Your Leaks Are People Disturbed By You

Your Leaks and Such Are People Disturbed By You
3/31/22 Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Your Leaks and Such Are People Disturbed By You
3/31/22 Part 2 of 2
This is tampered with evidence. Mr Perry Split the video into 2. Cynthia did not do that nor did she want this podcast in 2 parts. Perry has cloned her phone and sometimes types right over her typing.

Cynthia is the victim of stalking, coercion, witness tampering, voyeurism, harassment, unwanted contact from a weirdo, sexual Exploitation and attempted murder. She moved to Oklahoma to get away from that threat. Charles Perry has come to Oklahoma, to stalk, harass, hack, peep, impose, burden Coerce and has demanded she leave her home and go back to Texas and lie for him. He’s given her an ultimatum: Be homeless and broke or lie for me. He’s doing exactly what she says. He’s every bit the criminal she alleged and continues to prove her out more by the day. His mental status in in question as he seems unclear on that fact. He’s hated for his cruelty making it very easy to get information about his alleged crimes and seems to have no idea. Mr. Perry acts as if he has no clue that his conduct disturbs everyone, he’s hated, he’s told on, he’s rejected or what that means. So, in light of that the chatter is regarding what might be wrong with him that he seems not to know that. At his age, he should. The need to repeat things for him is also a topic of discussion in chatter as to what might be wrong with Perry’s mental status that everything has to be repeated so much.

RICO Act Violations

What crime is it you think you can commit against her and get away with in Texas that you can’t do in Oklahoma that has you desperate to starve her to death, take her car and make her homeless hoping to Coerce and coax her there? like you coxed Mike Nealey to Pensacola?

“She was supposed to be in jail and not able to appeal.” Perry Guy

People Are Wildly Uncomfortable And Disturbed By Perry’s Stalking&Coercion

This is a Verbal Cease and Desist Demand to all parties named herein. Use allegedly. Apply the “but for” and “reasonable prudent individual” standard. We assert all Constitutional Rights, including but not limited to, 1st Amendment right to free speech, held in NYT Co. v Sullivan and Garrison v Louisiana. We assert the 14th Amendment right to equal protection. Cynthia and everyone with her is not to be held to a different standard than everyone else and she is entitled to protection of the laws including but not limited to Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513 and all domestic violence laws, anti stalking laws, anti hacking laws, and anti voyeurism laws and all laws protecting women against violence. Gender discrimination is as repulsive as racism and not tolerated in this Country.

Qualified Immunity, you do not get when violate clearly established rights, rules, statutes, and laws that you knew, know or should have known were in place at the time you caused the injury and/or violated these rights, rules, statutes and laws. We assert that to all officials to which it applies here. We assert the protections granted in the 4th Amendment fruit of poisonous tree as well.

This video contains evidence altered. Perry changed the page right in the middle, done by hack, and against Cynthia’s will.

You Tube Page And Video Shown By National Stalking Resource Center

and Security Guy Radio

Copyright Shown On Video

On the podcast Cynthia makes a comment that she’s not being stalked by local police then says she’s being followed everywhere by police. That’s somewhat of an exaggeration for humor purposes. To clarify, it’s common knowledge that Perry calls locals and asks them to pull her over and several have said they don’t like being asked to do that and she goes over more in her podcast. She doesn’t consider that police stalking her. It happens more than it should but it’s not like daily, weekly or even monthly. It’s on occasion more so when Perry starts escalating or getting desperate. You can tell when he’s getting desperate sometimes because of that and some make it very very clear they don’t like being asked to do that. That’s not in any way stalking in her head.

metoo #domesticviolence #stalking #voyeurism

rapeculture #charlesperry #entrapment #coercion #racketeering #fraud #discrimination #genderbias #misogyny #humanrights #violentsubjugation

sociopath #economicabuse #dragonslayer

Perry is the same as TikTok Stalker Neil and causes the same anger and fear as he did to TikTok Stalking Victim Loreboree. Stalking is a domestic violence crime in all 50 states. Violent subjugation of a woman who doesn’t like some weird dude is a crime in all 50 states.

