Police Recordings Perry Blocked From Publishing Or In His Case He Just Obstructed Justice

If police want something out and a hacker blocks it from being published, that hacker would then need to worry about not just legal problems with hacking, but obstruction of justice as well. Perry cannot seem to just leave everyone alone and let his attorney handle his legal troubles.

Police Recording:

“So let me get this straight, she moves twice to come up here to get away from this prick. He comes up here, never sees her because she won’t see him. She rejected him. He puts cameras in her home and just goes around telling people they are either married or engaged, depending on who hes’ talking to? Did I understand that righ?” “Yep” “Loony toon as they get. She sued him 3 times.” “With all her time and money. Every ounce she has. All extra all of it if there is any and if there isn’t, she just don’t eat. ” Anonymous Witness

Rarely do I confirm or deny someone else’s comments or speculation but this one is correct and I will confirm it. Perry has created a tremendous amount of animosity against him up in Oklahoma. He’s very cruel. People have no idea just how cruel he really is but I’ll tell you this, there is a little girl who goes in her parents bedroom and sits on dad’s side so she can feel close to him because he’s gone with all kinds of things running through her little mind she wishes she could talk to him about and she can’t. He’s gone. And a young man who does the same thing, only his dad is alive but in prison falsely accused wondering where is God in all of this. You do the right thing and the wrong thing happens, where is God in that? Perry did that to those children and to mine. We will never be the same. He just wants to know who told. That’s his concern is who told.

He’s going to have to prove out his schedule and make the argument that he doesn’t live here whether he gets that or not, and I can tell you he’s not getting it. “

Cynthia Ortiz

Perry’s alleged crimes have been caught more than ever in his life since he targeted Cynthia. She is Chief Halls granddaughter and that means something even if Perry is too slow to get that. She’s put out quite a lot about what he was up to before he actually did the act. Talking about committing a crime isn’t a crime. However, once the act is committed, talking about it first to plan it constitutes malicious intent and Premeditation. The most significant of all she’s said beforehand are two things:

1) Mike Nealey was drugged. He slept through that fight. That explains why he was found unconscious, can’t recall anything, and has no injuries consistent with a man who just beat someone to death and why nobody heard him the first time hotel staff checked the room after a noise complaint was made. Lucky only opened the door wide enough to see his face and he had no need to conceal the other registered guest, Mike Nealey.

2) Mike wasn’t tested for drugs, like Opioid, prior to being given Narcan. He was tested after he was given Narcan.

3) She was emailing the Florida States Attorney before that information was obtained in depositions of first responders in May, 2020 and hadn’t been made public on the docket yet. She said it in January, 2020 in an email and again in March, 2020. It hit the docket for the public to see in June and July, 2020.

Perry is not understanding the significance of that.

Once Cynthia was deposed and once she filed any statement on the Court docket at all in her own civil litigation or Officer Nealey’s, any attempts to change her testimony by way of causing duress or offering enticements would also constitute retaliation and tampering with a witness and Perry’s attorneys are not effective in getting that across to their client but our prosecutor will be more than happy to make that clear. She wants no invasion of her privacy, no contact with or from Perry at all and his conduct is inappropriate, illegal, and far far outside all”rudimentary norms of social conduct” to the extent of being flat out bazaar.

If a criminal is recorded talking about robbing a certain bank on Monday at 4:30 PM, he’s told he’s caught planning that robbery and that police will be there waiting, and he does it anyways, what is wrong with someone like that? Perry’s done that very thing repeatedly.

Cynthia referenced a criminologists theory, John Wrights Biosocial Theory, which he used to explain high crime numbers amongst African Americans. She vehemently disagrees with the application of that theory for that sect of the population and it does seem ludicrous to apply that Theory to an entire ethnic group and borderline racist. However the theory itself for certain criminals would apply and this is that. He contends that some thrill seeking criminals show a deficit in executive functions and have a low IQ, and no self control. They are therefore fail to follow “rudimentary norms of social conduct” appropriate moral conduct”. The theory in general appears to apply here, and these Texas hillbillies are all white boys, by the way.

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What Is Wrong With People Who Have Been Caught And Caught More Than Once That They Keep Trying To Cause The Injury – Judge Asks

Cynthia’s email to attorneys regarding recordings of Charles Perry’s planned crime against her for the week of September 23, 2021 He was caught and still tried to carry out these intended harms abd this perplexed everyone including a Judge on the need to know. He’s in some trouble for the torture, torment, and starvation of women and children. This is part of that. He’s doing exactly that to Cynthia and has for a decade but this time, he messed with people in power abd since he went at her, he’s never been more caught in his life. He thinks that’s a date. See her email below:

“Because Charles won’t go away and mind his own business and caused more loss, we got the following recordings. I’m just doing topics. I am not allowed to give details as to what exactly was said in the recordings: 
1) Trying to push me towards a job where he can then find out where I am and my work schedule which is stalking.

2) He called Target abd Walmart and told them to refuse my online grocery orders and they both did and no one can explain why. 

3) He did put a hold on my credit card. There is no payment due. I just started using it. 

4) He claims he paid my rent. He wasn’t asked. He was told to get out of my wallet and let me make my own money and pay my own rent and that includes my inheritance money. 

5) Perry is a criminal not someone I want in my life and yet he’s making calls to my credit card bank, my regular bank and the grocery trying to interfere with purchases and carry out that threat to starve me into a phone call and a lie. I told ya so. The banks are in some trouble for violating privacy laws. There shouldn’t have been any phone calls at all but when there are no information should be given. 

6) He’s called people I have tried to get freelance work with and those calls were recorded. 

7) He wants to force me to move. He’s a criminal not someone I want in my life to even know about all that. He wasn’t asked what he thinks. He was asked to comply with the law and to cease and desist all forms of all contact. Where I live is none of his business. He’s a criminal. There is no relationship. He’s witness tampering and stalking. His attention isn’t wanted and we have all made that extremely clear for years. It’s not our fault that he’s mentally retarded. I can’t be forced to deal with a problem that should be kept within his own family abd not imposed on mine. I left. I moved twice to get away. Nobody picked a fight with him. He’s causing the problems. He’s doing it on purpose. 

8) He’s talked to my car guy frequently over the past several weeks. 

9) He’s tried as hard as he can to coax or force me back to dancing and they were recorded many times talking about “get her back on that pole and on a schedule. ” But they kept getting caught. Now they are looking for other work for me, and the one guy was revised telling Perry “If she works here, you aren’t going to use me to stalk her for you. We are busy. We don’t have time to deal with your drama and I can’t have her distracted having to deal with you. So if that comes with the package, we don’t want the package. ” And I couldn’t agree with him more. 

