Perry Stalking Scandal Expands – Perry Recorded Discussing Having About A Week To “Put Her Down”

Another recording obtained by police regarding Perry’s constant harassment of Cynthia at her work. No matter what club she is at, he’s got someone in there trying to cause her intentional injury, whether it be to send a few guys in to buy from everyone but her, tip everyone but her, try to find a way to frame her up for something, coax her into something illegal, mess with her car, kill her, and he’s done that a time or two, he’s had his people take her gum or cigarettes, he’s had his people get information he uses to cause her harm and whatever bazaar twisted thing no normal person could even think up Perry has done to her. The officers shrink has talked to the Judge in probable cause hearings and determined Perry to be an antisocial, sadistic, sociopath who could not care less about other people or harming other people and who cannot “get off” unless he’s causing harm but that he knows it’s bad and wrong because he lies about what he’s doing and tries to cover it up. It’s never been more uncovered than it is right now. Cynthia has police protection from Charles Perry and she has it because she needs it. She’s a victim of his peeper corp and a material witness on that case. He’s tampering with witnesses. The following was obtained over the past few days:Text to her attorney about it:”Another one “They have a systematic and have had one from day one. What is it she’s trying to prove or they all are? Stalking harassment murder attempted murder RICO violations, organized crime, Racketeering perjury and so forth. She’s going back to work, she’s gonna do her thing and make money, and you go at her again, they got another thing. She said plain as day they told her to file as many motions as she could and get all the illegal denials she could get so they can go after you for that too and you guys went in and did it anyway and all this exparte stuff don’t even look right to anyone. Looks like you got something to hide and you didn’t want her to hear what you told the judge or the judge to hear from her. It looks bad. You gave them a case. You go out to that club and concoct some new plan they got another thing to prove you are doing exactly what she said you are and that means they got you on perjury too because you said you weren’t doing that. You said it. You told the judge there was no case and no jurisdiction and you lied and the more you go at her the more they got to build a RICO case. She’s the bait and you knew that long ago. You go out there and do all that, you give them everything they need to put you away for the rest of your lives. Up to you but I’m recommending you get the hell out of that club and let her be. Let her be.”She has flat told what they are looking for, what they want to put you away for, the how and you ignored all that, you did it anyway and you have a problem. You have a very big problem. It’s not a problem that is going away. It’s here to stay. You did whatever the hell you wanted to thinking she’d change her mind and that’s not gonna happen. She wants Charles off her back she wants this other guy she wants her privacy and her family back and her money back and all y’all gone and until she gets that she’s not gonna change her mind. She told you straight up what they were going after you for and you kept at it and I told y’all watch out. You didn’t listen. Now you got this. This is a mess and you made it because you didn’t listen. People don’t like mean people. She’s right about that and all you all have done is be mean and areas everyone out and she don’t like Charles. She don’t. She’s made that clear and I don’t give a crap what weird he says she don’t like him. I don’t either. You think about what I’m saying before you back out there and concoct some criminal scheme again. “This us as organized crime as anything I’ve ever seen and if that’s what they are after, you gave it right to them. I think she was involved in this deal from day one and they had a slow systematic approach to baiting you out and getting your ass. I think they know you guys don’t think and they told her to tell you knowing you don’t think and you’d do it anyways and now they got you cold and hard. You knew and you still did it. “In Perry’s bazaar twisted mind he thinks he can completely ruin Cynthia, defame her, discredit her, then force her into something that she never wants to be in and has told her and other people he will give her whatever she wants if she will lie for him and be in some weirdo romance with him. He calls it concubine. This is coercion and it is a crime. She has run from him, kicked him off, run, kicked him off, rejected him every day for a decade. She wants nothing to do with some sick son of a bitch like Charles Perry. Why would she? In fact his insane tyraid has done nothing but spring leaks making it easy for police to get what they need to use against him in Court. We have said for a very long time people are outraged and angry at what he puts her through. The same outrage at what we see with Chauvin’s cold blooded murder of George Floyd is the same normal human reaction to Perry’s attack in Cynthia and abuse of power is not tolerated and that is what normal people do. The difference is Cynthia and her protection act more professionally about their outrage at Perry and his