Pull The Sting, Watch Reactions, Unravel Perry and Powell’s Corruption

Perry was overheard twice, discussing ways to kill Ortiz or arrange a second false arrest without it being tied or linked to him. Ortiz has overheard, more than once, people at her work stating, “She’s the girlfriend of a Texas Senator. He said they are just in a fight, he wants her not to make money so she quits dancing, comes to her senses and goes back to him.” That is the most stupid and delusional thing but typical stalker, on earth ever anyone can say. Ortiz has attempted to reason with Perry to get him to understand she has no feelings for him at all but disgust, changed careers, moved twice and started dancing hoping his marriage and religion would prevent him from bothering her. Victims of stalking go where they think the stalker will not go. She’d hoped the stigma of stalking a stripper would prevent him from bothering her in a strip club, so why are those conversations even happening. He went to court, under oath, told more than one judge he is not stalking and has no contacts of significance in Oklahoma and yet, he does. That was a bold faced lie. For a guy who wants to control other people so badly, he cannot even control himself. The man either has no ability to tell the difference between fact and fiction or he’s just battling legitimate mental problems and deficiencies. Ortiz is getting sick and tired of being associated with him in any way at all much less as a romantic partner. She rejected him years ago, over half a decade ago. So what is his problem that he cannot figure out by now there is just nothing there? She wants NOTHING to do with him and feels NO love for the guy, just disgust. There no relationship but in his wild imagination which is what stalkers do. He is no different in anyway at all that John Hinkley, Jr. who truly believed in his twisted delusions he was in a romance with Jodi Foster. Any comments to other people anywhere from Perry that he and Ortiz are in any kind of relationship at all are slander and defamation intended to cause the loss of a relationship that she does want to be in. Being in one with Charles Perry is never gonna happen. That is not something she wants at all ever. She’s getting sick and tired of having to explain that to people. The claim is whackadoo.

After moving to Oklahoma, Perry began immediately interfering with her income and calling her work, same as he had done at Jaguar’s. A recent discussion amongst people we cannot divulge, legally, speculated “If the initial contact with her by these guys in law enforcement who had been investigating Perry for God only knows how long, was in March, 2014, I’ll bet she heard every conversation they picked up with Jaguar’s managers going back even then and she’s probably heard every argument Perry has had with Fabian about her in Perry’s attempt to harass and threatened Fabian into not fighting for Cynthia and keeping them apart.” Ortiz sought an Order of Protection as a result in May, 2015, which was denied due to her attorneys failure to adequately address jurisdiction and Ortiz’s failure to bring the police report to give to the judge. She gave him a case number but just by fluke, forgot the actual report. The denial states her failure to comply with OK law in filing a police report. Perry then sent Roberson to her work to threaten her, and Perry’s guys began, not just putting arsenic in her drinks making her ill, but attempted to get her to take it voluntarily. Roberson texted her, “Let your life fade away”. Who even says stuff like that? Why even say something like that? They told her “Arsenic taken in small doses over time will help your body build up an immunity to it.” She talked with a medical person who told her, “That is insane. Arsenic builds up in your liver over time and it will kill you dead. For them to tell you that tells me the intent was to kill you. They were trying to convince you it was okay to drink so you’d drink it voluntarily. Once you are gone, he can go on with his life as usual and nobody would suspect him. He could explain it away as an unfortunate drug overdoes or anything really health related he wanted to.” When Ortiz confronted Roberson in texts asking if he was giving her arsenic, he responded “yes”. She filed a police report intending for TPD to test her, she could then take the test results to a judge and get a protective order using the evidence of poisoning. She tweeted TPD about being poisoned, they responded instructing her to file a police report. Instead what happened, is Perry had her charged with “filing a police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job, in Lubbock where he lives. No one knows how he knew there even was a police report. Just because she tweeted TPD doesn’t mean she actually filed the report, but then he also knew, she was instructed to do so by police and of the legal requirement when seeking a PO. She followed instructions of law enforcement, she followed the law in OK and for that she was charged with a crime in a state where she didn’t even live, and had not lived since Nov 2014, two years after she left the state, three years after she’d left Lubbock. He did that before she’d even gotten a call back from TPD detectives. Once you file a report, a detective is then assigned and then they call victims back and take possession of evidence. Perry obstructed justice, impeded the police investigation in another state, interrupted the chain of custody of evidence, made her sit illegally detained in Lubbock jail while the poison worked its way out of her system, and never demanded she be tested. Had she not been poisoned, by him, he would have demanded testing to prove that. He never did. Instead he made sure she was never tested because he knew what the results would be. He had her arrested, had threatened death and false arrest for months, she emailed and texted about the threats and even wrote the US Attorney about the threats, all filed with all courts, then had her arrested for doing something she was required by law to do, he knew that as it was stated on his copy of the denied protective order of May, 2015 and he saw the tweeted instructions by TPD that she file the report. She followed instructions of police and he had her charged with a crime by his DA BFF from Sunday School buddy in a jurisdiction she had not lived or even visited for three years impeding the investigation where the crime actually occurred. She has sued him three times for this wrong and wrongs and loss he’s caused subsequently. And he thinks there is any chance at all she would have romantic feelings for him after all that? You gotta be kidding me. Thus, the legit speculation he may suffer from some mental retardation. He clearly is mentally slow to think that.

Each time a court pleading or response is due, Perry interferes with her income and she experiences a major dip , VIP Customers stop coming in and won’t even text her back. This is also a crime being committed in the state of OK.

