Growing Animosity Against Defendants Imposing Their Drama And Problems On Tax Paying Citizens In Oklahoma

Defendant Charles Perry and his buddies have claimed they have a lot of power and money, attempted to bully Cynthia into a relationship Cynthia wants no part of and has no romantic feelings for Defendant Perry, coerce and intimidate her into a lie, and take everything she has, what little there is left with intent to impede court proceedings and force her to do as she is told. This is a clear abuse of power. Perry falsely claimed her claims were related to a political vendetta and that she was just some campaign groupie who became enamoured with him. On what planet that would be, we cannot figure out. In ten years of texts, emails, social media posts there is not one mention of any issue at all she was upset with him about. She supported his campaign and she has submitted emails to the courts showing she helped his campaign and going along with his crooked dealings, he likely never filed her service, donated as she was never paid, as a donation to his campaign. She owned a political consulting business. Her services were not free. He never paid her. Cynthia rants when she is angry. The entire world knows she is upset, exactly and specifically what she is upset about, just how upset she really is, and who she is upset at and yet going back to 2011, there are expressions of frustration about Perry pulling up behind her home and just sitting to watch her, threatening to ruin her business, showing up where she is uninvited and not even told where she is gonna be or sending his staffers or family members all constituting stalking and harassment. None of that is what one needs to do to pass a law in Texas. It’s flat out creepy.

Also when Cynthia and Defendant Perry met, she had been working in government reform on the Federal level for 10 years, 15 total. She knew all kinds of very powerful wealthy surgeons, elected officials campaign dinars, lobbyists and individuals who actually do have a great deal of power and wealth and Defendant Perry was not elected to anything. He was simply a boring accountant, in a small town, not active in politics, had no history to dislike or attack, had no key relationships or influence that would be of value or threat to her at all, he was not needed by her for anything. She had more powerful connections going way back long long before they met and there was no reason for her to be enamoured or impressed with him at all. The opposite is true.

On top of that, her granddad was right dead center of the investigation into claims of a UFO sighting in Roswell, New Mexico. He provided an affidavit that has been reviewed worldwide by millions of people and without saying too much, the activity occurred around a US Air Force Base and neither he or Cynthia believe aliens exist much less that they landed in Roswell. He too was an elected official, the Chief of Police in Roswell for 14 years and in fact the police station is named in his honor.

Cynthia submitted evidence to the courts showing that months before her false arrest for which she is now suing, she was threatened specifically with death and false arrest. She wrote a letter to the US Attorney asking for an investigation into the matter. She began becoming I’ll at work just immediate after drinking drinks purchased by customers in which left unattended to perform work duties and in fact texted Perry’s Hitman, David Roberson, who responded with texts indicating he is Defendant Perry’s “muse”, he says “yes” to her question about being poisoned with arsenic, he tells her to “let your life fade away” which appears to mean “let us kill you” and states he cannot promise the stalking will end without death and destruction. Cynthia followed Oklahoma law requiring a police report to be filed when seeking a protective order, tweeted instructions by Tulsa Police and did what any reasonable prudent individual would do in her situation and filed a police report on January 21,2016. Eight days later, before she had talked a greater length with a detective or any police officer at all, she filed a report with a desk clerk, provided texts, was tested by TPD forensics people for arsenic poisoning, she was arrested and taken back to Lubbock for filing a false police report. There was never an investigation. All her civil rights were massacred. Defendants intentionally, maliciously, and willfully obstructed justice, impeded the police investigation into the report of their crimes committed in Oklahoma, attempted murder, aggravated assault, stalking and harassment and made sure she was never tested for poisoning so they destroyed her evidence too. They interfered with the chain of custody of evidence.

When Cynthia was in their custody in Lubbock instead of testing her for poisoning they knew they gave her, which had they not, they would have made sure to test her, taken it to media and showed the world she lied and made a false police report as alleged in their complaint against her. Instead they asked her to lie and had two Texas Tech shrinks try to find a way to say she was delusional. If she told everyone Defendant Perry threatened to kill her, got sick, has texted admissions of guilt for a Co- conspirator, was then arrested for acting in compliance with Oklahoma law, something her protective order sought previously was denied for because she did not have the required police report in court leading to the denial Defendants had in their possession, those specific threats were then carried out, she was clearly not delusional. The crime was not in what she did. She was required by law to do what she did. They are the criminals. They cannot get around obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, victim tampering and intimidation, or retaliation. The dates and times do not allow for that. There is no blood test to confirm or rule out arsenic poisoning. We wish there were.

