Clear RICO Violations in Senator Perry’s Arrangement of His Stalking Victim’s False Arrest

Due to the fact that Senator Perry had Ms Ortiz arrested for “Retaliating against a public servant for doing his job by filing a false police report”, charges dropped on 6/28/2017, on January 29, 2016, weeks before she’d even received a call back from Tulsa PD, Detective Liz Eagan, which came on 2/15/2016, causing the permanent loss of crucial evidence being the video evidence and hair and blood evidence that would have confirmed or ruled out poisoning, as admitted to by self proclaimed hit man, Dave Roberson, and used in the indictment against Ms Ortiz, these appear to be clear violations of Title 18 USC, 1512 and 1513. She was taken by use of physical force, preventing communications with law enforcement, intending to delay testimony in official proceedings causing the destruction of evidence. Section 1512 states an official proceeding need not be pending or about to be instituted at the time of the offense, however, Ms Ortiz had filed a police report. In part, official proceedings had begun. 1513 speaks to the intent to retaliate against a victim or witness because of testimony in a criminal case, she lost her home, her livelihood was interfered with. Her complaint to Tulsa PD was a criminal complaint and was also done in compliance with OK statutes governing Protective Orders, 22 OS section 60.1 (2) and 22 OS section 60.2 (A) (1) , and Perry did not have the legal right to interfere, intimidate, destroy evidence particularly evidence needed even to prove or disprove his claims. He did not and does not have the legal right or authority to violate Ms Ortiz’s right to Equal Protection afforded her under the 14th Amendment. And we all know that he continues to threaten to find a way to do it to her again.
In addition, Ms Ortiz has heard of Non Disclosure Agreements that he made people sign to prevent testimony. We are still attempting to confirm this information but have been told that Senator Perry gained access to Ms Ortiz’s friends and family names and contact information, contacted each one, and required that they sign a Non Disclosure Agreement preventing them from testifying for her in court. She has gotten some odd push back from some that would seem to confirm the information she received was in fact true. Ms Ortiz at not time ever has told Senator Perry who her friends and family are much less given him contact information. That information could only be obtained illegally. She only spoke of friends that live in Lubbock as it pertained to a campaign she and the Senator worked on. There was no other conversations between the two that brought about any reason for her to provide a list of her friends and family and contact information to him. Ms Ortiz stated, “I was married for ten years and I didn’t even give that information to my husband, nor was he weird enough to ask. I may have mentioned people I’ve known all my life in passing, but there for sure was never a time that I made a list of friends and family with contact information and gave it to my husband so I for sure would never give that information to Senator Perry.” If he has it, and if he contacted each one demanding they sign a Non Disclosure, it could only be from illegal means and the reactions I’m getting from some who previously stepped up without much conversation at all to testify on my son’s case, it does seem the information we received was accurate. I cannot imagine why some would give me the pushback I’m seeing. They did not before and there is no logical explanation for them to now. If Charles demanded they sign a Non Disclosure Agreement prohibiting them from talking about his strange fixation on me and stalking, that would explain why these individuals would act so bazaar over this. It would put them in a serious bind to then be called to testify of this stalking in court. Tha presents a conflict.”
In addition, part of the reason she filed the way she did, is she would contact attorneys in Tulsa by phone or email and either not hear back at all, or she would receive a phone call from an attorney who was hostile, rude, hateful and asked her very very personal questions indicative of stalker questions and not normal for an attorney consult. Again he could only know who she contacts from hacking. She did, one day, just randomly walk into a Tulsa attorney’s office, asked to sign a guarantee of attorney client privilege and was able to obtain a confidential attorney consult. That was an entirely different experience. The attorney was very gracious, kind, helpful, and provided some valuable assistance and Ms Ortiz would use his services but for the fact he does not take Federal cases. But because Senator Perry had no way of knowing before hand that she was going to speak to this attorney, he had no time to interfere with her communications and it was a noticeable difference in the manner of the conversation, the questions asked of her, the information provided to her than when, because he’s hacked her, he can see who she calls and emails to request a consult.
Again, there is a filed and ongoing court proceeding in place regarding this matter. Again, any violations of USC 18, 1512 are taken very seriously. This matter is extremely serious. It looks like Senator Perry had Ms Ortiz arrested to avoid being charged himself after she filed the police report of January 12, 2017. Now she’s filed a law suit against him. While he’s threatened to find some way, any way at all, to arrange another false arrest, lets see if he carries out that threat again, to avoid the consequences of her law suit.
As you can see by the photos, Ms Ortiz told close friends in September and October, 2011, she’d been pressured by Senator Perry to have an affair, she told him “no thank you”, she began to receive threats, she states she became a target of unlawful surveillance, she wanted it to stop, and in these texts, emails, and Facebook messages, she complains only of that. There is no mention at all of any frustration with Senator Perry’s conduct in the execution of his legislative duties. There is no mention at all of frustration with his politics. She instead mentions that she had a conversation with Perry campaign consultant, Ben Campbell, regarding Perry showing his “crush” and jealous rages too much in public, she didn’t want it to harm his political career or her’s and she asked Ben to reign Senator Perry in to which he responded by threatening to ruin her business. That is the issue she states she is upset about and there is not one mention at all of being upset with Senator Perry over his stand on any political issues or his legislative duties. She did keep her mouth shut about the problem for four years, but for a few close friends and did not make the matter public until 2015 when she filed to get a Protective Order and wanted to not end up dead and nobody suspect Senator Perry and end up like Chandra Levy. When she filed the police report of 1/12/2016 for which she was arrested, she told nobody. There was no media blitz hoping to harm his political career or his campaign. There was no mention of it to anyone at all but for the one family member that went to the police department with her.