10) They got recorded talking about getting my trash and my vacuum cleaner contents. 
It’s been another very busy week or couple of weeks. 
Charles is mentally retarded and not able to understand how sick and tired everyone is of being imposed on with his imaginary make believe world and his drama and problems. Everyone is tired of it. He gets off on doing all this so I’m sure he’s happy but no one else is. People on his payroll maybe but no one else. I’ve never in my life seen such a pathetic crowd that so enjoys drama like these people. No one else likes it. No one likes watching him cause me or anyone else suffering. He’s sadist. We get that. He’s made that point loud and clear but most people are the opposite. He can’t figure that out. “When you are an ass, nobody will like you” we all learned in Kindergarten. He still has no idea. He’s weirdo and not embarrassed. Our Shrink couldn’t be happier how flagrantly Charles proves her right. She’s not even evaluated him yet. She has a checklist to mark off all the things Charles does to substantiate her pre eval. She said “My Pre Eval Checklist is covered. I’m sorry for you and I’m glad this is about to be over but I’m frankly thrilled Mr. Perry has made it so easy to assess him and I’ve never been this dead on as I’ve been with this one. ” There is a lot more to it than that, but that’s the general thing she said that I’m allowed to repeat. 
  Another police recording: 

 “Look he waited too long to get her car but we had problems with people talking about him taking it soon as she got it. He never wanted her to have that car or get that apartment. He got caught talking about it then in November she leaves work abruptly and never goes back because he would not shut up about taking her car and getting her kicked out.
Thing is he’s not supposed to be concerned with any of it. Now we got more substantiation of stalking because he’s concerned himself with matters that are not his business and he would be concerned with if he’s not stalking so even if he’d taken it, then we are just doing what she says. The whole idea was supposed to be to make her look crazy and when she keeps finding out from Charles or anyone else running their mouths all the time cuz he’s mean to her and nobody likes that then she finds out abd then you do it she is not crazy. He just carried out another threat. He’s just stalking. So now we got all kinds of problems with all that. We can’t explain why he’s concerned himself with her groceries and her life and her income and her whereabouts and her home and car. He thought he’d pay her rent up until the end of the lease and that would get him out of allegations of coercion and interfering with her contracts and he could just go walking in whenever and she finds out and now it’s definitely not just coercion but money laundering to coerce or get him in her house and let’s say a church paid it well church dont have access to her home. He’s making a lot more of a mess than we’d counted on. ” 
More “The whole idea was to get her a job where we could get to her and now she knows that too. She’s not even gonna apply to a place where she knows we might find out abd she’s on a schedule. She’s gonna let these guys helping her get all hot under the collar because she’s broke and they know we wanted her to have a schedule and a consistent location to go where we could get to her. They are gonna just go at us because Charles can’t control himself. He’s pissing her off. That pisses them off. She finds out and won’t do what she knows we want her to do to hurt her and everyone knows Charles Perry’s yellow brick road is her death and nothing more. Everyone knows he’s gonna bait her out and kill her and that is why she won’t do it and she said that and she said it more than once. Okay so you guys aren’t thinking through that we are getting heard all the time by law enforcement somewhere and it is a tight lipped deal. She always finds out and nothing goes right and so what now? He’s bothering her and they go at him. He’s bothering her. He’s taking her money and they go at him and we sit down and come up with all these plans none of which get us anywhere at all. So you tell me. Now what? We keep doing the same thing until there is an arrest? Is that what we do? You gotta keep him off of her. He ain’t getting it. She’s sick of him. This is not a way you have a love affair. You got nothing but he’s doing what she said. He torments her constantly and starves her and those people go at us and then you tell me. What plan works? She finds out because he’s doing all that. ” 

He goes at her constantly which has served to piss her off, piss off police getting the evidence against him and we’re it not for the desire to not just get him but everyone helping him and pile the evidence so high against them all, no need for a deal for any, they’d already be arrested. No one has done what she does. Again he thinks that’s a date. We think he misunderstands what the word “date” means.

A few weeks ago Cynthia was brought into loop as to the extent of Perry’s Weirdo. She’s not always told everything until she can handle it because she rants. They didn’t want this out and her ranting and letting it slip so she knew her family was being contacted, threatened abd harassed by Perry and she sent multiple cease and desist letters to no avail asking Perry not to contact her family. It is actually much worse than that. The following describes how bad Perry’s delusion really is:

“Charles Perry has spent the past 6 years inserting himself into Cynthia’s life against her will. He’s been seen hanging out with her family, her friends, and her co workers. He’s apparently in Tulsa more than he’s in Lubbock. He’s pranced around with a forged marriage license and is making spousal decisions for her. People started asking questions when he’s been seen with people in her life but he’s always alone. He’s never seen in 6 years with her. In fact, she’s tried 11 times to get a Protective Order against him and he just buys his way out. In addition, even if they were married, the decisions he’s making for her are decisions she still has to sign off on. This woman is not an invalid. In fact she’s in her second year of college and on the Dean’s List. If my wife and I go get a bank loan she still has to sign it. So how he’s getting away with this I dont know but you got some business people in some trouble for violating privacy laws. He is not authorized to contact her or anyone on her behalf. We think he may believe she knows all about his criminal activity and thinks there would be some spousal privilege that would prevent her testimony and that is simply not the case. First of all there is no marriage. He forged her name so he’s not her spouse abd even if he were, she herself has to assert spousal privilege and based on what I’ve seen she is not about to do that even if they were married. This is just forgery abd marriage fraud. ”

“Huh, that’s weird. If that’s all it takes to be married these days, I’m married to Jennifer Aniston. If you never actually see the person or are with them, just go around saying that’s your spouse and sit around watching them on a TV screen, I’m married to Jennifer Aniston. What a loon! ”

He got caught. “People started asking questions when she’s suing to get him off of her and he’s always alone. It’s been 6 years of this. He’s indulging in an imaginary make believe pretend life up in Tulsa”, the man said.

Because Perry has a bad habit of trying to go ahead with criminal activity that he’s already been caught planning, sometimes more than once abd he knows he’s caught, more are perplexed.

“I think this Ringtone horse has been beat to death about enough, has it not? Do they not know they are caught on this already? The car, her driver’s license abd the ringtone horses have been beat abd beat so what is wrong with these people that they think they can still do this and certainly that Ms. Ortiz isn’t smart enough not to fall for their trickery on these things? ” A Judge granting investigatory orders tells police. Same is true now for Perry’s attempts to fund her a job he can control, where he can have access to her whereabouts, schedule and interactions with other people. He got caught a week ago and tried again even today.

On September 28, 2021 Perry again goes at the ring tone.

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He got caught again. About 11:30 pm, just a few hours later police get this recording.

Police recording “I just think she screens her calls and if she doesn’t know who it is she doesn’t answer. ”

“I don’t know how can we prove that’s her phone. ”

“Could be a service. She’s had him going at her so much maybe she does use a service. Hard to tell. ”

“Well somehow we have to prove that’s her phone and she’s the poster. She hands her phone to someone else and it’s posted by someone else or Charles is posted something that still doesn’t prove anything. It’s content specific. So we have to prove all that. “

So Perry continues to bother and pester Cynthia, invade her privacy, act like that’s a trophy or something instead of being embarrassed by his peeping Tom crime like most guys would be who won’t stoop to that and can actually get a real date with a real person , cause loss and engorge in the torture, torment and starvation of women and children. These are Human Rights Violations. He cannot argue for discretion on these matters because he is broadcasting this alleged criminal activity all over the net all over the world, sells watch time and is taking it in whole he starves women and their children Cynthia included. He did this to her and her child for a decade. This time, he’s caught. He’s making a profit. Barring he has a signed contract and an agreed upon compensation he has no consent from these victims of sexual exploitation that he uses to make money. Cynthia has billed him $1,000 per day plus an additional $2,000 per day for doing this without her consent and he is to cease and desist immediately. He’s been sent legal demand after legal demand after legal demand and continues to ignore them. He is not wanted in her life. She wants for him to be in prison so he can’t bother her anymore. He bothers her constantly. All that does is piss her off abd we get more to convict and for whatever reason he’s not able to put that together in his head. Cause and effect are not that difficult to grasp. He’s not getting it. This would be motive to kill a Supreme Court Judge who wouldn’t rule in favor of a fraud about to be perpetrated upon the highest Court in the land that was intended to silence all victims. This would also be motive to kill a cop who was the kind who would go after sex perverts like Perry abd frame his detective perpetrating a fraud on that court as well.

