just happened. She then had problems with overheating, thought the problems was fixed, only to have the over heating problem repeat about a weak later. There was a hole in a hose causing leakage of antifreeze and that she is not sure whether Perry tampered with her vehicle or not, or paid someone to. It appeared the hole could have been caused with a pocket knife. Witnesses have reported they found her trunk open more than once and because of Perry’s threats to her car, she has been hypervigilant about making sure everything is closed and locked up good. She then got a call from police investigating Perry on other crimes who told her “He had your tail light taken out. Go check it and fix it before you go to work so you don’t get pulled over.” She never checks her lights in the middle of the day. When she did, sure enough it was out so she fixed it. That she knows he did or paid someone to do, and that was the second time that has happened and you have to get into the trunk to get to it. She differentiated between what she thinks was just happenstance and what she knows Perry did. An off duty local policeman told her, “I’ll be real honest with you. Because there was so much all at one time, I think he did all of it. He may not have but I’d be willing to bet he probably did.”

When Perry got caught vandalizing her car, he simply changed up his angle. Now, the officers told Ortiz they got Perry on recorded stating, “I want her car towed and its not legit but I’ll have it towed and sold before she figures that out. ” He was even recorded asking how much he could get for the car, giving out the make, model and mileage to a car dealer. Her name is the ONLY name on title and she owes no money on it at all. There is no loan and she owes no money on it. He was also recorded talking with one of his guys about doing something to her to stop her from pursuing court litigation. The man said, “You hit her hard enough, she will quit, but you have this police investigation and you don’t know what those guys will do. You even know exactly who they are so they may do something if you keep going at her to impede court processes. ” This has been an ongoing problem since the day Ortiz and Perry met, but became worse after she left Lubbock six years ago, in November, 2013. Perry has not stopped attempting to take everything she has and make it impossible for her to meet court deadlines. Taking her car away would be one way to hit her hard enough where he thinks she would quit. She thinks its one more cause of action and one more crime.

A day or two before the Tenth Circuit ruling was issued, August 16, 2019, which she would want to file either a request for re-hearing or appeal, all the sudden her computer, phone, and all email accounts jammed up stating she’d used too much storage. What are the chance they all jam up on the same day? She got it cleaned up just before the ruling came out and was able to receive the court’s emailed notice.

Ortiz’s text to her attorney:
“The officers investigating Charles Perry on the other matters, including but not limited to a murder, said their attorney and a reporter met today after I told them of the threat to my car. The attorney said “Cynthia has the right to go to work and not become the victim of a crime every time she does. She has the right to work free of harassment, free of threat to her property whether that be her car, her social security card, her driver’s license or anything she owns. She has the right to be able to go to work and not suffer financial loss, grand larceny or conversion, loss of clients and frankly its appalling this stuff is allowed over there in Tulsa. This is a civilized society. That type of conduct is outrageous and not allowed in this country. She has the right to be heard out in a court of law and looking into these rulings we are finding outrageous conduct on the part of these judges and that simply unacceptable. It is not going to be tolerated. That girl deserves some relief and that is all their is to it. If they don’t do something, we will but this will not be tolerated. Never should have been to begin with. “
Ortiz owes NO money on her car. There is no loan payment as there is no loan. Perry has no authorization or legal means to take her car and he was actually recorded making that very statement: “Its not legit but I will have that car towed and sold before she figures that out.” He went into court claimed he is not stalking her, claims he has no business contacts within the state of Oklahoma, but certainly if he knows the make, model and mileage of her car, takes it, tampers with it, or paying someone to, that would constitute a relevant business transaction within the forum state of Oklahoma, stalking and harassment.
All of this conduct, is typical stalker and very offensive outrageous conduct on his part. Every day for nearly a decade, Ortiz has had to deal with some sort of threat from Charles Perry to harm her physically, financially, to take her property or cause property loss.

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