weirdo buddies attack on her. He did try to kill her more than once.The thing is, if he wanted to give her whatever she wants, he get away from her as she’s asked for years and not impose his weirdo problems all over her, same as Chauvin imposed his will over the law, over human decency, over normal human empathy, and over life on all kinds of other people and caused intentional suffering by crime. This is no different. Cynthia just didn’t die is the only difference. God had a different plan.Stalking is about control and power and serial killers have a grandiose idea of themselves and Perry for sure does but his failure is that he’s the only serial killer in the history of serial killers that had to buy cops away. Bundy didn’t, BTK didn’t, Dahlmer didn’t, none but Perry because so mentally inept as bad as it is he cannot even keep up with his peers. He’s weak and powerless or he’d have a woman who wants him the same as he wants her, who will let him touch her, laugh with him , see how his day went and not spend a decade chasing perpetual rejection, living in delusion land, forcing himself on a woman who is disgusted by him. Powerful guys have no time for doing any such thing. He’s weak. He has no control over his weirdo. He’s powerless to be loved or wanted. He has to force and bribe and push and threaten and retaliate and intimidate. The cops investigating him don’t have to behave that way. He can’t keep up with normal dudes.Where is Jacquelyn Perry while her husband creeps around all day bothering people in Oklahoma? Why is she not watching what her own husband is doing?Defendants right now are desperate. They are very scared of Cynthia filing Motions to Vacate and that she will reach out to Michael Nealey to tell him what she knows and we all know he did not kill his best friend Chief Miller. They had just taken Cynthia’s vandalism report on her car six days before and unless they killed Miller and framed Mike, they wouldn’t care and unless they did something illegal they wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep Cynthia from filing a Motion to Vacate. People’s reactions is evidence in Court. Tampering with witnesses is evidence of a crime. You don’t need to intimidate witnesses and victims if you did do anything. You don’t need to stalk and harass and threaten and react like a crazy mother fucker with a lot to hide unless you have a lot to hide. You don’t need to frame up someone who knows to discredit so their reactions alone are evidence of their crimes and a need to cover them up. You don’t need to coerce a lie if you don’t have the need for a cover up and Perry engaged in active intimidation and coercion pretty much daily. That’s more evidence. Cover ups create evidence of a cover up and a cover up is an act showing consciousness of guilt. Perry has been weirdo all his life and gotten away with it and covered it up and it is now more uncovered than ever before and yes, we know the dude is serial. He’s a serial peeper, he’s a serial stalker and he’s a serial killer. The same cops who got Cynthia the information in The McNamara email talking about the threat Perry made a d his premeditated arranging a false arrest, which he carried out months after this email was sent, charges later dismissed, law suits filed and illegally dismissed, know exactly what Perry does with his time all day while the rest of us are normal law abiding citizens. He’s weak and powerless and has no control over his ability to tell the difference between fact and fiction or over his urge to be bazaar and strange and cruel. He’s got many outraged at him. That’s why he keeps getting caught. It’s normal human behaviour same as we see in the Chauvin case. One person causes harm to another, keeps them from happiness, ruins there life, kills them, normal folks get a little pissed off.What will he do next to cause premeditated intentional injury to Cynthia because he does indeed need a cover up? It’s always something.Perry and his weirdo buddies were also recorded yesterday and that got to police investigating him, to Cynthia and us here, asking about an autopsy report and discussing they only have about a week left to do something to her that he thinks will “put her down” once and for all. She does not know anyone dead. Perry and his buddies did have a girl Cynthia worked with at Lady Godivas go where she was working last week, follow her, wait while she went inside a convenience store, walk up to her car while she was backing up, hit it, then claim Cynthia hit her. She stopped and asked the girl what she needed. She said “You hit my car? What do you need?” The girl said “You hit me.” Cynthia said “No I don’t think so. You hit my car. You had this whole parking lot to walk through and you walked right up to my car. You okay or you need something?” The girl said she didn’t, she was fine, and walked into the store. Cynthia went to a convenience store that is not the one most frequented because the busiest one is so often out of her brand of cigarettes she quit even going in there unless she just needs gas. She didn’t get gas. She had a full tank. This girl had three other has stations she could have stopped at before the one Cynthia went to and the girl didn’t go to the most frequented one where everyone goes. She followed Cynthia, and targeted her for a scam and in fact we understand she does this fairly