Fraud, perjury, destruction of evidence or altering evidence, obstruction, forgery, and murder are something Perry has made his habit. Cynthia told him 5 years ago “You may have gotten away with this all your life, but not this time. Maybe you are used to dealing with weak people. This is not that. ” Nothing has proven out to be more true. She knew he was already under investigation for Human Rights Violations and for the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children. It’s a need to know. There is much she’s not allowed to discuss. If it’s public, they want it public for a reason. We appreciate that Perry doesn’t like that. No bad guy likes it when they get caught but most are smart enough to stop at that point and Perry acts like he’s just not putting very easy concepts together like most can.

Click here to see evidence of Perry’s perjury, fraud, destruction of evidence, obstruction abd laundry list of Racketeering Violations

The more he bothers Cynthia abd causes problems and invades her privacy the easier it is to get evidence against him to convict and that again goes right over his head. Things don’t click for Perry the way they do everyone else. Our Shrink is concerned when the death penalty is sought, and it will be, he won’t qualify due to a low IQ. When most criminals start getting caught, they have the good sense to stop. Perry goes at it harder. He complains about being caught but isn’t getting it as to what he needs to do to not get caught and that would be to cease and desist unlawful conduct. He’s doing the same as robbing a donut shop full of cops. It is that stupid. He knows he’s being investigated and yet continues to act like he’s clueless then complains when he’s caught. Nothing he says or does even makes sense. It’s been so easy it’s not even fair.

A week ago an individual told Perry “I’ve seen her work. She’s good and we could sure use the help. I’m happy to give her a job but, let me make this clear. You will not use me to stalk her. You will not be a distraction. This is a business and she’s here to work and I need her focused on the job and not distracted with your drama. You will not get me to tell you anything she shares with me. You will not use me to get her car from her. We are very busy. This a business. We dont have time for the distractions of your drama. If that comes with the package, I’ll pass on the package. ” He tried again even this morning after this threat has been already duly noted for the record, not once but twice. What planet does someone like that live on?

Ten years into this and $25 million dollars plus later abd Perry has nothing to show for his time and money but rejection and his alleged criminal life is more discovered than ever. How is that a date? We think he thinks that word means something different than what that word actually means.

A witness tells us years ago “As long as I’ve known Charles, he trolls women. He finds women who are divorced with kids. He travels a lot and wont take his wife, Jackie, with him. He waits until they aren’t home. He then pays the landlord, maintenance or a lock smith to break in, he has hidden cameras installed then begins to sell ‘watch time’ of these women on the dark web. He gets them fired. He hacks and makes sure they can’t find work elsewhere. He interferes with family so when these women call family for help due to the income loss, the berate them. They won’t help. Then they lose their home, then he has the ex take the kids away. He is a sick man. He’s a sexually dysfunctional sadist. He enjoys getting women hysterical so he can go rub one out. I’m glad someone is finally putting a stop to it. I’m tired of sleeping with one eye opened. ”

Imagine how traumatizing that is for both women and kids to have to go through that. The torture, torment, and starvation of women and children broadcast all over the net all over the world caught the attention of people in power and now mire than ever in his life, Charles Perry et al and all his partners and investors are finally caught and being stopped. He messed with Cynthia, that’s the result.

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Perry Attempts To Impede Key Witness’s Testimony In Officer Nealeys Trial

Perry is really messing with Cynthia as always but he does not want this testimony in Court. There are a lot of behind the scenes tampering.

As of January 30, 2021 more weird directed at Cynthia regarding the Nealey case.

Click here to see another spoofed communication from someone using Lisa Nealeys identity.

To Cynthia’s attorney:

“More recordings 1/23/21

“You think you can talk Cyndi into getting some Melatonin or something so we can get her sleeping at night? We can’t get to her car when she’s up all night. We are having a hell of a time getting to it. We can’t get to it in broad daylight and risk somebody seeing so we need her awake during the day and asleep at night. Can you get her to get something that will put her out at night so we can get to her car?”

Remember how they wanted to take my car at work and see if they could get me facebook ranting where ppl could see? See if they try that when I go to dinner. The cops said they were talking about it a d to let them know if I went to the restroom. They also said “She’s not getting any rent money if she doesn’t learn how to cooperate. ” Again with the threats and bribes. “

And apparently this Calvin person went into a tyraid with “Does Cynthia not know what I can do to her? Cynthia knows what you can do to her. You don’t seem be seeing what she and her cop buddies are doing to you and that, at this point you don’t know what we can and cannot do. If you have to ask “How did she find out?” As many times as you have had to ask that, and “How did she get that puzzle in jail?” Then you aren’t paying attention as to what it is we can do to you only what we do doesn’t require a cover up or threats and bribes and coercion or breaking the law. So, yep! We all get what you can do to her, but being you keep having to ask how she finds out, you might want to give some serious consideration as to she can do to you before you start threatening to put her 6 feet under. At some point, you guys gotta look back at how things have evolved over the past six years.

What Mr Powell needs to keep in mind before he prances into a Court pretending to be a victim of anything at all, he didn’t due diligence when he had Cynthia false arrested for Charles Perry. There five guys involved in this: Matthew Powell, Charles Perry, David Roberson, Joshua Burson, and Joe Chadwick. Did he subpoena their texts and phone records to see what all is going on there. Does he sit next to all five 24/7 to see what they are up to? We all know Mike Nealey didn’t kill Lucky Miller. So who did? Who had motive, means and opportunity? Was he a part of it or not? Is he certain because of due diligence that Chadwick didn’t get some mafia guy involved in this in Oklahoma because we’ve been told he did. Does he know Calvin? Cynthia has never met the guy that she knows if so why is his name coming up in recordings police play for her and they only play the ones that pertain to her. There are more. Is Powell exercising due care when it comes to protecting human life? What if Cynthia ends up on the First 48 next time Tulsa Police Homicide has a murder to close and it’s his fault because he didn’t due diligence or exercise due care in protecting human life and they do put her 6 feet under because she won’t lie? What if he should have and could have put Perry away the second he figured out he lied to him to get those false charges against Cynthia and then Lucky Miller would be alive today had he done the right thing back then? Does he know he didnt play a role in his death due to negligence? Or was it aiding and abetting? You want to sit, Mr Powell, in front of the Miller kids and explain to them why you just didn’t give a shit? You want to sit in front of Cynthia’s kids if they kill her too because she won’t do as she was told and lie and explain to him how you didn’t just didn’t give a shit enough to be thorough, due diligence and act to protect human life? To the Millers as to your excuses that had you just been through, gotten all pertinent information and acted promptly to enforce the law the second you figured out Charles Perry lied to bring false charges were more important than what they went through the night their dad was taken from them, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, graduations he won’t be there because you just didn’t give a fuck about life and look at what Perry tried to do to Cynthia knowing he might try again and maybe she’s not gonna be the last try? Go prance, Sir, in front of Judge claiming you are some sort of victim, and remember what the Miller kids are going through that may not have had to go through because your false claims are more important than their dads life. What Cynthia and her son and the catastrophic loss they suffer, not just one time, but daily, just doesn’t matter to you. The Nealeys and the profound awful they are going through now because you don’t care about life and pesky due diligence. You care about your lie and no life is important or valued as much as that, then stand up at your church and look those people in the eye and tell them you are pro life. You do that, Mr Powell with all your authority you get so bent out of shape that anyone with more dare “undermined”.
Maybe you were not part of the whole conspiracy to commit murder and fraud in Chief Miller’s death but maybe you are to blame just as much because you have not done diligence even still and you are not digging to get facts nor are you sitting with the other four 24/7 to know what they do all day. You know who is doing some of that? People you can’t get to, people who tell her when she’s in danger if they get the information in time and people who caught you too so be careful, Sir about what you present before a Judge in a Court of law. Lives are at stake and you are responsible and liable for each death that occurs because your lie was more important and you just didn’t give a shit. We do. We have been the only ones shutting this down and we’ve done it in spite of you. Your lie about Cynthia’s mental status was part the reason given for informants not coming forward in time on both a brick intended to crack Cynthia head in two and Chief Miller’s murder. “They said she was crazy and they’d been caught so much, and it was so outrageous we didn’t think they’d actually do it. “
You go tell the Judge all that.

