Injustice For One Is Injustice For All

So many people, so many times respond in horror and outrage at what Charles Perry has put Cynthia and her family through, non stop for almost a decade. “I can’t believe they did that to her. I can’t believe they did that to her.” Over and over and over and Perry cannot understand in his twisted bazaar thinking why he is a rejected failure. No normal person could live with themselves. It’s appalling that he can. Common sense would tell you that you get more bees with honey and vinegar is a great way to run everyone off. You do what people like, not what they hate. But it’s not about that for him. For him, it’s about getting high from the power he feels in ruining and destroying other people. The kids who were bullied, grow up to behave in the most evil offensive sick twisted ways no normal person can even imagine. Perry has told Cynthia he gave and she should be more appreciative. That right there shows the twisted mind she has been forced to deal with. He took her son in bribing the judge in NM, and there is no greater injury to a mother than that. You never get over that and there is not enough money in the world to repay her for taking just that in messing with her relationship with her child. Her sin was given to her by God. She didn’t neglect or abuse him in any way at all. She was soccer mom when that happened. She had a growing business in political consulting, didn’t dance, did not do drugs and barely drank and he ruined her family. He ruined her career, caused the loss of more than one home, more than one vehicle, on and on we could go with the massive, profound tangible loss Charles Perry caused in his effort to get a high hurting people. He has lost nothing at all. Him sending a proxy stalker to her work to buy the cheapest dance or VIP hoping to get information he can use to harm her even more is not “giving”. Some things he took can never be repaid. There are years of her life gone forever that she can’t get back. Her privacy plastered all over the internet. People she has never met coming to her workplace and telling her what she had just done in the privacy of her home. There is not enough money to pay that back. Most people cannot live with it the way an antisocial, psychotic, sadistic sociopath can. That is why his criminal activity is, for the first time in his life, despite millions paid for a cover up, more uncovered than ever before.

The big question asked last night if some in authority was “I can’t believe they did that to her. If you know about this, why haven’t you done anything about it?” “If I did that, I’d be in jail, so why the hell aren’t they?” We hear that over and over and over from people who are extremely pissed off that they are not. The public is smart enough to spot corruption and they do not like it. Martin Luther King Jr puts it best in his comments “Injustice for one is Injustice for all.”

Three judges now have been recorded talking to Perry making backroom deals one stating they would read motions Monday and call them to tell them what that judge can do for them. This has now been expanded to include judges on Cynthia’s civil case because there were so many denials that don’t comport with the law, material facts, evidence she admitted, no hearing to exclude anything at all, or prior like case decisions. The public has seen her evidence. They all get it so for a Judge to ignore it has brought on more speculation about judicial impropriety and Prosecutorial Review has now expanded investigations into why that would be. They have her evidence plus their own.

Cynthia told Perry years ago she wanted no further contact with him in any form at all and he continues to impose and force himself on her and burden the rest of the world with his problems, drama, and imaginary soap opera. All he had to do is be a gentleman a d get out of her life and leave her alone. A gentleman respects a lady’s wishes the FIRST time she asks. Six years later he still cannot control himself. She will NEVER want him. Manny people are horrified and outraged that he cannot get a grip on reality and be a man and move on. His behavior is ugly, immoral, offensive, creepy, weirdo, and disgusting. No normal person can bring themselves if they had to to do what he does with no ability to stop himself. There is a reason it is illegal. Cynthia will not be coerced to lie. She has made her statements under oath in Court and has no desire to change her statement, she wants no contact with Perry now or ever under any circumstances and Perry is not entitled to a lie. In the words of Yellawolf “I ain’t the dish rag to come clean up all the shit that you dish out. Ain’t much I can do but I do what I can But I’m not a fool there’s no need to pretend And just because you got yourself in some shit It doesn’t mean I have to come deal with it You handle your own when you become a man And become a man when you handle your own” Perry is no man. He has no honor or dignity or respect for others or he would get himself into a doctor and get some help. His family doesn’t want him in Cynthia’s life any more than she does. There is a reason most people do not behave as Perry does and a reason it is a crime. It’s legally and morally highly offensive for a man to chase a woman who does not even like him, rejects him over and over and over and over for six years if he is single but so much worse that he has done this while married.

One of the officers investigating Perry on his peeper site where Cynthia was sold, him having illegal cameras put inside her home without her consent, against her wishes, to sell “peeper watch time” and for murder, said “If I get information to you about Perry having someone take out your tail light hoping to get you pulled over and having your social security card taken, I fully expect the judges to look at it and give it some very very serious consideration. Blowing that off was never an option. So we’ve expanded our investigations into them as well. One of her co-workers one night asked her “How do you know which cops that come in here are good and which ones are bad, like the ones that Texas Senator stalking you is paying? I think we had a few of those in last weekend. They are assholes to us and harassed us out in the parking lot. They were off duty but showed us badges and kept trying to get into our car. We told them to leave or they’d be thrown out. It was that bad. Those guys work for that stalker politician Texas stalker guy?” And they did and they do. Most don’t, but a few do. These guys were off duty and out of their jurisdiction and out of line. When Tulsa Police were notified, the problem was effectively resolved immediately. Neither officer harassing Cynthia’s co-workers were work for Tulsa Police however Tulsa Police was kind enough to put a stop to it. These men had been in to Cynthia and one specifically said he was there on behalf f Charles Perry. He knew it was wrong because he sked if he she knew anyone in Internal Affairs and was concerned she’d file a complaint. He then came back and went at her co workers which prompted the communications regarding the problem to Tulsa Police who put a stop to it thankfully. There have been no problems since.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court held in Curry v Streater, off duty officers do not get Qualified Immunity. They don’t get it if committing a criminal act either. The public is no longer tolerating corruption and that is how it is no matter what imaginary delusion land bazaaro planet these people live on think. It is not being tolerated. That is why Perry is in the jam up of his life. It is not being tolerated anymore. Never should have been to begin with. People are horrified and outraged as they should be. Whatever conversation after review of Cynthia’s Motions will be discussed Monday to make some backroom deal, will be recorded same as the rest. And the guys on Team Cynthia can say “Read ‘Um And Weep”. That is an inside comment regarding observations made about her ability to intelligently play the shitty hand Perry gives her on a daily basis. Most people cannot live with what he does on their conscience. No one should. If you are normal and decent and not sick and twisted like him, you can’t do it. You simply cannot put another human being, and in fact children and her family through this as he has since her youngest son was ten years old. He had to grow up being the victim of a crime every day almost all his life and that is the sickest part about this deal is that Perry attacks women AND their little kids. Pretty twisted thing to do. The photo again is the email sent long before Perry carried out his threat to arrange a false arrest regarding info the same officers gave her before including information as to which Lubbock Judge he intended to use. He saw the email from hacking, nixed that plan, revised and did it anyway and actually thought nobody would suspect a thing. He thought wrong. He’s delusional so he actually can’t think at all or he’d get a grip on reality and leave Cynthia, her friends and family and other people alone.

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