Perry Asked By Co-Conspirator Whether Or Not He Wants Cynthia Told “Had You Been Good And Shut Up And Flown Below The Radar As You Were Told, You Might Have Been Able To Stay In Oklahoma”

Keep in mind before reading that if one has done some good, something they are proud of they want it out. Criminal activity, not so much. Harassment of a victim and material witness is a felony crime. Silencing Cynthia, via unlawful kidnapping, and attempts to intimidate her just as Charles Perry did when he executed her false arrest for which he is being sued was that very criminal act exactly. She was threatened first for months and addressed his threats, not vague threats but specifically to kill her and arrange a false arrest, were addressed in her texts and emails months before those threats were carried out or attempted. Law enforcement gave her more details they dug up in their investigation that involved Judge McNamara if Lubbock. Perry saw the email below from hacking Cynthia, also a crime and a reason she can’t stand him, and nixed that plan, but did revise and execute it on January 29, 2016. That gave rise to current litigation intended to be rid of him and get the guy off of her. The man she wants, that Perry also threatens and harasses away has never needed to stoop so low as to hack, peep, threaten, bribe, harass, force, have people go to her work to threaten her or offer money for sex as Perry has. Perry ruined her life and when she’d recover a little, he’d do it again. He has been deeply disrespectful to his family in maintaining an imaginary soap opera in his head with a woman who does not even like him. Who even does that? Cynthia will never want Charles Perry because not only does he do that, he will not stop. It is criminal activity.

Perry was recorded telling the man Cynthia wants “I will find a way to throw her back in jail and she won’t get out this time, unless she is with me. You need to give it up. ” What kind of crazy says crap like that to a single man in which a married Perry’s life has nothing at to do with?!?!? The man told Cynthia when they first discussed Charles Perry’s unwanted contact “I think you deserve better than to spend your life being harassed by this guy. I mean, it’s your life, but I think you deserve better than that. ” The two were discussing an option he thought might put a stop to Perry’s stalking. She didn’t disagree with him on putting a stop to it but was not sure at that time the way to get there would have been best achieved in the way he suggested. She has since taken his advice. It probably saved her life because she did. That is the kind of man who won her heart that Perry threatens and burdens with his crazy too.

The same law enforcement agency that gave Cynthia this more specific information and everything else, including what is stated herein, have her evidence, plus their own. Perry failed to factor that into his plans when procuring illegal dismissals of Cynthia’s Motions through illegal means.

Perry recorded talking to his guy. His guy said

“What do you want me to tell her? Had she been good she might could have stayed? She was told to fly under the radar and she didn’t so now she has to leave or what is it you want me to say to her? You know what she will say. She doesn’t give a shit what you think about anything and go fuck off. You know that’s what she will say. I mean what do you want me to tell her. She kind of has the upper hand here and she knows it. Everything she said would happen has. She said it would get to a point that no matter how much you paid for a cover up it was gonna get to a point that nobody could cover it up, now she’s saying you are going to prison so you better watch how you handle this. Her goal is you gone, not to be good to your satisfaction. She could not care less what you think or what you want. What you want is being imposed on her. You gotta realize that’s how she feels so I think shell say ‘fuck you’ and walk off. I don’t think she cares. I think you got news people a d cops from somewhere about to pull the trigger on ya and fucking with her is a bad idea.”

Cynthia provided her attorney with detailed illegal conversations with Judges between the Judge and Perry’s camp, documented for future use, the info given to her from recordings obtained by law enforcement. This all over the past few weeks.