We do know Mr Powell that you asked Charles Perry more than once when Cynthia was in jail “Is it possible this could be personal?” And we do know you asked him to look you in the eye and tell you the truth. We do know you said “Charles, she was displaced. She lost her home. Look me in the eye and tell me the truth. Is it possible this was personal?” And if your complaints that when facts started coming out “She torpedoed my case. ” Like was somehow more important than you ripping from.her family, smearing her all over the news, putting her and her family through months of hell and hardship and extreme duress to where her son had no semblance of a normal life for his high school years, woke every day scared to death of what threat Perry might carry out next knowing she’d already told him in October 2015 Charles Perry is threatening to kill me or arrange a false arrest. If he does, I’ve made arrangements for Craig and Dana to take care of you. ” You have the right to put him through that and worry about your torpedoed case? The facts tend to torpedo a lie. Your negligence then is in part to blame for the death of a Chief of Police in a state where you don’t live and have no authority, Sir. Negligent Homicide is what that sounds like to us so how long will you prance into a Court of Law and commit fraud and give no thought at all as to who may die next because you did not like that pesky rule of due diligence, facts, and you put people in their grave. You tell the Judge that is where your heart is and your priorities as an officer of the Court are.

Now as to Calvin, we’ve heard his name come up in police recordings and otherwise Cynthia has no clue who this guy is so what in the fuck is his problem with her? There is no connection between these two at all but for Perry or Chadwick or Roberson involving him and yet his name is coming up in these conversations about taking her property or money if she won’t cooperate and “Does she not know what I can do to her?” Why does it matter to him? The hell difference does it make to some guy she does not even know? Now because of that, he needs to look back at the fact that she finds out beforehand and keep in mind what she can do to him before he starts making threats, and remember she has no clue who he even is. She won’t do anything illegal but again she always finds out and he has no idea how that happens and until he does he does need to remember what she can do to him before threatening her with anything at all. This thing with “If she goes forward with appeals and helping Mike Nealey, I will take her car and then kill her ” has been duly noted for the record, Calvin and again you don’t know at this point how we know you said that and what we can and cannot do but do remember we do more than you can explain.

The rule is Mr Powell, you are to act as any reasonable prudent individual would to exercise due care in protecting life, which to date, you’ve done that which endangers the lives and safety of the lives of more people than you know. It’s in your everytime you prance into Court to cover up what you’ve done by attempting to pretend to be some victim and commit knowing, malicious intentional fraud. Due diligence is not optional. It is a requirement of the law. Careless neglect that results in the loss of life, in Oklahoma, Sir is a murder charge. We call it up here depraved indifference to human life. Lucky is dead. That may be due to your failure to act as any reasonable prudent individual would to exercise due care in protecting life once you knew Charles Perry bold faced lied to you, once you knew there was no political vendetta, you knew she was never tested for poisoning and that forensic evidence destroyed and you saw Me Roberson’s texts. At that point, your negligence may be to blame for Chief Miller’s murder. You too can see Mike also was drugged, treated for drug overdose, also never tested to see what was in him that incapacitated him and how much. How did that get inside his body, who put it there and when? And how the hell do you get knocked out, beat a guy to death while incapacitated and end up with not a mark on you while the deceased has extensive sage over his head, neck and face? You are a DA or a hillbilly? That might be on you and your laziness in complying with due diligence requirements or you are just aiding and abetting in all. Cynthia is a witness and you do not get to go into Court and lie About her again, or tamper with her as a witness by way of fraud in court in misrepresenting material facts to the Judge in attempt to procure another unlawful Court Order without severe consequences. Please note that for your records, Sir. Maybe you need to look into who this Calvin guy and what his connection is to all of this is and what the other four do with their time and catch up to the rest of us. What difference does it make to some guy named Calvin if Cynthia appeals a civil claim he’s not in and help Mike Nealey, that he’d make such threats to cause her harm if she proceeds? What does he care about all of that? Do you know, Mr Powell?

As for Charles Perry, she left. It’s been 8 years. Take your skirt off and move on. She’s not made any effort in all that time to see you, talk to you, be near you in fact she’s tried her best to get away or kick you off of her. You are pissing her off with your invasion of her privacy and your unwanted contact. When you piss her off, you piss off 35 cops who keep catching you and making sure she finds out what you are trying to do to cause her more harm. The more you piss them all off, the harder they go at you. You will leave in handcuffs or on your own, whichever comes first. Your crime is more uncovered than ever before in your life and that is BECAUSE you pissed her off forcing yourself on her, invading her privacy, causing loss and imposing your drama and when you piss her off, you piss 35 cops off that keep catching you. You will leave. Leave with dignity on your own because, Sir, she doesn’t want you. She left. It’s been 8 years. So you will need to control yourself or you can leave in handcuffs.

Charles Perry is desperate to prevent Cynthia Ortiz from Civil Appeals, Discovery and Her Testimony For Officer Michael Nealey In The Trial Of Chief Miller’s Murder. You only do that when you need a lie.

January 24, 2021 Cynthia’s friends posted this moving Facebook post:

“What you have are families with children who have systems of support in place. They have a home, a place or refuge and safety where they are fed and clothed, loved and cherished and cared for, a family that works together for them to have their needs met and to set them up for success in life. You had this. Then these selfish, cruel, disturbed men who have an addiction to abuse, sex perversion and some type of bazaar need for control, who are darkness and death. Have you been in the room with a dead body? You can feel it. The room permeates with sadness, loss, grief, and coldness when you walk in the room where death has occurred. What we are doing is when these men decide to exert their disease, their death causing diseases on your family, these other families, and death occurs like job loss, financial loss, the privacy and safety of the home where these families and these children are loved, fed, clothed, and cared for, and they intentionally cause conflict and death of key relationships that contribute to the basic needs of each other and children, there is death. There is death of all the things these families need to survive and to thrive. These men put their disease first, it is their God and their idol and nothing matters more than the death they cause to feed an unhealthy sick deadly addiction. What we are doing is shining a light in the darkness for these families. Darkness does not like light because it can no longer exist. You are breathing life back into the dead places of these victims lives. Death cannot exist where there is life. Darkness cannot exist where there is light. Your work, your efforts and your fight is ending the suffering and death the diseases these sick men have, they have imposed on innocent little children. Their futures are at stake. These babies were in a life and enjoying a lifestyle where they are set up for success and Perry and his goons are trying to rob them of their future, their support systems, their places of safety, provision, refuge, where they enjoy systems of support where they are loved and cared for, and fed and clothed and where they are able to thrive. He did that to you, Cynthia. He’s done it to the Millers and the Nealeys, and he’s doing it to more families than you know. Their faith is shaken. Everything they know and believe is destroyed. You are shining light in the darkness for these families. You are breathing life back into the dead places in their lives and giving them back the futures these cruel depraved men were trying to destroy with their sicknesses and their diseases and their death. God is with you in this. He is that light. He is the author and finisher of our faith. He finishes that which He starts. And it is better that a millstone be hung around the neck and they be thrown into the sea than to cause one of these little ones to fall. Focus on those who need you. Focus on those suffering families who need you. Shine the light in the darkness so they can see their way out. They find their way home, the place of safety, refuge and love and get free and live and live in abundance. The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy but He gave His own life so we can live in abundance, thrive, and lift the burdens of others. That is what this is about and today because they are hyperfocused on you, they are not able to hurt as many and there are 3 year old, 8 year olds, 10 year olds, 15 year olds now enjoying their place of refuge not being watched by perverted sex deviants taking a bath, upset mom lost her job, scared of what is next, turned away when they have needs, ripped from their mothers loving arms by the ex Charles intentionally caused conflict with and all the things we know he does so he gets a sick thrill. They live. They thrive. They are in the light at this moment because of the work you all are doing right now and this process of shutting down their death. ” – – Team member of those catching Charles Perry’s criminal activity for the first time in his life more than anyone he knows

