Perry Boast “I Will Never Be Arrested.”

Charles Perry continues to boast that he will never be arrested or face consequences for his crimes. He continues to boast that he can bribe away judges and police. He also thinks he and Cynthia have some secret love even after she’s rejected him for a decade, moved twice to get away from him, changed careers and sued three times. He’s just all there. Cynthia would never ever want some weirdo pervert peeping Tom who has no life and hurts people all the time. Not good enough. He will never be wanted or good enough for her. She also would never want someone too stupid to see when he’s rejected and too stupid to figure out how to be normal and move the hell on. He’s stuck on planet Stupid Weird and so there is no truth to his imaginary world.Maybe he bribed cops away and maybe he bribed Judges but he didn’t bribe the right cops or the right Judges. He has been caught more than ever before in his life in very disturbed sadistic criminal activity and he knows it.

Months before he arranged Cynthia’s false arrested, charges dismissed in her favor, she found out what he was trying to do from police investigating Perry who have status on”need to know”. Those guys have stood right in front of Perry more than once and he had no clue that’s who he was talking to. If they wanted his money they would have said something. They did no such thing.Months before Cynthia’s false arrest she told everyone details of what Perry intended to do, information she obtained from police on the “need to know” and conspiracy to commit false arrest is a crime. He then carried out his threats, not having her arrested for any crime at all but for filing a false Police report in retaliation for his job as a small time nobody Texas state Senator. He represents one of the smallest districts in the state. She never in ten years went on one single political rant at Perry anywhere. He’s not relevant to her. He had no history in politics when this stalker thing started. She had ten years, sixteen total. She actually grew up in it and she never lived in his district nor did she ever work on state politics on Texas. Her work was more Federal. He knew nobody in politics when they met. She had ten years of relationships built with people she could call for support on any issue she needed help on so she would certainly call them versus some loon who just got elected and knew nobody. Filing a police report when seeking a Protective Order is the law. Perry had her charged in Texas for following the law in Oklahoma where she lives. She hadn’t been in Texas for two years when he did that.

Carrying out such an egregious threat is exactly why she needs a Protective Order. Glad he’s willing to prove the need so willingly.Not only that she tried to get a protective order against Perry which was denied in part due to her failure to bring the legally required police report to Court. She filed another after Perry’s escalation became much more serious. She never talked to a detective and he had her arrested one week after she filed the report to prevent her reporting to Tulsa Police and to destroy forensic evidence of arsenic poisoning. Tulsa Police were never able to collect her blood evidence and Perry made her sit in jail until it worked it’s way out of her system.His delusional belief that she would ever want a man so hideous as to do that and butt into her privacy and life speaks to his crazy for sure. His delusional belief that he won’t be arrested is the same. Sometimes widening the net takes longer and Perry continues to show just how delusion he really is the more he runs his mouth.Frankly him running his mouth and his continued harassment and unwanted bazaar contact to Cynthia not only shows his delusion but serves as an admission to the crime of bribery. We are all jumping for joy at his willingness to give us that without any hesitation at all.

For more information on this case see.

DISCLAIMER: We have been told Perry is claiming he is a victim of harassment due to his actions being confronted here. We understand it’s “content specific” . He is going to have to take that up with the police and psychologist directly when they are ready to confront Mr Perry face to face. They know the catastrophic losses he’s caused other people and hardly see him as the victim of anything. This is in part confronting him for his conduct that is criminal and if he does not like being confronted, then he should stop. That is the only solution. Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner were all subjected to decades of harsh ridicule on show Saturday Night Live and this is hardly that. For him to act like he is different and a cover up is a civil right is outrageous but typical of someone with a very messed up mind. There is not one set of rules for Perry and another for everyone else. Perry has hidden his criminal activity for decades. It’s accepted in Texas. It’s not being tolerated in Oklahoma and some other jurisdictions. No woman is okay with being Peeper raped. It’s a serious sick perverted crime and it is a crime because it’s extremely offensive. Perry’s contact with Cynthia is unwanted and bazaar. Confrontations and facts addressed are appropriate as is justice. If he didn’t like that he would stop. He held a series of ex parte hearings in secret where nobody knows what he said and he couldn’t be cross examined or be confronted with evidence for a reason. That’s not transparency or even legal. If he does not wish to be confronted or even investigated or even arrested for stalking a woman who changed careers and moved twice to get away from him and avoid all conflict, he would stop. That is the only solution to his jam up. If it’s here, the judge on the criminal case has already heard it as have the team of investigators and a few trusted reporters. If it’s here, the judge on the criminal case has already heard it as have the team of investigators and a few trusted reporters. That would include the inappropriate and illegal conversations about who told, proxy servers as to who posted here and pin pointing Cynthia’s location. Harassment of a material witness, stalking and harassment, menacing, peeping, hacking, attempted murder, conspiracy to arrange a false arrest, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, judicial misconduct would be the crime, not the reporting of that crime to the public, law enforcement or to anyone at all. First and foremost is the public’s right to know. Cynthia has the right to directly or indirectly protect herself and divulge any threat or information that would threaten her safety and well being. That is a civil right and it established intent of Defendants to cause her injury. Defendants do not have the civil right to cover up their crimes.


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