6 times she asked to be left alone. He comments on her clothes which he was not asked his opinion. He was asked to leave her alone.

When a woman asks to be left alone, leave her the fuck alone:

This is what it’s like to have to live with a maniac forcing himself on you and Perry is much worse that this guy:

Stalking is a form of rape:

The National Stalker Resource Center provides training for law enforcement, judges, prosecutors and victims. This video trains on older stalkers and the use of technology to stalk being used more often than not particularly when the older stalker has the means to afford technology as Mr. Perry does:

See NRSC Training For Law Enforcement In Proper Stalking Procedure:

Perry hired guys too:

Dr. Russell discusses his stalking escalations being so catastrophic Cynthia is not able to just ignore him. If you are trying to get work done on a computer or cell phone and he’s jamming it up or typing over your typing that would be difficult to ignore. He pokes at her all day abd provokes our guys so they do get more of what goes on in his secret little meetings where he plans a catastrophic loss. As many times as she’s said “I’m not told who informants are. I don’t even know which of the 40 to inform to, or how. Wouldn’t help you if I did because I want for you to be gone. ” He still asks every day. That does mean there is something to leak and when he does what we say we got information on after we say it, he proves out the recording and we have another “I told you so.”

The evidence has built up over time and is chapter and versed at links below. Perry wasn’t getting caught until he went at Cynthia. When he bothers Cynthia, he gets caught and he’s been caught more than ever in his life. If you are watching all this as it unfolds, you will notice we have to repeat ourselves a lot. Count how many times Lo had to tell her stalker to leave her alone. It’s like things don’t click for these stalker types like they do everyone else. Perry gets caught, gets mad about it and wants to know who told but goes right back at it.

And here:

Case overview with inclusion of NRSC training videos

We assert all Constitutional Rights including but not limited to the First Amendment, held in NYT Co. V Sullivan and Garrison v Louisiana. We assert the 14th Amendment Right to Equal Protection under the laws including but not limited to laws protecting women against voyeurism, hacking, stalking violence, economic abuse, murder, coercion, and rape. We assert the right to equal protection provided in Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513, domestic violence laws, anti stalking laws and all laws intended to protect victims of crime. Misogyny and gender discrimination are as bad as racism.

Again this is a repeat, the more Charles Perry invades Cynthia’s privacy, contacts her or her family, causes hardship and loss, the easier it is to get information ahead of time when he’s planning a harm, injury, loss or crime against her. He’s upsetting all the wrong people when he does that. He seems to not be able to put it together in his head that there is a cause and effect here. You touch a hot stove, you burn your hand. Cause and effect. You harm and pose a threat to Cynthia or bother her or victimize her, you piss off all the wrong people and you get caught because you are upsetting everyone. Nobody likes to watch one person hurt another. All he was asked to do is leave her alone. Our guys would have nothing to do if he’d get out of her life and leave her alone. His hand is practically falling off his arm and he goes right back at the stove when he gets burned. We don’t know what it is he thinks he’s proving doing that. Doesn’t even make sense. He does it every day. His own guy said, “The more he pesters her, and takes her money, things don’t go well for us. We are seeing things happen we have not seen before. We dont know who these guys are. ” He gets caught because he’s upsetting everyone.

Hacking is a crime, not a date and it’s a turn off for women:

Stalking is a crime, not a date. It’s a turn off for women. Terrorization is not in any romantic. It’s hideous.

Peeping is a turn off to women and a sex crime, not a date.

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Click here to see witness statement and Perry’s continued attempts to starve Cynthia into a lie. If she qere already lying, he wouldn’t do that. It’s called witness tampering and it is a violation of the RICO Act. He seems not to understand that. He thinks that’s a date.


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