Perry has told Ortiz repeatedly she will not get justice. Next time he sweeps his office for bugs and can’t find anything, next time he tries to get her to divulge facts she is legally prohibited from divulging and wouldn’t if it were legal, as to who all is on the “rat squad”, hope he remebers he said that. Ortiz wants for Perry to be locked up as do all his victims. She wants for that whackadoo to be OFF her and out of her life. Even if it were legal, there is NO possibility of her giving Perry any tip offs that might obstruct justice. It is never gonna happen and the fact that he even asks shows he is extremely mentally slow. Extremely..the guy HAS to be Rainman to even ask that. Again, that is not said to be mean, that is legit speculation and a legit concern for everyone involved as to the reality of the very real situation as it really is. To address a situation appropriately, one has to deal with the facts, the outcome goals, and so forth. You cannot have a beautiful garden if you have weeds taking it over and you cannot kill the weeds in order to have the beautiful garden if you refuse to even see or admit that they really are there. The facts show Perry is mentally slow at best, delusional, antisocial, psychotic, sadistic and dangerous and corrupt. Next time he taunts Ortiz with “You will never get justice”, we hope he remembers that every time he tries to find out who all is on his “rat squad” and sweeps his office for bugs and cant ‘find anything. When she told him “NO!! Stop contacting me” over half a decade ago, ONE time is all that should have required and yet here we all are six years later, Perry’s secret criminal life exposed now more than ever before in his life. That is the outcome you get when you deal with the facts as they really are not some whack job mentally slow delusion.

Ortiz comes from four generations of men in law enforcement. You cannot pick on cop people and expect that to end well. While other people have sat around wasting time making excuses as to why the job can’t get done or someone “above them” won’t allow laws to be enforced, the job was done by someone else. Perry’s criminal activity exposed more than ever before in his life despite more money on a cover up spent than ever before in his life. Doesn’t say much for the work of Lubbock Police that by now they haven’t put a stop to this crap. Pretty pathetic work there on their part. Texas Rangers are supposed to be elite in law enforcement. They only take the best of the best and yet, they have done nothing at all to protect citizens from this stuff. Multiple individuals in law enforcement speculate Perry is serial, serial killers addicted to killing, and because of this Perry now has to be very careful, more careful than ever before in his life in killing. Anyone in law enforcement from anywhere can see the docket now and forever. They can see the material facts, and her evidence of what he did to her no matter how many times he buys a judge to deny or dismiss inapporpriately. In fact, they can see he buys judges. That’s jur more to add to the criminal activity and corruption as are his repeated bold faced lies in court which constitute knowing and willful perjury. Anyone in law enforcement would also see because Ortiz shined a light on Perry’s criminal activity, he does in fact have to be more careful and probably does not like that, his goal then would be to get her out of the way so he can go back to business as usual, feed his addiction to kill without having to be so careful so as not to finally be caught and apprehended as he should have been long ago and would have been were Texas law enforcement on this as they should have been decades ago. Tulsa Police, by the way, have one of the highest close rates in the country for homicide investigations. Notice how Perry, with the help of TX DPS Texas Ranger Josh Burson and Powell intentionally impeded them from investigating. Whoever is “above them” preventing them from filing charges that would be appropriate for any crime committed in their jurisdiction had better get the hell out of the way and if you don’t think so, remember that next time you sweep your offices for bugs and can’t find anything. You can’t attack cop people and expect that to end well. That is simply more whack job mentally slow thinking. And yes,…we really did just say that….publicly. If you are in law enforcement, catch the bad guy or get out of law enforcement. Its not for everyone. Look at the outcomes and results produced over the past six years in that for the very first time ever in Perry’s life his criminal activity is more exposed right now than ever before in his life, despite more money paid out for a cover up than ever before in his life, while Texas DPS and LUbbock Police sat around with their #$%@ in their hands making excuses why they couldn’t do anything because someone “above them” would not allow it. Pathetic!!!! How many dead people do you want before you get it …there are weeds in your damn garden, Officers. What planet do you live on that by now you can’t get that? When you are the victim of a crime and report the crime to police, you have the reasonable expectation, they will act to protect victims and citizens from future crimes perpetrated by the same bad guy. “Above me”, better stop because that guy is getting people killed.

When dealing with a corruption case, you start pulling loose strings, watch everyone involved freak out, react, start trying to intimidate witnesses and victims into changing up their story, coerce, lie, cover up, and all the things people do when they are caught and the corruption starts to unravel. Its almost so easy its not even fair. Perry and Powell have done their best to shut Ortiz up. Why is that? Because they have nothing to hide? The facts and evidence don’t point to that at all. They legitimize her claims every single time they do that. The agreement when Ortiz left Lubbock jail, after being illegally detained for two months so there would be no more poison left in her system to prove her case, of attempted murder, just after she attempted to get a Protective Order the matter covered all over the news, is that Perry would never contact her again. He could not control his impulse. He immediately began taunting tormenting threatening and harassing the second her feet hit Oklahoma dirt. When she told other people, what did they do? Took her emails to her attorney and demanded he “shut her up”. All he had to do is leave her alone. He could not even do that. He has no control to even just do that. His attorney then sent Ortiz a written request, also filed with all Courts, asking for her emails telling people his client was still threatening to try all of that again, to take her car or vandalize it, to kidnap her, to injure her income intentionally, took them to a judge and claimed his client was being harassed again in attempt to shut her up legitimizing her claims. You can’t ask for information then claim compliance with the request is “harassment” and expect anyone to take you seriously after that. This effort to shut Ortiz up, IS that very reaction we look for when we pull a string to unravel corruption.



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