“As long as I have known Charles Perry, he trolls on women, finds ones he thinks are vulnerable, watches their schedule, has someone break in and put hidden cameras in the home, watches for workplace vulnerabilities, gets mom fired, they lose the home, then he has the ex take the kids away. He’s a sex pervert. He enjoys making women hysterical so he can go “rub one out”. Did he do this to this Cynthia lady?” “Yes, but he had her parents take her kid. ” “I’m glad someone is finally doing something about this because I’m tired of sleeping with one eye open. “

We know he sells “watch time” of these women and little children using their bodies, their property, their utilities while he takes their job, struggle to pay for the property and utilities and safe haven of these women and children so he can get a quick thrill. We know he’s done this for decades. We know we are to relieve suffering caused by crime, not cause it. We are to feed the poor not make people poor. We are to support widows and orphans not make women and children into widows and orphans and we are to bring light and life into dark places where there is death and sadness. He has no control over himself. He’s an addict same as a meth addict and what has caused him to be caught more than ever in his life in these crimes is that he’s an addict. He has no control over himself. Everytime he’s caught, it is the process of shutting him down and his attack on Cynthia which constitutes attempted coercion, grand larceny with intent to coerce, tampering, retaliation, supports the claim that Perry is doing exactly what we say he is. You don’t need to bribe, threaten, tamper with or attempt to coerce someone who is wrong. You only need a lie from someone telling the truth when that truth sets captives free of you, and the truth does not serve your death and destruction and it is the light shining in the dark places of families who are victims of your crime.

To Perry and his disease and it’s depravity:

We all understand very clearly your death does not like that life because it can no longer exist and your darkness can no longer exist in that light. We all know you can’t stand the truth because it torpedos your life of fraud and ruin and death. It’s not up to you. You keep getting caught. How does she know before? How many times did she know before just this week? This month? This year? Light. It is light. It is what they are doing to put a stop to your disease and sickness imposed on people. The burden you’ve made of yourself is being stopped each time she knows before you attempt again to kill. No one has done more to breath life and shine light on your death than Cynthia and her cop buddies and you have no idea how they do what they do. It is to relieve the suffering you intentionally cause by your crime and the disease and death you impose and burden others with because you have no control. You are powerless and weak. The laws are to protect us from suffering injuries, due to fraud, due to murder, rape, robbery and wrong doing. The lack of an alibi for so much of your te you spend in crime has been duly noted for the record forever. When you get caught it is to shut you down. It is that process exactly. Ten years ago nobody knew you had a problem and that ended, life as you knew it ended the day you met Chief Halls granddaughter. Always remember that is what happened on that day. Life as you knew it where you could commit heinous depraved acts causing suffering and injury to another and no one knew what you were up to ended the day you met Chief Halls granddaughter . Light began to shine in your darkness on that day. Futures and people are at peace because of it.

Perry has told Cynthia he’s doing this because he thinks they are together and he’s protecting “us”. He says “I won in Court. Call. Just be. Just let me harm you because for me that is sex. I can just take that which never belonged to me ” If that doesn’t show the depravity and delusion in that man’s sick twisted diseased mind, we don’t know what will. Right now his lack of an alibi is more of a problem.for him that he’s smart enough to figure out.

Perry has no explaination for how we catch him. How Cynthia got the Fabian puzzle in jail right up under his nose. He has no control. He cannot explain how she finds out and he’s caught. He has no control.

Police obtain another recording of Perry’s buddies discussing getting an “event number” tomorrow, Monday January 25, 2021, when they were caught before discussing making sure she has no rent money since she’s not willing to cooperate and lie for them. When that didn’t work, they went at her from a different angle. Just throw her back in jail until she lies. This has been an ongoing effort since they did that the first time. They typically get caught by police who gave her the information in The McNamara email, the puzzle with Fabian’s name on it intersecting with the word Hope in jail, and who have stepped to protect her from Charles Perry’s intended harm repeatedly. They are after more people than just him. Sometimes that takes longer than we’d like. Perry leads these guys to these other individuals.

Police play recording just obtained “I’ll get you an event number tomorrow. “

They are out to get Cynthia. She will not lie for them.

If police give her information it is to protect her because what Perry is attempting to do is illegal. It is intended to force her to say and do something against her will. It is crime and not legal or they wouldn’t tell her about it.

An event number is filed in Texas courts to begin criminal charges. They want to arrange a second false arrest, it was planned while she was still in jail in the first false arrest, in which charges were dismissed in her favor. It has been intended for years but right now they are desperate to.prevent her from appealing civil claims in the first false Arrest, get discovery and testify for Mike Nealey in the murder trial for Lucky Miller which further impliçates them. You don’t need to prevent the testimony of someone who is wrong on fact.

If they aren’t taking her money, or trying to take her car or home they are working this angle. They were recorded yesterday saying “She won’t get rent money if she doesn’t cooperate and lie for us. “

They are either doing exactly what we say they are they aren’t.

Link to docs on first false arrest below


Link to documents showing Perry’s intent to arrange a second below.


He is mad because he has leaks and people are telling on him because what he is doing is cruel and a crime.

It is this testimony he wants her locked up to prevent her from stating on the stand for Officer Nealey because Officer Nealey could not have killed Chief Miller. He had not a mark on him. He was drugged and incapacitated. He was treated with Narcan in scene for drug overdose so it’s impossible for him to have committed the murder. Cynthia had just filed a police report for vandalism to her car. Mike Nealey was the responding officer. This is straight up witness tampering and a RICO Act violation and corruption. Perry is making people very angry at what he’s doing so police are getting cooperation in catching him go at her. The link below is the testimony implicating him as the one with motive to kill Chief Miller who was murdered just 6 days after Nealey took her report. Perry is trying to prevent her testimony. It is exculpatory for Mike. He’s attacking cops. He’s got leaks he has no control over. People are pissed that he’s not better able to control himself and is attacking cops to cover up his crimes.

He doesn’t want her testimony anywhere. He does not want discovery anywhere. He does not want appeals but in doing what he’s doing he’s implicating himself. Guilty people act guilty. If you didn’t do it, you dint need a cover up and you don’t need a lie. He does. What does that tell you? You got cops from all over the country watching this deal becoming more infuriated at these guys by the day and some have even said “It would be my honor to throw that bitch in my jail. He comes here, if any of them come in my jurisdiction, these guys will be followed around until we find something and we will be happy to throw the cuffs on them and you guys get the rest of these people you are after. It would be our pleasure to provide an assist to lick that bitch up and put a stop to his crime. Anyone helping him right along with him.”

Click here for more information on Officer Nealeys case.

So, their travels should be interesting. He’s attacking people who know of criminal activity and are trying to relieve suffering caused by his crimes. You don’t do that unless you need a lie.

We told you so.

Click here to see Facebook Post On What Threats Police Warn Cynthia About Today

Click here to see Charles Perry has threatened Cynthia with a second false arrest since 2017. He’s never stopped.

