Perry Now Imagining He’s The Victim Of Hate Crime Same As He Imagined Being The Victim Of A Political Vendetta

On the political consulting:

Medicare reform for Lymphedema and Vascular Disease Management- Cynthia’s role was significant enough that she was one of a few presenters named in peer review for the Position Paper discussing her position. The panel determined more clinical research was needed which was not her area of expertise and she’d done all she could. The information lacking would be up to manufacturer’s to run double blinded clinical studies to answer Medicare’s concerns with the coverage improvements she sought. Her part was at a standstill until manufacturers had their products adequately tested in clinical research.

Jack Galloway- Came to her at 45 days before election day with no money and no name recognition wanting her to help him win an election. That didn’t give her much to work with and 45 days was election day, and early voting started even sooner. He is as conservative as Perry and in fact was Perry’s BFF. He ran against an incumbent. There is no chance of winning under those circumstances but she did get him 35% of the vote.

Randy Rives also came to her that same week, 45 days from election day. He ran against incumbent Bob Craig for TX State Board of Education. He also had no money and no name recognition. He’s also as conservative as Perry. He had no chance of winning under those circumstances but he got 36% of the vote and the hope was to get his name out so the next cycle people would be more familiar with his name and who he was.

Redistricting took Rives out of the running for SBOE, but he did run then against Kel Seliger for Senate. Cynthia has a rule with her candidates. That rule is “If I represent you, you have to want to win. That means you get on the phone and raise money because we can’t win without it. If you can’t do that, this isn’t right for you and I can’t put my name on it. ” This time they started months before. After several months went by, no calls were made, no money raised she dropped him as a client. Randy lost.

US Marshall Ronnie O’Neil ran for Sheriff against incumbent Kelly Rowe. Mr O’Neil, while being a great person, also did not make the very important fund raising calls and she dropped him as a client. He also lost his election. Cynthia then put her full support behind Rowe.

She was in charge of media relations in the Texas Text book resolution that passed that was intended to prevent bias against Christianity in text books and lopside it towards Islam.

It was covered worldwide.

By the way, a woman read from a 5th grade textbook what she felt was bias towards Islam in the meeting when the resolution was passed. Cynthia’s son was in 5th grade at the time. She went and asked him for his textbook. He said “We don’t use them. ” What???? You don’t use them?” She said shocked. He said “We have never used them. ” She was thinking “Why the hell are we doing all of this if they don’t even use the textbooks?” She checked with the district and guess what they said. “We don’t use them. We write our own curriculum. We dont use the textbooks. Once in awhile they are used supplementally. ” She had no words for that. She got an issue covered internationally over a resolution to equalize the teaching of religious practices in textbooks that are not, or were not then, even used in the local public school.

She got a bill in 2014 introduced into the New Mexico legislature that would require oversight of faith based teen rehab facilities in a state where 2 had reports of child abuse and neglect, one a fatality. Tierra Blanca Ranch had a child in their care die due to negligence. It didn’t make it out of committee but language changes were recommended. Perry smeared Cynthia’s babe before she could work towards the changes recommended and getting support for the bill to pass. How many kids did he hurt when he did that. The bill has sat stale ever since.

There was a Federal Bill similar to the state bill in NM that was intended to prevent child abuse and neglect at faith based teen rehab facilities that made it to the House floor twice and didn’t pass. Congressman Randy Neaugebauer voted against it both times.

A faith based teen rehab facility is different than public or privately run facilities because they are listed as “churches” or “church camps” and therefore are exempt from oversight allowing them to get away with substantial or severe abuse and neglect of the children in their care. NMCYFD received reports of medical neglect, education neglect, kids were forced to eat moldy food and take showers in ankle deep shit. Churches in the area refused to intervene. That’s hideous to us. Why wouldn’t it be?

These are the news clips regarding the abuse and neglect Cynthia was working to fight that Perry ruined not just for Cynthia but all these kids. She did this one Pro Bono.

And here:

You affect many lives in what you do. We are all accountable for the domino effect we may have when attack someone to cover up a lie.

Jason Moore was Cynthia’s client when he ran briefly or ran an exploratory committee for his run for Republican  National Committee Man. That means he’d represent his district at National Republican Committee meetings. He decided not to run.

All of these candidates are very conservative Republicans. Not one has been accused of stalking because they aren’t stalking.

Perry needs to come up with a reason he went into Court and lied about there being a false police report filed resulting from a political vendetta. Did he imagine it or just bold faced lie. A young man lost his home because of that lie. He had to explain mugshot that shouldn’t have been because of that lie abd if there is that one how many more are there? You lie under oath in court, you will lie anywhere to anyone. There are not even any heated discussions over politics. One guy can’t do a damn thing. It takes thousands to pass a law. He was the new guy. Cynthia had been in politics all her life. Granddad was the police chief and an elected official in Roswell NM where she grew up. She could call all kinds of people if she needed something and Perry to her wasn’t and isn’t relevant to her at all in any capacity. Why would he be? You have to be relevant to warrant an attack. She never lived in his district. She lived in John Frullo’s district. She left Lubbock in November 2013 and was long gone by the time he ran for the state Senate. Her complaints going back to 2011 were about stalking. Is he confused about what his legislative duties are?

Long before she could anticipate that in 2016 Perry go into Court and make a claim that he was the victim of a false police report over a political vendetta there was this:

Those are her communications to her friends about what he was doing to her at the time. That is stalking and harassment. Again is he confused about what his legislative duties are? Did he imagine a political vendetta or just bold faced lie under oath and penalty of perjury?

Rick Perry extended a session to pass an anti abortion bill in 2013, this 2 years after her 2011 Facebook messages complaining about stalking. Also at the link above, are messages to her friend Aurora about the verbiage of the legislation not being adequate to pass the Equal Protection test the Supreme Court would apply and therefore Texas just wasted millions of dollars paying for an extended session to pass a law that had no hope of hold up under the Supreme Court. She was right, by the way. She likes Governor Perry even though she disagreed with him on this matter. but then, he’s not stalking her.

Here is the deal on Granddad:

Perry was first the imaginary victim of an imaginary political vendetta and now he’s the imaginary victim of what he has imagined to be a hate crime when Cynthia says the same thing this girl says:


The truth is, he needs the lie. She doesnt. He needs to just go be normal then he won’t need one. Can he spend five minutes in any day doing what normal people do? Can he prove in a court of law what he does all day with his time? That it is anything but sitting around peeping and hacking and on the phone cooking up the next premeditated crime he wants to commit against Cynthia to make his lie work out? We know he cannot. He’s welcome to disprove that any time he wants.

Cloning victims phones and hacking is more abd more common in domestic violence cases these days. Perry is a voyeur. That is also a serious violation of a woman’s privacy.

See more here about the use of technology to stalk.

The evidence has built up over time and is chapter and versed at links below. Perry wasn’t getting caught until he went at Cynthia. The second he went at her, we get all this, chapter and versed at links below.

And here:

Click here to see documents in support of claims herein.


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