Here Am I. Send Me. To Relieve Suffering Caused By Crime

Cynthia’s text to her attorney regarding her perspective of being a victim of Defendant Charles Perry’s crimes for nearly a decade now and she has suffered loss after loss after loss and these losses have been catastrophic and profound and he has continued to threaten her vehicle with intent to impede her civil lawsuits against him to remedy the losses he intentionally, maliciously, and willfully causes.

“That cop in Colorado who caught the serial rapist, depicted in Unbelievable on Netflix had a sticky note on her dash board that said Here Am I. Send Me. To remind her of Isaiah…he told God he would rise to the challenge put before Him….to relieve suffering and likewise she agreed to do the same. To relieve suffering caused by crime. My granddad said that. “As lawmen and women, we are called to relieve suffering caused by crime. ” My granddad was in politics and law enforcement and he raised me and I have those connections. As horrible as it’s been to be a victim of the deep sadistic sick that Charles Perry is…Here Am I. Send me.
To relieve the suffering caused by his crimes.
More than ever before in his pathetic Bazaar bore ugly criminal life…on public record now for anyone in law enforcement to see now and forever timelines and supporting documents. .it’s all there and no one has done that before now but me and my cop friends who also said Here Am I. Send me. End the suffering this sadistic creepy criminal is causing so many for so long. Use me. Here am I. ”

Below are photos of Cynthia’s Granddad, Former Chief of Police in Roswell, New Mexico, the Police Station there named in his honor, his name on the front door of that building to this day, her Great Granddad, Captain of Detectives, L.G. Hall, an article published about a murder they solved in Startling Detective in May, 1969, and other family photos. Cynthia’s Great Great Granddad, was a Texas Marshall, a Judge and a chicken farmer. Her dad, Granddad, and Great Granddad all in law enforcement. Her Granddad also served as Republican Part Chairman of Chavez County, County Treasurer and City Councilman. She quotes Chief Hall’s mission statement: “As lawmen and women, we are called to relieve suffering caused by crime.” and Chief Hall lived that mission statement every day of his life. When he passed away, Cynthia’s granny told her she received hundreds of letters from people he helped expressing thanks to his service as a law enforcement officer and condolences. He left a legacy the entire family is very very proud of.

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