Click here to see laws against conspiracy to commit false arrest in Oklahoma

Click here to see laws against witness and victim tampering

Click here to see laws against retaliating against witnesses and victims of crime

Cynthia is on Officer Nealeys Witness List
Subpoena for her testimony in the murder trail of a cop.

Dr Russell observes Perry behaves as her mentally disabled patients and intends to harm Cynthia after he threatened the first false arrest then carried it out. “what you’ve got with Charles is sometimes he escalates more than you can ignore. Dr Russell is Cynthia’s court appointed psychologist.

Click here to see what Dr Russell had to say

Notice the date on this document.

From earlier January 23, 2021

Today’s drama in the Ortiz v Perry et al case, claims against Charles Perry for stalking, harassment, attempted murder, assault with a deadly, conspiracy to commit false arrest, fraud, witness tampering, malicious prosecution, breach of contract and it’s such a long list, there is not enough room. Update for today:

A long time ago, a good friend of mine that worked with me at Lady Godivas told me “You need to send the media a daily email documenting what he’s doing to you so that everyone knows what he’s doing to you and the second they stop hearing from you they will know either he found a way to kill you and make it look like something else or they do this. Arrest you again and give you an ultimatum. You sit in jail or you agree to be his ‘kept’ woman. So this conversation has been going on since 2016 and they went into my work and told everyone to watch me and find something they could use to facilitate that fraud. Charles was recorded telling Fabian in 2016 ‘I will find a way to lock her up and she won’t get out this time unless she is with me. You need to give up.’ and he told him that because Fabian was fight for me. Otherwise they wouldn’t need to have that conversation. Fabian and I are both single. We don’t need a lie. We don’t need a cover up. He’s not a corrupt piece of shit. We are two normal, adults who can figure out what we want without Perry butting in.

So Charles is working this angle yet again. They again were recorded discussing it as they have been off and on since the first false Arrest.

Text to Mallory copied and pasted below:

“This deal they discussed this past week of “She can be Charles’ ‘kept’ woman. We will get her a new car, an expense account and she can do whatever she wants as long as she agrees to be available to him when he’s in town. Just one hitch. She can’t stand Charles.” And that was the discussion when they had that same conversation like a year ago…” She will do the same thing she does now. Always be looking for a way to get away. You come to town she will spend the whole time in the bathroom pretending to be sick. She will be too tired and go hide in the bedroom. Or busy with something but there will always be an excuse not to have to deal with you. She will take your money, avoid you as much as she can, and be looking for whatever she can get her hands on to have these guys lock you up so she’s free, and you know that. She’s done that all these years and that is because she doesn’t like you and wants nothing to do with you.abd you are forcing yourself on her and she doesn’t like it. So you do what you want but that’s what you will get for it if you can even manage to force that situation on her. Only if she’s forced would she maybe do that but it would be temporary. She will always try to get away and find whatever she can to have you locked up. You come in tired one night and slip up and leave something laying around I assure she’s waiting for that very moment. She won’t want you, won’t let you touch her, she won’t be happy so it will be just a matter of time until she screws you over. She will be trying to find a way. I assure you. It won’t be like you think. She’s in love with someone else. She’s bitter at you for taking that from her and she will never be happy with you. ” So…all these bazaaro offers…or just hand me a bag of shit. Same thing. That offer and a bag of shit …same thing exactly. Rather have my eye gouged out with an ice pick than be in the same room with Charles Perry.”

As I said the way the rest of world sees it, outside Perry’s little strange guy club sees it is when you have 20 plus attorneys who can’t face one chick with no law school in a just straight up, legitimate, fair and square court proceedings, you must have the 20 dumbest attorneys on the planet if they cannot go into Court without a backroom deal, or a ‘we gotta take her car so she can’t fight us in court. ‘ conversation or calling a Judge, a Governor, a police department, and saying “we have a sex deviant problem and we are gonna need you to lie and cover it up for us. We will make it worth your while. ” How do you even make that kind of phone call??? Lucky Miller wouldn’t play that game. That is motive for murder. Mike wouldn’t play that game either and that’s motive to make him sit in jail for beating Lucky to death even though he has not a mark on him and was found incapacitated. Truth be told, they keep getting caught because those phone calls aren’t eliciting much in the way of cooperation. Nobody wants to be associated with that. Even when they call Judges, they may get the order, but we get recordings of them asking for the order. NDA does not restrain am individual from testifying to crime in fact the NDA itself proves tampering with a witness and Charles Perry is not going to admit to bribing or witness tampering or threatening or coercing by suing over an NDA.

So, there’s that and of course true to form and his daily bazaaro habits, Charles is right back at it today.

From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
(918) 401-0724

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” —W. Somerset Maugham
Your copy

This is being sent for Court Purposes

From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
(918) 401-0724

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” —W. Somerset Maugham”

Information was obtained by the same police that provided The McNamara email pretty describing this same scenario or intent to commit a crime for which Perry et al did carry out, and have been sued three times.

In the North District of Oklahoma Case No. 4:-17-cv-0489-JHPJFJ
Of note, Judge Payne who transferred the case to Lubbock Texas is a native of Lubbock Texas. Judge Jayne denied Perry’s Motion To Dismiss.

This case establishes there never should have been a transfer. All events were in Tulsa, as we’re witnesses. The only event in Lubbock was Burson’s perjured affidavit before the Judge and Grand Jury which a Grand Jury is sealed and those people cannot testify on the stand. The Affidavit alone was the proof of fraud but required Cynthia’s testimony to show how his statements were false. He testified as to the intent and meaning of her words without due diligence of asking her. He’s a Texas Ranger. He the legal obligation to due diligence. According to the case below, her suit should never have been transferred. That decision was made by native of Lubbock, Judge James H Payne.

Employers Mutual Casualty v Bartile Roofs see link below.


Transfer Case to Northern District of Texas 5:18-cv-137-C
Of Note, Cynthia produced an email dated April 2018 telling her attorneys Perry and Powell decided when she was in jail for the first false arrest to send her home, harrass the hell out if her by doing things like vandalizing her car, running off customers, hiring men to pose as her customers to creep her out and whatever intentional Infliction of emotional distress they could come up with, get her tweeting about it, claim they were being harassed when she told on them and use that to throw her back in jail being there was no crime with the first false arrest. They messed that up. Perry’s Attorney in September 2018 requested in writing emails about his clients threats similar to the McNamara email of October 2015 where Cynthia tells her ex husband that Perry was planning a false arrest to intimidate her and retaliate against her for seeking Protective orders. She needed a protective order for this reason and has a legal right to one. Rion Sanford then took the emails, as Cynthia acted in good faith, complied with his request with the reasonable expectation that he would act ethically and professionally and restrain his client, represented them exactly as the email five months before describes. He knowingly, willfully, and maliciously committed fraud upon a Court and made sure Cynthia was not allowed in any hearing at all to testify in refute, examine or cross examine witnesses, present evidence or testify with evidence. They kept her out of all proceedings. She has no law school, and they have 20 plus attorneys they clearly believe are too dumb to go into Court, hold a fair legitimate hearing against one woman with not a lick of law school. They have to cheat being they’ve obviously hired 20 plus incompetant attorneys that they believe cannot even face one person with not a lick of law school, in a legitimate legal above board court hearing.

This Judge, Sam Cummings, granted their orders just like he was told to on a hunting trip, and gave no reason, no legal explanation as to how he formed his decision, cited no case law in support on even one of his orders denying Cynthia’s claims.

