Perry and Powell Appear To Be Obtaining Ortiz’s Legally Protected Financial Information

Over the past two days, we have obtained information that Defendants Perry and Powell, being they have no life and continue stalking, harassing and butting in to Cynthia’s life, obtained or have tried to obtain private banking information. We have further discovered they inquired again, about her vehicle, the value, the make and model, and any loan amount again with intent to take it to impede her lawsuits.

Below is a screenshot of her text regarding a recorded conversation law enforcement investigating Defendants, which began only on Defendant Perry but now includes all, for a crime Defendant Perry committed somewhere else. The individual states they want to take Cynthia’s “wheels” away to shut her down from suing. This is a crime. If they carry out these threats and continue to get into her wallet and private banking or finances, these are all new transactions and new causes of action as there is no legitimate purpose for invasions of her privacy. Truly these are boring and have nothing better to do all day than pick on women and children. Thankfully, Cynthia has law enforcement protecting her. That is how that is supposed to be. Normal people do not want to or have time to sit around all day thinking up ways to hurt other peole in fact they try very very hard not to. These men cannot stop trying to cause Cynthia harm, loss, leading the officer’s psychologist to call them deeply disturbed sadists. Its difficult to come to any other conclusion when evidence and timeline of events is reviewed.

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