frequently in that she hits a car, tells them they hit her, and gets money so no insurance claim is filed. It is fraud. She walked right into the store just fine and all these stores have video surveillance. So unless Perry did something to that chick, there was no crime committed by Cynthia. Lady Godivas has more than once farmed girls out to help Perry cause some sort of harm to Cynthia where ever she is and that is the claim, stalking, harassment and if he were not a stalker he wouldn’t know or care where she is. She left Lubbock in 2013 to get away from him, had only told a few people what he was doing to her there, and didn’t go public until she was long gone. The thing is, Perry may have been prompted to run for office and assisted by Cynthia to put him in the public eye because there are ways around probable cause when investigations initially begin, when someone is a public figure and the public entitled to scrutinize their private lives to see if it’s someone they can support so without giving anything away for sure, one way or the other, consideration has been given to that possibility. Godivas has been addressed. Legal Notice/ Cease and Desist Email posted here.So what autopsy were they discussing and why one week? Time will tell as will their actions and reactions. Officers know but they don’t tell Cynthia or us everything.Click Here To See Why Defendants Want To Put Cynthia Down Regarding Her Knowledge Of Officer Mike Nealey Case

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The updates on Perry’s latest attempt to false arrest Cynthia, defame, slander and besmirch her, intimidate and coerce, RICO Violations, all. Perry, Roberson, and Chadwick allegedly farmed out one of Chadwick’s girls to follow Cynthia, as outlined herein, run a scam and other than that, Perry allegedly was going work that into some sorta faked up murder charge. He was recorded as always in the planning stages.Photos of Cynthia’s car that bear no evidence she hit a person. Her car is older than five years and had dinks and dents before she got it and she was hit by a semi on the left backside which was reported to OHP and shows rust die to the age of the damage.For more see justice4cyn.comPerry was recorded stating he had about a week to “put her down” regarding Cynthia. These guys keep.getting caught in crime and are terrified at what she knows about the Nealey/Miller case and everything else he’s done to hurt people. The truth is Cynthia’s knowledge is very limited compared to the officers investigating him on other matters. She’s actually the least of his worries.Any man who cannot take a blow off hint after seven years and figure out how to move on and just stalks and harasses then tries to cover it up is as weak and powerless as it gets. Normal dudes just go fund another girl. Where is his wife Jackie while he lives his secret weirdo life anyways?Perry’s people also recorded stating “She was supposed to be arrested tonight while she’s dancing to Bad Company and told her only way out is to call Charles Perry and if she lies he’d get her out and pay bail. He said “I’m the only one that can pay her bail. She has to do what I say. ” She heard it, 35 investigators heard it and the shrink heard it and the judge will hear it later this afternoon.Conspiracy to arrange a false arrest with intent to coerce, and intimidation and harassment of a material witness is what officers went to the Judge with on this. Again to the best of Cynthia’s knowledge nobody is dead. Perry was recorded talking about an autopsy but whose autopsy that would be is not known to her and investigating officers didn’t divulge that. Cynthia was followed by a girl from Lady Godivas Thursday night who walked up behind her, hit her car and when Cynthia asked “You hit my car? You need something?” Thinking the girl was trying to get her attention the girl claimed Cynthia hit her. We found out later this a regular scam she runs trying to scare people into giving her a couple hundred so there is no insurance claim. There was no injury and the girl walked right into the store just fine. Other than Perry trying to use that incident Cynthia does not know any dead people. Photos of the car are posted here. There is nothing on it that indicates she ever hit a person nor do guilty people put photos like this out for all to see. She did have an accident and that report is here too and on see Facebook Page as well linked below.Click Here To Follow Us On FacebookDISCLAIMER: We have been told Perry is claiming he is a victim of harassment due to his actions being confronted here. We understand it’s “content specific” . He is going to have to take that up with the police and psychologist directly when they are ready to confront Mr Perry face to face. They know the catastrophic losses he’s caused other people and hardly see him as the victim of anything. This is in part confronting him for his conduct that is criminal and if he does not like being confronted, then he should stop. That is the only solution. Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner were all subjected to decades of harsh ridicule on show Saturday Night Live and this is hardly that. For him to act like he is different and a cover up is a civil right is outrageous but typical of someone with a very messed up mind.#MeTooMovement

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