There is an appeal in prep. Being there is an appeal in prep, again Perry and his guys, as stated in the email, want to take her car, her money, and find any way they can to prevent and impede her appeals. 20 plus attorneys, being too dumb to face one woman with no law school in a fair, impartial, legal court proceedings they gotta go at it that way and with backroom deals that give rise to orders that dint make sense to a group of prosecutors watching every single thing they are doing to her.

State court claim CJ-2018-02775 filed in Tulsa County Civil Court was the as the above. The hearing she was in against BiCentennial was ruled opposite of Coulsen v Owen. Again flagging off a group of prosecutors watching everything they do to her.

Motions to Vacate will be filed on this when she gets an all clear from police so the integrity of their investigation on this matter remains in tact.

Click here to read Coulsen v Owen


In the North District of Oklahoma, case no. US Court Breach of Contract

This was opposite a ruling made by the same judge on one issue in Waltz v Wall Works of Tulsa. The Tenth appeal was so off the group of prosecutors watching everything the do to her said “This did not even get close to meeting the legal requirements of Res Judicata. I dont think the Judges ever even saw this. It looks like Perry got to the law clerks, the sent this bullshit out so they can say a three panel Circuit Court gave him what he wanted. There was nothing legal about it and I’d be willing to bet big money on the fact that he got to the law clerks and the actual Judges never even saw this.

Motions to Vacate will be filed on this when she gets an all clear from police so the integrity of their investigation on this matter remains in tact.

Perry et al has made every effort to impede local police investigations in fact there have been five that have never been looked at and evidence destroyed. He’s made sure she’s not in Court proceedings. He’s made sure there is no discovery.

In a fair hearing there is a requirement of a few things to achieve procedural accuracy. One is that all parties participate in fair and impartial hearings. He’s making sure she’s never there. She is not participating in a fair hearing if he does backdoor deals in exparte hearings where nobody knows what the hell he’s saying and she’s not there to present evidence or testimony to prove his fraud or tell her side. The other thing is that the trier of fact must be able to testify with evidence. For example a prosecutor has a photo of a man grabbing a woman by the arm and taking her purse. He has five witnesses to testify that is what they saw as well. He thinks he’s got a slam dunk case. They go to a pre- trial hearing on a Motion to Dismiss, where the man is on the stand as his mother, both to testify about what that picture really is and what those witnesses really saw was a man who was with his mother, grabbed her arm to keep her from falling when she tripped, and her purse to take that load off also to keep her from falling when she tripped. Turns out there was no crime at all. Charges are dismissed and this guy compensated because when there is a failure to due diligence in this country and a free law abiding citizen illegally incarcerated that is what they are owed according to the law and more so when there is an intentional malicious fraud causing this catastrophic type of injury involved.

Click here to see the many years of Charles Perry’s violence directed at Cynthia, fraud in Court, and the burden, imposition and hardship he forces down everyone’s throats on a daily basis so badly her friend tells her “Email the media about what he is doing to you on a daily basis. He’s been in here looking for us to provide an assist in helping him hurt you. Not into weird so I’m telling you what to do with what he’s doing to you. Talk about it. Talk about it so much that if you go quiet everyone will know he did something to you. Understood? You keep yourself safe. Talk. Talk loud. Talk a lot but you keep yourself safe. “


See also
Pleadings, Proof, and Judgement by Mark Pardo


See also here for documents in support of claims herein:


To make the cover up worse,and their guilt more blatant, Cynthia was subpoena’d to testify for Officer Mike Nealey of Mannford. She is a witness. Her name is on the list and she was deposed.

Click here to hear her depo

Notice, not Mike’s attorney, the prosecutor asks her if she’s a cop.

Her testimony is exculpatory and last we looked buried. It was the only one not on the docket last time we checked. She’s notified of her intent to file a Motion to Intervene as these are very serious Brady Rule Violations and more fraud upon a Court. Par for the course for Charles Perry. One Court room lie after another court room lie after another and reason to believe maybe that’s why he enjoys court Proceedings where Cynthia is not allowed in.

You can close your eyes and hope to God nobody sees you, but they do see you. Nobody has done a better job of catching the bad guy, Charles Perry and his Creepster Club, than Cynthia Ortiz and her cop buddies. Right up.under their noses, they have no idea of the who, or the how that is. That of course is intentional and based on the 5 police reports where he intentionally obstructed or there just is no investigation. That’s not fishy. That’s not fishy at all.

In addition, the witness that tells us about Perry’s peeping tom site on the dark web where he broadcasts his peep show of women and their kids that he’s trolled and had someone place hidden cameras in the home, referred to above, selling watch time, using their bodies, their property, and their utilities and internet for profit, without their consent or even knowledge unless they just figure it out, or compensation, while getting them fired and getting a thrill watching them struggle to pay for all that he’s using without compensating, the witness explained this:

“”As long as I have known Charles Perry, he trolls women, finds vulnerable ones who are divorced, has hidden cameras installed in their home and sells “watch the” on his dark web, peeper site. He watches for workplace vulnerabilities, uses that to get them fired, they lose their home, he then has the ex take the kids away. He loves getting women hysterical so he can go ‘rub one out’. Ever since he told me that, I’ve been scared to death. I’m glad somebody is finally putting a stop to it. I’m sick of sleeping with one eye opened. ” He asked “Did he do all that to this Cyndi lady? ” They told him “Yes he did but it wasn’t her ex who took her kid. He used her parents. “

Cynthia has billed Perry $1,000 per day for selling her and her son, from the age of 10, on hat site, plus an additional $1,000 per day for using her and her property without her consent and an additional $1,000 for each day he did so by fraud in misleading people to think he had her consent. That’s probably.going to end up being another court action for her to get that money owed her. One person mislead said “It looks to me like Cynthia never consented, this is a forgery and even if she had, the second she went and bought $2 to $300 worth the sheets and towels and covered every square inch of that unit where there might be a camera currently or where you could move one to, she’s withdrawn consent. But the fact that you have given me this document and told me not to confirm.with her that she actually sign it tells me it’s a forgery. I’m not comfortable with that. ” — Chief Lucky Miller. That was Chief Miller. Chief Miller also told Perry he would not allow a man to take money out of a woman’s purse nor would he allow Perry to run off her customers causing he to be so broke, she had a package of crackers to eat and nothing else all day unless her boss brought pizza and she was able to get some before everyone else ate it all. He did so to impede ongoing Court proceedings and appeals.

Also our guys received a call a few years ago from a member of Oklahoma law enforcement who told them “They wanted us to get her on harassment, they said, and had us getting information on her car, asked us to pull her over all the time, had us checking into allegations that turned out to be nothing. They called constantly and took time away from real crime. In fact what we found is that Cynthia kept to herself, didn’t bother anyone and pretty much spent all her time trying to figure these guys off her. She did nothing to them at all. It became pretty clear to us fairly quickly they were the ones doing the harassing, not her. If we’re up to me, I’d call her in a Protective Order in fact that is still a possibility. “

They called locals so much asking them to harass Cynthia for them, they could see they were the ones harassing her, not the other way around. Lots of fraud here in this deal and the more they do, the easier it is to get this information. Perry is more caught in crime than ever before in his life.

Click here to see Perry’s continued attempts to take her car. He claims to have a copy of her car title.

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Click here to see Assertion of FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS not that that this should have to be stated

Charles Perry Gave Cynthia’s Legal Claims Legitimacy When He Kept Her Out Of The Courtroom

From police: And as we know in order for a case to achieve procedural accuracy in there being fairness both parties must participate and when one party is intentionally kept out out of court proceedings over and over, not only is procedural accuracy not achieved but the secretive party appears they have something to cover up.

