Perry’s Ultimatum “Go To Jail Or Be Forced To Lie For Me Against Your Will”

Reports are that Charles Perry forged a marriage license, forging Cynthia’s name, has for 6 years gone all over Oklahoma telling everyone she is his wife. She can’t stand him. He’s a stalker who has taken his stalking to deeply disturbing level.

Her conversation with “Pinto” a man unknown to her who went where she was at her workplace claiming her husband sent him, then when she argued with him about there not being any such thing, he solicited prostitution on behalf of Perry.

Pinto’s solicitation of prostitution for Perry referred to herein at link below:

Click here to see documents in support of claims herein

Click here to hear podcasts documenting Charles Perry’s threats of violent and economic subjugation. He’s attempting to coerce and intimidate a victim and witness of his alleged crimes and engorging himself in Racketeering. It is duly noted for the record.

Perry’s spoof of Lisa Nealeys FB account asking if Chief Miller talked to Cynthia at work. He was fishing to see what they talked about, like maybe a forged marriage license.

Pinto introduced himself by stating he came to talk to Cynthia for her husband. She thought he had her mixed up with someone else and said “I’m not married. What does the girl look like you are here to see. You have the wrong person. I’m not married. ” He pressed and they argued. Finally he said “The Texas Senator. ” She flipped on her recorder and that recording can be heard at the link above.

Perry has threatened for years to have Cynthia false arrested again and tried different angles to make that work including what’s in the Harassment email and continued the effort of The McNamara email just varying it. This is not new news. It’s old news. We have aggravations with Perry’s inability to remember when illegal things he plans have already been obtained by police, its out everywhere and he acts like it’s not been said before. It has in fact one obtained by police was as follows:

“For 6 years Charles Perry has spent most of his time in Oklahoma, not in Lubbock, inserting himself into her life and making spousal decisions for Cynthia and he is not her spouse. He forged a marriage license. He’s been seen with her friends and family but people started think that was a little bit weird when he was seen with them but he’s always alone. He’s never actually with her and not only that, she’s sued him 3 times and in those law suits asked for some type of protective order against him. For 6 years he’s done that. Some of the businesses who have violated her privacy rights have done so illegally because my wife still has to sign off on business dealings. I can’t just do that without her knowledge or consent. We go to the bank for example, they won’t give me information on her accounts without her being there and she has to sign off on our mortgage. We can’t just assert someone else’s signature or rights or consent. Even if they were married he can’t do what he’s been doing. It’s illegal. “

“If that’s all you have to do these days to be married is watch somebody on TV and sign their name to a piece of paper, I’m married to Jennifer Aniston. You don’t actually have to be with them and they dont even have to actually like you or consent, I’m Jennifer Aniston’s husband. What a weirdo. “

