Facts Not In Dispute On Senator Perry Stalking Case

There are certain facts that are not in dispute as provided by Ms Ortiz:
1) I claim Charles Perry is stalking me, threatened me and documented these claims in facebook messages to only close friends in 2011.I claim I spoke to his campaign staff about reigning him in on showing his crush on me publicly to which they replied that they would ruin my business.
2) Close friend Cheryl Underwood witnessed action by Senator Perry which appear to constitute stalking and provided an email statement confirming such.
3) I abruptly ended a 15 year career in government reform and ceased even voting to distance myself from Senator Perry in December, 2012 through January, 2013.
4) I moved to Dallas, TX to get away from Senator Perry after planning such a move months prior in November, 2013.
5) I began dancing in Gentlemen’s Clubs with the hopes that would keep Senator Perry away from me in March, 2014.
5) Because Senator Perry would not stop stalking and harassing me, I moved again from Dallas to Oklahoma after texting family to tell them of the stalking at which time they urged my son and I to come to Oklahoma for safety.
6) I tried to get a protective order in May, 2015 which was denied on jurisdiction and due to non compliance with filing a police report. It was at that time, after four years of silence regarding the Senator’s stalking problem, only telling close friends or people I believed would discreetly assist the Senator in seeing the importance that he cease all stalking and harassment, that I made the matter public.
7) I have texts from a man who told me he worked for Charles that appear to be threatening. Whether or not he does in fact work for Charles might be in dispute, but the fact that I believe he did, as you can tell by my texts to him, is not in dispute. The fact that he appears to admit to poisoning me and follows up with threats is also not in dispute. The fact that he admitted in texts to sexually assaulting me even upon my texted request that he stop stating he would not is not in dispute.
8) I was getting inexplicably ill immediately upon drinking drinks at work purchased by men pretending to be customers stating they were from out of state and after leaving my drink to perform work related duties for a few minutes. Immediately upon ingesting drinks on about five or so occasions, I experienced an immediate headache, dizziness, nausea and on occasion vomiting at which time I immediately discarded the drink and stopped ingesting. An hour or two later the symptoms stopped. I have had no such symptoms before October, 2015 through January, 2016, none in jail, and none since my return home in April, 2016. I googled symptoms which turned up results of Arsenic and Phenobarbital. I texted Dave to ask him about it to which he texted back, “Yes”.
9) I texted and emailed friends and family during the months of October, 2015 through January, 2016 telling them Senator Perry was threatening to kill me or arrange a false arrest. I stated I had done nothing to be arrested for but that he was threatening to arrange a false arrest. While the fact that I may or may not have been poisoned might be in dispute, we can never know now, if I was or was not as a direct result of Senator Perry’s et al decision to have me arrested before I could be tested by Tulsa Police Department’s Forensic Lab. Senator Perry also did not at any point demand or request the testing to prove his allegations made in my indictment that I was making a false claim.
10) I filed a police report with Tulsa PD regarding incidents occurring in Tulsa on 1/12/2016, spoke only to a desk clerk who advised me and the family member with me that a Detective would be assigned and would contact me for an interview and to properly collect any evidence I may have. The police report was filed in the jurisdiction where the incidents occurred, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma. I planned to file another Protective Order and to wait until after speaking to a Detective in case information became available in that interview that might strengthen what I could include in my pleadings and file the case in Tulsa County where the incidents occurred. I filed the police report being in fear for my life as any reasonable prudent individual would do and in compliance with Oklahoma law governing requirements for seeking an Order of Protection by the courts. I made every effort to keep my intentions confidential therefore, nobody, no person(s), no organizations and no media was notified of my report. Other than the family member that went with me to Tulsa PD to file the report even knew I filed it. My previous Protective Order was denied in part because of my failure to bring the police report to court, and as such, not to repeat the same mistake again, I filed the police report first, with the intent on including the report and any available findings that might be helpful to my making my case within the initial pleadings. In other words, the first attempts were not successful, therefore I took different actions with the hopes not to repeat the same mistakes and experience a better more successful outcome.
In the texts between Dave Roberson and myself from October, 2015 through January, 2016, no mention at all is made of any political issues or frustrations. The entire content is regarding my frustration with Senator Perry’s unwanted contact, attention, stalking, harassment, threats, intimidation, intrusion and interference in my life and my desire for that to stop.
11) I was charged in Lubbock, by the Lubbock DA for “Retaliation against a public servant, Charles Perry, for doing his job by filing a false police report” and arrested at my home in Oklahoma on 1/29/2017. In the indictment, the charge is made that I made false claims of being poisoned. There is no mention at all of any political frustrations or vendetta I may have against the Senator that would lead me to retaliate against him by filing a false police report.
12) I was extradited to Lubbock on February 11, 2016.
13) I did not even get a call back from TPD detectives until 2/15/2017. I received a voicemail left on my phone by Detective Liz Eagan of Tulsa Police Department stating “if you wish to pursue charges of stalking and harassment, call me back and I guess I need to see these texts.”
14) Due to my arrest occurring prior to my ability to speak to Tulsa Police, I lost crucial evidence needed to prove or even disprove my claims of being poisoned, stalked and harassed. The video evidence was timed out as was any evidence of poison in my blood and hair the required the inspection of a forensic pathologist.
15) The timing of my arrest prevented and caused the loss of crucial evidence that would confirm or rule out poisoning.
16) The charges in Lubbock against me were dropped on June 28, 2017
17) I filed a law suit for False Imprisonment, Obstruction of Justice, Slander, Defamation, Libel, Stalking and Harassment, Violations of 14th Amendment Right to Equal Protection and Due Process, Tortious Interference, Malicious Prosecution, and Providing False and Misleading Information to Law Enforcement against Senator Charles Perry, Matthew Powell, Josh Burson, and Dave Roberson, Individually, in Tulsa Federal Court, Case Number 17 CV 489 JHP msx”
These are the facts that are not in dispute and/or where substantiating evidence exists. This is information that would be considered Objective Data and not Subjective Data related to the case.

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