Perry Threatens Ortiz’s Car Again With Intent To Impede Civil Proceedings

Again, after Cynthia had several incidents of mechanical issues, followed by Perry’s recorded conversation telling someone “It won’t be legit, but I am gonna have her car towed and sold before she figures that out so she can’t appeal anymore.” Followed by the recording of him telling his guy to “create a distraction to take her driver’s license”, similar to the way he had her social security card taken, followed by an odd accident with a brick coming off a truck in front of her causing her car to be totaled, again he has ordered his guy, and was recorded stating “Soon as she gets her new car, take it. She won’t be able to do anything about it until it’s too late but I want her shut down on these lawsuits.”

She emailed Defendant Perry’s attorney notifying him and other parties they can all expect to be hauled into court of one kind or another if this harassment continues. Perry cannot argue the recordings are not him when carries out his threats the same as he tried to with his death threats and he did on the false arrest. Dr Russell stated in her comments “What you’ve got with Charles is he escalates more than you can ignore.” Being he cannot get her attention unless he is making a problem she has to fix. His attacks are heinous, vicious and sadistic.

Perry also testified under oath to not having any relevant business contacts in the state of Oklahoma, in an ex parte hearing where he made sure she was not there to hear it or refute it. These people he hires here that he tells to take her social security card, driver’s license and mess with her car are not risking jail the for free. He is paying them which constitutes a business transaction within the state of Oklahoma and a relevant one in that the conduct causes her injury, a citizen of Oklahoma, it is intentional and it was bought and paid for. This would be one of many perjured statements in court resulting in orders that do make common sense, do not comport with the law or prior court decisions. The officers investigating Perry who warn Cynthia after they get information on a premeditated threat to cause injury also clearly have their attorneys and prosecutors reviewing all of the court documents too. All this conduct is unlawful and in fact criminal leading to comment “If I did that, I would be in jail. So why aren’t they?” Nobody but his guys said they won’t be. Investigations take the especially when involving as many people as Defendant Perry has involved.

See email to Perry’s and other Defendants attorney below:

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See links below to prior blogs regarding Defendant Perry’s very specific threatsto cause harm, loss, injury to Cynthia Ortiz, showing premeditation, intent and the harm is done very much on purpose.

Perry Recorded Ordering His Guys To Take Ortiz’s Car Expressing Intent To Impede Appeal of Adverse State Court Claim

After Months Of Threats Against Ortiz’s Car Perry May Have Carried Out This Specific Threat

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