Know Your Shit Because We Do And Your Credibility Depends On It

Charles Perry Stalker Podcast

“Know Your Shit Because We Do And Your Credibility Depends On It 3/22/23”

They testified repeatedly in Court that they aren’t doing what she says. Keep that in mind and note for the record Perry threatened Cynthia again today the by the end of the month she is to agree to be trafficked and leave Oklahoma against her will.

On the traffic ticket, the objection is in the application of the “but for” legal standard. She said it to the officer who pulled over and specifically stated it was prearranged and intended to cause harm. She specifically explained that to the officer who failed to then get information needed to make an appropriate decision. Why would he if the pull over was prearranged? He would have no reason to because he was part of the effort to cause harm. Secondly, if there are changes made, you may not have an app downloaded and passwords handy. Either way, the pull over itself was illegal and she clearly stated that to the officer who made no effort to get any information, to check facts or to protect a victim in his jurisdiction of harassment, stalking, deprivation of rights and domestic violence. Here we see at best gender discrimination and at worse, he’s on the payroll. We have thousands of emails that go with recordings about Mr. Perry calling in a pull over and long before even having more than one tail light taken out to have Cynthia pulled over. The quote from Chief Miller about being frustrated about being asked to have Mannford pull her over was out long long before the pull over in Tulsa. He knows we’ve had all that and he did it anyways. All this is a repeat and has been said already over and over and over. Everyone else remembers. We don’t all have Alzheimer’s. You might. The rest of us don’t. Perry wants her Driver’s License so she’s easier to traffick. We’ve said that over and over and over. We have recording after recording after recording on that crime specifically.

See album on pull overs:

And taking her Driver’s License:

The pull over itself being pre arranged was part of the violations of Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513 for her testimony for Officers Nealey and Mr. Perry’s attempts to Coerce and traffick Cynthia. There is the “conspiracy to commit” language in criminal law that allows charges to be filed against anyone who is part of a conspiracy to commit any crime at all. Our guys are certainly looking at it that way. These issues are being addressed in that court already. If they weren’t Mr. Perry would not ask who told on him and call around to find out who they are telling in the “need to know”. He thought David was telling Russia and Russia calls Cynthia and tells her so we always get this before he does it. It’s not an after thought to explain something away. We get them talking about committing the crime beforehand, this the emails that go with police recordings at the links above. It gives us evidence of malicious aforethought. The sat down, had a little meeting and planned it. We had already discussed 2 officers who refused to pull her over in addition to what Chief Miller said. One said he’d go to the bathroom when she “blew by”. He wasn’t going to do that to her. The other said “He’s got mental impairment and she already knows what he’s trying to do?” “Yes” “I’m not doing it. ” “You may not have a choice ” “Oh I always have a choice. I’m a police officer. I’m not putting my reputation on the bad decision of a mentally impaired man. So, find someone else. ” Cynthia sent a letter to the US Attorney in August 2015 after 2 officers came to her work to tell her they were asked just find a way to arrest her and they refused but said “That doesn’t mean he won’t find an asshole that will do it. Watch what you do in here. He’s just looking for something to smear you with. ” So none of this is new. It’s Perry’s habit. He does it all day everyday it’s just when he does it to Cynthia, the officers helping her catch him. He’s not getting that. He’s not understanding what’s happening nor is his attorney. When you get quoted everyday planning crime for this long, and caught this much, most would have the good sense to stop. They complain about getting caught, but this has gone on now for nearly a decade. They know. It’s not like they don’t know. It’s hard to take people seriously when they know police watch everything they do and get the evidence everyday for this long and they do it anyways.

When police fail to address domestic violence, you have more victims and more children with dead mommies. Oklahoma saw a 44% increase in domestic violence murders since 2020. Whose fault is that?

Referred To In Podcast

Charles Perry tells Cynthia he has intimated witnesses into recanting so there are some changes in original testimonies. Which witnesses and in which court has he done this to? Which is he referring to?

Perry Is Coercing As Follows:

Deprivation Of Food And Shelter With Intent To Coerce
Interference With Commerce With Intent To Coerce
Interference With Contracts With Intent To Coerce
Grand Larceny With Intent To Coerce

Remember we find out before he does it, not after. That establishes for the record in his criminal case “Malicious Aforethought” and “Premeditation” and intent to cause an injury to Cynthia by the commission of an illegal act. Again.

When Cynthia talks in 3rd person, she’s quoting someone else.

Nicole Simpson’s 911 Call

Rebecca Schaeffer Murder

Cynthia found out she was trafficked beforehand, not after.

