Perry Recorded Stating He Can’t Wait Another Week For The Next Catastrophic Harm To Cynthia

Perry Recorded on Saturday, April 9, 2022 stating he needs the next harm planned and in place after getting caught Friday night trying have her false arrested yet again, and that he can’t wait another week. He’s getting desperate more by the day. We understand what he’s hoping for as we saw the last time he ran for office in 2016 is to have that done again so he can announce his candidacy. The hour is getting late, we hear he has told people.

Click here to see Perry’s last planned catastrophic event he tried Friday. He seems to really go at it when he’s wanting to run for office. We aren’t stopping him.

Click hereto see ultimatum Perry gave Cynthia and her response

Perry Again Told To Cease And Desist All Illegal Conduct. We have to repeat ourselves all the time. He seems not to understand what people say. Click here to hear.

Click here for You Tube Version Of Cynthia’s Answer To Perry’s Coercion 4/11/22

Click here to the same on Veoh

April 14, 2014 Click here to see Perry’s threat of the day. It’s something every day.

Click here to see information obtained on Sunday, 4/17/22 Just After Another Odd Auto Incident Which Perry Has Threatened EveryDay Death, Second False Arrest, Income and Property loss Specifically, Cynthia’s Home And Car

Perry just told Cynthia he’s mad about her refusal to lie, again, and he intends to frame her for a murder and carry out that second false arrest threat he’s made since he did the first one. She’s got the police that gave her the Fabian Puzzle and The McNamara Email and the Mike Was drugged email watching everything she does and everything Perry dies so he’ll need to talk to them about that. They know a little more about her activities than Perry thinks they do. They know more about his than he thinks they do as well. They did give her The McNamara and the Mike was drugged email and everything in between and after up to today so does he not understand that either, despite the repeat?

The slander and defamation Mr. Perry engorges in is duly noted for the record in his criminal case and has been for a long time. The pressure he applies to get a lie and force Cynthia to say and do what he demands against her will has backfired on him in ways he won’t see or know about for a bit here. Again, he’s not putting together cause and effect at all. It’s like he has not a clue what people say to him or what’s happening. You can tell by the way he acts he has no idea.

The police that got Cynthia the Fabian Puzzle, not just at some random time but the worst moment Perry caused with a lie, and it’s not just any words, it’s those words and not just in the same book, or on the same page, but arranged specifically for her, The McNamara Email, this here now and everything in between remind Perry they got that to her and it wasn’t up to him. He’s gonna get out of her life and that’s not up to him either. It is the law.  It is her wishes. They will be more than happy to do it for him if he can’t act like a big boy and do it all by himself.  She doesn’t like him. She’s gone through a whole lot of trouble to get away from him and metaphorically kick him off of her.  He’s putting everyone through hell and everyone has had enough of it. He seems not to be aware of the animosity he’s creating against him. It’s very hard to get cooperation when you spend all day pissing everyone off, making everyone feel disturbed, upset and creeped out. He’s not been caught this much ever before in his life because of it and because he seems not to be able to process that information and that feedback. It’s not okay.  So because he’s still bothering we got this below and once again Perry is bothering and imposing and a burden and won’t shut up and pissed everyone off so everyone got to work. He asked for it. He always does. He seems to thoroughly enjoy being told on.  He has done nothing but for now 7 years every day.  There is never reciprocation. There has never and will never be a date.  He’s just told on.  He likes that. If he didn’t, he’d stop. 

Police recording: “She has never been able to tell her side of the story because he’s ruined the opportunity for her to that by usurping every court case she filed and Mike’s. So these podcasts have afforded her that opportunity and you can tell she has no problem taking you task no matter who you are if you blew it. I’ve never anything like that. ” “Well but she’s raised the home of the power in the town where she grew up. Thinks nothing of it and she’s from Vegas. Everyone wants act like she’s not that. That is who she is. So you have to keep in mind who she is not this person Perry described her as. It’s not the same. He failed to mention very important things about her that constitute her make up and who she is and how she thinks. She had some very good values instilled in her by Grandpa. So he didn’t take the job lightly. He didn’t take his position and the responsibility that goes with it lightly and he instilled that in her. Perry left all that out. Her grandpa, her family’s position there in Roswell, how she grew up and what she did for a living all her life until he ruined all that and she started dancing which has been a very short period of time in her life and look what she did with that. She caught him. She caught all the crap about him he hid all his life. She defends cops when then need defending and she scolds them when they need scolding and she does it carefully and graciously. She took 6 years to really say much at all about who gave her police report over to them. Lotta people would have wanted about that a lot louder and a lot sooner and she didn’t. She held back really into the result was Lucky and Mike. Now you got cops hurt so she blames that guy for contributing to that and rightly so. Rightly so. You got the loss of life and the loss of a future and more than what happened to her she’s upset about that. Hurt cops. So you need to understand where she is coming from. It’s about hurting people and her Granddad instilled in her a very strong sense of an obligation to make people’s lives better and you can tell and she’s done without things most people can’t imagine to make that happen. She’s not ranting near so much about what they did to her as what they did to Lucky and Mike and they have made her pay for it and she’s not backing off. She has a point. She’s made good points and Perry wants like it doesn’t matter abd it does. It matters to a lot of people. She’s distraught over Lucky and Mike. Their families are hurting still. No one has brought out what she has and these are just the facts. It’s not her opinion. It’s facts. So shes not letting it go and they have run her through the ringer. She’s so determined to see their pain be relieved that she herself has gone through some pretty horrible things and for Charles Perry to expect anything from her or anyone else at this point after he’s done all this to people is ludicrous. I think that’s part of why she’s so mad. Why in the world would he do that and then to add salt to the wound demand she lie or go homeless. It doesn’t get any lower than that. So you gotta keep that in mind. This guy is the lowest of low. She’s had him force himself into her life and in a way that has been an absolute nightmare. He’s not fun guy. He’s a trouble maker. So you gotta deal with that all day and the loss of life you understand where she’s coming from. “