“Do they realize they gave her legitimacy when they did all these ex parte’s? If you have something of value to say you go into a public hearing and say it. You only do these secret hearings when you don’t. You got something to hide, you do what they did. These guys were and are political figures and Lord if they can’t get in front of the cameras enough. So they had a woman with no law school file claims in civil court against them and had they not done what she said, they’d make that deal as public as possible. I’m not kidding these political types love the camera and as much publicity as they can get and what a perfect venue for free publicity. Use this Court case to go into Court in a public hearing to show you got some crazy lying about you. They didn’t do that. They hid everything. That means it’s a shameful deal what they did to her. You got that with all these attorneys against her and they dont do a public show where everyone can hear everything against someone with no legal background? Fact dint support them. They lied. Facts are against them so when they did , what was it, three, four, five secret hearings where they dont allow her in it, her suits, she’s got all this shit filed in support of her claims and they do secret hearings where nobody can hear? I’m telling you that ls a big flag right there they had nothing of value to say or she would have been in that room too, media would have been in that room and it would have been a free campaign commercial . They legitimized her, I dint care what they think and these boys are not all there. None of them are. It’s not just Perry. None of them are all there mentally. They can’t say she’s the crazy one or they wouldn’t have done this like that and I’m sure they didn’t want her psychologist talking. They dint want that. Sounds like she bonded with her psychologist and there is a reason for that. She wouldn’t have had this psychologist not done well in building rapport and Cyndi that way too. So you can tell they respect each other and developed enough if a healthy doctor patient relationship that Cyndi wanted her to know she was doing well which is a reflection of this doctors abilities as a doctor in helping Cyndi and her son get through the trauma these guy put them through and Cyndi and her son are trudging right on through their crap and doing very very well in spite of these people. So now it’s a hard sell that did not slander her. It’s a very very sell. The way these guys did this makes no sense. “

In addition, anyone who has been told repeatedly for a decade that a person does not like them, doesn’t want to hear from them, wants no contact and doesn’t care what they think, want or need and they ignore all that, like we said for not a week.or month but for a decade and continue to butt in, medal, impose, force, and make contact to state what they think want and need, clearly they are expressing disrespect for social norms and boundaries and making themselves look very very foolish and delusional. If you have been told “I don’t want to hear from you. I don’t care what you think or need or want. Go away and go do normal things normal people do.” Only a delusional person would continue to believe their input is valued and keep giving it against the other parties wishes. People with severe Erotomania have a severe problem differentiating fact from fiction. In today’s technology, unfortunately many stalkers use hacking and Voyeurism to stalk. Watching seine in the privacy of their home is incredibly intrusive and offensive and frankly bazaar. Forming some romantic fantasy in their head with the victim is no different than being in love with a video game. It doesn’t go both ways.

Click here to see information on Erotomania. It is a mental illness.

Click link below to see use of technology to stalk:

Click here to see information on the use of technology to stalk.

Click link below to see evidence Charles Perry
suffers from Delusional Erotomania:

Click here to see evidence Charles Perry suffers from Delusional Erotomania and Antisocial Disorder

Perry has no sense of boundaries. He is an imposition and a burden to others, not just Cynthia. He has been caught in severely demented disturbed alleged crime more than ever in his life being Cynthia Ortiz is not the only victim. She is however the one who has kicked his criminal ass the hardest. She comes from a family of four generations of police. It’s kind of part of her upbringing.

As to “consent”, did he sit his wife Jackie and his two kids down and get their consent for his conduct? All the exparte hearings indicate probably not. He for sure does not have Cynthia’s. He has not shown empathy at all. He has continued to harass Cynthia for information as to who keeps telling on him. He’s concerned with getting caught, not remorseful for causing so much devastation and catastrophic injury.

Cynthia told her friends, and only a few close friends that Charles Perry went weird on her just after he was elected to the Texas legislature.

Her messages going back to the fall of 2011 are here:

Click here to see messages from the fall of 2011 from Cynthia to friends about Perry’s threats, harassment and stalking

There is nothing political mentioned nor is there anything about his conduct described long before she could have anticipated current events, are what is required to pass a law in Texas. She didn’t go to media. She went to his campaign guy, Ben Campbell and asked him to talk with Perry to get him to stop with the romantic advances and jealous fits in public. She didn’t want to be a scandal. She handled the situation as she should have. Four years go by giving Perry ample time to control himself and not need a cover up. From 2011 to 2013 she only told a few people and she says “in case something happens to me”. They didn’t live in Texas. The only people in Texas that she told saw Perry’s bazaar conduct. She quit all campaigns and sold medical supplies, some to Texas Tech’s athletic department so she wouldn’t have to interact with him. When that didn’t work she moved to the Dallas area and met someone she really liked which Perry ruined. She moved again. He went after her income, has destroyed significant relationships, smeared her reputation,.attempted to kill her, and then had her false arrested and has tried to do that very same thing again just as he did when he got a judge to order her arrest claiming to be the victim of a political vendetta when he knew her correspondence said otherwise. He also knew the police report which he went into Court claiming was false had just been filed, was required by law, she’d been denied a protective order due to her failure to comply with that requirement, and he went into Court and bold faced lied under penalty of perjury on her civil cases, he went into Court exparte and lied again. She sued three times and his reaction gave rise to the conversation above.

This is not 1929. Women are no longer the mousey subverts they once were. The #metoo movement has created a venue for women to talk about what is happening to them regarding abuse and inappropriate conduct directed at them by men who cannot respect boundaries and operate within social norms. Perry didn’t get that Memo. She has the right to protect herself. His continued perjured statements make it impossible for any intelligent reasonable person to believe a word he says. If he lied about all that, what else is he lying about? If he lies under penalty of perjury, he will lie anywhere. Being he threatened false arrest for months then carried it out, that would be exactly the reason she needs a Protective Order, police protection, to tell people when she’s been threatened or has loss or being attacked and to express distaste for the crimes being committed against her the same as every other woman who has done the same and every woman who had the courage to participate in the #metoo movement and his assertion that being caught and told on are harassment speak to how crazy and mental he really is.

Click here to see evidence of Perry’s repeated Fraud Upon a Court and evidence he was threatening a false arrest for months:

Click here to see Charles Perry’s very specific threats to arrange a false arrest which he did carry out.

Click here to see evidence of Perry’s premeditated plan to commit another fraud upon a court:

Click here to see evidence of Charles Perry’s false claims in Court of being harassed when he gets caught in alleged crime.

When someone lies under oath that many.times, it is impossible for anyone with average intelligence to take them seriously. Continuing to do that after he’s been caught so much thinking nobody will notice speaks to just how deeply delusional these people are. Nobody is that dumb not to see it. The conduct offends and no normal person could even think it up much less bring themselves to do it and not just here and there but every day for a decade. Had he controlled himself when she first asked him to or at least when she left in.2014, he wouldn’t need a lie or a cover up.

Successful people find a project, work hard on it, impress the world with their talent, and don’t spend all day seeking to make those who can accomplish fail. So for anyone working the “we have to make her fail so we can use it to smear her” angle, rethink that. Your conduct constitutes harassment.

Click here to see information on mentally disturbed stalkers who get a thrill causing problems and crossing boundaries.

Click here to see information police obtained that show pre-meditation and intent to cause Cynthia harm

Click here to see evidence of Judicial Impropriety

Click here to see more information on the #MeToo Movement Established to be a voice and a safe haven for women just like Cynthia Ortiz

Click below to see the extreme delusion Mr Perry and his co conspirators are in thinking nobody notices how bad their actions really are. They notice and they talk about it, to the right people not the shitty ones, so.they don’t become victims too. Most people are smart enough to get around Perry despite his delusional belief everyone is as stupid as he is. They are not actually.