44% Increase In Murders Of Domestic Violence Victims since 2020in Oklahoma

Graphic Warning- Human/Sex Trafficking is discussed which is an offensive graphic heinous crime against women and children. The discussion of the crime may be offensive to some.

Featured Human Trafficking Video

Tik Tok Shown In Podcast

LoreeBoree Tik Tok – Stalking Victim

Stalking, hacking, peeping, coercion and witness Tampering are all felonies.

“Cut off all sources of income so she has no choice but to go to Texas where we can do more to her.” Recorded in 3/2022

Cynthia doesn’t want to go to Texas. Perry is about to be charged for taking her money to Coerce.

“I’m being pressured to lie.” Cynthia Ortiz 5/15/22

Mr. Perry has been told the following regarding his peeping Tom problem:

1) Cease and Desist Immediately
2) He is being billed $1,000 per day for using Cynthia’s body, property and utilities for his personal entertainment and for profit. That is her fee.
3) He is being billed $2,000 per day for doing the above without her consent or permission against her will. That is her fee.

This is an attempt to collect a debt without having to pursue Court Remedy.

See Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513.

“Had they done what she said in March,2020 and They Get Officer Nealey Home So there Is No Suspicion On Them, Given Back What They Took From Her And Left Her Alone, If She Continued To Assert That They Killed Chief Miller And Framed Mike, We Would All Say ‘Shes Wrong, If Not A Little Bit Crazy. But They Didn’t So We Know They Killed Chief Miller And Framed Mike. Here We Have Yet Another Court Where She Is Not Allowed To Testify, Illegal Activity And Impropriety Same As Her Civil Suits And We Can All See Officer Nealey Could Not Have Committed That Murder. She’s Being Starved Into A Lie. That Means She’s Telling The Truth. They Killed Chief Miller. Had They Done What She Said In 2020 The Speculation And Suspicion On Them Bow Would Not Be There And Perry Would Be Free To Campaign Without Coercing Her Through Starvation, Homelessness, False Arrest To Make Her Lie. We Would Not Believe Her Had He Not Done Exactly What She Said. ” Reporter

This is a Verbal Cease and Desist Demand to all parties named herein.


Use allegedly. Apply the “but for” and “reasonable prudent individual” standard. We assert all Constitutional Rights, including but not limited to, 1st Amendment right to free speech, held in NYT Co. v Sullivan and Garrison v Louisiana. We assert the 14th Amendment right to equal protection. Cynthia and everyone with her is not to be held to a different standard than everyone else and she is entitled to protection of the laws including but not limited to Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513 and all domestic violence laws, anti stalking laws, anti hacking laws, and anti voyeurism laws and all laws protecting women against violence. Gender discrimination is as repulsive as racism and not tolerated in this Country.

National Stalking Resource Center

The Use Of Technology To Stalk

Connecting The Dots Training For law Enforcement on Protocol For Stalking Reports

See Employers Mutual v Bartile Roofs
US v Strohm
US v Vreeland
Marler v Kloehr
Curry v Streater
Sunderland v Zimmerman
Patel v OMH

Charles Perry has stalked Cynthia Ortiz for 13 years. He’s made her life a living hell. He’s threatened to kidnap her, kill her, sold her to some Realtor in Houston, and threatened to starve her until she lies and agrees to the sale. More on her story and evidence in support:

The evidence of attempted murder and domestic violence Perry has inflicted on Cynthia for 13 years, evidence of attempted murder and stats show murder rates of domestic violence victims in Oklahoma is on the rise due to law enforcements failure to adequately address the threats. Cynthia has help from police outside of Oklahoma. That’s not to say since in Oklahoma aren’t helping her guys but all in all locals have not been impressive in keep women safe from abusive cruel men. Statistics do not lie. The
Numbers are what they are. See link below:

And you killed a cop who was trying to end your terrorizing and horrifying everyone:

“All They Did Is Make Legends”

And here:

And here:

Apply the “but for” legal standard, the “reasonable prudent individual” standard and we assert all Constitutional Rights.

Perry was caught trying to starve Cynthia until she lies and agrees to be trafficked

Perry is the same as TikTok Stalker Neil and causes the same anger and fear as he did to TikTok Stalking Victim Loreboree. Stalking is a domestic violence crime in all 50 states.

6 times she asked to be left alone. He comments on her clothes which he was not asked his opinion. He was asked to leave her alone.