When she was in jail and was asked to lie to allow Defendants to save face she refused. She said “I will agree just not to say anything IF Charles Perry gets off me and never contacts me or anyone I know again. That led to a provision in her Bond Conditions with that statement ordered by the judge that he not contact her at all in any form. She was ordered to see a psychologist, which she did for a year and a half, twice a month, for an hour or two. That psychologist never diagnosed her with mental illness but instead wrote a letter confirming Cynthia is afraid of Defendant Perry, terrified of what loss he will cause next, what threat he will carry out next and stated in a visit “What you’ve got with Charles is sometimes he escalates more than you can ignore.” All of that has also been submitted to now three courts. There is no possible way Defendant Perry would have allowed that provision to be in her Bond Conditions without coercion having been a part of that deal in that he admitted guilt and agreed to stop if she lied and stayed quiet about details of her false arrest. One of the corrections officers asked her one day just after a meeting with her attorney, “They gonna let you go home?” Cynthia said “Well, they want me to…they want me to…they want me to…” She said “Lie?” Cynthia said “Yes. I won’t do it could be awhile.” She shook her head in shame. Every knew the whole thing was “fucked up” as one officer put it and they all talked about it. It was blatantly illegal. So, what kind of mentally slow people actually believe people do not suspect a thing? It’s embarrassing that they cannot put it together in their heads that they do and in fact there is growing animosity at these men for so viciously attacking Cynthia and her family. What kind of weak attacks women and children like that?

Cynthia is still threatened and harassed constantly by Defendants and she has said there is law enforcement investigating Defendant Perry on another matter who know he hacked her phones and computers and that Perry has a peeping tom problem, and a bad one, and that he has been recorded more than once exiting ways to kill her or have her thrown back in jail without it being linked to him.

Over the past few months, Perry has also been recorded asking someone to take her social security card and the officers told her to remove it from her wallet. She got busy and forgot. They got in touch with her and said “I told you to get that social security card out if your wallet and to leave it at home. You forget? They got it. They have it. You need to report it stolen right. Don’t wait. Right this minute report it stolen.” She checked, it was gone and reported stolen. That is not something you just pull out every day to use and had the officers not told her it had been stolen, she would not have even noticed.

She also had threats to take her car to impede civil proceedings. If she has no car, she can’t get to work or court. Subsequently she had a tire go flat, a hole in her radiator hose that appeared to have been made with a pocket knife and they recorded Perry discussing cutting a fan but to disable her vehicle. She was told by the officers one day in April that they had taken her tail light out with intent to misuse local police to have her pulled over. They told her to change the light before going to work. She checked in the middle of the day and sure enough her tail light was out so she was able to fix it. She obtained a witness statement relaying unidentified individuals driving around where she is, not normal for the area, taking photos of her and problems with her trunk being opened, where tail lights are, and any of those individuals could have tampered with her vehicle. She was extra cautious about locking everything up because of this situation. When all of that failed, Perry was then recorded telling someone to take her driver’s license and the individual responded by saying “I don’t think we are going to get to her driver’s license. Since you guys had her credit card and social security card taken, she guards that wallet with her life. ” The response was “Create a distraction so you can get to it.”
Then a few weeks ago, Cynthia was driving on the highway and a large brick came off a truck in front of her, bounced around on the roadway and despite her best efforts to dodge it, hit the under carriage busting out her transmission. Many people believe that to have been attempted murder number two. It could have busted her in the head just as easily as it busted her engine. What if it had? No more law suits and problem for Defendants solved. When all that failed, they have since been recorded more than once stating “Its not legit but I am going to have her car towed and sold before she figures that out.” Again, the intent is to impede civil proceedings. For guys who claim they believe in accountability of elected officials they are really tampering with a victim of their crime and really trying to cover everything up that they have done. Again, animosity is growing in the public. People don’t like being lied to. They can handle mistakes, we all make them, but being lied to, not so much. The problem with the law suits is that Defendant Perry has had a lengthy history of stalking, having very very bad problems with being a peeping tom, harassment, and murder. Over six years there has been an ongoing investigation and sometimes when there is interest in people aiding and abetting that might take longer than we would all like. The officers, more than one, has been face to face chatting with Defendant Perry at events and he had no idea and likewise without saying too much, he should count on the fact they have some video record of his hacking and peeping on Cynthia in the privacy of her home and that is one very very sick thing to do to her. It is done against her will. She does not like it. No normal person could bring themselves to do that. It’s creepy, weirdo, sick, deviant and nasty.