Exactly. It’s illegal and weirdo and it makes Cynthia very very uncomfortable and everyone disturbed and sickened that Perry would do that abd threaten a false arrest to force to agree to such a thing. She won’t even take his phone calls much less do that. She lived twice to get away from and this kind of drama and to avoid a conflict. She sent his attorney a certified letter months ago asking for a copy of this forged document as she’s heard about it but she’s not seen it. She told Mr. Warman she wanted an immediate divorce if such a document was filed with any court. She didn’t sign it or consent to that and it is marriage fraud. Perry wanted her in a situation where she felt she had no choice. He’s that disturbing in that imaginary romance of his. He’s disturbing people with it. It’s not hard to get tips and information or investigatory orders as a result. No normal person does crap like that. Jail or jail is that kind of choice. Do you want one kind of jail or the other kind of jail would be her choice. Shitty or shittier both illegal. She’s committed no crime and didn’t the first time he did that to her in fact now there have been more and more questions around Judge Hansen signing off on an arrest warrant one week after a police report was filed, required by law in Oklahoma when you want a Protective Order against a stalker and Perry knew that. The charges in Lubbock, where she hadn’t lived for 2 years when he did that, 8 years now, were “Filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job as a Senator. ” She had not even talked to a TPD detective yet, they had collected no evidence yet and in fact they called her on February 15, 2016. The report was filed on 1/21/16. Her arrest was on 1/29/21. Her first attempt at a Protective Order in May 2015 was denied because she forgot the police report in part. He knew she had to file that. She told everyone and in the McNamara email and a text of 1/4/16 that Perry was threatening death and false arrest abd if you are being threatened you need a protective order. These were very specific threat. He carried them out and tried to the death threat months later. He went right back at it the second she returned home despite an admission of guilt and an agreement to stop evidenced in her Bond Conditions. The questions of Hansen were “Before causing someone that kind of duress, why did you not require evidence that there was 1) A false police report filed and 2) The report was filed over a political vendetta? There is no evidence the report is false when you just contributed to obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence and there is no evidence of a political vendetta because there wasn’t one and as such no texts, no emails, no tweets or anything like that over a political disagreement. She lived in Oklahoma. Perry doesn’t legislate in Oklahoma. She still lives in Oklahoma. Powell made no effort to preserve her Evidence or any evidence listed in the police report because he never intended to go to trial. Illegally detaining someone is a Fourth Amendment Right violation and in this case a RICO violation, specifically Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513. He wants to do all that again to force Cynthia against her will to lie and exchange vows. Her response to that is “Eeewwww.” She said No. That’s it, period. Move on like everyone else. Nobody owes you even a conversation much less a fraud marriage or a cover up. We don’t act like that in this County. It’s not Iraq.

Violent subjugation is a sick thing to do to someone. All he had to do is leave her alone. He needs the lie. She doesn’t.

Documents in the false arrest are here:

Communications with friends going back to 2011, speaking to her mindset at the time and that her frustration was over stalking not Perry’s job as a senator are here:

More evidence of Perry’s fraud and perjury in Court are at links below. Seems to be his habit to go to Court making sure hearings are held without her being there to cross examine him or introduce evidence to dispute his claims and price her’s, and he bold faced lies or gives testimony based on delusion. We are still waiting for him to pick a reason.

Charles Perry Stalker Podcast 12/26/21

Is It A Court House Or A Strip Club
and the practice of violent and economic subjugation of women.  12/26/21

Use allegedly. Apply the “but for” and “reasonable person” standard. We assert all Constitutional Rights

Everyone in Oklahoma is sick and tired of having to deal with this. There is a bigger investigation going that has dragged this out but those officers are the police who gave Cynthia the information in The McNamara email, the Fabian puzzle and so much more. The Fabian puzzle she got in jail. Fabian is the person she wanted in her life that Perry threatened if he talks to her. “Boo” and “Sad” depict the fear and sadness Perry surround them with. “Me” represents his selfish butting in to things that don’t concern him. “Boo” is also a private joke between one of the officers and Cynthia so she’d know he did that. Hope and Fabian intersect. It’s not just any name, it’s his name. It didn’t happen random, it happened then and of course nobody but them and Cynthia know of any other messages in that book. 007 shit that she can’t talk about, everyone jokes.

All of this has been said over and over and Perry thinks if he “waits until the dust settles” he can try again and nobody will know and that is out there as everything else he’s said and done over the past decade. It is far far outside social norms. There is deviant behavior bit then when it causes injury, it most times is criminal deviant and this is that. Tax dollars and police resources are not to be used to engorge in domestic violence crimes. That’s not what that is for. It is for keeping guys like him from re-offending. She’s not the only victim. He’s asked about which of the other victims are talking.

Perry is the same as TikTok Stalker Neil and causes the same anger and fear as he did to TikTok Stalking Victim Loreboree. Stalking is a domestic violence crime in all 50 states. Violent subjugation of a woman who doesn’t like some weird dude. LEAVE HER ALONE! NO MEANS NO!!!

Click here to see the Tik Tok Stalker and how hideous it is to have to live with a man forcing himself on you everyday

The evidence has built up over time and is chapter and versed at links below. Perry wasn’t getting caught until he went at Cynthia. The second he went at her, we get all this, chapter and versed at links below.

And here:


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