Cynthia kept her mouth shut for four years and only told a few close friends of Perry’s stalker creepy weirdo problem. Her private messages in 2011 detail his acts that were intrusive and bazaar and constitute stalking. This was long before she could have foreseen current events. It’s not an afterthought one would make to get out if trouble now eight years later after the fact. These are conversations from eight years ago and have nothing at all to do with his job or what one needs to do to pass a law in Texas. It is a personal moral failure and a crime in all 50 states. He had four years to cut it the hell out. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from Perry and to avoid all conflict. He is a married man chasing a woman who does not even like him. He’s a rejected failure too stupid to figure out how to grow up, act like a man and a normal dude and move on. He is called a “Taylor Swift Song” by Oklahomans. He is not liked or respected in Oklahoma. He is not a resident of Oklahoma. He is not relevant in any way at all to anyone in Oklahoma and has no business being up in Oklahoma. He is a threat, a trouble maker, a burden and an imposition in Oklahoma. He has a wife, kids, family, constituents, friends in Lubbock Texas and all his attention should be on them. He is creepy, weirdo, perverted, depraved, disturbed, selfish, cruel, grotesque and disgusting to Cynthia and to people in Oklahoma. He is in the jam up of his life because he made a big boy choice to violate the law, morals, decency, respect other people’s rights and wishes and get out if Cynthia’s life. She does not want him in it nor will she ever under any circumstances at all ever. She has made that very very clear in all her words and actions for over half a decade. He seems to be the only person on Earth that cannot grasp reality and move on like a normal dude and stop bothering people in a state where he testified under oath in a Court of law that he does not live or do business. He will not leave everyone else alone and that has caused the jam up he is in. He chose that all by his big boy self. He is a grown ass man. Nobody owes him a darn thing. He is not owed or entitled to a lie. Cynthia is not going to try to please him because she thinks he is hideous. His comments that she failed to “be good” speak to his delusion. Anyone who would force themselves on a woman who does not want him, while married or even not, and forces others to deal with their crazy then make a comment like that is nuttier than a fruitcake and in great need of a butterfly net and a straight jacket. Cynthia does not like Charles Perry. She is not turned on by him, he makes her vomit. There is no relationship. Whatever imaginary soap opera goes on in his head does not exist to Cynthia at all. She is never going to want some loony toon that forces himself on her like Perry has. He kids don’t want him in Cynthia’s life any more than she does. What kind of heinous monster straps their kids with the reputation of being a creepy delusional weirdo like he has. Cynthia will walk away from this when Perry is arrested. His kids can’t. He strapped them with this forever. Cynthia would never want a man so careless with his kids and so selfish and cruel as to betray their mother and stick them with this forever. Rejected failure too stupid to act like a grown man and a normal dude and move on. How dare he do that to his family and her’s. No dignity and no respect for other people at all and that repulses Cynthia that he could even being himself to behave like that. She wants nothing to do with him. Forcing himself on her makes that even moreso the case. It’s like being raped every day, she says. Perry does not get to do that to her and his own family without severe legal consequences. Who does he think he is? What kind of arrogant piece of shit does he think he is putting everyone else thru this kind of horror for this long so he can get off!!!! Cynthia is embarrassed by Charles Perry not friends with him or in some secret anything. He makes her puke. He gives her the creepies. This delusional soap opera of his imposed on all kinds of other people for decade, beginning before Cynthia, has gone on long enough. Cynthia could not care less how Charles Perry feels. That’s for his mommy. She could not care less about what he thinks, whether he thinks she is good or bad or does what he wants. She has made it clear she wants nothing to do with him for over half a decade daily repeating her rejection of him over and over and over. How dare he impose and burden the way he has and betray his own family the way he has. It is outrageous, disgusting, and grotesque that he cannot better control his ability to grasp reality and go where he is wanted. He is not wanted by Cynthia this and will never be and not wanted in Oklahoma by anyone at all. He is not relevant to Cynthia or anyone in her life at all. He is just an unwanted troublemaker, burden, threat and imposition to her, her family and everyone in another state where he does not live . She wants another man who is kind, behaves with dignity, respect, is classy, handsome and not a creepy, pervert, delusional, sadistic weirdo. Perry just embarrasses her with this emo soap opera creepy drama queen act of his and his lack of intellect in being able to tell it does not go both ways and lack of ability to figure out how to leave everyone else alone with his proems and move on like a normal guy. He’s not hot or sexy. He’s weirdo. She wants NO contact with him or from him. It is sad this has to be repeated over and over and over for over half a decade and he still can’t get it. There is nothing there for Cynthia at all. Never will be. She is NEVER going to want Charles Perry. His kids deserve a dad they can be proud of, not a creeper peeper delusional corrupt weirdo. We are all known by our actions much more than our words. He is no different despite his grandiose idea of himself. What goes on in his head is not real to anyone but him.





















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