Perry Still Claiming He Is Not A Stalker, Ortiz Is Just Crazy

Perrys claims Ortiz is crazy receives a response from a casual observer:
“She saw Dr Russell for, not a few hours, not a few weeks, not a few months but a year and a half. She was never prescribed any mefication nor was she diagnosed with mental illness. Instead Dr Russell, in simply reviewing the material facts in that Defendant Perry first threatened false arrest for months, Ms Ortiz told friends and family about it, the threats were specific, she wrote the US Attorney, he then appears to have attempted to kill her, Defendant Robersons texts do indicate that, at best were very “off” and intimidating, she begins experiencing symptoms of poison, asks Defendant Roberson in texts if its arsenic to which he replies “yes”. She then tweets Tulsa Police, they tweet back advising her to file a complaint so they can investigate, she also wishes to seek an order or protection which Defendants knew was required by law, as her first Protective Order was denied as a result of her failure to do so, she filed the report citing video evidence and texts. Perry then does have her charged and arrested, not for committing any crime at all, but for following the law in the state where she resides and instructions of local law enforcement. He does so obstructing and impeding her statement to police, interferes with the chain of custody of evidence, prevents and delays the reporting of his crime to local police and causes the destruction of any evidence that she was poisoned. With those facts in mind, Dr Russell can come to no other conclusion but that Defendant Perry simply escalated his danger. She further states Ms Ortiz has done everything within her power to get away from Defendant Perry which she again can come to no other concludion based on material facts that Ms Ortiz first ended a 15 year political consulting career to avoid having to interact with Defendant Perry, she then moved twice therefore Dr Russell, in evaluating the facts is not able to come to any other conclusion. Ms Ortiz has since discussed incidents resulting in loss or potential loss and differentiates between what she knows to be due to Defendant Perry and what she is not sure of. This is not the behaviour of someone who suffers from delusion. This is the behavior of someone who logically evaluated what occurred in that things happen and it may have nothing at all to do with Defendant Perry, other things were caused by Defendant Perry. She indicates some would just happen or be “happenstance” having nothing at all to do with anything Defendant Perry. As such, there is not one ounce of truth to his claims. Again Defendant Perry is simply perpetrating a known fraud to cover up his unlawful activity. That is pretty much what criminals do. His actions are consistent with that of a criminal who continues to be caught violating the law. ”

Ortiz actually puts everything that happens into one of four categories in her analysis of events as follows:
” 1) Charles Perry did this and caused this loss and I can prove it.
2) Charles Perry did this and caused this loss, I know he did but I cannot prove it.
3) I am not sure if Charles Perry did this or caused this loss. He may have or may be some other reason.
4) This loss occurred or this thing happened and Charles Perry had nothing at all to do with it.” The event or incident is completely unrelated. ”

The other way Ortiz knows what Charles Perry is intending to do next or has already done is due to a criminal investigation occurring on another matter, the officers involved in that have warned her of impending danger or that he has done something she needs to address, one being when Defendant Perry had someone take out her taillight, not once but twice, hoping to have her pulled over. She was pulled over one time, simply told she needed to fix the taillight, the second she was able to fix the light before leaving for work and was not pulled over. She was also told Charles perry had someone take her social security card, she had it tucked away in an unusual place, did so in the privacy of her home, or so she thought her home was private, with some credit cards, and when told by the officers looked to find it was gone. Being a social security card is not something you pull out and use on any regular basis, she would not have even noticed any time soon but for being told. She reported the theft to the IRS. This means evidence does exist and maintained even if not by Cynthia. As of late Charles perry has been recorded stating he wanted her drivers license pulled, her car towed so that she cannot get to Court to file responses and appeals. This too is a crime. He has further been recorded stating “I want her arrested again, she cannot talk to anyone but me and she cannot order anything from the commisary or talk to her family. We have to break her down until she does whatI tell her.” Cynthia, again, was played the recording but is not in posession of it, however clearly the officers who obtained are. This is also intent to commit victim tampering, intimidation and coercion and these criminal acts go far outside of just stalking. This is blatant organized crime. Fraud is simply a part of that.

The odd thing is, most people are smart enough to stop when they know they are under investigation. Charles Perry et al seem not to have the good sense to stop with the criminal activity, despite having been caught repeatedly. That saying “You have the right to shut up. Any stupid thing you say or do will be held against you in a Court of law” seems to just not click for them. That would be in part the reason for great concern as to Charles Perry’s mental status not only being indicative of a man suffering from severe mental illness but some deformationin that he appears to be very mentally slow. He seems unable to use logic and reason to determine outcomes using simply “IF this…THEN that…deductive reasoning skills. He is being referred to as “Rainman” by some. Its certainly a great concern for obvious reasons. When you are a person of intellect, you have the ability to discern facts and understand that when you are being investigated, you continue to be caught, that might be a good time to stop.


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