TX Sen Charles Perry Commits Intentional Fraud and Deception Before the Courts and The Public

Perry’s first fraud before a Court, was his claim Ortiz filed a false police report in retaliation for his job. He’s a stalker, he knows that, she has rejected him for nearly a decade, she’s made massive life altering change after another to get away from him and to avoid all conflict with him, then finally when all that didn’t work and he still couldn’t take the hint, she tried to get a protective order. It was denied in part, because she didn’t produce the required police report in Court. In OK to get a protective order for stalking you must file a police report whether you want to or not. You have to do it. He knew that. It was on the Order. Just one week after she filed it, before a detective had even called her back he had her arrested, not on charges in OK, but out of Texas where his BFF from Sunday School class lives and is the DA, that being Matthew Powell. They by physical force prevented her from reporting the crime they committed against her, “they” being Perry and everyone who helped him, although its unclear whether or not Powell had anything to do with poisoning her, and caused the loss of forensic evidence. As such, attempted murder cannot be ruled out. Perry knew that report had to be filed by OK law and that no police investigation had been conducted to determine whether or not the report was true or false. Perry, knowing they were intending to intentionally impede a police investigation in another state with intent to destroy evidence, went before a judge claiming a false police report had been filed against him, but failed to disclose one important material fact: 1) there had been no investigation to determine whether or not the report was true or false 2) Ortiz had not received a call back from detectives or given them any evidence 3) Police reports are required by law to get a protective order against stalking whether you want to file one or not 4) He knew this as its on his copy of the previously denied order. That…is fraud and a reckless disregard for the truth and for that Ortiz lost her home, was ripped away from her family, humiliated and smeared all over the news expunged or not she will always have that arrest out there, false or not, she lost two months of income, two months of her life, was very traumatized by the whole event and Perry thinks he is a victim???? Of what exactly would he be the victim of??? If you look at material facts and evidence, where is the evidence he is the victim of anything at all???

His attorney, Mark Warman further more recently provided a brief before the Federal Court stating “Ortiz filed appeal with the Fifth Circuit and they denied her appeal.” Ortiz emailed him and said “I’ve never sought an appeal to the Fifth Circuit in fact in their order it says on its face this appears to simply be a docket entry error. Please file a correction” So, even the Fifth Circuit clearly understood there was an error and that Ortiz never appealed anything to the Fifth and she has no intention of doing that on this case, he refused. She asked Warman to fix the misrepresentation of material fact. He refused. It is an intentional misrepresentation of a material fact. Ortiz never filed any thing at all with the Fifth Circuit. All documents state she intended to seek appeal, if denied, with the Tenth. She made her intent very clear long ago. They knew this. That is a material fact because she expressed her intent very clearly.

Perry then, as has been reviewed over the past few days, had his attorney, Rion Sanders, send Ortiz an email requesting he be included in and obtain emails from her to her attorneys telling them of Perry’s threat of the day. She did. He then took those emails which he requested in writing, before a Court, and claimed his client was being harassed. He requested the emails in writing. That email was filed with the Courts here in OK and in Lubbock. Its available for public view on justice4cyn.com.

Here is the kicker…Ortiz was doing research as shes currently preparing a third suit against Perry and Powell specifically for fraud and found this article written by Perry’s attorney’s firm. They know exactly what fraud is and they’ve committed fraud three time now at least..intentional misrepresentation and deception before a court of law, of a material fact. Its fraud even when its not an intentional misrepresentation of a material fact but it is worse when its before a Court, because it is his sworn testimony of the truth. If its a material fact pertinent to the decision maker and its intentionally concealed, the 10th Cir in US v Strohm calls it perjury and/or a fraud and deliberate deception. Mr Warman himself knew Ortiz by law had to file a police report. Mr Warman also knew Ortiz never sought appeal to the Fifth Circuit. Mr Warman also knew Ortiz sent emails and texts telling people Perry threatened her with false arrest and death for months prior to carrying out those threats. He had the emails, and yet his client intentionally concealed that 1) his attorney in Lubbock requested any more recent emails in writing, Ortiz hoped he was going to then get his client in compliance with the law, not take them before the judge and claim his client was being harassed. His client was not in the loop. They were in the loop because they requested in writing to be in the loop. That is a misrepresentation of material fact and fraud.

Perhaps Warman needs a refresher course on what constitutes fraud. He will have to answer on behalf of his client when Ortiz files the suit. These guys….cannot tell the truth about anything. One fraud after another after another.

Below are documents filed as evidence in multiple Federal Court cases showing as follows:

  1. In August, 2015 Ortiz was approached by two off duty OK policemen who told her “Sen Perry called up here and told Oklahoma law enforcement to just find some way to arrest you. You need to watch what you do. He’s trying to just find some way to lock you up.
  2. On August 15, 2015 she sent a “cease and desist” letter to Matthew Powell, Lubbock County District Attorney advising him if he didn’t stop engaging or aiding and abetting in Perry’s stalking and harassment, he would be sued.
  3. On August 27, 2015, Ortiz sent a copy of that letter to the US Attorney.
  4. On October 29, 2015 Ortiz sent an email to her ex husband stating Perry was threatening her with false arrest.
  5. On January 4, 2016, Ortiz sent a text stating she was being threatened with death or false arrest stating she believed Perry was mistakenly thinking her death or a false arrest would vindicate him from stalking allegations.
  6. In October, 2015 through January 2016, Ortiz began experiencing symptoms of poisoning. She tweeted TPD who tweeted back that she needed to come down and file a police report.
  7. On January 21, 2016 Ortiz did file a police report, late in the day just before they closed, with intent to be tested for poisoning, then to take the results to Court to get a Protective Order. Previous Attempts to get a protective order were denied in part, due to her failure to comply with Oklahoma law. OK law requires the filing of a police report, like it or not, to obtain a PO for stalking. She’d been denied due to her non compliance with this, and that is on the Order, document available below, which Perry had and knew was a requirement by law. The desk clerk took her report, told her a detective would be assigned and call her back to come in to provide evidence and give a more detailed statement.
  8. On January 28, 2016, just seven days after she filed the report, Perry opened a case against her for filing a false police report in Lubbock. He knew she had to file that report by law. It was on his denied Protective Order.
  9. She was arrested on January 29, 2016 for filing a false police report. It is a RICO violation, to intentionally engage in victim/witness tampering or intimidation, to intentionally prevent or delay the reporting of a crime to police and to destroy evidence.
  10. Ortiz was not called by back TPD detectives, who then asked her to come in and bring evidence, on February 15, 2016. She was already sitting in jail in Lubbock. They had no evidence. Perry interfered with the chain of custody. Once in custody, Perry and Powell never tested Ortiz for poisoning. They prevented intentionally TPD from testing her, and then while she sat for two months in jail, allowed the poison to work its way out of her system. Both men’s credibility and career’s depended on that test being negative and yet, they never even had her tested and prevented her from being tested by TPD. Perry needed that test, needed it to be negative,  because he arranged the entire arrest to try to “vindicate” himself from stalking allegations and yet, he blew it off. He needed to be able to go to media and say “See she filed a police report claiming she was poisoned and that I was the one who poisoned her so we had her tested, blood tests were negative, so as you can see this chick just makes crap up.” But that is not what he did. He blew it off and impeded the police investigation in another state and an investigation in which he was the perpetrator of the crime reported. Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513 prohibit preventing the reporting of a crime, victim/witness intimidation or harassment, destruction of evidence, and retaliation against anyone who would report a crime.
  11. As if that were not all fraudulent enough, Perry’s attorney then requested emails from Ortiz, in writing, that she was sending her attorneys relaying Perry’s continued threats to again arrange a second false arrest, damage or destroy her vehicle, get her fired, interfere with her money, or commit grand larceny and/or tortious interference, drive a wedge between her and her family, kidnap her, and arrange a second false arrest with intent to coerce her to lie. Perry’s attorney then, after sending the written request, available for view below, took the emails and claimed his client was being harassed. That was another intentional deception and fraud put before a Court of law and the public. The emails were no different than the emails she sent prior to her first arrest telling people Perry made that specific threat. She simple told in her emails of Perry’s threats to cause additional injury and harm. The emails establish 1) a threat to harm her was made 2) who made the threat 3) what exactly was threatened and establish premeditation and intent to commit a crime against her.
  12. Perry’s attorney, Mark Warman also filed in one of his briefs to the Court, a statement including “Ortiz appealed to the Fifth Circuit and was denied.” Ortiz then emailed Warman stating “I have never ever appealed to the Fifth Circuit. Please read the order and correct your pleading. It is false.” The Fifth Circuit had issued an order but the order clearly states they believed “on its face” no appeal was intended and the appeal sent by the court as a docket entry error. Again, we see an intentional misrepresentation of a material fact.

Perry has repeatedly committed intentional deceptions and fraud before more than one Court of law and before the public. Ortiz has suffered and suffered catastrophic loss after catastrophic loss from this guy’s drama. Stalkers, by nature, are socially inept, unable to find or pursue a happy healthy relationship, miserable in their own lives and obsessed with making other people as miserable as they are, they form an imaginary relationship with their victim when to the victim there is no relationship and their attention is unwanted. Their acts typically include acts of violence intended to cause harm, emotional distress, and loss to their victims which is by definition sadistic and psychotic. Ortiz has documented Perry’s specific acts of stalking and harassment going back to 2011. She did, however, keep her mouth shut for four years and only told close friends while trying to reason with Perry to get him to cut it out. When that didn’t work, she abruptly ended her 15 year consulting career that she was working very hard to build and stopped even voting to avoid contact and conflict with Perry in Dec 2012/Jan 2013. When that didn’t work, she moved from Lubbock, to Dallas in Nov 2013. When that didn’t work, she moved from Dallas to Oklahoma in Sept 2014. Victims of stalking will do almost anything to go where they think the stalker will not go. She started dancing in a strip club as she believed Perry would not, being he is married, a politician, and a church deacon, bother her in a strip club. He did though and in fact tried to kill her in a strip club. Because he prevented her from being tested by a TPD forensic pathologist, and did not have her tested in Lubbock, the evidence was destroyed and as such attempted murder cannot be ruled out. He snapped mentally and did try to kill her. He is very nearly about to snap mentally again and has escalated his threats to cause more injury to Ortiz and her family. She receives threats of death and a second false arrest constantly from him, kidnapping, threats to cause her the loss of income, property and he really has become quite a danger and for sure a nuisance. Ortiz is currently preparing a third suit to address injuries caused after she filed the first one in Federal Court and the pending State Court action.

Documents referenced herein are below:




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