14 Amendment Constitutional Rights Violated

When Ms Ortiz filed the police report on January 12, 2016  after being threatened, harassed, stalked, and appears to have been poisoned, she had the reasonable expectation that there would be a complete and thorough police investigation into the matter. She had the reasonable expectation that she’d receive protection from the harm that was threatened and attempted. Instead, she was arrested for filing a false police report  on January 29, 2016 even though she’d not even heard from Tulsa PD detectives. That call came on February 15, 2016 after she was already sitting in Lubbock jail. Ms Ortiz’s psychologist said, “You are not mentally ill, but even if you were, you still have the 14th Amendment Right to Due Process and Equal Protection. There should have been a complete and thorough investigation before any arrest was made at all. This is a clear violation of Ms Ortiz’s civil rights. Ms Ortiz also has the right to Redress and the 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech. The main concern of her’s however, was the violation of her right to Equal Protection. Ms Ortiz has clearly been the victim of a crime. It does appear because of the timing of her arrest, Senator Perry was involved in the planning and execution of that crime otherwise, he would want Ms Ortiz to obtain a forensic blood test if for no other reason, to strengthen his case, but instead he appears to have acted as a guilty party. His actions appear that he wanted to make sure there was no blood test. He interfered in a police investigation in another state far outside his jurisdiction. It tends to show he knew there was incriminating evidence of his attempt to have Ms Ortiz poisoned. However, had he not done that, it would be then up to police to determine whether or not Senator Perry was involved. It became to dangerous for Ms Ortiz to continue to interact with Dave Robertson, so did what any prudent individual would do and contacted police. It was then their job to determine whether or not Dave was just a weirdo in a bar, or if he was as he claimed, Senator Perry’s hit man. Ms Ortiz was robbed of her Constitutional rights in the process of trying to get protection and get free of the Senator. This is a serious miscarriage of justice.

Ms Ortiz wanted to wait until after speaking with TPD Detectives before filing the Motion requesting a Protective Order so that she could include at least some of the police findings in the Motion to strengthen her request. Filing a police report is required by Oklahoma state law, as we saw with the denial her first request for a Protective Order included the reason that she was non compliant with that requirement. Waiting to include some findings by detectives would make denial for that reason much harder if not impossible. That is the reason she was waiting to talk to detectives before filing anything in court, which she had the right to do. Perry, within a few days, got a copy of what is supposed to be a private and confidential police report and interfered by having her arrested on charges out of Lubbock. Ms Ortiz hasn’t lived in Lubbock since November, 2013 or even Texas since 2014. She was complying with the laws of the state where she lives but was arrested for violating laws in a state where she had not lived for two years. That’s like a manager at Costco firing a Sam’s Club employee for following policy at Sam’s club but violating Costco policy, only that employee doesn’t even work at Costco nor does Costco have jurisdiction or authority over employees at Sams’ Club.

OK Law Governing Protective Orders for Stalking


Voicemail left for Ms Ortiz on 2/15/16 AFTER her arrest by TPD Det Liz Eagan

Ms Ortiz purposefully didn’t put the poisoning in the police report because that offense is very serious and she was afraid Perry would interfere as he’s done so many times before when she tries to take legal action to get protection from him and get free of him. It was in the texts which she referenced in the report. She planned to discuss it with Tulsa PD Detectives when she met with them to review her statement and evidence. Police reports are supposed to be private and confidential and yet, Perry, within a few days, obtained a copy of Ms Ortiz’s private and confidential report and he did interfere just as she feared he would. She thought he’d make a phone call. She had no idea he’d use it to arrange a false arrest as he’d been threatening to for years. She was obviously correct in her assessment of the situation. However, the poisoning is mentioned in the indictment so Perry knew there was poisoning and that if Ms Ortiz talked with police, they’d want a forensic blood test to confirm or rule out the presence of arsenic in her blood.  As has been said before, you’d think he would demand a forensic blood test because if Ms Ortiz were crazy, as he claims, or making false allegations intending to harm his political career, a forensic blood test would, you’d think, have resulted in ruling out the presence of arsenic in her blood and strengthen his case against her. Instead, he had her arrested and taken back to Lubbock so there could be no blood test. In fact, he made a conscious effort to make sure that evidence and video evidence as well, was destroyed. This action on his part shows consciousness of guilt. He knew there would be arsenic in her blood and maybe other drugs as well. Ms Ortiz does not do drugs of any kind and never has. She doesn’t even take prescription medicine unless its antibiotics. Ms Ortiz was getting strangely and unusually ill and addressed this in a confrontation with Perry hit man, Dave Robertson. He tells her “Yes”, she was being given arsenic. Outside of Perry, Dave had no motive to want Ms Ortiz dead or harmed in any way. She doesn’t know anyone else that would have any motive at all to want her dead or harmed but Perry.


Ms Ortiz has long been concerned about the possibility of other women. She said, “If he tried to kill me, or appears to have tried to kill me AFTER I went public, what happened to the women that didn’t say a word. Are they dead or arrested? That’s what he threatened me with for years. Nobody just wakes up at age 50 plus and starts stalking women. No doubt he’s done this for decades, probably all of his adult life. He already had a well oiled system in place. Some probably never knew they were being stalked and eventually he just got bored and moved on. But if her was that bold to do all that to me AFTER I tried to get a Protective Order, what has happened to the other women? Are they dead or arrested to keep them quiet? ”

Senator Perry has been very very bold in his attempts to coerce and intimidate Ms Ortiz into staying quiet about his stalking problem in his threats to kill her and arrange a false arrest and it appears he did try to kill her and then had her arrested for reporting the attempt.  The sad thing is, for four years she did. She endured his brutality for four years quietly, only telling a few close friends while trying very hard to reason with Senator Perry to get him to just stop so that it would NOT ruin or harm his political career or her’s. Initially, her fear was that someone else would catch him and take the matter public. Ms Ortiz told Senator Perry repeatedly “I don’t want to be on the news for this. Please stop before someone catches you and this gets out.” He simply refused to listen. He made her life so unbearable and things became so dangerous she felt she had no choice but to make the matter public. She said, “I was not going to let him kill me and if he did, or does, I”m not letting him get away with it. If anything happens to me at all, no matter what it looks like, chances are high Perry killed me and made it look like I died from some normal thing, but I least want people to wonder, if he does that to me. I’m not going to let him OJ this.” Ms Ortiz could have resumed political consulting in another state, like Oklahoma, where she wouldn’t ever have to run into him at events of have any reason to have to work with him but when she made the decision to come forward about her battles against Senator Perry stalking her and his horrific interference in every part of her life, she knew being associated with this type of smut scandal would make that impossible. She did it because she was scared to death if she didn’t, he was going to kill her and get away with it. He may have already done that to previous stalking victims. We just don’t know. It doesn’t look good. That’s for sure.


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