In December, 2011, that same year, she was representing Frank Morrison, as a candidate in the Lubbock County Commissioners race and through that campaign, rumors came back to her that she and Senator Perry were having an affair. She was upset because there was no such thing happening. There was no affair. She continued to state, “I won’t be anyone’s damn mistress.” She texts Senator Perry about the matter because the way the rumor came back to her indicated his staffer, Robyn Tepper and her husband Carl Tepper may have had a part in spreading the rumor. She texts Senator Perry about the matter and she was pissed. He wasn’t worried about it, which being that he is the one who is married and is an elected official who largely promotes himself as being a happily married family man, you’d think he would be. She is very vague. She did not want these false rumors going around so even in her texts, she never says what she is really talking about so that in case someone else saw the texts, nobody would really know for sure what she meant and yet, Senator Perry never asks her, “What are you talking about? What happened?” he never even asks because he knew exactly what she was talking about. He instead tells her she’s being paranoid. There are also emails between the two that you can tell something was going on particularly one in which the Ms Ortiz was expressing frustrations with one of her candidate’s failure to make crucial campaign calls and she’s asking Perry to explain the necessity of these calls to her client to which he responds “Should be here.” in that he wanted to see her. Rather than having a conversation on the phone or via email, he’s asking her to come to see him. Ms Ortiz states, “I have look through all my old emails and had not one other male colleague or candidate ask me that. No other man that I’ve worked with has done that. We simply discuss the matter on the phone or via email. I’ve never had anyone else in 20 years of working closely with male surgeons and elected officials, I have no other emails that say that.”
And then later in her texts to Senator Perry about her taxes sent in January, 2013, she asks a simple yes or no question as to whether or not the IRS would accept deductions. Senator Perry is a seasoned accountant. He should know the answer to her question was a simple “Yes”. Her deductions were in fact accepted by the IRS. Instead, he rambles on and on about something that had nothing at all to do with her question, then slips in covert threats, “You lose. You are stuck. You have no control.” Stalking is not about love. Stalking is about control. Ms Ortiz was ending the relationship completely. This is when she abruptly stopped all political consulting so that she would not have be where the Senator was. She has not even voted since. Ms Ortiz had a 15 year successful career in political consulting and yet she abruptly ends it and does not even vote after that. She focused instead on medical sales, which she also had been very successful at all her life but when did not keep the Senator out of her life, she moved to Dallas and then ten months later, to Oklahoma when the Senator’s stalking became even worse. The more she tries to pull away, the worse and more crazy and more dangerous the stalking becomes. Ms Ortiz’s psychologist described her false arrest as a stalking escalation intended to cause her harm, to get her attention. Can you think of anything more cruel and hideous?
In light of all of this, and in light of the fact that even in the indictment against Ms Ortiz, no mention at all is made of a specific reason or legislative duty of Senator Perry is mentioned as a reason Ms Ortiz might wish to retaliate because there isn’t one. His failure to name a specific reason even in the indictment speaks to the fact that he knowingly provided false testimony in alleging her police report had nothing at all to do with his politics and the fact that he initiated that arrest supports the claim that he did in fact hire Dave Roberson to stalk, harass, and poison Ms Ortiz because his actions appear intended to delay and prevent her communications with law enforcement, her ability to provide evidence that he felt might incriminate him. Dave might just have been some weirdo in a bar had it not been for Senator Perry’s false arrest of his stalking victim. She had emailed and texted friends and family months before she even filed the police report for which she was arrested stating “Charles is threatening to kill me or arrange a false arrest. I have not done anything to be arrested for but he says he’ll find a way to arrange a false arrest. He seems to think it will give him “vindication” he wanted. False vindication is not vindication.” In fact, she texted that very thing to his proxy stalker/hit man, Dave Roberson. Even in her texts from October, 2015 through January, 2016 with Mr Roberson, there is no mention at all of any frustration from Ms Ortiz with Senator Perry’s legislative duties. The entire three months of texts are about her frustration with his stalking and her desire for Senator Perry’s stalking to stop.
So the interference in her life continues and has not stopped despite the legal action Ms Ortiz has taken to prevent it. In fact it seems almost worse. Ms Ortiz is concerned that because Senator Perry appears to have done some things prohibited by Federal law, that he will make every effort to make sure her case does not proceed including interfering with her income, as he has done for some time now, interfering with witnesses who might come forward to substantiate Ms Ortiz’s claims and to again for the fifth time avoid adjudication of this matter. If he wants vindication, all he has to do is come to court and submit evidence that he is not stalking her as she claims, did not arrange a false arrest, and did not obstruct justice and did not provide false information to law enforcement by misleading them to believe she had a political vendetta against him. That is not that difficult to do. Instead, we are seeing the same things we’ve always seen. Senator Perry going behind the scenes trying to manipulate, destroy and/or tamper with evidence, testimony and avoid court as he’s always done. We hope that stops and stops now. She did have signs of a break in at her home on August 7, 2017 and the phone she had with the most evidence of hacking was gone. That was something she complained about even before her arrest that she’d have signs of a break in and the only thing missing would be documents pertaining to Senator Perry’s stalking. So, here we go again.
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