Quid Pro Quo, Supreme Court, Second False Arrest Threatened Again

While we await the decision of the US Supreme Court on Cynthia’s first law suit filed to seek remedy for her first false arrest Perry threatened for month before he carried out, the arrest which he arranged to prevent an impede her from reporting his crimes to Tulsa Police, for filing a police report that is required under Oklahoma law, and spoiled her evidence, then dismissed the charges after coercing a Quid Pro Quo making her agree not to give details of her arrest to media in exchange for his agreement not to contact her ever again, blatant violations of her civil rights on all, Perry again claims to have victory before any decision has been made and told Cynthia he will force her back to Lubbock and into some bazaar relationship with him she never wants to be in by way of another false arrest. Instead being a man about her six years of rejection, moving on as normal people and the rest does and moving on he has continued non stop to force himself on her, butt into her life, unwanted, threaten, stalk, cause problems forcing her to have to fix, forcing her attention knowing he cannot get it any other way, peeping, hacking, interfering and with his constant strange sadistic attacks. Cynthia has been protected many a time by the Almighty and police investigating Defendant Perry on another matter. Their prosecutors are baffled by court rulings and one said he counted five counts of known perjured statements Defendants have made in Court. Cynthia sought an Order of Protection under the Domestic Violence Act included in her state court claim, CJ-2018-02775. By law a hearing should have been held within 14 days, but oddly was not. She was never able to seek an order of protection when Defendants carried out that threat to arrange a false arrest, because they had her arrested before she could. Clearly, having been tested for poisoning, taking those results to Court, would have helped her case tremendously. Defendants made sure that didn’t happen, by physically preventing her from being tested and then made her sit illegally detained for two months while the poison worked its way out of her system. Had they not poisoned her, they would have made sure she was tested and taken those results to the media. They all went to court and testified they knew she claimed she was poisoned and that she lied and that gave rise to the warrant for her arrest. However, they made sure TPD didn’t test her, nor did they. Courts, as a rule, put a lot of weight into spoilation of evidence and yet, these courts have not leading police investigating Perry on another matter and their prosecutors to question what in the hell is going on in the Tulsa Courtrooms. See OK law below.

The Supreme Court Case is 18-9170.

Click Here to See Supreme Court Docket On Cynthia’s Appeal


They obtained information from people inside their inner circle as not everyone is as sick and cruel as Defendant Perry would like them to be. Two conversations are as follows: Cynthia is never told who the speaker is, just played what is said:

“The whole hang up is on that Quid Pro Quo. There are questions around his influence over these judges and why that might be because Cynthia brought out the judges keep denying her request for a PO and this one gave it to her but that one was on the Bond Conditions which looks like he gets the judges to do what he wants, legal or not. That one was sealed. He thought nobody would ever see it. He okayed that one but the rest she has all this documentation prosecutors have seen, law enforcement has seen, media has seen the public has seen that shows if anyone ever needed a protective order it’s her so why can’t she get one but she got that one. That doesn’t even make sense. He agreed to it or it would never have happened and the only way he would agree to that is 1) he thought nobody would ever see it and 2) he did not want her going to media and their two emails were to media that she sent out, they went to Charles, from Charles to Matt and only way she could have them is they gave them to her all pissed off she went to media. Well why would he be upset she went to media? They had an agreement that she wouldn’t. As a public official the law says the public has a right to know how you live your private life and none of these guys have been exempt from that, not Bill Clinton, not Al franken, not Trump so thet aren’t either. She has the right to tell her side if the story. She has that right and the public has the right to know. So they coerced her and it wasn’t a plea agreement it was a coercion and it’s illegal so we got one judge who signed off on an illegal order that does say Charles cannot contact her. All the rest get denied? See? All of that is a huge problem and now she may have someone helping her that might go at them with perjury charges and she can get all those orders vacated and if it’s timed out she can file a whole new suit. But there are serious questions around that Quid pro quo. That’s where they have some very big problems. ”

Another one “They call up here and cry and whine like a bunch of spoiled rotten little girls ‘Well she works in a strip club, well she hash tags and that’s messing up my reputation , well she does this and she does that.’ and I’m like ‘she left town. She then left the state before she said much of anything at aboyt all this and the only reason she got more vocal is instead of leaving her alone, respecting what she wanted which was nothing to do with any of you you came up here, you messed with her job, you messed with her family, you messed with her money you almost killed her, you almost did or you made sure she thought you were, you put her in jail for nothing, you obliterated her career, her reputation, she lost her home, you try to do everything you can imaginable to hurt her and you cry foul? Stop coming up here. Her job I none of your business, her family is not to be used to hurt her, also not your business, she wants this Fabian guy and you mess that up, she has the right to tell her side of the story, to talk about when you threaten her or do something to her here, after she moved to get away from you, she has the right to express anger about what you are doing to her with in reason and I gotta tell you, I’ve not seen anything at all that I find to be out if the norm or out of line. She’s pissed. Anyone in her place would be. She’s not threatened to hurt you. You come here. You mess up her life. She moved twice, not once but twice to get away and you come here, butt in and mess up her life and yet not one threat to you at all that concerns me, other than to sue you for more stuff you’ve done. Nothing wrong with that. None of that is a crime. What you are doing is. So leave her alone. Respect that girl’s wishes, her rights, her privacy, go on about your business, stop forcing yourself on her then complaining when she expressed normal regular anger about what you are doing to her. Nobody would like that and she doesnt. Nobody would like it so stop acting like she did something to you. She told on you for coming up here doing something to her. It is pissing people off. ”