When a woman asks to be left alone, leave her the fuck alone:

This is what it’s like to have to live with a maniac forcing himself on you and Perry is much worse that this guy:

It’s like being raped everyday

Perry threatens to “get” Cynthia and goes at her family just as Neal does here. He also claims to have photos of her as does Neal, which only a stalker would do. Neither makes any sense.

Victims are re-traumatuzed every single day.

The National Stalker Resource Center provides training for law enforcement, judges, prosecutors and victims.

Proper Police Protocol in Taking Stalking Reports Or Reports Of Crimes Believed To Be Stalking Related At Link Below:

See NRSC The Use Of Technology To Stalk Here:

Evidence of Charles Perry’s use of technology to stalk here:

Included herein is an attempt to collect a debt for Perry’s peeping Tom problem without having to pursue Court Remedy either through restitution in his criminal case or civil court if needed. He doesn’t have consent and he’s obtaining a stolen service and an illegal one without Cynthia’s permission. He is to cease and desist immediately and he’s being charged for being entertained and making a profit off of her body, her property, her utilities, with no consent and no compensation. She said No! Her fees are $1,000.00 per day for peeping plus $2,000.00 per day for peeping without her consent or a contract. She does not consent. This is a serious violation of her right to privacy. It’s crime, not a date.

Perry is a public figure and the public entitled to know of criminal activity. He’s not exempt any more than Bill Clinton, Gary Condit, Anthony Weiner, or any of these other public figures who had a secret life. Cynthia is no different than the Tik Tok girl, Susan Wilson, Pauly Perretti, David Letterman, Jodi Foster, Drew Carey or any other victim of stalking and coercion. He acts like his crime is different and we’d like to know how is it different?

Perry hired guys too to go to her work where she is. This one solicited prostitution on Perry’s behalf offering her $5,000 “to be creeped out by him for a few hours”. She recorded him. She had to go to work. Having people go to her work scares her, bothers her, creeps her out and costs her a shit ton of money when she has to avoid the danger and menacing. Click link below to hear the recording:

This Pinto person went to Cynthia’s work and offered Cynthia $5,000 for a night of sex with Perry. She recorded him and of course refused. The recording and transcripts are available at the link above. What’s the difference between Perry and Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Roger Ailes and the man other politicians who couldn’t keep their pants zipped up?

Dr. Russell discusses his stalking escalations being so catastrophic Cynthia is not able to just ignore him. If you are trying to get work done on a computer or cell phone and he’s jamming it up or typing over your typing that would be difficult to ignore. He pokes at her all day and provokes our guys so they do get more of what goes on in his secret little meetings where he plans a catastrophic loss. As many times as she’s said “I’m not told who informants are. I don’t even know which of the 40 to inform to, or how. Wouldn’t help you if I did because I want for you to be gone. ” He still asks every day. That does mean there is something to leak and when he does what we say we got information on after we say it, he proves out the recording and we have another “I told you so.”

According to Brittain (1970), subjugation of the victim is of importance to this type of sexual killer; cruelty.and infliction of pain are merely the means to effect subjugation.” (Ressler, R.)

Special Page For Videos and Podcasts Perry Blocked From Posting Forcing Alternative Methods At Link Below:

The evidence has built up over time and is chapter and versed at links below. Perry wasn’t getting caught until he went at Cynthia. When he bothers Cynthia, he gets caught and he’s been caught more than ever in his life. If you are watching all this as it unfolds, you will notice we have to repeat ourselves a lot. Count how many times Lo had to tell her stalker to leave her alone. It’s like things don’t click for these stalker types like they do everyone else. Perry gets caught, gets mad about it and wants to know who told but goes right back at it.

And here:

And here:

Case overview with inclusion of NRSC training videos

We assert all Constitutional Rights including but not limited to the First Amendment, held in NYT Co. V Sullivan and Garrison v Louisiana. We assert the 14th Amendment Right to Equal Protection under the laws including but not limited to laws protecting women against voyeurism, hacking, stalking violence, economic abuse, murder, coercion, and rape. We assert the right to equal protection provided in Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513, domestic violence laws, anti stalking laws and all laws intended to protect victims of crime. Misogyny and gender discrimination are as bad as racism.