Cynthia ordered a word search puzzle when she was in Creek County jail to pass the time and on one page posted here, there are the words Fabian and HOPE intersecting. Everyone knows Fabian is the man she wants in her life, not deviant creepy Charles Perry. Defendant Perry does type in her phone “me” “pick me” even after she has changed careers, moved twice, changed where she would move to, to avoid him, get away from him and avoid conflictband still he cannot put it together in his head she does not like him and rejects him. The situation is surrounded by sadness and fear due to all the intentional loss Defendants have caused her and fear of what they will do next. These words, Fabian, intersecting with the word HOPE, with “me” in between them keeping them apart but only for a time, and the word “boo” indicating fear on the left and “sad” indicating the sadness associated with the sadness Defendants have intentionally caused Cynthia and her family on the right, are all grouped together in just that specific particular way. Theses words specifically, of all the words it could be, not just in the same book or on the same page but grouped together exactly as they are and this was not something she got at just some random time in her life. She got this in jail we which was the worst possible moment Defendants intentionally caused. Clearly these people who got this to her, at that very moment have a whole lot of power and intimate knowledge of her situation and power Defendant Perry cannot even touch, despite his delusions and grandiose thinking. Charles Perry is a rejected failure peeping tom criminal and nothing more. He is not loved or wanted or touched by Cynthia and never will be. In fact if he ever tried to touch her there would likely be some serious screaming that would be very embarrassing for him, if he is even capable of being embarrassed by his weird, and if that did not work, she would like beat the ever living crap out of him to make him let go. He makes ALL her skin crawl and gives her the creepies. Six years later it does not say much for his intellect that he is unable to grasp reality and figure out how to move on. He has no power or control over his weird. He is a slave to it. He should be embarrassed by his weird and yet he acts like he has no idea most people will never do this because they would be and that he should be too. They have fetish clubs for people who like to peep and that is the legal and proper outlet for that not putting a camera in the privacy of a woman’s home who is disgusted with you against her wishes without her consent.

As to Defendants claims there was no coercion and Quid Pro Quo that she stay quiet about the details of her false arrest, Defendant Powell took emails she sent to people stating Perry continues to stalk harass and threaten her. They forwarded them to him. He forwarded them to Powell. Powell took them to her attorney telling him he needed to shut Cynthia up. There is no other way she could have obtained the emails and then file them in now three Courts. The Bond Conditions state very clearly that Charles Perry is not to make any contact in any form with Cynthia. He had to have admitted guilt and agreed to stop in exchange for her silence. He never stopped though. He can’t. He has no power or control over his delusions or his weird. It controls him. There I no need for coercion or victim tampering or a Quid Pro Quo if there is no need for a cover up of a crime. Cover ups of crime create evidence of a cover up and the public is able to discern the truth from a lie and a fraud and most understand people make mistakes. It’s the betrayal of trust, the insult to their intelligence and the corruption they don’t tolerate.

Subsequently in the civil proceedings in the one hearing where Cynthia was present the Judge denied Perry’s Motion to Dismiss. He then has gone to Court four times, bold faced lied and got dismissals now on appeal and without divulging too much there may be evidence coming that would allow all those orders to be vacated.

As to the public, again, they are not dumb and they do suspect a corruption scandal and they don’t like it. They don’t like police being used to harass and witness tamper. In fact a lot of police don’t like being asked to harass and witness and victim tamper. They have food on their table and a roof over their heads courtesy of the good citizens of Oklahoma. Several have told Cynthia she needs to be careful,” Perry just wants us to find a way to arrest you” she was told by two in August, 2015. “We told him no. That is not why we signed up to be police but that doesn’t mean he won’t find some who will do what he wants.” As these men continue to attack her, cause loss and injury, such animosity is growing that they have more “deep throats” than ever before and their criminal conduct is more exposed than ever before in their lives and a matter of public record for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to see now and forever because people are sick and tired of Charles Perry and his buddies butting in where they are not invited or wanted, trying to force Cynthia into some sicko thing she wants no part of ever with a deviant creepy weirdo sadist, coming up here and making trouble and causing problems and burdening tax paying citizens, who put a roof over the heads of local police and feed them so we don’t have to deal with this crap, with their drama and their problems. Everyone wants this stopped….all of it. These men have no relevance to Cynthia or anyone here or anyone in her life. Bullying her, threatening her, taking everything she has or killing her to impede or stop civil proceedings is a whole new crime and civil cause of action. All they had to do six years ago, and then again three years ago is leave her alone and they would not then need to impede anything. It speaks to the level of stupid, delusional and mental derangement that these men are not capable of putting all that together in their heads. Leaving Cynthia alone as she has asked over and over for years creates no evidence and gives nothing to tell so if they don’t like being told on, to they need to follow the law like all other normal sane people and control themselves to get out of her life and leave everyone else alone. People here, especially Cynthia, do not like being burdened and imposed on by a bunch of loonies from weird land Texas. They do not get to impose their problems and drama on people here or come up here and make trouble and they have caused a great deal of animosity.

Cynthia has made it clear she does not like Defendant Perry, wants no contact with him in any form and yet still constantly tries to tell her what he thinks or wants or needs and she has made it clear she does not care and does not want to hear it. She wants NO contact ever again and it speaks to how delusional and deranged Defendant Perry is that he continues to try to talk to her rather than respecting her wishes and leaving her alone . ONE time should have been enough. Six years of this and is still too stupid to grasp reality and figure out how to move on and leave everyone else alone and stop imposing and burdening other people in another state with his drama and his personal weirdo problems and it is making a whole lot of folks very angry and very much out of patience.

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Click Here to See Information Regarding Brain Scans of Serial Killers. Empathy is just not there for them. Perry’s threatens Cynthia constantly and his threats are very specific. He carries many of them out. He’s tried to kill her more than once and failed. Who else is no longer living that didn’t live to tell about it or fight back?



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