Perry and Powell Continue Ex Parte Hearings Not Allowing Ortiz In Court To Prevent Her Hearing Perjured Statements

The officers investigating Perry told Ortiz “You have gone them so hard on the fraud upon a Court, the knowingly false statements mad in Court, they keep holding ex parte hearings so they can go in there and lie and you wont know what they said. That way you can cant have more to use against them in Court, nor can we. They cant claim you are crazy when they do that. ”

Perry and Powell have held repeated ex parte hearings where Ortiz is not even in the Court room to get her claims dismissed. It was not bad enough they harrassed and threatened false arrest for months, tried to kill her, then carried out the threat to arrange a false arrest intending to prevent and delay the reporting of their crimes in Tulsa to Tulsa Police and destroy evidence. Tulsa Police had not even called her back after she filed the police report of Jan 21, 2016. The Detective called her back asking her to come in yo provide evidence and give a detailed statement on Feb 15, 2016 while she was already sitting illegally detained in Lubbock. The charge was “Filing a calse police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job” the police report was required by law, they knew it as her first attempt at a Protective Order was denied due to her failure to give the Judge the police report in May 2015. She simply forgot to bring it to Court, gave the Judge the officers name and case number but forgot the actual report. She tweeted Tulsa Police about being poisoned, they knew it as Burson names “claims of being poisoned” on his arrest warrant although he failed to mention to the Judge and Grand Jury, pertinent material facts that the arrest impeded Tulsa Police from testing her, and there are no political rants anywhere in a period of almost ten years directed at Perry. Ortiz rants like crazy when she is pissed off and yet there no political rants directed at Perry, someone who has no significance at all to her life. She had been gone from the area for three years when all this happened. He never represented her. She lived outside his district and one man can pass no law Ortiz may not like all by himself. Ortiz’s rants are about his stalking. She not once says “I dont want him to get re elected. From 2011 to the present she said constantly and to this day still does “I just want for him to leave me alone!” He is delusional and has created a romance in his head that is not real to Ortiz at all. She is not his only stalking victim, and Perry makes her skin crawl. While she sat illegally detained, the substance making her ill worked its way out of her system and forensic evidence was destroyed. Burson and Powell violated Brady rules and never had her tested while in their custody and impeded Tulsa Police, who had jurisdiction over the crime that occurred in their jurisdiction. She followed instruction of law enforcement in Tulsa where she lives, she followed the law in Tulsa where she lives and for that people in another state who committed a crime against her carried out threats to arrange a false arrest, obstructed justice, destroyed evidence and engaged in coercion and victim tampering. She was ripped away from her family, lost her home, had her mugshot smeared everywhere and as if that were not bad enough, they have gone into court repeatedly, made sure she was not in the court room to hear additional knowingly false statements made in court, to refute their claims or argue the law to get her claims for these injuries dismissed. On top of that, they have continued to engage in out of court harassment, threatened to arrange a second false arrest, Perry has been recorded twice discussing ways to arrange a false arrest or kill her without it being linked to him, he has attempted to ruin or take her car, ruin her income and has harmed it greatly and much more. As if the act causing injury were not heinous enough, there has been so much more subsequently leading a reporter with a law degree who has reviewed the case to tears. She was outraged by what she saw. Many people are. It is blatantly immoral, illegal, and cruel. The officers discuss Ortizs case with a criminal psychologist who assessed Perry as a sadistic antisocial psychopath who “gets off” on harming other people. He has no control therefore becomes a burden for others by making problems so he feels he has control over others. Anyone with control or power can behave in a civilized manner. He is not able to. He is not even able to tell the difference between fact and fiction. Most people, being we have an innate desire to help not intentionally harm, could not bring themselves to put another person through what Perry and Powell cannot seem to stop. This is not normal in fact its pretty sick. The reporter who empathized so deeply she was brought to tears said “These men claim to be Christians. This is why nobody likes Christians. People like this give everyone a sour taste towards Christianity. Its hypocracy and its repugnant. Dr Russell said something simlilar in her comments Perry intended to harm Ortiz as an escalation aimed at getting attention he can get no other way. Her audio comments were filed with the court and audio posted on on the last blog posted. Most people would want to prove a psychologist wrong who assess preliminarily mental illness. Perry seems very intent however on proving both mental health professionals right. He cant seem to stop himself. He cant control anything at all especially not himself.

Below is the link to Det Eagans voicemail of Feb 15, 2016. Ortiz was arrested on Jan 29, 2016. As you can see, justice was blatantly obstructed. If Perry was in fact not attempting to murder Ortiz, why did he obstruct justice, commit perjury as did Burson, and impede TPD from testing Ortiz for poison and not demand testing while in custody illegally detained in Lubbock. Had the test been negative he would have been vindicated. Instead he made sure she was never tested. He knew results would be positive because he was having her poisoned hoping to explain away her death as drug related or something common to work in a gentlemans club. He did this AFTER she just attempted to get a Protective Order. That was bold indicating he has done this before many times and gotten away with it. These men are sick to attack a woman and her kid like this hoping it makes them feel like tough guys. It is just sick. But continuing to make knowingly false statements before a court of law is part of the reason they continue to hold exparte hearings where Ortiz is not there to hear them.They know she deals with the perjury head on, anyone from anywhere can forever see to the docket, and they want the perjured statements covered up. The continued “acts showing consciousness of guilt” from Perry and Powell never end. A cover up only leaves evidence of one crime becoming two crimes and evidence of the cover up. The Prosecutor on the Kathy Augustine murder said on Forensic Files “A detective once told me during any investigation, a GOOD police investigation the clean get cleaner and the dirty get dirtier.” I would say that for sure had played out in this case.

Click here to hear Det Liz Eagan on Feb 15, 2016

Voicemail Of TPD Liz Eagan


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