CJ-2018-02775 Tulsa County Ok State Court Malicious Prosecution And Seeking Domestic Violence Stalking Protective Order. Perry never allowed a fair hearing or trial where Cynthia was in Court to show evidence, put witnesses on the stand or cross Perry’s or examine him and his co-defendants on the stand. He intentionally impeded appeals. She was intentionally kept from Court, in line with Perry’s habit of concealment, and the burden of proof is on her, the Plaintiff. Same is the case in

US Federal
4:17-00489-JHP-JFJ. NDOK
5:18-CV-00137-C NDTX

Both the case in ND TX and the state case Perry did exactly what is described in the harassment emails dating back to 11/2017. “Send her home, harass the hell out of her then claim she’s harassing us when she tells on us. ” He did do exactly that twice. He did it long after those emails were sent. Emails can be seen here:

These are texts to Fabian the night Mr. Roberson went to Cynthia’s workplace and told her she must recant her court testimony or he’d put her in the lake. She talked to Roberson about her aggravation that Perry butt in to things that are none of his business and that same night texted Fabian about that discussion. As you can see there is nothing on these texts even remotely related to what a person needs to do to pass laws in Texas.

Her communications to friends were about stalking, not politics therefore our Shrink believes he, Mr. Powell and Mr. Burson are not able to identify Perry’s Legislative Duties, which state he legislates in or metaphors, analogies and sarcasm. Their actions indicate they are simply unable to identify those simple facts. These communications were 5 years before she could have anticipated they’d be unable to perform an easy function while under oath and penalty of perjury.

Other people saw Perry’s stalking too, not email at link above from Cheryl Underwood in fact she saw Perry stalking even when Cynthia was not there. Cynthia told his campaign guy that she didn’t hurt Perry by going to the media with it, she went to him and the response was threats to ruin her business. These conversations took place in 2011 and the dates are on the Facebook messages. What is the difference between Charles Perry and any other podunk small town nobody elected official in a state where Cynthia does not live? She already rapport with other people who were in politics long before Perry jumped in had she worked on any legislative reform in Texas. She worked Federal non partisan government reform all her life, not state. After these texts about stalking, by about a year, she did one issue in NM only on a matter that affected her family and it was not paid work. It was pro bono. Again Perry needs be able to identify which state he legislates in and what his legislative duties are. Those guys in Mannford said “You know how many times I’ve pulled up behind the home of a woman who isn’t my wife and watched her in her back yard? Never because it’s weirdo. You know how many times I’ve gone to a restaurant to spy on a woman who is not my wife or sent my secretary to spy on a woman who isn’t my wife or even my wife? Never because it’s weirdo and not what you do to pass a law in Texas. Perry is not able to identify what his legislative duties are. It’s not stalking. Stalking is a crime in all 50 states and her texts and emails going back to 2011 were about stalking. She said she was scared of him because he threatened her and that she may have to move. That was long before she could have anticipated he’d go into court in 2015 and state under oath that there was a political vendetta having no evidence to support that claim at all. There are no tweets or social media posts directed at Charles Perry about anything political. There are no email arguments and in fact she helped him get elected. Did he lie, imagine something that wasn’t real or he’s just not able to identify what his Legislative Duties are or what state he legislates in. We have asked him to explain that and he’s not responded.

This claim was dismissed with a phone call. She sued for Breach of contract and violations of her first amendment rights to free speech. No determination was ever made as to whether or not Charles Perry was held to the agreement established the first provision of her Bond Conditions ordering him not to contact Cynthia Ortiz ever again. There is no possible way he would have allowed that language with his consent. He first had to admit guilt then agree to stop in front of Judge Darnell. She was under extreme duress and he was not when that Order was issued by Judge Darnell. Perry had that claim that he acted in bad faith, never intended to keep the agreement, told everyone who would listen he never intended to keep the agreement but instead intended to send Cynthia home, harass the hell out of her then claim he was being haresssed when she told on him. He has done exactly that in 2 of the 3 civil claims making sure she was never in a hearing to show evidence and put witnesses on the stand or him.

US Court Breach
4:18-CV-00159-CVE-FHM NDOK

Again we see no hearing where she is present to present her evidence, witnesses or case, no fair trial, or question Defendants on the stand or cross examine his witnesses. The burden of proof is on her being she is the Plaintiff.

The investigation into Perry’s alleged crime is extensive and Judges have been quoted here. One order discussed the day before the order actually came out after Perry had Cynthia s claims dismissed with a phone call. The text of 4/17/2018 talks of the phone call that had her claims dismissed but the actual order wasn’t even out yet. It came out the next day on 4/18/2018. See text and order here:

Employers Mutual v Bartile Roofs
Holding the Court Where The Injury Occurred Has Jurisduction
US v Strohm
US v Vreeland
Holding Perjury Is When
1) There is a duty to disclose a material fact.
2) The Material Fact Is Intentionally Concealed From The Decision Making Body
3) The Material Fact Could Change The OutCome Had The Material Fact Not Been Intentionally Concealed From The Decision Making Body
Marler v Kloehr
Holding you must file a police report when seeking a Protective Order Against A Stalker
Curry v Streater
Establishing Stalking Is A Pattern Of Harassment and Off Duty Out Of Jurisdiction Law Enforcement Does Not Get Qualified Immunity
Sunderland v Zimmerman
Holding A Hearing Must Be Held in 14 Days And Discovery Must Be Granted Under The Oklahoma Discovery Act

1999 OK 33 (Okla. 1999) • 987 P.2d 1185
Holding a party has 2 years to seek the Vacating of orders when the order was obtained by fraud. There must be a hearing.

