Perry’s Smear Campaign And Lack Of Evidence In Support

To repeat the last post, because Charles Perry has a sick twisted secret life he’s hidden for decades, he’s worked very hard to discredit Cynthia as any criminal would when caught. They have accused her as follows:

1) Having a political beef and even went into a Court of law making such claim under oath to arrange her false arrest. No such thing exists therefore no evidence exists. Cynthia is very very vocal about whatever it is that pisses her off. She kept her mouth shut about Perry’s stalking but to a few close friends for four years while trying to reason with him to make him stop. She then changed careers. She then moved. She moved again and none of that was effective in making Perry behave as a normal reasonable prudent individual in leaving her alone. THEN she made the matter public to protect her safety and well being and in ten years there are only rants about his stalking. He lied. He lied knowingly.

2) After the Pinto recording in which Perry, by proxy solicited prostitution, Perry claimed Cynthia had a biker boyfriend that arranged that again with no evidence to support his claims. There are no photos of her out on dates with a biker, she does not hang out with bikers, there are no romantic texts with a biker and we’re there a biker boyfriend there would be evidence of it.

3) Mannford Police, Chief Miller specifically, asked Cynthia’s neighbors if they’d seen men coming in and out of her unit as they’d received a complaint of prostitution. The response was hysterical laughter. Again, no photos, no money, no nothing to support that wild accusation. At her work she gets asked out or solicited on a regular basis and never does that. That is not her thing. She had a Stillwater cop give it a shot and again, he was refused. She did invite him for a VIP, normal dance, but stated firmly “That’s not what I do.” There are no photos of men going in and out if anywhere she is, whether it be where she lives or some random hotel.

4) They then accused her of having an affair with Officer Nealey because of the position on his innocence she has taken. She met Nealey ONE time ever when he took her report. Again, we are dealing with the normal human empathy, Perry cannot in his sadistic sociopathic bazaar mind even comprehend what that is. The same outrage we see with what was so coldly done to George Floyd where one person harms another and people get pissed about it, this is that. Cynthia sat in jail for following the law in Oklahoma, not committing a crime. Cynthia was ripped from her family and her home and her son, for something Perry did and her mugshot smeared all over the news. Her son was a teenager, lost his house and had to explain to friends and family that his mom was a victim of a heinous crime, not a criminal. They are never going to be the same nor will the Nealeys or the Millers and in knowing how horrible that was to go through and knowing Michael Nealey did not do what he’s accused of, normal human empathy compelled her to speak out in his behalf. People as we see still do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do and with Perry she is fighting sheer evil and deep wicked and if you cannot see that in the facts and evidence that are on all three Court dockets we do have ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

5) Perry then tried to frame Cynthia for a murder that happened 30 years ago, that she didn’t even know about until two years later after seeing a book her mother wrote about the murder. He did this in 2016 just after being recorded talking to Fabian and the recording given to the police that gave her the same info that is in the McNamara email “I will find a way to lock her up and she won’t get out this time unless she is with me. You need to give up ” Only he failed to take into consideration the facts and evidence. He procured a gun and attempted to have her finger prints planted on it, not realizing the incidentals on her hands now are different than they were 30 years ago. He had her gum and cigarettes taken from her work to plant not realizing the gum she chews now was not even made then nor did she smoke then. When she did start smoking years later, it was not what she smokes now. He also failed to consider trajectory of the bullet in her size not being the same as the individuals that committed the murder who the mother already knew who it was and detailed their private investigators findings in her book. He lied again and got caught.

6) Now it is some supposed hit and run type deal he’s been caught trying to concoct yet again and he’s been recorded yet again concocting it and it’s already been addressed here and on the blog He can arrange a drug overdose and make that look however he wants to make that look in fact the reason she went to police to file a complaint is he was having Roberson give her arsenic. Roberson admitted it in texts. They would explain it as a death associated with her lifestyle like a drug overdose. He had her arrested before she could be tested by Tulsa Police, interfered with the chain of custody of evidence and made her sit in jail intimidating her while the forensic evidence disinigrated and worked it’s way out of her system.