Is there a “How Can We Make Cynthia Fail?” meeting tomorrow? In Broken Arrow? Our guys will be on it like ugly on an ape as always. 

Click Here To See Documents Referenced Herein


Perry is the same as TikTok Stalker Neil and causes the same anger and fear as he did to TikTok Stalking Victim Loreboree. Stalking is a domestic violence crime in all 50 states. Violent subjugation of a woman who doesn’t like some weird dude is a crime in all 50 states.

6 times she asked to be left alone. He comments on her clothes which he was not asked his opinion. He was asked to leave her alone.

When a woman asks to be left alone, leave her the fuck alone:

This is what it’s like to have to live with a maniac forcing himself on you and Perry is much worse that this guy:

The National Stalker Resource Center provides training for law enforcement, judges, prosecutors and victims. This video trains on older stalkers and the use of technology to stalk being used more often than not particularly when the older stalker has the means to afford technology as Mr. Perry does:

See NRSC Training For Law Enforcement In Proper Stalking Procedure:

See NRSC The Use Of Technology To Stalk Here:

Perry hired guys too:

Dr. Russell discusses his stalking escalations being so catastrophic Cynthia is not able to just ignore him. If you are trying to get work done on a computer or cell phone and he’s jamming it up or typing over your typing that would be difficult to ignore. He pokes at her all day abd provokes our guys so they do get more of what goes on in his secret little meetings where he plans a catastrophic loss. As many times as she’s said “I’m not told who informants are. I don’t even know which of the 40 to inform to, or how. Wouldn’t help you if I did because I want for you to be gone. ” He still asks every day. That does mean there is something to leak and when he does what we say we got information on after we say it, he proves out the recording and we have another “I told you so.”

Special Page For Videos and Podcasts Perry Blocked From Posting Forcing Alternative Methods At Link Below:

And here:

And here:

Case overview with inclusion of NRSC training videos

We assert all Constitutional Rights including but not limited to the First Amendment, held in NYT Co. V Sullivan and Garrison v Louisiana. We assert the 14th Amendment Right to Equal Protection under the laws including but not limited to laws protecting women against voyeurism, hacking, stalking violence, economic abuse, murder, coercion, and rape. We assert the right to equal protection provided in Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513, domestic violence laws, anti stalking laws and all laws intended to protect victims of crime. Misogyny and gender discrimination are as bad as racism.

Again this is a repeat, the more Charles Perry invades Cynthia’s privacy, contacts her or her family, causes hardship and loss, the easier it is to get information ahead of time when he’s planning a harm, injury, loss or crime against her. He’s upsetting all the wrong people when he does that. He seems to not be able to put it together in his head that there is a cause and effect here. You touch a hot stove, you burn your hand. Cause and effect. You harm and pose a threat to Cynthia or bother her or victimize her, you piss off all the wrong people and you get caught because you are upsetting everyone. Nobody likes to watch one person hurt another. All he was asked to do is leave her alone. Our guys would have nothing to do if he’d get out of her life and leave her alone. His hand is practically falling off his arm and he goes right back at the stove when he gets burned. We don’t know what it is he thinks he’s proving doing that. Doesn’t even make sense. He does it every day. His own guy said, “The more he pesters her, and takes her money, things don’t go well for us. We are seeing things happen we have not seen before. We dont know who these guys are. ” He gets caught because he’s upsetting everyone.

Hacking is a crime, not a date and it’s a turn off for women:

Stalking is a crime, not a date. It’s a turn off for women. Terrorization is not in any romantic. It’s hideous.

Peeping is a turn off to women and a sex crime, not a date.

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