Cynthia does have the right to tell her side of the story to anyone she wants to. She has the right to be pissed off and angry about the continued injuries and losses and harassment by Defendants. They don’t have the right to continue to come up to Oklahoma, harass her, make any kind of unwanted contact with her and all is unwanted, take everything and everyone she cares about away from her, cause injury, fear, loss, or creep he out of invade her privacy. It happen to be against the law in all 50 states and a violation of Federal law as well. They are crossing state lines. Defendant Perry, as many delusional stalkers do, thinks isolating Cynthia and taking everything she has would make her want him. He has conned people into thinking if she lies for him,and agrees to be in a sick relationsip she never wants to be in, he will give her whatever she wants. If he wants to give her whatever she wants, he would get out of her life and leave her alone. That is all she has asked for for ten years. What she wants is not him. Forcing himself on he makes that more the case. He cannot be the hero being he, for ten years, has the been first the villain. There have been many a stalker case where the stalker does something nefarious like cause a flat tire then be t one to happen along the road to help fix it. It’s pretty sick to do that and this is that. If he takes everything, he will give it back if she lies? If she agrees to be in some sick relationship with him she has made it clear in all her actions and words she never ever wants to be in? If he cared about her, he would not take it in the first place. He would respect her wishes and get out of her life, act like a normal man, not a spoiled rotten bratty little 12 year old drama queen girl, get over it and move on and never contact her again. Any man that would not respect her wishes is not the kind of man she wants or worthy of getting the time of day from her. His claims are a con anyways. We believe Perry want to lure the assistance of people around Cynthia into assisting him in getting her in a situation where he is close enough to her to kill him herself being his hired hitmen keep messing that up. In ten years all he has done is be sadistic, cruel, nasty, hateful and abusive. That’s never going to change. That is who he is. He is not going to give her a damn thing or he would give her her freedom, her privacy and leave her alone. That costs him nothing.

If you help Defendant Perry, this serves as public notice, you are knowingly and willfully, aiding and abetting in the commission of felony stalking and harassment, and knowingly and willingly endangering the life of another. He has not told the truth about a damn thing in ten years. His claims he’ll give Cynthia whatever she wants if she’ll agree to lie and be in some bazaar freak show relationship she’s tried as hard as anyone can try to get away from are a con to get close enough to her to kill her himself. She has changed careers and moved twice to get away from Defendant Perry. She has fought him in court to get him off her. She has made her wishes clear. She wants NO contact with Perry ever. If he were her kind of guy, or a man, he’d respect her wishes and leave her alone and not ask people around her to hurt her for him hoping to bully her into something she never wants to be in. She has spent a tremendous amount of time and money trying to get away from him. He continues to try to force himself on her. His habits, his patterns are not indicative of someone with a normal mind, not a respectful gentleman and certainly not the kind of man she would ever want a thing in the world to do with. You are knowingly endangering the life of another when you help him. It is against the law. It is a crime.

A reporter told the officers investigating Perry on another matter, who have protected Cynthia for some time now when Defendant Perry intends her harm, “These guys are a bunch of bullies who do nothing but hurt women and children and their ridiculous complaints that she’s harassing them when she tells on them or makes their out of court harassment public, which she has the right to do by the way, that they are somehow victims, is appalling. I’ve seen some disturbing social media rants at elected officials and there is nothing like that from her or whoever it is running that blog and facebook page. She has not said anything at all but that she is suffering loss at the hands of a man who is disturbed, sadistic, cruel, delusional, and a man who has some very sick problems he cannot get a handle on. Nothing wrong with that at all. That is not a crime in any state. What they are doing to her, all the loss has been suffered by her and only her, is the crime and its about time those guys in Tulsa put a stop to it. If he cannot control himself and get a handle on his mental problems, someone over there needs to step in and make him. ”


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In the photos and documents below, is evidence of coercion and the Quid Pro Quo that occurred during Cynthia’s first false arrest, when Defendants admitted to making a “terrible mistake”, asked her to agree not to go to media with details, to which her response was, “ONE condition and that is Charles Perry NEVER contact me again in any form. I NEVER even want to hear a peep from him. I just lost my home, my mugshot is smeared everywhere. They lost nothing. And they have the nerve to ask me to lie for them? I will not do any such thing. I will agree to just stay quiet but Charles Perry can NEVER contact me again EVER. ” That led to the provision in her Bond Conditions stating he could not contact her. He agreed to it and the second she returned home, he started all his stalking, harassment, threats, and ruining her life all over again, same as before. She then went to media and the emails were sent from John Steinmetz, her friend, not an email she intended for him to forward anywhere, and KFYO, to Charles Perry, to Matthew Powell, all indicated on the documents, and to her attorney Ted Hogan and Mallory Miller, with instructions that they “shut her up”. Why though? If you have done nothing wrong, why would anyone coerce her silence? Defendants have not stopped out of court harassment and people in Oklahoma, especially Cynthia are very tired of it. There is no day, she’s not been threatened with a second again, because she talks.

Below are PDF versions of the emails Defendant Powell took to Cynthia’s attorney regarding the Quid Pro Quo:






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