Charles Perry Expresses Intent To Continue Coercion

Perry has gone full on with the harassment and as a direct result we get all kinds of fantastic recordings in today, most of which won’t go out until trial. This was one very weird one however and police have told us to put it out.

Perry thinks this conduct is attractive. He acts like it’s a trophy. Not how you get a date, Sir. Might be why he’s all alone, always the wannabe, never the one wanted. Cynthia’s email to attorneys:

Police recording:

“I was sure hoping Cynthia would take the yellow brick road we are gonna make her miserable until she does what we tell her. She may be a bag of bones before this is over with. Whatever we can do to make her do what we say. We had all this stuff set up for her in Houston. She’d have a place to live and a car and whatever she wants if she’d apologize and do what we say. She has to roll over in these guys helping her. She will never see Fabian again. That will never happen. She is going to do what we say and until then I’m making it my mission to make her life hell. “

Cynthia’s comments on his statement of intent to threaten and bribe her into a lie: Bribes and threats all the time with these people. “Lie and we will give you a facade ling enough for us to get close enough to you to kill you or we will harass the hell out of you until you give in. ” Every day all day with Charles Perry and his people.

Perry and his guys talking about more coercion. That is a crime by the way to do that. It’s pathetic too. Power guys can move on and go be normal without acting like a bunch of 2 year old spoiled rotten little brats who didn’t get their way. Nobody invited them into my life here. They weren’t getting caught in this sex trafficking bullshit until they went at me. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Dog going back to his vomit.

They need to say it to my face. Don’t go around behind my back telling everyone else. Say it right to my face. “

Forwarded to Mark Warman from Cynthia:

“Was that your guy from Houston? I think I said no. You want to starve me into a lie or harass me into a lie, duly noted. I want NO contact from Charles Perry. We have gotten these recordings in all day long. I didn’t put most of them out. Do what you do.

I think the problem that got “these guys” started were sex trafficking and exploitation, the starvation, torment and torture of women and children. If you wish to provoke them that’s of course, your choice. We are certain you can live with your choices. Do remember all this illegal stuff was hidden until you did it to me. Now you are scrambling all around trying to figure out how to force me into something against my will. And you guys pissed my guys off all morning and we got stacks of these today most of which is not going out. They will use it in court in their case. Charles needs an alibi to prove he’s doing anything but what I say he’s doing and he won’t have one.

Mr. Warman,
Your client should be extremely embarrassed that he would do something like this to other people and he’s not. He brags about it up here like he thinks it’s a trophy. I’m sure you can imagine what that does for establishing men’s Rea in a criminal case and what a Shrink might have to say about that kind of behavior. You do what you do. Just remember nobody has done what we have done with what you do. It’s crime and an embarrassing one, not a trophy or anything to be proud of. He’s missing wires in his head if he thinks this conduct is not very shameful and embarrassing. We are embarrassed by him for sure. This is outrageous and bazaarly abnormal thinking. Your client can’t figure out how to get women to like him. He’s Pathetic. We all know this isn’t about getting a date. It’s about covering up a whole lot of weird. It’s very embarrassing for him and he should know that and clearly has not a clue. “

Like the Tik Tock stalker, he sits around all day on crazy rants at Cynthia that dont even make sense. We do understand his people knew he was mentally ill but hoped they could “handle” Cynthia. This recording sounds like they are trying. This pissed off her and 40 cops kicking Perry’s skank ass off of her.

We say the same things over and over and over and he still does not get it.

His warlock was also recorded “Perry is a dumbass. He’s paying me to cast spells on her and that only works for those in doubt. She’s not. She’s sold out. It doesn’t work on her. With people like her all that does is piss them off and when he pisses her off things don’t go well for them I’ve been told but if he wants to pay me for that there is nothing I can do. I’ll take his money to piss her off if he insists. ” Perry actually hired witches and warlocks to cast spells on her hoping that would make her change her mind. The guy tells another person all that does is piss her off and they get told on more when that happens but since Perry is stupid he’s happy to capitalize on that stupid.

Tik Tock Stalker is at link below:

Click here to see the crazy rants of the Tik Tock Stalker

The more he messes with her the easier it is to get this stuff and after six years he can’t get the correlation by now we are talking about one dumb son of a bitch. See link below for the many many times Perry’s been caught in crime because he targeted Cynthia. He cannot get that correlation.

“She won’t ever see Fabian again”, he says. Didn’t you say this was about a political vendetta? Did you perjure yourself?

And here:

Cynthia tweeted the Governor last Friday on behalf of Officer Mike Nealey. Perry and Powell called up to Tulsa and demanded an officer put her in a mental hospital although at first the guy seemed confused. “She is expressing doubt in the fairness of his trial and so what are we looking at here cybercrime or are we doing crisis management? I’m not understanding why this is a problem. ”

We asked them which group in the Rittenhouse trial should be hospitalized? Those who were happy about the verdict and believed in his innocence or those pissed about the verdict? In OJ Simpson’s civil case he was found guilty but acquitted in the criminal. Which jury needs to hospitalized? We are waiting for them to answer that and neither of them are licensed mental health practitioners. Perry and Powell appear to be practicing medicine without a license and making a diagnosis without proper examination. That’s actually a crime not expressing an opinion in the murder trial of a police officer that she was subpoenaed to testify for but they interfered so she couldn’t. Appeals are coming so her testimony is even now more crucial and they implicate themselves butting into that and going at her all the time. If they didn’t do that murder and frame Officer Nealey, what do they care? Witness Tampering is a serious offense and implicates the individual doing the tampering. If the witness is wrong, why do that? Why try to entice or threaten someone who is wrong? She could be wrong but that doesn’t mean she’s crazy. But based on their actions it doesn’t look like she is.

Cynthia’s doctor who saw her for a year and a half said Perry enjoys causing harm to get attention. “He escalates more than you can ignore ” and we are waiting for him to do something to prove that wrong. So far he has not even tried.

Our Shrink believes, in speaking to Perry’s victims, he suffers from Delusional Erotomania, antisocial disorder, sadism and some other very serious mental disease and we understand his people know he does but believed Cynthia could be “handled”. She and 40 cops have been kicking him off of her for several years now and he’s not taking the hint.

This is her background in being raised in the home of the Police Chief and an elected official. Her family was the power in the town of Roswell, NM where she grew up. Her Granddad is Former Chief of Police L. M. Hall.

Click here for more information on Delusional Erotomania. The individual truly believes there is a romance there when the victim believes no such thing and in fact is disgusted and repulsed by the individual making unwanted contact.

Click here to see one noted stalker who believed he and actress Jodi Foster had a special bond and a secret love. He was sentenced to a mental hospital after trying to kill the President to impress her.

Click here to see what Cynthia’s Shrink said.

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Click here for more information on Domestic Violence. Stalking is a domestic violence crime. It is illegal in all 50 states. Coercion is as well.

Click here to see laws against victim and witness tampering.

Use Allegedly, apply the “but for” and “reasonable person” standard and we assert all Constitutional rights. Stalking, peeping, and hacking are crimes, not a date. This blog is to document crime and to establish mens Rea in Perry’s criminal case. Racketeering is also one of the criminal acts directed at Cynthia daily. She made her statements in Court. She’s not going to change them because he needs a lie.


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