Perry and Powell’s Use Tax Dollars to Cover Up Attempted Murder and Harass the Victim of Their Crime

From Ortiz regarding tax dollars being used to cover up attempted murder:

Perry and Powell spent tax dollars having me evaluated TWICE for mental competency, hoping they could get a psychologist to diagnose me with delusion. Sort of not possible when I had all those texts and emails telling people he was threatening to arrange a false arrest which he then did, using a perjured statement and impeding the police investigation and destroying evidence. Your tax dollars, our money used to attempt to perpetrate a fraud..a knowing fraud on the courts and public. My shrink called the false arrest a stalking escalation and at the end of a year and a half of therapy, twice a month, but for a time or two when schedules limited it to once a month, for an hour to two hours per visit, describes me in her final opinion as a terrified stalking victim, which makes logical reasonable rational sense being that I am. All I can say is that over the past five years Charles Perry has accomplished not one thing at all but grossing me out and making his creeper secret stalker problem known to the public. Nobody just wakes up at middle age and starts stalking women. He has been at it for decades. Four years I kept my mouth shut while trying to reason with him to get him to stop so no one else would catch him and ruin my political consulting career, his and his marriage…from 2011 to 2014 I only told very close friends most of whom do not live in Texas and have never lived in Texas. When his stalking became unbearable and I had already moved once and completely changed careers to get away from him, I had no choice but to become more outspoken about what I was going through.

I remember when Perry first decided to run for office, nobody really heard of him, he was not actively involved in political events and Zach Brady ran commercials disclosing Perry had not even voted for some time before suddenly, oddly deciding to run for office. We have information indicating the reason for that is he was getting caught and only ran for office after discovering the law he used to arrange my false arrest…a police report can be turned into a retaliation charge on Charles stalking victims which would then intimidate victims and witnesses into shutting up. If they report his crime, they go to jail like I did, not him. We have information indicating that is the only reason he ran for office and have not voted for many years or been involved in that world at all prior to running, that makes sense.

Tax payer money used to cover up criminal activity…that money is not his to use at all but for sure not for that…or a mental competency exam hoping to get a false diagnosis. Anyone in Lubbock that knew me well knew I am pretty damn sharp and not one bit crazy. My psychologist agreed. Below is a link to her statements that my false arrest was a stalking escalation…and her letter describing me as a stalking victim. I was raised by four generations of police. Perry’s attack on me was as intelligent as a drug dealer walking into a police station looking to sell a kilo of coccain to a narcotics officer. Decades of stalking until now nobody knew he had this weirdo problem, until he went after a cops daughter. Not smart, but criminals are not smart or they would not be criminals. Tax dollars…public money…used to try to cover it all up…same money that is supposed to be used to keep citizens safe from creepers like Perry. Its actually worse than that…he tried to kill me then had me arrested to cover that up and destroy whatever poison was still left in my blood. Perry needed a blood test to show no poison at all so he could hold a press conference to say “See she is just making crap up. She is delusional and this should prove once and for all I am not a stalker.” But…he made me sit in jail illegally detained for two months, also spending tax dollars to destroy the evidence he impeded Tulsa police from getting and he wanted gone thinking nobody will suspect a thing. Dont think I am the delusional one here, if he believes that…and I have ocean front property for sale in Arizona for anyone who believes that.


Dr Russell, psychologist describes Ortiz’s false arrest as a stalking escalation intended to harm her


As I’ve said, Perry is being investigated on another matter and thankfully, those guys have more than once, warned me when he’s planned some intended harm. Sometimes they inform me of positive things people say as well to keep me encouraged and I really appreciate everything they have done to keep me safe from Perry’s constant criminal attack on my life, safety and well being. A lot of times I am not told much more than what I need to know to keep me safe or to be encouraged…for the protection of myself, the people talking, and to preserve the integrity of their investigation. So, they may let me know, “you need to hear this…it will encourage you but as you know, we aren’t able to tell you who this is, but you need to know people get it.” So, below is more of that. Sometimes its Perry talking, sitting around planning some way to hurt and of course, when he does that, the other part of that is how can he get away with it?

I don’t have any idea what this is all about but again, the officers protecting me told me of this conversation:

“all she knew was political people. those were the people she was around all day. those were her friends. its not a crime to tell ppl what shes going through. he just wants her shut up. shes telling people who he really is and he doesn’t like it. that’s not a crime. he can girl up all he wants. it doesn’t change the facts and the facts are not in his favor. he shouldn’t have done this” Perry’s right to privacy does not trump the people’s right to know and for him to act like he is some victim….on what planet exactly would that be? Soap opera drama queen planet??? I have turned my life upside down more than once to get away from him to avoid conflict with him, to send a clear message to him that he really really grosses me out, there is no relationship and never will be. He’s delusional if he thinks there is any such thing or ever will be. That IS what stalking is…some dude wants a relationship with a person who does not share that wish or desire, does not like them, and they go into creepy weirdo mode and it is, by the way, a Federal crime when there is stalking across state lines and there has been since I moved across state lines hoping, Perry would take the hint and get off me. I shouldn’t need police protection from these guys. Its not like I got off on the wrong path and am being chased by drug dealers, now is it?

Also, Perry and Powell both have an ulterior motive and personal conflict in these threats to arrange another false arrest to cover up the last one and get out of a law suit. Its called “retaliation”. They have threatened that since the second I got home. Review the website….

December, 2017….there is a blog discussing all the threats of a second arrest that Perry and Powell threatened even back then. Countless emails to Mr Hogan and Mr Wischkaemper from the minute I got home Perry threatened “Plead guilty to media. Having you arrested again so you plead guilty.” He was trying to coerce a guilty plea on the first one. He really never stops. He says he can’t. No normal sane mentally stable person behaves like this. They simply get over and move on like all normal mentally stable sane men do every day when one thing doesn’t work out and they get rejected…they go find a girl that likes them. Perry has a wife and I …her failure to keep a better eye one him to make sure he stays in her backyard and stops wondering off the reservation to bother me is appalling. His failure to treat her right, with dignity and respect and stop creeping on women that don’t even like him is even worse.

To me, Perry is just one big hardship, burden and I would be too embarrassed and ashamed to even be seen with a man that cannot get a better grip on reality and has no ability to stop himself from pursuing a woman who has made massive life altering change after massive life altering change to get away from him, avoid all contact and all conflict with him and …nobody works harder than I do fighting him off me in Court. The whole goal out of the law suit was much much more about fighting Perry off me than it has been about compensation. I have offered TWICE to just drop two Defendants if they just tell me the truth, which they have to do anyways and both declined and since has dragged on and on costing more money in attorney fees that they would not have had to pay had just told me the truth. The hope is ….getting Perry off me. That is my daily fight and that really is all this is about.”

Dr Russell’s comments about Perry’s intent to harm her and the false arrest being a stalking escalation can be heard by clicking this link:

Click here to listen to Audio of Dr. Russell describing Perry and Powell’s false arrest as a stalking escalation


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