Defendant Perry Still Has No Power or Control Over His Delusions And Unlawful Conduct

Defendant Charles Perry continues to impose and burden people in Oklahoma and Cynthia with his delusion, erotomania, deceptions and ongoing harassment and continues to threaten her vehicle with intent to impede civil law suits. Attorneys were again given written notice of their clients unlawful conduct. Perry seems to have no power or control over his weird, his delusion land or offensive conduct. Patience is gone. He has made his point that he is a fruitcake loony toon so why he continues to indulge in his depraved behavior, chase a woman who is not his wife, never even wants to be his friend, getting rejected every day for six years, no one can figure out. He made his point. We all got it long ago. His attention is still disgusting and inappropriate and a crime in all 50 states and a Federal one.

Defendant Charles Perry also continues to threaten Cynthia daily to find a way to force her back to Lubbock against her will, to force her and coerce her to lie for him, and to force her into some Bazaar relationship with him against her will that she has made very very clear for over half a decade, she never ever wants to be in. She wants NOTHING to do with Defendant Charles Perry and NO contact in any form at all ever. Everyone gets that but him.


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