He then tried to fake a medical emergency at her work, knowing she’d help, the hitman recorded talking with Perry stating “I’ll tell her the person has a deadly disease and she will need a shot. When she dies we can explain it as an unfortunate allergic reaction to the shot. What do you want me to do if she won’t take the shot.” To which Perry replied “You better convince her if she doesn’t take the shot she will die. She’ll take it. We gotta put her down. ” He got caught before he could actually do it and she skipped work that night.

Posted here are photos of all referenced herein and of a truck parked taking photos of her. Ms Collins called Chief Miller three times to complain about people doing this. He said “I need a tag number or I can’t do anything. Get me a tag.” She wrote a statement so that said no matter what Cynthia does, they would have photos to prove it that would be everywhere because this case is a stalking case and hiring someone to follow her around everywhere she goes to take photos is stalking and harassment and it didn’t just cause her anxiety, it caused everyone anxiety so much so that Ms Collins called the now murdered Chief three times to complain. If she did a hit and run, if she was a prostitute, if she had a biker boyfriend, were there an affair or even a friendship between Cynthia and Officer Nealey, if she did anything illegal at all, there would be photos of it all over the place because these men need a cover up and anything at all they can get to discredit Cynthia. Had they not poisoned her, something Ranger Burson used in his Affidavit of Arrest Warrant to get the warrant that she made a FALSE claim of being poisoned, they would have moved Heaven and Earth to get her blood tested to take to the media to say “See? She lied. Blood tests show nothing at all. ” Instead they made sure she was never tested.

Perry is still doing all the same things he has done all his life a d all the things she details out in the McNamara email. Nothing has changed. When one bullshit story fails, he just tries another. He thinks if he takes everything away from Cynthia, isolates her, puts her in captivity and forces her to lie, bribes her with “Do what I tell you and I will give you anything you want.” That such depravity would make her want him. Prison or Paris he used to say. He’s done the same thing every damn day all his life but to her for a decade.

The Bond Conditions arranged when Cynthia was arrested state Perry cannot contact her ever again and that was negotiated not as an arrangement for a crime she committed, she did not commit a crime and he knew it. He knew her first Protective Order was denied due to her failure to bring a police report to court so when she filed on to bring to court to get a PO he impeded the police investigation in Tulsa where the crime occurred and to whom the crime was reported and circumvented her from enjoying the benefits and protections of the state where she lives so he then agreed to leave her alone and never contact her again if she’d not tell on him. No way a state senator would allow that verbiage in the Bond conditions without admitting to stalking and agreeing to stop IF it kept her quiet about what he’s just done. That is as coercion as it gets and he has contacted her and harassed her non stop every day and started the second her feet hit Oklahoma dirt. He is powerless and weak to control his bazaar urges. These are things he gets off on. Causing profound loss for another turn him on. But he’s got leaks. Leaks led to probable cause. He’s caught now more than ever before in his life. Normal empathetic people will tolerate no such offensive cruel conduct. He’s going to prison before this year ends officers tell us. He could have stopped when everyone begged “Please Stop!” He chose not to. He pissed everyone off with his cruelty and we all reap what we sow. We are sure he can live with his choices. He’s hurt a lot of people and devasted many lives.

Whatever Perry alleged Cynthia did, there would be photos of it because he needs a cover up same as we’re she not poisoned, he would have had that blood test to prove it and we’re there a political vendetta there would have been crazy rants somewhere over some issue in a period of a decade and there is nothing there because the accusations are knowingly false, and slanderous. There would be pictures of what he alleged because he has her photographed everywhere she goes. You can see the guy pulled up to take photos and there is written eye witness statements. There would be pictures and there would have been a blood test and there would have been crazy political rants directed at Charles Perry. There would be evidence. There would be photograph evidence just like you see here.

Yesterday’s post bears repeating so here it is

Another recording police obtained and passed on to us.