By law you must file a police report to get a stalking protective order, see Marler v Kloehr, and there must be a hearing within 14 days of the initial petition. The request was made in the CJ-2018-02775 case and no hearing was held. Also in a 12-1031, Motion To Vacate on Fraud, a hearing is required, see Patel v OMH, and again no hearing. A hearing should have been held in Officer Nealey’s trial to determine standing on the Motions to Intervene and again, no hearing. This is Perry’s habit and it is being used to build the criminal case against him. This man is so delusional that he asks who told on him but denies there being a case against him. There is a disconnect in his head because if you have to ask who told and deny there is someone to tell, you have no grasp on reality and the disconnect occurs when you ask ‘who told?’ and never connect why that is, who are they telling, and what all that means. Since the McNamara Email of 2015, Cynthia has documented Perry’s threats of death, false arrest and economic loss. If you are being threatened like that, you need a Protective Order. Since the McNamara Email of 2015, Cynthia has documented Perry’s threats of death, false arrest and economic loss. If you are being threatened like that, you need a Protective Order. In Oklahoma, if you petition the court for a Protective Order, the law requires you file a police report held in Marler v Kloehr.

Perry did the same in Officer Mike Nealey’s murder trial. She was deposed but not allowed to testify. She then filed 2 Motions to Intervene. There should have been a hearing to determine standing. Oddly again we have another court proceeding where is a legally required hearing and no hearing happened. That again is concealment of Material facts, intentionally, that would likely change the outcome of the deciding body had the fact not been concealed. Perry thinks that’s a “win”. We will use it in his criminal case. It’s simply more crime. All he did is play Candy Land against himself and claim he won. He wouldn’t allow Cynthia in Court to show evidence or put witnesses up to prove her case.

Again this is a repeat, the more Charles Perry invades Cynthia’s privacy, contacts her or her family, causes hardship and loss, the easier it is to get information ahead of time when he’s planning a harm, injury, loss or crime against her. He’s upsetting all the wrong people when he does that. He seems to not be able to put it together in his head that there is a cause and effect here. You touch a hot stove, you burn your hand. Cause and effect. You harm and pose a threat to Cynthia or bother her or victimize her, you piss off all the wrong people and you get caught because you are upsetting everyone. Nobody likes to watch one person hurt another. All he was asked to do is leave her alone. Our guys would have nothing to do if he’d get out of her life and leave her alone. His hand is practically falling off his arm and he goes right back at the stove when he gets burned. We don’t know what it is he thinks he’s proving doing that. Doesn’t even make sense. He does it every day. His own guy said, “The more he pesters her, and takes her money, things don’t go well for us. We are seeing things happen we have not seen before. We dont know who these guys are. ” He gets caught because he’s upsetting everyone.

Hacking is a crime, not a date and it’s a turn off for women:

Stalking is a crime, not a date. It’s a turn off for women. Terrorization is not in any romantic. It’s hideous.

Peeping is a turn off to women and a sex crime, not a date.

Not a day goes by that Charles Perry does not threaten Cynthia Ortiz with death, false arrest, income or property loss. He’s carried out quite a few of those threats. His threats are specific, malicious, intended to harass and Coerce and intimidate. All these threats are documented by police investigating Mr. Perry on a “need to know” case for sexual exploitation of women and children. The allegations are sexual exploitation but not limited to that. The allegations are that he is stalking, peeping, hacking, coercing, he has a history of destroying evidence, witness tampering, bribery, and causing substantial economic loss to his victims. This Facebook and this blog

Document much of what police have collected as to evidence, some of which is intended to protect Cynthia and to establish malicious aforethought and means rea. He will get caught planning a crime and go at it from a different angle. He threatens and harasses and violates Cynthia every day. Cynthia and these officers are the first to get as much inside information on Perry’s criminal businesses as they have. No one else has collected this much. They have done more to stop his crime than anyone else ever has before. For that reason he’s obsessed with her ruin. He vigorously pursues ruining her every day.




























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