“Another one “Everytime they get caught they do their go to thing of “see? She’s just crazy” she’s not crazy. There is too much here. This McNamara Email has become a very compelling key piece of evidence. This time line she’s got goes back before she had any reason for bereavement. She said he threatened her months before with false arrest. She was arrested for nothing. She did follow the requirements of the law which she got spanked for the first time and he knew it. There is no evidence of a political beef between these two. Nothing anywhere. She’s got other people that saw things too and stuff she was not even there to see. She’s got this Pinto guy saying some pretty weirdo stuff to her at her work. She’s got the Dr who saw her for a year and half saying she’s no threat he is. You’ve got the timeline where he impeded police from investigating with her false arrest, no pathologist report so on and on this goes so now she’s a whole hell of a lot more credible in my mind than he or Powell will ever be because she’s got so much here. There’s a lot here. This has gone on a long and the other compelling fact is she didn’t tell anyone til after she left town. Only a few people knew and even then it was several months before she said a word publicly. She waited a long time to tell anyone. He uses that and it’s a load of bullshit. These exparte hearing didnt help them at all. They look much less credible now than had they gone thru the normal court process. They didn’t . They circumvented that whole thing on all three. So they can’t keep using this go to lie basically, Everytime she catches them that she’s just crazy. She’s got too much here. ”

Perry has demanded a conversation with Cynthia she does not want or need to have. She’s made that clear. He wants to who his leaks are and we have repeatedly said she does not know that and wouldn’t tell him if she did. We have repeatedly said that normal folks HATE when one person is cruel to another. He is not respecting her rights and wishes. He is not respecting her right to privacy under the law. He is not respecting what she wants, how she feels and just leaving her and everyone else alone. He continues to attack her, torment her, harass her, intimidate her, steal from her, stalk, peep, hack, annoy, and try to do every crazy twisted thing no normal person could even think up to force himself on her. She and we posted here, that caused a great deal of outrage and anger at him long before the murder of George Floyd. People don’t like one person vicious harming and attacking another causing one loss after another after another. What Perry has put her through for a decade has changed her and her family in such a way that they will never be the same and never get over it. These have been brutal catastrophic losses and he did it on purpose, threatened it first, and intentionally and we’ve all had enough of it. He has leaks because people want the guy stopped. He is too weak and powerless to stop himself or even recognize how deeply depraved and offensive his conduct has been. It is enough. The officers are increasing their efforts to end this as soon as possible. People are recognizing that Perry poses a threat, and a dangerous one, that he’s lied about Cynthia constantly and to her and that there is a serious danger to her life, her safety and her well being and to anyone who finds out what he does in his secret life. When someone goes to events and he puts on his warm and friendly show, he seems and appears charming, as serial killers do, and nobody knows where he goes or what he does after that. He could take his wife with him. Then he’d have an alibi at least. He refuses. Nobody what he does when he travels, who all he harms, who all he is a threat to, and this is a problem for those who have covered up for him and covered up and covered up until now you also have blood on your hands too. He’s been enabled, aided and abetted for decades. In Oklahoma, he’s got leaks. He just has pissed off outraged leaks. People don’t like when one person is just very abusive and cruel to another. Keeping her from the people she wants, from the life she wants, butting in where he isn’t wanted, taking her stuff, destroying her property, calling people in her life he shouldn’t even know after he’s been asked and asked and asked to stop, planning one harm after another, one loss after another is cruel, depraved, tacky, bad social form, and criminal. He has leaks because when people get outraged and angry they go to the people who will stop it. It’s the same outrage we see with Mr Floyd. We just deal with it much more professionally.

DISCLAIMER: We have been told Perry is claiming he is a victim of harassment due to his actions being confronted here. We understand it’s “content specific” . He is going to have to take that up with the police and psychologist directly when they are ready to confront Mr Perry face to face. They know the catastrophic losses he’s caused other people and hardly see him as the victim of anything. This is in part confronting him for his conduct that is criminal and if he does not like being confronted, then he should stop. That is the only solution. Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner were all subjected to decades of harsh ridicule on show Saturday Night Live and this is hardly that. For him to act like he is different and a cover up is a civil right is outrageous but typical of someone with a very messed up mind.

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